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Saturday, June 16, 2007

sfs = "so freaking skilled"

sfs = "so freaking skilled" came into being when Kelseygirl15 posted "sfs" on comment 436 on the "Going Home video". There was a race for the 436 in this video because Joe already had "First" and wanted to see what happened if he also got "436". However some fans feared that such an action would lead to a rip in the space/time continuum.

436 on LGpedia

OoD: Gemma Lives - acrowleyorder

Special Thanks to:


For their introduction to this video.


In the beginning
There was only Heaven from where G_D ruled
He grew tired of perfection and created nature
A mortal universe sprang forth from nothingness
In time animals evolved from the chaos of nature
From nature and chaos the angels learned of sin
The most beautiful sat at the right hand of G_D
His sin was jealousy of the perfection of G_D
G_D was complete, both male and female
The Archangel Lucifer was incomplete
He took a wife and she was called Lilith
Together they populated the Heavens
A line of immortal angels was born of their union
They embraced the sin of their father
In a time before man, Lucifer rebelled against G_D
His children and their children joined their father
In Heaven there was War without Death
G_D held his crown and created Hades
Lucifer, Lilith, and their children fell
He ruled in Hell rather than serve in Heaven
Lilith and her children entered the pit
G_D walked upon the Earth and planted the seed of man
The first true man was called Adam
Adam was alone until G_D saw that he needed a woman
From Hell G_D summoned the Angel Lilith
He gave her to Adam and together they gave birth
This was the first Ceremony of Love
Their children were strong and mated
The Earth welcomed their mortal children
They were the first Demigods
Adam was still unhappy
His wife and children were stronger than Adam
G_D saw that this was not good and return Lilith to Hell
G_D then created Eve from the life of the Earth
G_D blessed them and their children with great fertility
The children of Adam and Eve mated with each other
They also mated with the children of Adam and Lilith
One pure line of blood maintained through time
A line of humanity which shared the Divine
The true children of Lilith repeated the Ceremony
Today the line remains clean of the blood of Eve
From this line our Leader was born of the Ceremony
In time her Mother died and her father vanished
Long live our leader, the living Venus
Her name is Erica and from Providence she rules
In peace with life she oversees the selection of the purest of blood
That pair will mate
From their blood a new leader will one day rule
Long live Erica and long live the unborn child
The child of the Ceremony
From her cousins a child will be born
The line will continue
A new messiah for a new age


Update from Daniel

Daniel posted an update in the lounge (character forum)

"Hey everyone, I'm here to give you an update. I know I haven't been around much this week... I guess I didn't really feel like talking. I was excited and relieved that we were able to rescue Bree and the disappointment of her mental status was really hard to take. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't talk to me, her best friend, or smile and laugh with me. It really hurt. So I sorta backed off... I thought I was helping. I mean I didn't want to smother her or anything and she was responding to Jonas... so I just let him take care of her.

After she left I blamed him. I didn't lash out like he did in that email. I learned growing up to internalize my pain and just move forward. But it's hard to still be friends when you're holding onto that... and holding it against that person. Wow I sound like Dr. Phil lol. With no one talking we didn't really get anywhere. We spent the week searching the woods. Mostly Jonas went out by himself and Sarah and I looked together. I guess I was right about that power bar trail... too bad it never led us to Bree.

After Bree's video last night we had a team meeting. Jonas even got Taylor on the phone and apologized. We all took the blame for things we've said or done... now the focus is on finding Bree.

We went out with flashlights and searched for a few hours. Pretty difficult in the mountains up here... it's really easy to get lost. So we got up early this morning and looked some more. Now we're back at the cabin looking online at maps of the area... we're all focused on finding Bree before they do. I hope she's alright."

So was Jonas's email just that? A rant? Was there really no hidden message in it? Will they find Bree before HoO?

Stay tuned...

The Ice Princess - A Bedtime Story - Luminous2

Bree perhaps you should consider that the real dragon you are fighting lies within your own heart. The only way to truly be free is to return home, and learn the truth about yourself. Face your demons. The only way to learn the truth is to return to it with the experience you have now, Face it - you mother, lucy. Learn what is real - not just what you imagine to be real.


You've made a wise choice, Bree.

Happy Birthday (5/20 - June)

LG15 Today wishes a happy birthday to:
She celebrates her special day on Tuesday, May 22nd!
Also known and Cassi, celebrates on Saturday, May 26th! She also would like you to know that she graduated on the 13th.
Yes, LG character Jules Anderson is turning fifteen on June 7th!
She celebrates her birthday on Saturday, June 9th!
Her birthday is Saturday, June 16th!
Mark your calendars, Mary's twenty-fourth birthday is Sunday, June 17th!
Get ready, she's turning nineteen on Sunday, June 17th!
Wish Kittycat a happy birthday on Wednesday, June 27th!
Would you like LG15 Today to celebrate your next birthday? Leave a comment and let me know when it is! If you would rather not include the year, that's fine. Also, it is okay if you don't want to include the specific day, just let me know the week!

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Bree wanted to go "home". Transmitting a video call from her cell phone, the exhausted, slurpee'd girl made a plea to her friends.

