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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boston Blitz (Recap) - hymnofnone99

We have received more footage from our live gathering in Boston yesterday. Further documentation of our growing numbers... - HoN


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Winter Song"

Spiritual But Not Religious - Zarbod

Zarbod explores religion and teaches how to make it work for you.

Eldritch Errors: Dead drop in progress?

Sapagoo said...

i.jpg appears to be a picture of the Etowah Indian Mounds in north west Atlanta (point I). (maybe the back side of the mounds).
the pictures on the tokevin html file are strange - sounds like directions:

donotenter gate picture.
stayoutside wide/long fence picture.
standhere front of green box (doesn't look like a mound, looks like a box))
lookacross squiggly road
underhere picture of clipart bushes (you can see clipart.com blurred out).

kevin.jpg looks like that might be the bushes - there is a black box with gold trim hidden there.

maybe someone can visit the mounds this weekend.
I'd suggest taking good copies of both pictures i.jpg and kevin.jpg.
I'd also recommend a phone # of someone who can double/triple check the web site for more clues/missed clues.

Thanks to all in chat that helped decode this potential deaddrop.


For more EE links check out our EE blogspot portal page

To join in the IRC go to http://www.chat-solutions.org/chat/unfiction.html and type /join #stfeline

Friday, November 14, 2008

Eldritch Errors


rose said...

Hello All! We are following this story on unfiction and on sentry outpost. www.sentryoutpost.com

the game is eldritch errors. This is a new chapter in a continuing story.

For some background information LG15 fans may want to read the most recent post on schmeldritch.

Everyone is welcome to play!! Please join us at Sentry Outpost(I'm unfictionrose there) or at unfiction (where i'm just rose)

We have several sites already, but I don't want to spoil your fun.


anonymous said...
This chapter of EE is just beginning, so you haven't missed anything yet. (a little pre-game) And don't be overwhelmed by all the posts (from previous chapters) at Sentry Outpost, you can totally get up to speed just hanging out in EE chat and asking a few questions. #stfeline room on the Chat-Solutions IRC network (irc.chat-solutions.org)


The Projection Booth

The uncertainty surrounding market estimates touches nearly all parties with a stake in the Web video business, including media agencies that use macroeconomic figures when evangelizing the medium and venture capitalists who search out growing markets.

NewTeeVee Live Panel: Bridging the Gap Between TV and Web

EQAL’s Goodfried’s agrees and says you need to establish trust with the user, by using open dialogue and communication.


Nathaners POV - Nathaners

Nathaners POV
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV2
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV3
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV4
MY point of view of what happened

Some Needed Help - Fallen Angel

I know you guys try but I need help here, on the ground, with me - James

Take 2, part 2, LG15 live event in Boston - Dixie McCoy

Take 2, part 2, LG15 live event in Boston, raw, uncut footage.

Official Death Pool VIDEO!

Watch, enter, WIN!

LG15 Boston Live Event 11/14/2008 - DixieMccoy

Nov 14, 2008 LG15 Boston Live Event 11/14/2008 raw uncut footage. See http://www.lg15.com for more info on the even

Left Coast Ahoy - Sarah (LG15:TR)

Sometimes you go around the world for what's in your backyard. --Sarah


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Yes!"

LG15 Boston RAW footage 2 - dixiemccoy

LG15 Boston RAW footage 2

Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’ Kicks Off With Mattel’s Barbie on Board

The 8-episode series was created for young girls and their parents and “aims to help young girls find confidence in their own aspirations and talents.

Account of Boston Live by LG15panda

Hi! Here's my report on the Boston live event:

I got to the statue a little after 10:30 and plopped down on a nearby
bench. It was hard figuring out who might be an LG15 community person
because there were all of these people around -- a bunch of them
holding cameras because they were in some photography class. I was
getting pretty paranoid at that point!

About 5 minutes before 11AM, I start walking around to some of the
people who were hanging around the statue and asking them if they were
waiting for something at 11. I came across discomatt and nathaners.
We asked a suspicious-looking guy with a laptop if he was also waiting
for something at 11, but he shook his head. Once we made a complete
tour around the statue asking various people nearby, we came back to
the spot where Laptop Guy had been and saw that Sarah was standing
there with a laptop, and was being filmed, so we headed on over and
met Sarah, Camera Guy, Internet Guy, and DixieMccoy.

Sarah played the imeem clue about the Palace and the Path to Freedom,
which seemed to me like the Freedom Trail and State House, so we
walked all the way across Boston Common to get there. During the walk
we talked about Jonas, Maggie, and Reed and complained about how they
weren't there to back Sarah up. Nathaners thought someone was
following us, and so we kept looking back, but no one was there.

At the State House, we kind of stood around dumbfounded because we had
no idea what we were looking for, and I guess we ran into Captain
McAwesome because he gave a shoutout to Sarah. Capt. walked off, and
Internet Guy called us over to a bench and there was the note about
the Anura. Internet Guy got a phone call from Jonas, who told us that
Anura was a frog, and that led us to the Frog Pond/playground area.

We walked over to the Frog Pond and into the playground, looking to
see if there were any clues. While there, Laptop Guy comes up and
grabs the laptop and says, "I told you to come alone." We start to
walk after him and he tosses a note into a pile of leaves. The note
tells Sarah to go to the ladies' room in South Station alone. We're
hesitant to let her go, but she insists on going and we point the way
to the T station. And that's the end of the live event!

