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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day - CarmineTerrine

For crying out loud. Why can't people follow simple instructions?

If you want something done right...

We are here, We are you, We are theCoalition - Join us

Is Twitter the news outlet for the 21st century?

"I like to refer to Marshall McLuhan's description of media as `an extension of our senses.' Now, Twitter is extending our senses to tens of millions of people who are often right on the scene where things are happening."


Friday, July 3, 2009

The Road Back - JessicaMorning

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.
-Erica Jong

Dubplate Drama Series 3

Episode 2b Part 1 of Dubplate Drama Series 3

Episode 2b Part 2 of Dubplate Drama Series 3

Episode 2b Part 3 of Dubplate Drama Series 3

Episode 2b Part 4 of Dubplate Drama Series 3

Zoey said...
Familiar faces featured in this episode include: Alexandra Weaver (Kate, KM); Alexandra Dreyfus (Sarah, LG15); Mike GLC (Clore's Shadow, KM); Matthew Gammie (Terrence, KM); Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty (Julia, KM); Ronan Summers (Rupert, KM); and Jai Rajani (Tariq, KM).

Dubplate Drama BTS

More on Dubplate Drama

Harpers Globe fans speak out....

Sara posted:

Ripping the content from HarpersGlobe.com the second the series ends seems to be bad business practices, and most definitely defeats the premise of a "community". What of all the original content people have contributed to the show? What of the wiki, with its vast knowledge base, and hundreds of man hours of work put into it? Taking all of this from the fans is essentially saying "we never cared about you", and is likely to strip any trust these fans have generated for CBS.


Please click here to sign the petition and voice your opinion.

See: The Future of HarpersGlobe.com

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Not an Idiot - maddisonatkins

I already said I was sorry. -Adam

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Entering wine country - klebba

July 3rd

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July, Maddison & Adam - Virginian9000

Happy 4th of July, Maddison and Adam. Enjoy the day off from school and/or work. If you do any fireworks, make sure you videotape it and show us.

This is footage from a paddlewheel boat that I took yesterday. I always love the water. Music is "Point of no return" by Roger Subirana. Ever since I heard this piece over a year ago, I have been trying to find a way to include it in a video. This seemed like a good excuse for it. Download the whole piece here. http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/24858 Your ears will appreciate it.

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The Last’s Finale Will Continue on Monday

LG15: Quietus - The Last’s Finale Will Continue on Monday
July 2nd, 2009
Hi Everyone,

This has been an unfortunate, frustrating and sleep deprived night… currently it is 12pm (in Australia) and we have been working on uploading the video all night but our internet was affected by a massive power station outage which caused the need to re upload MULTIPLE times and due to the excess strain it kept timing out. (Sibylla has been dispatched to deal with the culprits as we speak! )

It is such a shame for the delay and now with this public holiday weekend our storyline will unfortunately suffer as the video today was supposed to be a direct continuation and will not be posted until Monday .

For Monday, what we can tell you, there will be blood and someone in The Last WILL be betrayed.

Thank you all so much. We appreciate your patience and support.

- The Lasties


For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Eye on Karim Zreik

Karim Zreik is a co-executive producer for the Harper's Island television show.

Karim has become known as "the assassin", for his dubious role of informing cast members of their fates during filming. He maintains a weekly blog giving inside information into the death scenes from each episode, and became well-known in the later weeks of the show for giving out very specific information for the upcoming episodes.

Talk to Karim Zreik on Twitter: http://twitter.com/karimzreik


See also: ::::: The future of HarpersGlobe.com!!!

Harper's Globe Timeline on HGPedia.

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Jessica Lee Rose on Twitter....


Guidelines to optimize and document a collective thought process

by BrightSilence

During my time playing ARG's, I've learned a lot of things about group thinking, brainstorming and the way information is shared. And while the collective knowledge and intelligence is often surprisingly high, the effectiveness leaves a lot to be desired. There is a lot of wasted effort being put in, that never leads to any results.
One of the bigger problems lays within human nature itself. The will to be right. This often leads to finding connections where there really are none or believing in a thought up theory mostly because it's your own. Even if there are hardly any facts to back it up. These wild tangents keep everyone distracted from what's actually out there to find.
With this article I'm hoping to show a way to improve the effectiveness of collective thinking and introduce a way to document findings in a useful and organised manner.