Bree: (crying) I'm lost. I'm lost! Does any of this look familiar to anybody? (She sniffles.) Someone please come get me. I didn't think I'd last this long out here all by myself. I've had a ton of time to think. I've done nothing but think. I've thought about my mom and my dad and my friends and I can't, I can't take it anymore! I want out. I'm sick of running. I know that you will all say that I'm brainwashed, but... I'm not. I know what I want in my life and I, I want the Hymn of One. I do. I trust my brothers and sisters, and Jonas, Daniel, you won't listen to me anymore. You don't trust me either and I can't trust you. What kind of friendship is that? Just go, go on, move on with your lives, have lives, have fun, be happy, know that I am happy! Forever. I'm almost out of my supply of PowerBars and my cell phone's about to die. So someone, someone from the Hymn of One, come get me.

So Daniel's tracking skills were actually correct, Bree had left a trail of power bars.

So what now? How do you rescue someone who doesn't want to be rescued? What about Jonas's email? Is there more to that than meets the eye? If Nikki B has managed to get into HoO, will Bree blow her cover? Where is this all going?

Today (or maybe tomorrow if you are reading this Stateside!) is the 16th, a year ago a lonely girl made her first vlog on youtube... is something very significant going to be posted today?

Stay tuned....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Going Home

I've been out here for a few days, I'm tired, this is probably my last chance to use my cell phone...I want to go home. - Bree Faction: THE ORDER

londonfiles_003 - impulselg

who am i?

"I have good news: there are no hidden clues in this one. Just little
games, for fun. This vid is…character development I’d say. I’m growing
attached to that guy. He’s got issues, for sure, but who doesn’t?"

Note: if you are having a problem with the clues in the other videos in this series, leave a comment below and answers may come (or so a little bird told us)!!!!!!!!!

Characters on Comments

It was once stated that characters wouldn't post on comments because it would not be in harmony with the drama of the show "Daniel wouldn't post on a comment board where people are discussing Yousef" for example.

However it seems that maybe the creators are listening to the comment board's arguments that they are able to seperate fiction from reality. Today Nikki B posted on the comments board.


nikkibowerreport (send note) Says:
June 15th, 2007 at 1:32 pm

I’ve been on a spiritual retreat these last few weeks, but every day I move one step closer to the goal. Hmmmmmm

(It is true that Nikki posts her videos on youtube rather than revver, however she has almost certainly been made canon, her report lead Bree to Jules.)

Note (from~mm): Nikki B. now posts her videos on Revver (http://one.revver.com/watch/302726) but as in the real world they show up later than they do on YouTube).

My Eternal Song... is a coded video!

The lines are all from popular songs...

The first letters of the song lines go together to make... "HEY ITS ME NIKKI B IM UNDER COVER"

Be safe, Nikki.

Hello, is it me you're looking for?
Lionel Richie, Hello

Every rose has its thorns.
Poison, Every Rose has its thorns.

You, with the sad eyes...
Phil Collins, True Colors
Cyndi Lauper, True Colors

I think we're alone now.
Tommy James & The Shondells (1960's)
Tiffany, I Think We're Alone Now
Girls Aloud, I Think We're Alone Now

The sound of silence!
Simon & Garfunkel, Sound Of Silence
Simon & Garfunkel (In Central Park)

She's like the wind!
Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack), She's Like The Wind (1987)
Lumidee & Tony Sunshine, She's Like The Wind

Music can be such a revelation.
Madonna, Into The Groove
Madonna (in Paris with bagpipes), Into The Groove

Everybody knows a place like Kokomo!
The Beach Boys, Kokomo
The Muppets, Kokomo

Nobody on the road...
Don Henley on MTV, The Boys Of Summer
Don Henley, The Boys Of Summer
Eagles, The Boys Of Summer
Ataris, Boys Of Summer
DJ Sammy, Boys Of Summer

It's just another day in paradise! (three different songs...)
Phil Collins, Another Day In Paradise (1989)
Eagles, Learn To Be Still
Phil Vassar, Just Another Day in Paradise

Keepin' the faith.
Billy Joel, Keeping The Faith 1983
Billy Joel (on The Today Show 2006), Keeping The Faith

Knock me down, it's all in vain!
Pat Benatar (Live), Hit Me With Your Best Shot 1980
Pat Benatar, Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun!
Cindy Lauper, Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1994)
Greg Laswell, Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Camron, Girls Just Want To Have Fun (rap)

Blame it on the stars that did shine at night.
Milli Vanilli, Blame It On The Rain (1989)

I want to freefall into nothing!
Axl Rose & Tom Petty (MTV), Free Falling (1989)
Axl Rose & Tom Petty, Free Falling
Tom Petty, Free Falling

Makes you wonder how the other half live.
INXS, Devil Inside

Under pressure.
Queen, Under Pressure (1982)
Queen & David Bowie (Music Video), Under Pressure
Annie Lennox & David Bowie, Under Pressure
Lennox & Bowie (Freddy Mercury Tribute), Under Pressure
Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby (uses same beat sequence hook)

Now, I gotta cut loose.
Kenny Loggins, Footloose
Kenny Loggins, Footloose (2007)
Movie Footloose (1984) with Kevin Bacon

Don't stop believin'.
Journey (Tokyo '81), Don't Stop Believin'
Journey, Don't Stop Believing
Journey (Glascow '07), Don't Stop Believing

Even in your thoughts.
New Kids On The Block, You Got It (The Right Stuff)

Rhythm is gonna getcha.
Gloria Estefan, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
Men At Work, Down Under (1981)

Out of the sky I close my eyes.
Madonna, Like A Prayer (1989) by Victoria Beckham
Madonna, Like A Prayer (2004) (remix skips Nikki B's line)

Voices carry...
Til Tuesday (MTV), Voices Carry (1985)

Everybody, have fun tonight.
Wang Chung, Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986)

Rebel yell.
Billy Idol, Rebel Yell
Billy Idol, Rebel Yell (2005)
Lukas Rossi (Rockstar Supernova), Rebel Yell
Tony Rand (RockStar Supernova), Rebel Yell

EDIT: I added links to a few versions of the songs these lines come from. These songs ARE eternal! (check out old and new versions)...
I also collected all these videos in a single play list: Nikki Bower's Eternal Song
~ QtheC

My Eternal Song

I've been on a spiritual retreat these last few weeks, but every day I move one step closer to the goal.