We got to do kind of a summary of the live event for the camera and
talk about what happened. Lexi (the actress who plays Sarah) and Josh
(head writer) bought us drinks at a nearby Dunkin Donuts and we got to
ask them questions about the show. We also got to watch the South
Station video where Sarah heads into the bathroom and finds another
note. Shouldn't spoil where Sarah is supposed to go next, but you'll
find out soon!

Lexi is super nice and we bonded over our mutual love of the Twilight
series but even though Robert Pattinson is here in Boston promoting
the movie we refuse to go get trampled by tweens to see him. They're
not allowed to say anything about the plot, but it looks like The
Resistance is running until week 12 and we're at week 9 right now, and
there will be a 12 in 12 event at the end, so there is still a lot
more to come!

I took a couple of photos, enjoy.

Studios can watch Strike.TV, but they can't touch its content

What if scriptwriters launched a website featuring their work, which they would own and control free of studio interference?
Owned by 30 writers, software developers, actors and others, Strike.TV had less than $10,000 in start-up costs.

How It Went Down - hymnofnone99 (LG15:TR)

We just received this video from the community. -- Maggie


LG15 Boston part one RAW - : dixiemccoy

This is RAW, UN-CUT footage from 11/14/2008

Stickam Feed - Jonas (LG15:TR)

Here's the raw footage of what we got from the stickam feed. More to come...-- Jonas


Eddie Pope, the award-winning investigative journalist today launches The Pope Tattles (http://www.popetattles.com ) the online headquarters for Eddie's search for the Tarot Killer, America's newest and most elusive serial killer. Responsible for at least five known murders in five different cities, the Tarot Killer continues to evade law enforcement, despite leaving copious clues. This lack of a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies has forced Pope to take things to the Internet and the general public.

The Tarot Killer is moving from state to state, city to city, killing with impunity and no one is doing anything to stop the carnage. There is strong evidence of cult activity as well, raising the potential for pure evil to absurd heights and Eddie Pope is the one to bring it into the light. Each week, Eddie will reveal his evidence to the world and interview the key participants in this, the ultimate race against evil.

Eddie Pope is the award-winning journalist who has written for publications in three of the top 5 media market in the nation, as well as for several English-language overseas newspapers. An internationally acknowledged expert on serial killers and the occult, Pope often assists in police matters. Due to his frequent travel schedule, keeping a dog would be cruel, but his neighbor Flo feeds his fish. Eddie likes cheese.

Sent to LG15 Today by e-mail from [email protected]

More pixs from Boston Live

See more pixs from Dixiemccoy http://www.lg15.com/image/view/10127/567/4330

PIXS from Boston

View more pixs from lg15panda: http://www.lg15.com/images/list/12188/566/1

BOSTON live event coverage on Anchor Cove

:::::Full coverage of the BOSTON EVENTBOSTON live event coverage on Anchor Cove

From Sarah....

Last tweet, a bit presumptuous... they're not at the hotel... Whatever... I'm going to get a get a room and think about what to do.

Coming to Boston - dixiemccoy

Well... that's the plan so far. Wish me luck getting up in time.

Meg's Vlog - Role Play - hookingup

Your boyfriend wearing your clothes is a turn on...

Hit me up on




Boston Live is over, what did you think?

Friday, November 14th @ 11:00 AM EST, Boston, Massachusetts. Meet us at the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden.
::::: BOSTON EVENT ~ ~ LG15: The Resistance

::::: Willow Woods Stickam and chat.

::::: LG15chat on freenode IRC.

::::: Call in an OTS report from Boston live to LG15 Today or e-mail pix or video links to [email protected]

Now the live even is over leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about it!

Reporting live from Boston (live update)

From OTS reporter dixiemccoy: (most recent at top)

In attendance at Boston live: - Dixie, disco nap, lg15panda, and nathaners (and possibly others).

OK... home now. (actually at work)... putting videos together to upload..

Ok. At the car... About to head back to NH. Then upload. Going to send raw video while I edit it into something decent.

Ok. The party broke up and I'm about to get on the T and head home. Vid upload as soon as I get home. Network sux here.

Soon. I'm stealing wifi from the Masonic lodge near the meetup location now. We're sitting in Dunkin Donuts....

We're done. Sarah is on her way to South Station.

Hadv to stop. Asthma. Will try to catch up. Keep twitting!

Ok. Iakm here. Network issues. I'm the idiot on the blackberry + leather coat.

Oput of subway. Abt 2 blocks away - I think

Ok. Iakm here. Network issues. I'm the idiot on the blackberry + leather coat.

Oput of subway. Abt 2 blocks away - I think

At north station... Waiting for rhe green line. about

At sullivan sq - parking about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

On the rd -just entered mass about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry
The Plan: Get gas and caffeine. Drive to Sullivan Station & park. Take "T" to Arlington and walk.

Aaaannnd. Boston Weather today: rain, drizzle, fog. Wast winds 5-15mph, high 56F. Tonight more of the same. Ick, Hoodie time.


Sarah says.... (live update)

theskyisempty99: (most recent at top)

back with the others, video coming soon

on the T, almost back 7 minutes ago from web
(and don't worry, im safe, heading back to Reed, Jonas, Maggie @ hotel now)

arrrgh!!! SO FRUSTRATED! You won't believe this. Will post soo

got a note from WW, told to go into the ladies room...

plus the station is fairly populated, be hard to try any funny business round these parts :)

still waiting on instruction, i've got my camera with me, so i don't feel completely alone

here at South Station

called Reed, I'm okay, still en route

South Station, here I come

Just got some sort of instruction sheet. Says to come alone. I'm doing it...

calling Jonas and Maggie now, this was really weird... we'll have video in a bit

someone from Willow Woods just showed up

damn it! they took the laptop away! half a minute ago from web

no sign of LBL, the Order, or FBI... ready for anything though...

still heading toward State House, almost there

go to lg15.com to grab a link to the imeem clue Willow Woods

Reed thinks that bizarro imeem clue points toward the state house, so that's where we're heading...