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See more: http://www.harpersglobe.com/tlc_units/filter/2/446/1

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Tripping In The Dark - SonofaStitch

When the drops start dropping...


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The Future of HarpersGlobe.com

The news is out - HarpersGlobe.com, the community, the videos, and the wiki will all be taken offline sometime after the conclusion of Harper's Island.

There is currently no plan from CBS to keep HarpersGlobe.com up and running after the TV series finale. We appreciate all your support, it's been a great community. For me, personally, it's been a wonderful experience being your Site Admin and watching this community grow.

Some of you have asked me what can be done to keep the site alive. That's really not my area. If you want to get CBS's attention, that's of course, your choice.

This serves as quite the blow to the Harper's Globe community, which has been growing steadily each week (around 500 users weekly). The desire to discontinue support for the site (and the forums) is understandable, considering CBS owns the brand. Why continue a brand that was created to support a show you have no interest in continuing? The entire site, however, is another matter altogether, as it houses valuable information - as well as the Harper's Globe videos - that were and are intended to further experience of Harper's Island, which has yet to air in many countries, and will be available on DVD on September 8, 2009.

EQAL has expressed interest in furthering the Harper's Globe series, creating great interest among fans of the show. Should the series continue, EQAL would be free to recreate the show in new and exciting ways, as they would no longer be tied to an already-filmed television series. (Not to mention eliminating the current spoiler problem on the site.)

Due to the interest in a continuation of Harper's Globe, and generally just wanting to keep HarpersGlobe.com and its information around (even in an archived state, if need be), community member FemaleProdigy has created an online petition to convince CBS of the value of the site, even after the run of Harper's Island has ceased.

Please click here to sign the petition and voice your opinion. The community can make a difference.

"Cum tacent, clamant" gets flagged on YouTube

"LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant"" has become the second LG15 video to have been flagged on YouTube.

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant" was flagged by the YouTube community. You have to be 18 or older to watch it now.

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant" on LGPedia.

LGPedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Bolgia2_solve - phipunk (tC: Worldfiles)

What we learned from Dr. Tyler's genetic study on foxgloves.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maddison Atkins ARG: Claremont Depot Drop

(blacked out line) ("it's" crossed out) IT'S
(blacked out line) MY LOVE.
(two blacked out lines)
(blacked out) SO SAD.

WARM(underlined) AGAIN.


02:47 Perky KIRA UPDATE: she says there's what looks like another lemon juice message, she's going to heat the paper

03:20 Perky the lemon juice message was faint, but she thinks it says "find maddison atkins sfasu spinal tap? birds unconfirmed"

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v17 of the link fix brings twitter integration for character accounts to LG15: The Last

Since our beloved Creatoroos decided to re-activate the Twitter accounts right after v16 was released, here's v17 with integrated Lasties-Twitter-Stalking check function.

Also, there was a bug which may have prevented the Script Options from appearing. If you were unable to access them in v16, please try again in this version (Dashboard -> Script Options) and let me know if it works.
In addition, please remember that other users will not see a "Last seen:" time for you unless you specifically activate Last Seen broadcasting. You can do that either in the Script Options, or in the monkey menu (Monkey Menu -> User Script Commands -> Toggle "Last Seen").


  • Fixed Script Options

  • Prettified script variables section on profiles

  • Firefox only:

    • Ability to retrieve The Last's latest Twitter posts from the sidebar


Click here to download v17 from UserScripts.org

Please post feedback in the comments below or in the script discussion section.

For those new to it, here's a repetition of the installation steps:
  1. If you're among the few not using Firefox 3 yet, you can get it here.

  2. Install Greasemonkey from here.

  3. Install the Link Fix from here.

Should Greasemonkey not step in and ask to install the file, in Firefox's File menu, click Open File (hotkey Ctrl+O), browse to where you saved the file, and open it. You should see some code and a bar should appear, allowing you to install the script.

If you're running Safari, modelmotion has found this solution which allows you to run the script in Safari - according to the bot, it's running just fine!
You can deactivate the script at any time (right-click the monkey in the lower right corner, uncheck the Link Fix), deinstall the script, or deinstall Greasemonkey. In all three cases, the site will be back to normal as soon as you refresh.