Music: The Hymn by Kevin Schlanser

First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails (6/16/06)

So, I finally got a webcam and got it working (ugh, harder than I thought...). Hope you like it :)


What was the first LG15 video you watched? Lets us know in the comments below!!!!!!!!! (Since Joe has not yet been able to eliminate time zones it already 6/16/06 down under)


Background article on the IRIS NETWORK

The following information has been revealed:

B1^CKMATHSK will begin with a math problem that will then lead to the number of the code being used. For example
163x2=326. The sentence would begin with the math problem.

#26..= using the alphanumerical code
#326..= using the command script
#323..= using number code to give a meeting time
#320..= using the warning system
/= changing codes

Alpha/numerical code command script Numbers
a=a=1 Cr0w=I'm on my way !=1
b=d=2 dr0wn=need help @=2
c=k=3 St. Bernard=sending help #=3
d=d=4 b^d63r=I feel strongly about this $=4
e=i=5 m1nk=I can't help you right now 5=%
f=v=6 3y3=I need you to gather information ^=6
g=j=7 w217=we need to wait and watch before we act 7=&
h=h=8 R37URN=come back 8=*
i=e=9 80=go 9=(
j=g=1a 00=:
k=c=2a 0=)

A space is represented by an underscore_ (only in the alpha numerical code)

Example of use of alphanumerical code:
#26.. 9_3a6a4b5_7b6a3b=e lufi yuo= I love you

Example of using the command script

A. dr0wn= I need help
B. Cr0w or m1nk= I'm on my way or I can't help you right now


A. B^63R
B. w217

The pure number code would be used only for meeting times. The code #323= I'm sending you a time to meet.

The symbol / means switching between codes.

Example of a code switch:

4a552b_4a5_a2b/(00))=meet me at 9:00

In B1^CKMATHSK there will also be several warning messages that will be depicted by one or two characters

Symbols for the warning system
;-;= something very bad is about to happen (this symbol will warn everyone you send it to that something horrible is about to happen)

<->= need directions (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you are lost)

<_>= kidnapped (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you've been abducted)
there will be symbols to use along with this one
o+o (this symbol will tell people that you're in a car.)
oo0oo (this symbol will tell people that you're on a train)
^/..^ (this symbol will tell people that you're on a boat)
->-> (this symbol tells people you're on a plane)
Symbols after this are not kidnapped symbols. The symbols above may be used when not kidnapped to relay a message as well
*$*= I have arrived at my destination and await further instruction
%%= I don't know what to do next

All of these codes are interchangeable using the / symbol. I look forward to seeing people implement these codes.

*The code in the vids are not completely accurate so some guessing is involved. This used to be on the website: http://jdolorous.tripod.com/anti/id1.html
It was removed about a week ago to my knowledge.

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Taylor analysed Jonas's email.

Taylor: As many of you know, Jonas sent me an email. This email was also CC'd to Sarah and BCC'd to Daniel. Just between you and I, Jonas, it seems like there's a lot of mixed messages going on here. Teacher Taylor's gonna break it down for you. Mixed message number one: well, "just between you and I" is really mixed message number one so...Mixed message number two: "And Sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now." Very interesting. According to my analysis, what you're really saying is that you, Jonas, want to give my sister, Sarah, freaky pleasure. Freaky, freaky, freaky, freaky, freaky...

Oh dear...

Taylor: Anyone that would take the time to be so condescending as to define a word such as "callous"...I dunno. I'd say callous kinda says it all. "And what's up with her telling everyone Bree was my first time?" It was my first time. What is up with that? And twice you ask "What's your sister's problem?" Here's the thing - there are other people in this world. Lots. And, believe it or not, Jonas, they all have problems. So, yes, Sarah has problems too. She's selfish. She's selfish because...well...she just is. (Whispers) Probably genetic. (Normal volume) She's confused. She's confused because she's at a crossroads in her life. I mean, she just finished high school, and she has her whole life ahead of her. She doesn't know what to do next. She's hurt. Sarah's really hurt by what's going on with our parents. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to figure out that one. I'd like to thank everyone for joining me for this week's session of "De-constructing Jonas." I hope you can all join me next week, when I look into more of the many reasons why so many people ("Like Jonas" pops up on the screen) think that the world only revolves around them and their problems. (Taylor curtsies.)

Why would Jonas send and email to Taylor and include Daniel and Sarah, who live with him? Is there more to this email than meets the eye? (CUSOON?)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

runaway - itscassie

I've made too many mistakes. Goodbye, Bree.

Decoding Jonas?

Could Jonas's bizarre email have been a coded message for someone? (discussion here)

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.