No sign of feds yet, no nothing, shady. 43 minutes ago from web
On my way to the Washington statue thingy now... Hope to see some of you there...


I am the biggest badass there ever was.

by CaptainAwesome

" And sure enough, there's that girl Alexandra, who I think I would marry in two seconds. No joke. So, I'm like - what luck! Should I be like - go lonelygirl!"

Read the full post on Anchor Cove:


Willow Woods messages

Message 1
The Crowley Collection - Willow Woods

Message 2
Your Next Step - Willow Woods


Boston Live -Hymn of none (LG15:TR)


We can keep an eye on her through this, a Willow Woods stickam account I just found. Something tells me we won't be the only ones watching... DIRECT LINK HERE -- Maggie


Willow Woods emailed Sarah this iMeem link as some sort of clue.

The Home Office posts its videos in the Community Section of The Coalition

The Home Office now has posted its videos on The Coalition site in the community vidoes section. Go check it out.

The Coalition also wants your community videos, so go post those today!

Day Off - lunasapphire (tC)

i playd with the camra and it was fun!!!

Schedule Change - OrangeKeekat

Call in a live OTS report from Boston Live!

Call and leave a message telling us what YOU think: LG15 Today phone number <---CALL NOW!!!!!

LG15 Today on Snapvine

SEND ME YOUR STUFF! -Reed blog (LG15: TR)

11.14.2008 8:29

    Hey guys, I know some of you out there may be helping Sarah today. If that's the case, awesome. I want to help document it from my end.

    If anyone takes pics or video from the auction today and you want them posted here on LG15.com, just send the content to me at [email protected]!

    I'll do my best to get it up quickly and help spread the word.

    Good luck.


    PS - Don't forget, you can follow Sarah throughout the day on her Twitter account at theskyisempty99.

    PPS - I think Maggie just found some sort of stickam account for Willow Woods. Signal is being broadcast from the Boston area, so we'll be embedding a player onto our site shortly. There's a good chance we'll be able to see what's happening alongside Sarah, no matter where we are!

We'll Be Watching

I don't know how this is gonna go down, so standby.


Read and Respond to Blog

Subject: [Fwd: Tail] - The Home Office

From [email protected]
Subject: [Fwd: Tail]
To: [email protected], [email protected]

Hold until further notice.

Analysts - it's your call. We need an answer ASAP.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Tail
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, November 13, 2008 9:27 pm
To: [email protected]

Director -

Caught a tail. Large but otherwise nondescript. Letter T in a circle
tattooed on the forearm. Thus far been observing only.

Please advise: Engage or evade?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not So Pretty Now (File 3/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Doesn't this guy ever, you know, smile?


Felicia Day interview

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Motel Twist! (The Inconsistence Ep. 2)

LG15 Parody, of the modern classic "Motel Tryst"

Starring the talents of:
Jenlight as Sarah
Lordgreystoke as Reed
ApotheosisAZ as FBI Goon One
Micfranxon as FBI Goon Two
and Milowent as Jonas

Edited by ApotheosisAZ and Milowent

Music: "Sex Drive" by The Embarrassment

Jonas: We're getting ready to head out to, um, Bostangeles, hopefully that info we got is legit, and not another trap.

Sarah: No, no, i'm not a lady!

Reed: Damn, my freeze ray is broken again!

Reed: When I get my freeze ray fixed, you'll be sorry sarah!

Sarah: now you listen to me, if i have to walk in one more shower with your tiny little nuts staring me in the face when you are so rich that we could hire an army and be flying around in helicopters, i will endanger you!

Reed: my friend, she liked dungeons and dragons just like me.

Sarah: she?

Reed: yeah, girls like BDSM- I mean D&D, though she was a bit hideous i must admit.

Jonas: alright, i won't bed THAT ONE.

FBI goon one: did you see sarah palin on SNL?
FBI goon two: that shit was dope!

Reed: FBI? federal bureau of ice cream?

Sarah: jonas, you bought porn at the hotel on your credit card again didn't you?

Jonas: what the hell was I supposed to watch, sarah, youtube?

Reed: .. hey, guys, i'm in, these idiots don't know its a trap. so pretend i masterfully divert your attention here.

Fbi goon one: haha
Fbi goon two: ROFLMAO, agent reed!

Reed: they made me sleep on the floor of the motel! i'm pushing for overtime for that! i didn't even get to get in bed with jonas, or even see him shirtless!

Fbi goon one: ... no shirtless jonas
Fbi goon two: FTL!

Reed: alright, back to T-A-A-G, haha!

Jonas: nice work reedy doo!

Reed: ranks ronas!

Fbi goons knock on door:
goon one: housecleaning!
goon two: would you like a USA Today?

Jonas: Dammit, i left my preparation H behind again!

Back Up or Back Off - Sarah (LG15:TR)

I'm not alone. Don't worry about me. -Sarah

Music Artist: Colour Music
Track: Put In a Little Gas

Note: Sarah said that those who are unable to attend the event can follow her on the skyisempty99 on twitter.