Maddison Atkins ARG: drop FOUND

From Trotsky's Mission: new postcard,
BrightSilence figured out the code, it's a drop near Los Angeles
Kira is on her way to retrieve

View Larger Map

http://www.ci.claremont.ca.us/ps.leisurerecreation.cfm?ID=1740 is the location.

::::: Our runner is Kira
::::: Handler is Perky
::::: Chat room anchor is PJ


12:37 YourFavoritePJ Kira's there guys
12:38 YourFavoritePJ she doesn't see a vent, but she sees a path
12:38 YourFavoritePJ she's searching
12:38 YourFavoritePJ there are three steps on the path
12:38 YourFavoritePJ I think she's on it
12:38 YourFavoritePJ she's looking in a bush
12:39 YourFavoritePJ it's dark there so this might take a minute
12:39 YourFavoritePJ Be patient please.
12:40 YourFavoritePJ Kira
12:40 YourFavoritePJ sees the bike rack
12:40 YourFavoritePJ so
12:40 YourFavoritePJ we're on the right track I think
12:41 YourFavoritePJ The drop has been found. Pictures are being taken
12:41 YourFavoritePJ please, stand by

12:47 YourFavoritePJ DROP INFORMATION:

12:48 YourFavoritePJ The envelope was folded up
12:48 YourFavoritePJ other than that
12:48 YourFavoritePJ almost the same as last time
12:48 YourFavoritePJ adressed to Thomas
12:48 YourFavoritePJ and
12:48 YourFavoritePJ unsealed

Discussion: http://www.maddisonatkins.com/forum/topics/trotskys-mission-episode-15

Discuss the drop that was found: http://www.maddisonatkins.com/forum/topics/claremont-depot-drop

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Trotsky's Mission (Maddison Atkins)

Camera PHAIL!! and a new postcard....


Music by the Mustn'ts

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lonelygirl15 Co-Creator Interview at UCLA (September 17, 2008)

The Bruin co-creator of lonelygirl15, Greg Goodfried J.D. '05, talks with Jack Feuer, editor of UCLA Magazine. See the complete article here: http://www.magazine.ucla.edu/exclusives/lonelygirl15/

Lonely No More

How does a nice young lawyer get to be an Internet mogul?

Our Baby Jack - GregGoodfried

This is the first video we made of Jack Goodfried. We shot it right before I left for Savannah. Jack's first word is going to be Y'all!

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "Cum tacent, clamant"


Crudelius est quam mori semper timere mortem

Music credits:

Ambient Darkness Slaying - Sean Beson
Chopin Prelude No. 4 - BerryComposer

For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Tubefilter Talks OZGirl

Tubefilter has a nice article on the OZGirl DVD launch and participation in the ITV Festival this month in LA. The article also features a blurg from the epitomous Jenni Powell where she mentions why the show has such an appeal for former fans of LG15.

The full article is available here.

Nickola's Story

I think I'm one of the few who still watches Nickola. I understand that, because it's not easy to follow if you don't speak Polish. And I don't, so I translate the forum and the comments with Google Translator. Season 1 of Nickola ended today so I thought I would give you all a summary.

The first 40 episodes, were just about Nickola and her friends. Around episode 40, a second storyline was introduced. A journalist, named Ursyn, discovered the existence of the HoO. His boss investigated the HoO and was murdered while doing that (mmm, I wonder who did that?). Ursyn took over the investigation and discovered more about the HoO and the Order. He was helped by a photographer named Lambert (also called the Python), by Ewa (another journalist, sort of Ursyn's girlfriend) and by Karolina, who is a specialist in lip-reading. They discovered that Nickola was the next trait positive soon-to-be victim of the Order. So they started to look for her.

Nickola and her friends also discovered that Nickola was chased by the Order. Especially because of a mysterious man, named the Sphinks who gave her information about the Order. It's still unclear what his intensions were/are, because he also had some connections with the Order. But he helped Nickola (and later on Ursyn and friends) a lot.