He sent it to Taylor, CC'd it to Sarah (CC = carbon copy, it means he sent it to Sarah as well), and BCC'd it to Daniel (BCC= blind carbon copy, it means he sent it to Daniel, but Taylor and Sarah couldn't see Daniel's email address).

Clue #1
Three canon characters converged in one place at one time to discuss the email. There has not been simultanious online gathering of this many characters since the infamous chat with Bree, Gemma and Jonas last November!

Clue #2
The poor spelling and grammar. LG characters tend to write pretty well, but this email was littered with blantant mistakes. Look at these:
between you and I = between you and me (this is an extremely common mistake and may mean nothing even if this is a code)
...with bree sucks. and sarah... = ...with bree sucks. sarah... (starting a sentence with a conjunction is bad grammar, but another very common mistake)
who's = whose (this one is more blatant. "Who's" is a contraction of 'who is' or 'who has'. "Whose" is the possessive form of who.
wanna = want to (this one is iffy)
calluses = callouses (technically, calluses is a correct spelling, but as he used 'callous' throughout, it seemed out of place)
check you elbows = check your elbows
nutz = nuts
cops = copes with ('cops' does have other meanings aside from police, but none seem to fit. If he meant copes with, he made that one VERY blatant)
herselfff = herself
one = on
would you use please = would you please use (I'm not 100% sure if this one is wrong or not)
sensinavity = sensitivity
pne = one

Clue #3
The "mixed messages" Taylor mentions. Check these out:
-"just between you and I" (also note that the word 'I' in this phrase, his signature, Bree's name when he says 'concentrating on finding Bree', and one sentence in all caps, are the only capital letters in the entire message.)
-"And Sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now."
-definition of 'callous'
-"And what's up with her telling everyone Bree was my first time?"
-Asking "What's your sister's problem?" twice

The first one is the most suspect to me, and was possibly written that way to send up red flags for the intended recipient (though we haven't figured out who that would be yet.) Pair this with the big deal he makes in the last paragraph about it being for her eyes only and all that, it seems a little fishy, no?

Clue #4

The rude, cold, angry tone of the letter.
We've seen Jonas upset. What does he usually do? Not this. He usually talks about some unrelated incident in his past to use as an analogy of sorts, and gets emotional and upset, and may even mock the person he's upset with, but not usually cold and cruel.

Clue #5
Jonas was gone for a very long time surrounding when this email was sent. Apparently he told everyone that he was out chopping a lot of wood for a bonfire. Does this make sense? "Stop doing what you're doing, we all have to focus entirely on finding and saving Bree... after we have a bonfire!"

Clue #6
Okay, maybe it isn't really a clue, but he signed his name simply as 'J'. Tachyon always signed her name as 'T'. Hmm...

Some theories thus far:
ApothosisAZ: (forum)
"Was Jonas testing Daniel to see if he would reveal his receipt of the message? That's about all I can make out of it."
kgurl84: (forum)
"It does seem weird but as far as all the spelling, I don't think it's anything more than him being so emotionally distraught that all spelling goes out the window!! It just may be used as a distraction so that Jonas could slip away and go after Bree on his own..."
chippercat: (forum)
"I used the anagram program again. If you take all the words that were incorrectly
spelled or improper grammer (I excluded calluses and wanna) we have:

and whos you nutz cops herselfff one sensinavity one.

Words that stood out when anagrammed were:

search, woodpile, hunt, fun, tonite, have, you


n s n s f f s n s a y o n

from this there is possibly:

off or nosy or fans or any or say or on

or the remaining N S N S S N S N could be directional (north, south?)

with ffayo remaining… but I have no freaking clue what the hell that could
possibly mean, lol!

However if I were to put callus and wanna back in we could make the word:

awful, swallow , false …

I’m gonna keep looking…

Just saw y’all thought it might be a puzzle… thought I’d put in my two cents.


chippercat (again): (forum)

"I'm thinking a coded message is some sort of test to Sarah and Taylor and he blind copied Daniel, hoping he would catch on and not go to them about it. I'm thinking Jonas and Bree have staged the recent situation and Bree is safe somewhere. Bree may have reasons not to trust Sarah and Taylor... now that Daniel is attached to Sarah he may not be thinking clearly (remember Alex). This may have been Jonas and Brees way to try to test loyalties of some sort. OR maybe this is just turning into some stupid teenage dramafest... I would like to believe there is somethere deeper going on."

QtheC: (comments)

"As I mentioned in a comment on the posting on the LG15 Today blog, callus could be “call us” (if there is some hidden code in Jonas’ email. But all his mistakes could also have been meant to convey his state of mind. "

tealmtl: (comments)

"If there is a code in the email, to whom is it directed? Was Jonas secretly hoping Taylor would post the email in the forums? Why wouldn’t he just come right out and say what he wanted to say to Taylor, Sarah, Daniel or us (in his own chat)? I think the bad writing is just the carelessness resulting from anger."

JustAnotherLonelyGirl: (forum)

"I wonder if it's possible Jonas DIDN'T send that e-mail. Maybe it was a set-up from someone else. Something is definitely fishy and it isn't Bree..."

So, what do you think...
Is it a coded message? For whom was it intended? What does it mean? Did Jonas disappear to hunt down Bree while he was out chopping wood? Was it just a test? Is it just a random theory that isn't true?

By the way... the general feeling is that if we keep seeing things that look like codes but turn out to be nothing, the LG fans will go Bree on the writers. You've been warned...

The HoO is looking out for Sarah...

I can't even explain. Just read it here.