MaxterBexter: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Max and Becki head out to the best cake store in Ventura County!

Music: "Chocolate Cake" by Statues of Liberty

Drop Being Confirmed by The Director

Hey you friendly naighborhood Poknish here, I sent a email to penn about the voice message from Linc that we thought it could have been a possible drop, You can see that message that i sent to him with the ">" Next to it. The top text is the response i was sent back.



View Larger Map

Something’s Missing From MySpace’s New Primetime App

MySpace announced this week the launch of its new MySpace Primetime application which brings the convergence of a whole swath of professional web video content, including short-form web series and full-length TV shows to the over 122 million unique MySpace users.



Greetings campers!

It's official, Camp Bloody Beach is having a BIG contest for the remainder of the season! It's a DEAD POOL!!! Here's how it works:

Viewers have a chance to guess which campers and staff will live and which ones will die the rest of the series. Extra points will be given to whoever can tell us who will survive the entire series and who the killer is. Here is the list of eligable characters:

-Tim Appleton: Camp Director
-Rick: Head Counselor
-Mandy: Head Girl's Counselor *oh sweet Mandy*
-Steve: Prankser camper extrordinaire
-Ramey aka RAVEN: EMO camper
-Brian: Anime Kid, your hero, the ayatolla of animeolla!
-Melissa: Winner of the CBB Pasta Spectacular and Hannah Montana fangrrl.
-Rikki: Poor camper who knows the legend of CBB's spooky past.

Winners will be announced in a special video after the season finale and there WILL be prizes ranging from the complete CBB Series on DVD to CBB t-shirts!


Simple! Email us at [email protected] and submit your picks but remember we will be closing the contest on Friday, November 28th so get your picks in as soon as possible.

From this weekend on Camp Bloody Beach will be airing new episodes every Friday so be sure to be watching!!!

Happy pooling Campers!

Caution: Fan Video or Copyright Infringement?

A handful of fans have reported receiving notices from Youtube warning that one or more of their posted videos contained copyrighted material from LG15. These notices instructed the channel owner to either delete the video from their account, delete their Youtube account, or allow LG15 to advertise on their video.

These notices appear to be generated from Youtube’s automated Content Verification Program that checks videos that are uploaded to Youtube for copyrighted content. It appears Eqal has enrolled in this program; however, it is unclear what involvement Eqal plays, if any, before the notices are sent. For example, Eqal may have to accept or approve the notices of flagged videos before they are emailed to the owner of the alleged infringing video.

Youtube’s Content Verification Program allows the enroller to choose a preferred usage policy, either to block, track, or monetize the infringing video. Videos that were originally flagged by this program were automatically blocked. However, LG15 has since changed that preference and now allows the video owner a choice.

It is unclear whether these notices are flagging videos whose content is entirely LG15 footage or a montage of clips that include some LG15 footage.

Concerned fans have emailed Eqal, though they have yet to receive a response. However, Amanda Goodfried, one of the Creators, has responded to comments on Inside LG15 suggesting that these notifications are for the most part a misunderstanding.

In any case, every fan should review Youtube’s Terms of Use and Copyright Policy. These notices will not bring legal action. Amanda has commented that Eqal is working with Youtube to find a reasonable solution and has encouraged fans to continue creating their videos.

amanda said...
Hey everyone! Don't fight each other... fight the order. Ok that was lame, but I'm just trying to break the ice. :) All of your videos are important to us. It amazes me how much talent and creativity the LG15 community has...we want the world to see your videos! We certainly don't want any videos or accounts to be deleted. In response to your concerns, we have reached out to youtube and asked them to fix it. We've been told that the settings have been changed and this will no longer happen. Let us know if this continues and we'll speak to them again. Please, keep creating and keep fighting... the order!


As some of you already know, Sarah and the others are close to finding a cure to the Trait-Positive gene. But this is something she can't do alone... She's going to need YOUR HELP TOMORROW!

Help find the cure this Friday, November 14, at 11:00 am in Boston. Meet Sarah and other community members at the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden.

You can find more details at LG15.com!


Meet N Greet by Reed (LG15:TR)

Sarah, if you're going tomorrow, BE CAREFUL! -- Reed


Meet N Greet - Reed

On This Day in LG15 History: Nov. 13, 2007

One year ago today, November 13, 2007, in Groping In the Dark, Jonas accomplished the amazing feat of uploading a video from the Lullaby Project truck he was imprisoned in with Sarah.

The LGPedia notes to this video are rather amusing:

* At just over 7,000 views, this video is the least watched out of the entire lonelygirl15 series, excluding NBR video's. (As of August 21, 2008)

(Milo adds: This note is actually wrong. This video was actually uploaded twice to youtube within a short span of time. The first version did not have the proper thumbnail, but was never removed, though it was privated for awhile. The second version currently has over 350,000 views.)

* Jonas and Sarah have spent approximately 90 hours, almost 4 days, in the truck at the time of this upload.

* The question of the whereabouts of bowel movements and urination is left unanswered in this video, as having been in the truck for 4 days both would have inevitably happened.

* Only one airhole is seen in this whole video. Jonas and Sarah would have suffocated because of the boxes and being in the truck for four days had the airhole not been there.

* It is assumed that Jonas and Sarah are in either Canada or Mexico, as they are the only countries reasonably accessible by truck from California.

Lg15.com forum discussion thread for Groping in the Dark

Original Lg15today post about Groping In the Dark

Original Anchor Cove thread on Groping In the Dark

With the Angels EP 12 - Kiss and Don't Tell

Ashley and me finally connect... sort of.