How did the Order got Nickola? A while ago, the Order murdered Nickola's best friend (Kama), because she had done some research on the HoO. And, like we all know, The Order don't like these kind of investigating kids, so they killed her. Easy as that. Nickola didn't knew Kama was killed. Someone told her that Kama had been in some sort of car accident and that she needed a blood transfusion from Nickola. Very suspicious huh. So Nickola went to the hospital and, ofcourse, The Order got her. They apparently gave her a very strong anesthetic because Nickola was seen lying in a bed unconcious for weeks. Eventually she woke up and her Elder (Harald, also called the Man in Black)used her for his ceremony. We don't know if Nickola died at the ceremony but with Bree in mind, we can assume she's dead.

While the ceremony was taking place, Ewa (one of Ursyns friends) was captured by the Order. They placed her in a cooling unit. She was in there for a few days and then they brought down the temperature in there and she frooze to dead. Ursyn and Lambert discovered where Ewa was held but they came too late to save her. Lambert was shot by a shadow and Ursyn wanted to kill himself because he failed to save Ewa.

And then we are at the last episode of season 1. We see that Lambert survived the shooting and that Ursyn didn't kill himself because he was pulled away while he fired his gun, probably by someone from a Resistance group. Resistance group? Yes, it seems that there's a Resistance group, lead by a man named Eric. Eric gives Ursyn a bunch of photo's and on one of them is Jonas. It seems that Eric wants Ursyn, Lambert and Karolina to join his group. And there the season ends.

Nickola also has some sort of behind the scenes section on their website. Here's the link to the little article that saids that season 1 is over (I've already put it in google translator): http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&hl=nl&js=n&u=http%3A%2F%2Fn1ckola.pl%2Fza_kulisami.html&sl=pl&tl=en&history_state0=

I tried to give a summary about the last few weeks of Nickola but, like I said, I'm not sure about some things. But this pretty much sums up the most important things that happened. I must say, I really like this show even though I don't understand what the characters are saying. Hopefully in the second season, the subtitles will come (yes Eqal, take notice of it).

My Great Friend Alice (Harpers Globe)

Posted by andycat

When I was a boy, I had a cat named Alice. Alice was my great friend. We played together. I loved Alice very much. One day I came home from school and I could not find her. My Father told me that Alice had gotten sick and gone away. I did not know what he meant. I had been sick before and I never went anywhere. He meant that she had died. I cried very much for her. I did not want her gone. I did not understand why she had to go. Because I did not understand, I believed she would come back from wherever she had gone to.

A few months later I saw Alice in the woods. My Father said that it wasn’t her. That my imagination was telling me something different than my eyes saw. I went back to the woods every day, but I did not see her.

One day I was playing hide and seek and I was behind the woodshed in the field and Alice walked right up to me. I thought my imagination was lying again, but then she jumped into my arms and I saw the tag on her collar. It WAS Alice. My imagination was telling the truth. I was very happy to have my great friend back!

I showed Alice to my Father and he sat me down and told me that the day Alice died, he had accidentally left the backdoor open and Alice had gotten away. He was very sorry to have let the cat go and did not want to make me angry with him, so he said that she had died. But she had not died. She was alive all along.

This is all happening again now. Except this time, the one who did not die, the one who was alive all along, is not my great friend.

He is my enemy.


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Michael Jackson Tribute - Billie Jean - mrcheezypop

Maxwell Glick giving his tribute to Michael Jackson. Michael was my inspiration. Michael was my idol. Michael taught me anything is possible. So to honor him, I busted out the jacket and the glove once again. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eye on Maddison

In The relaunched series Maddison Atkins is a nineteen-year-old communications major in her freshman year at SFA. She lives with her father in Nacogdoches Texas, her mother having passed when she was still very young.

Maddison enjoys the local music scene, and seems to have acquired an "indie" persona. She works as a waitress in the local hotel The Fredonia, and seems to be very involved with her schooling, thinking grades to be extremely important. Her relationship with her father seems to vary, but the two seem to be close, even going out fishing from time to time.

Before school started Maddison was in a relationship with a local boy. The boy intended to move to New York City, and bring Maddison with him but when she decided to stay behind it caused a conflict. They broke up shortly thereafter.