Greek (TV series)

" It is also known that Jessica Rose, popularly known for her role as Bree in the lonelygirl15 internet series, will be a recurring character in this television series. "


Thanks to Kelseygirl15 for pointing out this will air soon.

Could this be why Bree has been in less videos recently. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think......or even better still...... what you know!

Jonas' emo-mail 06/13/07

Is there more than meets the eye? Developing............


Drama on the Taylor forum

You're never going to believe what happened! Just when I thought the drama couldn't get any worse I received an email from Jonas. That's right, Jonas has been broadcasting his feelings via email. Oh, and not his feelings about Bree, but his feelings about Sarah's last video. Apparently it hit a nerve. The weird thing about it is that he cc'd Sarah. It wasn't very nice...what was he thinking?? I wouldn't want to be in that cabin right.

sparkybennett wrote:
I can see where Jonas could be intimidated by Sarah. Maybe he thinks you can help. I don't know... why else would he drag you into this??

From what Sarah told me Jonas is pretty mad. He's not speaking to her and locked himself in his room all morning (probably to send out the email). She's just trying to help... it's weird he's being so sensitive. I think she even said he was out back chopping wood or something. Maybe that's how he let's out his anger?

sparkybennett wrote:
well ...Jonas IS sensitive. He has been hurt alot.
But none of this is very productive.
How is Sarah handling all this? Does she say how Daniel is doing?
I bet you are pretty happy you aren't there , LOL !
Good job helping out with the phone signals by the way!

Thanks Sparky, I do what I can to help. It takes my mind off stuff at home. Anyway, Sarah felt bad for like one second until she read the email. Jonas was so rude...he has no right to talk about her like that.
As for Daniel, he seems ok but he hates being stuck in the middle of them. He's in a pretty tough position... yes! I'm happy I'm not there right now.

iampenguin wrote:
I think Jonas is hurting because every time he gets close to some one, they screw him over or disappear.
Alex, his parents...Bree is just the latest.
Though I think he might be feeling some guilt about making out with her (and probably a few other things...)
Though I hope he doesn't go mad with an axe o_O;;

I can appreciate what you're saying and I'd feel bad if someone I cared about ran out on me too. But why take it out on Sarah?

Danielle wrote:
Boys bearing their souls in an email is so unattractive.
If you are gonna emode, do it on the phone. Not awkward boy emails.

Exactly. I think it's nice that Jonas trusts me enough to share his feelings with me. But why say awful things about MY SISTER and also copy her on the email?? It's just so junior high of him. If he's upset with Sarah then he should walk downstairs and tell her himself.

FeministPsych wrote:
Taylor, any chance he cced Sarah on accident? My guess is probably not, but just giving him the benefit of the doubt. It's unfortunate, because he's just confirming what Sarah was saying about him being too emotional and not rational enough.

Hey guys, wut up? Just wanted to chime in on this subject for a sec. Jonas also bcc'd me. Ya he blind copied me. Not sure what for. I think it's sorta funny that he's sending out these crazy emails AND chopping A LOT of wood. It's like 90 degrees here but we're gonna have a bonfire tonight!! Anyway, I guess that's how Jonas is dealin with things...

Hi Daniel! Nice to see you here . Please protect Sarah from Jonas and his axe.

FeministPsych wrote:
Thanks for the info, Daniel. Good to see you. I guess you guys should just go with it and let Jonas de-stress how he needs to. My guess is he's chopping the wood very angrily? Probably scary ... don't get too close! (Not that he would physically hurt you guys on purpose, just stay out of the way.)

Any more news on the search for Bree?

From what I've heard there are no new leads. I wish I could help. But Jonas wasn't too happy about me the last time I helped so maybe I should just back off for awhile.

He's upset that my lead went nowhere and they spent the whole day in the woods without any success. *Deep Breath* I understand his frustration... I just wish he was a bit nicer about it. Ok I'm thinking about posting the email. Ahhh he'll kill me.

Here's the email. Since Sarah and Daniel have both seen it, it's only fair you do too.

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.



(a few people posted saying that Jonas would be mad and that Taylor did the wrong thing)

But YOU all told me to do it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

You know what? I'm glad I posted it. Now you can all see what I'm talking about. He has no right saying those things.

Danielle wrote:
The beautiful thing about being a teen is doing not what you are told.
Its okay, in the word's of the most awesome song ever... live and let die.

What song is that? An oldie but goodie?

Congrats Taylor!! I never thought you'd have the guts to do something like this. I like this new side of you.

Dejajeva wrote:
I think you guys are being pretty damned insensitive to Jonas right now.
He obviously needed to vent his anger on someone, it happened to be you, and what do you do in return? Post private messages on the forum that he sent you and specifically asked you to keep private.
Pretty untrustworthy, if you ask me.
Which, nobody did.

What you don't know is this: he cc'd me and bcc'd Daniel. He SENT it to ALL OF US.

DANIEL (referring to Taylor posting Jonas's email):
oh no you didn't

nah don't be worried taylor. jonas said some harsh things about you & your sister. he'll understand... i think.

callxmexnevxx wrote:
Personally, I like Sarah a lot more after the new video. Taylor, I think you were the one that stooped to an all-time low by posting that note. Maybe if you actually paid attention to the video, you'd understand that Sarah's going through some tought times after your parents' divorce. To her, they were probably a good example of how love can make you sick. So she decided to cut all ties and stay just out of reach of anyone, really. She may sleep with a lot of people and be loose, but she's not actually having fun and she's not really happy about it. She just can't trust anybody after your parents split. It was a really emotional experience for her, I'm sure.