Home Office drop?????

We are still trying to verify the authenticity and source of this communication. Stay tuned.

Analyst -
Green light. Document everything you find.
Hello Director,
A analyst by the name of coasterdigi and myself have think we have come up with a possible location for a drop to be found, The corner of VinelandAve and Magnolia Ave in north hollywood. There is a plaza, if u go east and on the south side of the street that we think there could be something of importance, we can easily send one of out analysts out there to retrieve it. pleas email me back. Thank you.

As with any drop, do not attempt to retrieve it until we have the proper security in place. We need to set up an drop operator in IRC chat who can monitor the drop retrieval: http://wethehomeoffice.ning.com/group/thehomeofficechat (#thehomeoffice on freenode

View Larger Map

Say Hey Hey -Andy's personal (With the Angels)

Andy's Profile on Say Hey Hey

Help find Andy's Dream Girl

Are you going to the Boston Live event?

Are you going to the Boston Live event? Is so, send in your new, photos or video links to [email protected].

Call and leave a message telling us what YOU think: LG15 Today phone number <---CALL NOW!!!!!

LG15 Today on Snapvine

If you also want to send your information to Reed he can be reached at: [email protected].

When: Friday, November 14th @ 11:00 AM EST

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Meet us at the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden.

Remember to take every precaution to protect your personal security!!!

‘Take Me Back’ Is An Existential Ride Through Time

Take Me Back is a joyous departure from regular web series fare. The plot of the story is more existential, and interpretative than it is heavy on the exposition, leaving many details to the imagination.


Calling on a Higher Power - CarmineTerrine (tC)

The hunt is on. Are you game?

Visit the Coalition webiste

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Tonight's mix-up is sounding good, so stay tuned!!!!! Glenn texted with Mari recently and he said he needs to get her back on the show.

Tonight's live mix is amusing and interesting

Glenn - 11-12-08 - Live Mix-Up in Progress on BreeFM

When a mix gets going Glenn says it is like a high point in the experience.

Glenn was catching up on Law and Order, Special Victims Unit. There was an over the top DJ character. There are times when they treat things with a lot of sensitivity: for example mental health issues. It is powerful TV. Then there are times when they take it over the top and you cannot help but laugh.

Glenn likes "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" but this has been a week season. First two seasons were rock solid.
Now, with "Sarah Conor Chronicles" Glenn has been "stoked" about every episode. He also still likes Fringe. Glenn has still not watched Dexter but he is curious about it. Same with Madman.

Entourage has been solid this season. Barack Obama named Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. His brother is a high powered agent who one of the characters in Entourage is based on.

Glenn has not watched "True Blood". If it makes it for another season Glenn will sit down and watch the entire thing.

Last night Glenn watched the new season of "Degrassi": Season 8. Last year they did a stupid Halloween episodes but this years episode was awesome. The reviews are another level of enjoyment: http://degrassi.dumbbaby.net/

Glenn has talked about the UK show "Skins" which is a lot like Degrassi. It is not as issue oriented. If you were going to Degrassi something bad is going to happen to you! It is the unluckiest school on earth.

The actor who plays Jimmy from Degrassi does a solid rap. He actually did rap with Ashley on Degrassi. Glenn then played:

00:22:06 Aubrey Graham (Drake) - Replacement Girl

From wikipedia:
Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986) is a Canadian actor, rapper and singer. He is known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the physically disabled character on Degrassi: The Next Generation. As a rapper, Graham uses the stage name Drake, and is often billed as the new version of The Fresh Prince.

"Replacement Girl" is the first single by Drake, released in late 2006. The song was produced by Boi-1da and T.Williams. R&B singer Trey Songz is prominently featured in the song as well. The music video was the first video by an unsigned Canadian artist to premiere and play on BET's 106 & Park.

Glenn ordered a CD from his web site two years ago and it arrived signed.

Last season Toby became really good. He is a dead wringer for Millhouse on the Simpsons. Jay is also fantastic. He was introduced in season three as the hooligan. He was stealing candy. The reviews on Boycott the Cafe are the funniest thing on the internet if you are a Degrassi fan.

Hip hop karaoke
Glenn did a hip hop karaoke to Bust A Move.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


I'm Sorry Kitty - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

The party sounds lovely but...

Send us your photos

Are you helping Sarah FIND THE CURE in Boston on Friday? If so, keep the LG15 Community connected by sending in your photos and videos to [email protected].

Source: insideLG15

You can also send your photo and videos to [email protected]

Soul Fire Rising

Soul Fire Rising

Soul Fire Rising - Episode 1
SOUL FIRE RISING takes us on a journey between Heaven and Hell, where Demons and Wingers fight for human souls in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Soul Fire Rising - Episode 2

Episode 2

Effects Laden ‘Soul Fire Rising’ Hunts for Souls and Story

Frequent collaborators, director Dale Fabrigar (a semi-finalist on Steven Spielberg’s short lived On the Lot reality series) and writer Kurt Patino, have teamed up with actress Kelly Stables (best known for playing Evil Samara in The Ring movies) and visual effects wizard Michael Morrealle to produce a new horror/fantasy web series titled Soul Fire Rising.


The Coalition embraces Community Videos!

The Coalition has added a section on their site for community videos.

New from theCoalition - COMMUNITY VIDEOS!
Got a video? Share it with the world.

This is another great place to add your community videos.

To add a video, go to User Memu and select 'Add a Video'. Then, insert the link to your video and click submit. Then, select Community Video as the category, and you're done!