In Maddison's video basics class she was assigned video projects with her classmate Adam Wilmott, the two borrowed a camera from their school and began work quickly. The same day she found a box of pigeons sitting atop her porch from an unknown sender delivered by the vet's office with a coded message sitting atop it.


From the chat today:

01:50 maddison ever since my mom past...things changed..he is just still broken hearted
01:51 maddison Emma
01:52 maddison I do..I was only 4
01:52 maddison so I just missed out on growing up with her
01:52 maddison yes I am. she was only 27..
01:54 maddison they think it was an epileptic attack...but she was so young..
01:54 maddison can we change the subject...sorry..its just my dad has been worried that I have it ,and we have gone through stuff..so ya- not a happy time in my life
01:55 maddison Ok back to releasing a pigeon
01:56 maddison yea they are crazy
01:56 maddison whenever I take them out they go flappy crazy
01:56 maddison true, i read that
01:56 maddison not my work!
01:58 maddison I do not feel comfortable arranging a meeting
01:58 maddison and how would I know where the pigeon went?
01:59 maddison so I would tie it on their leg?
01:59 maddison your move...
01:59 maddison hmm
02:00 maddison would they understand that...who do you all think it would get to?
02:02 maddison but i have had my spine checked before...just to make sure I do not have epilepsy like my Mom..
2:03 maddison The doctor says I am Ok..but I worry about it because ya know, my mom had it and if it is genetic that is scary
02:05 maddison I just got blood work the last week or so..
02:06 maddison I don't really understand the tests...but they took some blood
02:07 maddison My Dad, and the Doctor's office...
02:07 maddison Oh...I just know about nutrition :) lol.
02:08 maddison basic procedure Im guessing, I didn't ask, it makes me nervous enough
02:09 maddison I want to get back to this releasing pigeon thing-
02:10 maddison I think i shoud release one
02:10 maddison I'll just pick one?
02:10 maddison they all seem healthy
02:12 maddison We did name them!
02:12 maddison Mini Moon, Trotsky, Victoria, Lady GaGa, HTMLvis.!!!! Sorry I have not told you yet
02:13 maddison well..i do not wanna put an address or my name or anything, but they obviously know who I am
02:14 maddison I like the Your move thing
02:14 maddison but I think there needs to be more...agreed?
02:16 maddison do I need to sign the note?
02:17 maddison Can i appoint one of you to encode ? or two
02:20 maddison I think we should use coding that they have used already...yes hallows
02:22 maddison Ok i'm getting confused- so morse or T9?
02:25 maddison Im not sure how to do all of thses- but I think we should decide on morse, t9, or potia??? ( i dont even know what that is)
02:25 maddison not to be bossy...but if we decide this, do u think I should launch a pigeon this week

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why your social media guru is an asshole & a liar OR how to succeed (or not) with your internet presence

“How does my business interact with the public?”


Sending a pigeon: Message discussion (Maddison Atkins)

It was decided to send a pigeon, in the chat with Maddison. Discuss the message to be sent here


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The Best Of The Internet


To Lyriclyinclined and the gang (Maddison Atkins)

There's a lot of you in this vid, and maddison's already at work, so I made one


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VID00039 001 - Fireheart14

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To Apotheosis (Maddison Atkins)

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To PJ (Maddison Atkins)

Thanks, for everything
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To Acidfingers (Maddison Atkins)

so compelling, I'm on the edge of my seat
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To Modelmotion (Maddison Atkins)

Flat Bread!

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To Rene (Maddison Atkins)

Thanks for the kind words and awesome accent!
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To Coal (Maddison Atkins)

oooooooooo ooooooooooooo friend!
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To Patrick (Maddison Atkins)

A little video from us to you

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Landsteiner - N1ckola


Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

OZGirl Season One DVD

The OZGirl Season One DVD is now available for purchase on the OZGirl website. The DVD includes, deleted scenes, behind the scenes features, bloopers, and two DVD commentaries.

OZGirl was selected to be part of the Independent Television Festival, which takes place in LA; therefore, they are attempting to sell 200 DVD's to finance their trip. The DVDs are AU$ 19.95 and are available here.





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Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Sean Becker Responds to Termination

Sean Becker director of the Guild responds to being fired by Felicia Day.