And you don't think I'm hurting? I'm here all alone with my parents. My dad's dating again and my mom is totally freaked out. You don't think I could've used my big sister here for some support? Believe me, I know she's hurting and that's why I came on here to defend her.

callxmexnevxx wrote:
Taylor, sweetie, I know you're still hurting. But you've got to take the steps you need to to help heal your wounds. Maybe you and Sarah need to have some serious one on one time- without the cameras. You both need to talk over the issues you're facing together. For all you know, she may have some insight or advice you could use. Or vice versa, even.

I agree, thanks. Maybe when they climb down from that mountain (how long are they are going to stay in that cabin??) Sarah and I can have a serious talk.

*HUG* Taylor, I definitely understand that you have to be hurting as much as your sister is. It has to be really tough to be there without Sarah, Jonas, or Daniel, and now on top of it you get this nasty e-mail. We feel for you. Thanks for being on here so we can help you talk it out.

Thanks! I needed that.

Danielle wrote:
When is it time for your song?

uhhhh *speechless*

DANIEL (quotes from Rekidk):
Daniel... You need to confront Jonas about this.

not while he's out there chopping wood

And everyone... You all need to make-up and find Bree. Pronto.


callxmexnevxx wrote:
Tay, get you mountain bike and get a move on! go make sure he doesn't chop you sister up into a million pieces. They are out in the middle of nowhere, after all.

I wish I could! Wait, that's a LONG bike ride from here. I like to exercise but I'm not sure I'm up for that much. Anyway, I'm making a video right now. We'll see what I do after that.

The new video was "Like a Virgin", which was posted later that night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Like A Virgin

Sorry Jonas, but your email was just too much . . . I had to make this video. Taylor Faction: THE RESISTANCE

The Creators say:

June 13th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

Hey my comment board people,

Here is the link to the email that Jonas sent Taylor



Note: This video originally posted with a vivid red icon (see icon on the left for a rough approximation) which was later replaced with the one you see above.

EmoSarah says.....

Taylor start the ball rolling with this:
Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:54 pm

You're never going to believe what happened! Just when I thought the drama couldn't get any worse I received an email from Jonas. That's right, Jonas has been broadcasting his feelings via email. Oh, and not his feelings about Bree, but his feelings about Sarah's last video. Apparently it hit a nerve. The weird thing about it is that he cc'd Sarah. It wasn't very nice...what was he thinking?? I wouldn't want to be in that cabin right.

then Taylor says.......
Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:25 pm

Here's the email. Since Sarah and Daniel have both seen it, it's only fair you do too.

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.


and then.....

marlasinger wrote:
O-Town rules, mindinflight. And by that I mean it's great to visit, which I'm doing in a couple weeks. Also, invading people's privacy? For the sake of posting it on the internet and letting everyone see!? That's what roommates are ALL about.

EmoSarah replied:

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:52 pm

Exactly! What would a reasonable person in the same circumstances do? They would have filmed it!!! Without my camera work no one here would even know about their make out session. I think I did a public service filming it.

As for Jonas, he's pissssssed. Nice email dude. I know he's dealing with a lot -- it was his first time and Bree left without even saying goodbye... but this email thing is pretty childish.


Lurker wrote:

You know for sure that it was his first time? That would be a surprise (and would suck for him very much).

What did his e-mail say, by the way?

and emoSarah replied:

Yes I do. Girls talk and so do boys. These kids are a tight group and no one can keep a secret for long.

Not sure if I should post the darn thing. I don't want to get into anymore trouble than I already am. Maybe I can be convinced...

........and if that was not enough Daniel decides to top it off with:

Hey guys, wut up? Just wanted to chime in on this subject for a sec. Jonas also bcc'd me. Ya he blind copied me. Not sure what for. I think it's sorta funny that he's sending out these crazy emails AND chopping A LOT of wood. It's like 90 degrees here but we're gonna have a bonfire tonight!! Anyway, I guess that's how Jonas is dealin with things...

F.O.B. Life

On todays show we will be having Greg Shewchuk (shoo-chuck) as our guest. He is a director and producer of some fantastic short films as well as a website coodinator and designer for major motion pictures. My favorite of all Greg's undertakings is a non-profit skateboard company called The Land of Plenty. The Land of Plenty gives skateboard decks to under privledged children across the country with a program called the Board Exchange.



londonfiles_002 - impulselg

a hint came in

Some of you may have suspected that their are clues burried in these videos. We asked impulse and here is what they had to say:

"I used some reverse audio and morse code in both videos. My goal is not to start
a new ARG, so I kept the clues rather simple. These clues are just additional
information related to the main story line in the videos. I used them as extra
narrative elements. They are three narrative layers (not including the music):
the images, the texts, the clues. They all give separate elements of the same
story. Also, I wanted to give an Opa feel to the transmissions the character
gets from….who knows?
To figure out what it says, you just need to reverse the audio. The voice is
computer generated though… so listen carefully. It wasn’t necessarily made to
be understood by everyone, but it helps to get all the elements of the story.
For instance, if you don’t get the audio in the first video, you might not
understand right away that the character had a meeting with a local contact. The
audio gives indication about the time and place. In the second video, we learn
the contact was lost but a hint comes in from …who knows? and the story can
move forward. Hence the maps… (maps? what maps?) ;-)"
So, de-coders, its time to get busy!!!!