POW! - Reed (LG15:TR)

This is not how I wanted it to go. -- Reed


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Yes!

With the Angels EP 11 - The Secret

Compromise is key.

Alyson Stoner Tickles The Scary Bone With ‘Ghost Town’

We’re in for some scares November 18th with Ghost Town: The Web Series, a new kid-oriented web series starring teen star Alyson Stoner (Cheaper by The Dozen, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody).


NewTeeVee.com: Top 10 Breakout Video Stars of 2008

This article posted monday at newteevee.com lists their "top 10 breakout video stars of 2008", with links to separate articles on each.

* Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch, Creators, You Suck at Photoshop
* Michael Buckley, Host, Writer and Producer, What the Buck
* Brian Conley, CEO, Small World News
* Lucas Cruikshank, Partner, FEE Entertainment and Creator, Fred
* Felicia Day, Creator, The Guild
* Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, Creators, Jake and Amir
* Xeni Jardin, Host and Executive Producer, Boing Boing TV
* Jessica Lee Rose, Actor, Sorority Forever, Hooking Up, Blood Cell
* Jay Smooth, Producer, Editor and Host, Ill Doctrine
* Gary Vaynerchuk, Creator, Wine Library TV

The blurb on Jessica Rose notes:

Admit it — you probably raised an eyebrow at us picking Jessica Rose for this list. “After all,” you’re uttering to yourself, “she was the star of the first breakout web series ever! She’s been Internet famous since 2006! She was on the cover of Wired! She’s freaking lonelygirl15! Did you guys just wake up from a coma?”

But while the young lass from New Zealand has been one of online video’s iconic faces for years, 2008 saw the actress step out of EQAL’s shadow and pursue her own projects. Not only did she continue her oldteevee success via ABC Family’s hit series Greek, but she also took on starring roles in two high-profile web series — the Big Fantastic/Warner Bros.-produced Sorority Forever and HBO’s vlogger-fest Hooking Up — as well as the upcoming 60Frames series Blood Cell. One actress being spread across multiple web series — you don’t see that too often. In a very short time span, Rose has gone from being like the typecast Angelina Jolie of the 1990s to something like the versatile Angelina Jolie of the 2000s. Except, you know, on the Internet.

Will 2009 be the year Rose breaks into the Hollywood mainstream? Maybe, maybe not. But she’s proven her ability to hold an audience and anchor a series — now, more than once.

Hooking Up - "The Lottery" (EP. 8) - hookingup

Bask U's resident director has fun with Meg, Nick, Ryan and Emily when they find themselves in a bit of a housing crunch.

Website http://www.hookingupshow.com

Ryan's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6rfzl6
Meg's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5bu582
Nick's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5a8ert
Emily's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5fg44h
Gary's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6aox3z
Bouncer Dave's Profile http://tinyurl.com/679uva
TJ's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5c9j79

Orientation Video - ImDylanWinters

I reveal an explosive secret...and I've got it on tape.



My facebook link doesn't work here, but trust me, I'm there.

Project: Direct is Back!

Celebrated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky welcomes YouTube users back to Project: Direct. Submit your short film and you could win a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. Find out more at http://www.youtube.com/projectdirect .


Music: Slidey-Interlude by Project
More info at http://www.whatisproject.org

check out my new tattoo! - Missyfied (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Sara Fletcher starred in videos some months back to promote the DVD release of The Tattooist. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED, especially if horror movies make you squeamish.

After banning YouTube, military launches TroopTube

Members can upload personal videos from anywhere with an Internet connection, but a Pentagon employee screens each for taste, copyright violations and national security issues.


Me, I'm Not (File 2/15) - (The Home Office)

This is getting ridiculous. This clown needs to stop whining.


Boston Live Event: November 14th @ 11:00 AM EST (LG15:TR)

NOTE: as with all live events make sure you take every precaution to protect your own personal safety!

Who: Show up and find out…

What: An in-character event unfolding live!

When: Friday, November 14th @ 11:00 AM EST

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Meet us at the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden.

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New Email and mp3 from "Director" (The Home Office)

Penn -

Move faster. If this is a mole operation and Russell's been playing us we
have to know what he was looking for sooner rather than later.

Use force if necessary, but no-kill order in effect. If he's been with the
Order this whole time then we have a lot of information to extract from

File 2/15 releasing later tonight.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, November 11, 2008 8:09 pm
To: [email protected]

Guest Russell entered into security department and acquired data unknown
from our server room. As requested, attempted to keep "7" note from him
until analysis was complete, but unable to do so.

Audio recording found by analyst, and turned over to us within an hour of
breach. Recording attached.

LG15 Makes VG15 an Angry Person!

I watch these videos for like you guys. Otherwise, I woudln't bother. So leave like a comment, let me know your watching, or I'll stop making them because it's TORTURE to watch. EFF I HATE MAGGIE!

Who's your least favorite?

I hate Maggie and I LOVE Sarah. Like Yeah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bloodsoaked Chimney

A trailer for the most thrilling and needlessly violent movie to hit the big screen this Holiday season.

Subject lost. (The Home Office)

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Subject lost. Must have been spotted on the way in, as we were handed a
note by a waitress as she flew the coop.

Note attached. Please advise.



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Well, we survived a bit of a scare and all the kids are present and accounted for. If we have our eye on all of them, everything's cool.


I want the axe murderer to show up, look at the suffering I have to endure here!