If you wish to show support and solidarity with Sean Becker, send a tweet to Felicia Day and let her know you want Sean Becker back. Can't stop the Urkel!

The Napsterization of the Pirate Bay

Early today, Global Gaming Factory, a Swedish based company that operates a series of internet cafes and gaming centers, announced that it had acquired the popular bit torrent tracker website, the Pirate Bay, for 60 million krona (7.8 million US). Almost instantly, wise internet bloggers were comparing its purchase and move to legitimacy to Napster’s similar move in 2002. Regrettably, for the Pirate Bay’s new owners, this comparison as-well-as their potential for future profits, holds little promise.

Clearly, the site’s new owners hope to leverage the Pirate Bay’s notoriety and popularity in its efforts to create a profitable distribution system for copyright material, which also compensates the copyright holder. However, their first major hurdle to overcome is contained in the site’s very name. The Pirate Bay is synonymous with so-called illegal file sharing. Changing that perception will require both time and money and is counterproductive to the sites brand recognition, which the new owners are banking on.

Arguably, the Pirate Bay’s greatest asset is its brand recognition or popularity among that most sought after demographic, young people. Unfortunately, the very reason this demographic is desirable, is the same reason leveraging its popularity will be difficult. Advertisers have discovered that younger people have less brand loyalty, they are willing to try new products; therefore, they are more responsive to advertising. While this is great from an advertising perspective, it is disastrous for the Pirate Bay, because it means their core demographic are also the ones most likely to leave. If the website’s users no longer get what they want from the site they will discontinue using it. The site founders even acknowledge as much stating on their blog that they know if the new owners “screw around with the site, nobody will keep using it.”

Lastly, the Pirate Bay is not responsible for the content tracked by the website. A bittorrent tracker works as a directory, listing content that is available and connecting those seeking it with those who have it. The content is not stored on a central server, nor is it created by a single entity. All of the work, from encoding the original media to sharing the files is done voluntarily by thousands of computer users. However, if and when the Pirate Bay shifts to a for profit scheme, when it starts charging money, when it starts making money, individuals will be less inclined to volunteer their time and effort to make a Swedish gaming company more money. Therefore, the Pirate Bay will have to fundamentally alter the way it operates to remain in business.

The Pirate Bay’s founders had little choice but to sell the site. The recent successful lawsuit against them is likely to spawn numerous copycat lawsuits. Furthermore, the site boosts 25 million unique peers, and has simply grown beyond their capacity to manage it. As for Global Gaming, roughly 8 million US, is a relatively small investment given the potential profit. Nevertheless, its prospects for success are slim, just as slim as the potential that this will spell the end of file sharing.

LG15: The Last - Quietus - "2am"


We were wrong... always wrong...

"Ambient Darkness Slaying" By Sean Beson

For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Pirate Bay to Become Merchant Bay?

Early today, the folks over at the Pirate Bay confirmed that they are in the process of selling the site to a Swedish company, Global Gaming Factory X, for approximately 60 million krona (7.8 million US). According to the press release on the Global Gaming Factory’s website, their goal is to “…introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site.” In other words, they are attempting to pull a Napster.

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site, located in Sweden and bills itself as ‘the world’s largest bittorrent tracker.” Unfortunately, when one is engaged in illegal activity, one should not draw so much attention to oneself. The Pirate Bay’s founders recently lost a major lawsuit in which they were found guilty of assisting copyright infringement, sentenced to one year in jail, and ordered to pay fines totaling 30 million krona (3.6 million US). More than likely, this recent lawsuit is the catalyst for the Pirate Bay’s sale.

The Pirate Bay’s blog states that the profits from the sale of the site will go into a foundation that will fuel projects about freedom of speech, freedom of information, and open networks. The blog further states that the original founders will continue to be involved with the site and attempts to reassure users that the site will continue to operate the way they want it to. Despite these assurances, the sites new owners obviously have plans for it that do not include fighting for open access or freedom of information. Clearly, Global Gaming is attempting to capitalize on the popularity and name recognition of the Pirate Bay to create a distribution center similar to iTunes or Hulu. Whether or not they are successful, whether or not individuals continue to use the site, remains to be seen. Oh, just in case anyone happens to need an invite code to Demonoid, let me know.

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