BWTVF: Day 3 - Greg Goodfried Lonelygirl15 interview

"Greg has some encouraging words for the aspiring content producers out there."


Madeleine McCann Update

We first ran the story of Madeleine McCann when Jules was kidnapped because some European fans were concerned about the unfortunate timing. Here is and update:

"An anonymous letter claiming 4-year-old Madeleine McCann's body is buried under rocks in deserted scrubland was sent to newspaper De Telegraaf and passed on to the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria."


Research: Thanks to Killthesmiley for the link.

Making Sex Fun: "Round Two" or "The Second Coming"

Warning: This article talks about sex in a straightforward way. Although this article is about mechanics, my personal feeling is that sex outside of a loving relationship is pretty unfulfilling.

First and last in a series of articles I am going to write about sex for this blog, and in light of the recent "Everybody Does It" video, I offer you this little piece of insight into the mechanics of sex... to use or ignore in your own lives as you will.

The concept is simple, what I somewhat jokingly refer to as "Round Two" or "The Second Coming." The aim is simply to take the pressure off of male sexual performance (and increase satisfaction for a couple), by understanding a little better how things work and what to expect.

Reactions to this concept vary from "Well duh, of course. You mean someone doesn't know this?" to "Oh my God! Why didn't someone explain this to me years ago!? It might have saved my first marriage."

File this under "things many eventually figure out, but wish they had known sooner."

There are endless comic and serious references in entertainment to a guy who during sex finishes too early, then rolls over and falls asleep, leaving his female partner unsatisfied. She's left frustrated, he feels shame or disregards her entirely. Fighting and misery follows. The common remedies presented generally rely on more petting (to allow the female the time she needs) prior to attempting intercourse, and on males "distracting" themselves by thinking about mundane things like baseball. It is true that consideration and attention to the female ahead of time is a must, and women can improve things greatly by understanding how their own bodies work and sharing that information. It is also true that males can learn self control, but it's pretty difficult, especially for younger and less experienced men.

The transition from long heavy petting sessions to relatively brief intercourse in younger inexperienced couples often leads to conflict and confusion, and hurts a lot of relationships.

So here's one more concept to consider... don't even try to make "Round One" last very long, or don't worry if it is over quickly. In this phase, especially when younger, a man can be compared to a cup filled to the brim - it does not take much to spill. (Sorry if this is too graphic for some, but it's a useful comparison).

So the advice is, have fun, get excited, let "Round one" take it's course, but don't expect too much, and don't plan to stop there. I've known couples that joke about getting "Round One" out of the way as fast as possible, so they can have time and energy for "Round Two" or the "Main Event" and still get a good night's sleep.

After "Round One" ladies, plan on a break. Leave the guy alone. Let him doze if he wants to. Cuddle, or take a nap, or watch TV, or read a book, or have a snack, or work-out, or knit or something for however long (could be 10 or 15 minutes, could be an hour). When you are both ready and awake again, it's time for the main event, "Round Two," or my favorite term for it, "The Second Coming." In this round, the guy is going to have more staying power (the difference may be significant), whether young or old. If all goes well, everyone will have a LOT more fun than in "Round One." Just don't forget to show the female the consideration and attention she is due. Some couples refer to "Round Two" as "Her Turn", and that's a good attitude, but I don't think it accurately describes the experience. It's really better for both than "Round One."

Are additional rounds possible? Of course. But I will leave that as an exercise for the interested and sufficiently energetic readers. ;)

I am curious about people's reactions to this concept... correct or not? ... obvious, or nice to know, or can't wait to test this out, or a revelation? ... offended/Gross! or OMG Thank YOU!!!

Post comments/reactions below, if you wish, but don't expect me to answer more explicit questions... Just know that every couple is different, as are the same couples through time and depending on stress, health, fitness, and many more subtle and changing factors - so be understanding and supportive, whatever happens in bed.

So begins and ends my career as a sex-columnist. I just felt like sharing. ;)

~ QtheC


From PBS.org :

"A wayward petunia leads to the discovery of modest little molecules with enormous medical promise.

What is RNAi and how does it work? In this interactive, we'll show you in two different ways.

Research scientists are hoping that RNAi, already in human clinical trials, will treat a host of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, and Huntington's.

Researcher Greg Hannon of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory answers viewer questions on RNAi and its medical applications."

Find the answers here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/3210/02.html

There more RNA links on: RNA Today

Note: special thanks Luminous2 for providing the link!


Here is an interesting comment that frames some of the sexual issues in the last video in the larger context of our society:

Goosey says:

June 13th, 2007 at 12:30 pm


Hey guys.. I’ve been here since the beginning but this is the first time I’ve gotten the comments to work.

I felt the need to comment on this video for a couple reasons.

1. I represent the smaller portion of the population that believes there are not just one (F.U.N.) but FOUR benefits to sex:

1. Recreation (its a good time. Its sure inspired a lot of music and art.)
2. Pro-creation. (our bodies were designed to make babies.. so why are people so surprised when they have sex and get pregnant?)
3. Emotional bonding (sex is pretty much the most intimate act one can have with another person… except that the recent trend is to make it an impersonal, anonymous act. Which I don’t understand at all.)
4. And the fourth a lot of you won’t understand, so maybe I’ll explain that another day. :^) But its the most exciting part!