Sarah was in LG15 chat

::::: Sarah was in chat today at 2 pm PST (5 pm EST)

-14:01:39- [skyisempty]: so am I wrong for being pissed at Maggie?
-14:01:52- [skyisempty]: somewhat?
-14:01:55- [skyisempty]: why somewhat?
-14:02:08- [skyisempty]: Haup - who should I redirect my anger toward?
-14:02:13- [skyisempty]: thanks traverse
-14:02:42- [skyisempty]: thanks filthyyouth
-14:02:47- [skyisempty]: rach
-14:02:48- [skyisempty]: exactly
-14:02:55- [skyisempty]: Jonas is already getting way too distracted by her
-14:03:10- [skyisempty]: they keep sneaking off every now and then, 'just getting a cup of coffee' or 'taking a walk'
-14:03:13- [skyisempty]: its all so shady
-14:03:17- [skyisempty]: snl06 - obviously
-14:03:28- [skyisempty]: so what should I do to get him back on track?
-14:03:52- [skyisempty]: Party - Reed SAID he didnt sleep with her, but whatever
-14:03:53- [skyisempty]: he's a guy
-14:03:55- [skyisempty]: they lie
-14:04:10- [skyisempty]: hahaha, lol filthy
-14:04:39- [skyisempty]: Toad - since when am I the one in charge though?
-14:04:45- [skyisempty]: its so weird having to be taskmaster all of a sudden
-14:05:12- [skyisempty]: casadestars - I do want to fight, but I dont want to be the only one committed to doing it
-14:05:17- [skyisempty]: EVERYONE is getting distracted
-14:05:51- [skyisempty]: thanks Mitch
-14:05:57- [skyisempty]: exactly Rach
-14:06:01- [skyisempty]: I need everyone to stay on task
-14:06:11- [skyisempty]: britta - same here
-14:06:26- [skyisempty]: filthy, thats bad language... but possibly warranted :)
-14:06:41- [skyisempty]: britta - thats right
-14:06:49- [skyisempty]: how did Maggie escape after all? I don't trust her
-14:06:54- [skyisempty]: or at least, I think I don't
-14:07:14- [skyisempty]: Poknish - that wasn't very nice, and you know I can't stop
-14:07:21- [skyisempty]: go for it Haup
-14:07:27- [skyisempty]: thats right monkey
-14:07:47- [skyisempty]: Always have love for you Hogies
-14:07:58- [skyisempty]: lalalola - you might be right
-14:08:01- [skyisempty]: what would you suggest?
-14:08:18- [skyisempty]: Jazmyn, that seems a bit convenient though, doesnt it?
-14:08:23- [skyisempty]: that she cant remember?
-14:08:40- [skyisempty]: I DO!
-14:09:08- [skyisempty]: lalalola - its impossible to get Jonas to watch old videos, he's in this whole moving forward phase, which I cant blame him for to be totally honest
-14:09:17- [skyisempty]: Deviant - EXACTLY!
-14:09:19- [skyisempty]: Maggie lied
-14:09:22- [skyisempty]: thats the bottom line
-14:09:28- [skyisempty]: growing army my @$$
-14:09:53- [skyisempty]: snl - punching in the face is a bit extreme, but we'll definitely need to keep a closer eye on her I think
-14:10:07- [skyisempty]: aeth - why do you think Maggie is okay?
-14:10:30- [skyisempty]: CuteSanity - I hadn't thought of that
-14:10:33- [skyisempty]: you could be right
-14:10:56- [skyisempty]: pmonkey - seriously, its Jonas's addiction, he needs to stay away from TP girls
-14:11:20- [skyisempty]: Liv - maybe, I can sorta see that POV, but its still wrong in this kind of situation, where truth is such a precious commodity
-14:11:42- [skyisempty]: a2ndbree -- I agree
-14:11:48- [skyisempty]: (creepy username btw)
-14:12:00- [skyisempty]: caravelle - i hope thats true
-14:12:13- [skyisempty]: snl - I want to talk to Maggie, but she never has anything to say
-14:12:16- [skyisempty]: she speaks in fragments
-14:12:18- [skyisempty]: except to Jonas
-14:12:22- [skyisempty]: and Jonas wont tell me what they talk about
-14:12:30- [skyisempty]: he just calls me nosy and tells me to go somewhere else
-14:12:38- [skyisempty]: Hogies IS creepy, thanks monkey
-14:12:55- [skyisempty]: I just need someo backup here, maybe you guys should bug Jonas on his profile page
-14:13:02- [skyisempty]: message him to stop being an idiot and start leading again
-14:13:11- [skyisempty]: and yeah, good question - whatever happened to beaumont?
-14:13:18- [skyisempty]: yet another important question maggie cant answer
-14:13:45- [skyisempty]: a2ndbree -- Reed IS going to Boston unfortunately
-14:13:51- [skyisempty]: he's in the other room now
-14:13:53- [skyisempty]: but I aint talkin to him
-14:13:58- [skyisempty]: fortunately Estelle is long gone
-14:14:08- [skyisempty]: they said their goodbyes and have been texting nonstop
-14:14:29- [skyisempty]: caravelle - I do trust Reed, he's just a bit too clueless to be evil if you know what I mean
-14:15:01- [skyisempty]: Traveler12 - I know, I told him to stop texting her
-14:15:02- [skyisempty]: so did Jonas
-14:15:08- [skyisempty]: so at least Jonas and I agree on that
-14:15:22- [skyisempty]: MissMurder - Maggie remembers Beaumont obviously, but she cant remember what happened to him
-14:15:29- [skyisempty]: whether he helped her escape or... worse, or whatever
-14:15:40- [skyisempty]: lalalola - I dont think Estelle is a plant, just a b***ch
-14:16:00- [skyisempty]: LilBro- Maggie has her own harddrive and laptop that she works on, thats where she gets her footage
-14:16:07- [skyisempty]: its all stuff she's had from long ago
-14:16:39- [skyisempty]: exactly, wear, WHERE is he
-14:16:51- [skyisempty]: Monkey - of course I'll hang out with you in Boston
-14:16:56- [skyisempty]: seriously, are any of you coming out on Friday?
-14:17:01- [skyisempty]: I may need backup if Jonas and the others bail
-14:17:20- [skyisempty]: I'll be in the public gardens at the George Washington statue (by his horse) at 11 AM
-14:17:29- [skyisempty]: I really hope I can meet some of oyu guys there
-14:17:39- [skyisempty]: clara - yes, Friday, in Boston
-14:17:47- [skyisempty]: public gardens by the George Washington statue
-14:18:17- [skyisempty]: Traveler96 - we're looking for this 'curebox' thingy, we got the location and date from the last Willow Woods video
-14:18:36- [skyisempty]: Accordian Guy: NO
-14:18:49- [skyisempty]: I'm getting more and more nervous about Boston
-14:18:58- [skyisempty]: I really think I'll be alone in this by the time we arrive
-14:19:03- [skyisempty]: everything feels like its falling apart
-14:19:10- [skyisempty]: thanks Hogies
-14:19:30- [skyisempty]: Traverse - once we have the curebox, I guess the plan is to figure out how it works... IF it even works
-14:19:46- [skyisempty]: its far fetched, but its a risk we have to take if it means we can end all this
-14:20:00- [skyisempty]: AccordianGuy - I want you guys to meet us on Friday so we have some backup
-14:20:06- [skyisempty]: who knows if it'll be another trap or something
-14:20:10- [skyisempty]: its time to see if we really do have an army
-14:20:22- [skyisempty]: Missmurder - no guns
-14:20:28- [skyisempty]: especially no jonas + guns
-14:20:36- [skyisempty]: thanks Mitch
-14:20:43- [skyisempty]: Monkey - you are loved
-14:20:45- [skyisempty]: there
-14:20:48- [skyisempty]: now get off my back
-14:20:48- [skyisempty]: heh
-14:20:51- [skyisempty]: :)
-14:21:32- [skyisempty]: Mitch - Emma is safe
-14:21:34- [skyisempty]: dont worry about her
-14:22:17- [skyisempty]: aeth - I'm definitely bringin my mace
-14:22:20- [skyisempty]: thats for sure :)
-14:22:32- [skyisempty]: Monkey - my favorite movie is The Hunger
-14:22:36- [skyisempty]: if you havent seen it, check it out
-14:22:38- [skyisempty]: its HAWT
-14:23:00- [skyisempty]: Mitch - even though Estelle is gone, it seems like Maggie is taking her place as far as distractions go
-14:23:17- [skyisempty]: sarah87 - getting maggie drunk is an impossibility, I dont think she even knows what booze is
-14:23:58- [skyisempty]: haha, desertfae, im not going to drug maggie... not yet anyway :)
-14:24:47- [skyisempty]: september - I doubt Reed is in the order, but if he is, then I have a real reason to kick his ass, so either way, cool
-14:25:30- [skyisempty]: Mitch - where we go after Boston is a mystery, depends on whether this cure thing works or not
-14:26:05- [skyisempty]: snl - I want to kick reeds ass for being a stupid boy, thats why
-14:26:18- [skyisempty]: Accordian - no Daniel, no how
-14:26:23- [skyisempty]: thats a recipe for trouble
-14:26:41- [skyisempty]: Haup - if the cure works, the next step is to find as many TP girls as we can and make them not TP anymore
-14:26:54- [skyisempty]: hahaha, thanks Brandi
-14:27:19- [skyisempty]: Kindred - that may be true, but it also brings us closer to taking down the Order
-14:27:26- [skyisempty]: if they dont have any TP girls to hunt, they can't thrive
-14:27:55- [skyisempty]: crap, I gotta run
-14:27:59- [skyisempty]: Jonas needs to borrow the computer
-14:28:09- [skyisempty]: thanks for talking this through with me guys
-14:28:14- [skyisempty]: I really hope I get to see some of you in Boston
-14:28:23- [skyisempty]: love you guys too!! thanks :)
-14:28:26- [skyisempty]: seeya :)

Chat log credit: BrightSilence

Will you be there? (LG15:TR)

This week, a box found by Aleister Crowley in Denderah will be up for auction at The Willow Woods Auctioneers. The box is thought to contain a cure for those who are trait positive.

Maggie may have been able to escape from Lifesblood Labs, but she remains trait positive. Her footage has revealed that LBL will stop at nothing until they’ve secured the fountain of youth for themselves. Maggie needs the cure. Will you help her?

Help find the cure this Friday, November 14, at 11:00 am in Boston. Meet us at the George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden.

See more pixs on insideLG15

From Wikipedia:

The Public Garden was established in 1837 when philanthropist Horace Gray[4] petitioned for the use of land as the first public botanical garden in the United States. Grey helped marshal political resistance to a number of Boston City Council attempts to sell the land in question, finally settling the issue of devoting it to the Public Garden in 1856.[5] The Act establishing use of the land was submitted to the voters on 26 April, 1856 where it passed with only 99 dissents.

Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Public_Garden

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