I know this video isn’t the Creators pushing the idea of physical intimacy for kicks. They’ve shown too much integrity in the series to be that careless. Even though I’m not a fan of the Sarah character personally, she represents a portion of society that exists and I think the Creators have done a good thing in bringing her about and showing the root of her behavior.

My hope is that they never have Daniel give in - he’s weak, but I honestly don’t think he’s -that- charmed by Sarah.
As for Jonas and Bree… I don’t think they did. Seems highly unlikely and out of character for them both, even with Bree being a little un-Bree. Jonas has every right to experience a little emotional breakdown - thats a totally realistic write-in on the part of the Creators. Despite your annoyance, viewers.. don’t care what you say, you’d be acting the same way.

Alright, before I insult anyone too horribly, I’m off.


Note: Sociobiologists have speculated that all four reasons are connected by a need for humans being to form pair bonds which will last long enough to rasie human offspring. The time taken to raise a human being to the point where it is self sufficient is long compared to other species.

Where do you stand on the sex debate. Did they? Didn't they? Should they? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Is Taylor really your friend? - oeb62

The Hymn of One was sloppy some time back and left their back door open. Some say that they got the better of the little hacker and stole her videos. But, she never posted this video. And if they are such effective hackers, why did they leave their files so easily seen?

Also, how is a girl like Taylor have access to medical records, cell phone triangulation and the like? She doesn't. But if she's acting for the HoO, it makes sense. Perhaps the HoO deicded not to post this video because it wasn't necesarry once they gained the trust of Bree, Daniel and Jonas?

And, how convenient that one Bree leaves, Sarah arrives to keep tabs on the boys?

Note: milowent said...

"a link to the missing taylor video that was never posted -- someone took it and posted it on youtube, its been around over a month but deals with the storyline that was abandoned.

Note: All official Taylor line videos can be found here: http://youtube.com/profile?user=soccerstar4ever. The video above was not posted under the screen name "soccerstar4ever".
Note: sources say that "someone"stumbled" on the list of videos off of the hymn of one web site" and this is when the video was first "discovered". Most of the discussions of the video have been removed from LG15.com

Abandoned story line? Missing videos? Hymn of One web site? Discussions removed? Oh Dear! Can someone tell us what is going on here? Leave a comment below!

Today on LG15

Sarah: Hear that? That's my munching performance video. (Sped up segment of Sarah eating more cereal) I'm just kidding. This is not my munching performance video.
That's next week.

What exactly does Sarah mean by "munching"..

Sarah: This is my... love video. (She bats her eyelashes and rolls her eyes.) Love... love... love... please. Get over it, Jonas. Sometimes sex is... it's just sex. I have sex all the time, lots of different places. Lots of... fun different places. (Cut to Sarah by the kitchen counter. She slams her hand down on it.) Kitchen counter: (brushing off chip crumbs) no chips. Done it and fun. (Cut to Sarah slamming her hand down on a table.) Dining room table: done it, and fun. (Cut to Sarah sitting on top of the washing machine.) This is another fun place. Guess where I am. (She jumps off and smacks the machine with her hand.) Done the fun here too. Umm... and not with anyone else. (She winks. Cut to Sarah standing in the bathroom with the shower running.) Shower: done it, and always fun. (She draws back the shower curtain.) Got it? It's for fun. F... U... N.

Wow! Sarah has been busy, I wonder if her washing machine at home is dented?

Sarah: There's even some random study that says that animals do it for fun. The point is fun, not love. Here's the thing. The minute you attach a bunch of lame love feelings to sex, you really ruin all the fun. Worst case scenario: love leads to marriage, marriage is boring and totally bad for your health. Don't believe me? Ask my mom. Two other things can happen when you fall in love, and both suck. Either get your heart broken, or you can break someone else's heart. See? Both suck. Also, this puppy dog crap? It's not helping us find Bree. I mean, you're just, you're so busy being all hurt that you're not of any use to us out there. We need you to think. We can't let the big, scary Order get Bree. So remember, (cut to Sarah at the table) whales, (washing machine) sheep, (shower) walruses, (table) giraffes, (washing machine) dolphins, it's for fun, Jonas. F... U... N.

You get the feeling Sarah has pretty low self esteem deep down don't you? (This is the first time a character has openly talked about sex on LG15, what I would point out to those fans who say its unsuitable for younger viewers to watch is what part of this vlog series with underage drinking, guns, kidnapping and drug use IS suitable for kids? This has never been a kids show.)

Will Jonas snap out of it? Will Daniel ask Sarah to help with the laundry?

Stay tuned..

KateModern Update

I asked Miles for an update on how pre-production on "KateModern" was progressing. Here is what he told me.

"Things are going well in London. We are progressing with casting and getting very close to selecting the actors."

"Brand meetings have been going well and the sponsors are very cool and open to our creativity. The writing/directing/producing team I'm working with are top-notch and we had our very first production meeting early this week. Everyone at Bebo is supportive and VERY excited. The show is going to be amazing. Stay tuned for more information!"

"On a lighter note, I am finally learning to look the right way when I cross the curb and I'm learning to call my new "apartment" a flat. And, can I just say that the curry here is fantastic!"

Its true, we may drive on the wrong side of the road over here in the UK, but we have the best curry houses!


The latest LG15 video (“Everybody Does It”) seemw to have hit close to another emotional nerve concerning the topic of sex and the audience of the show. Here are two post that capture the different attitudes of fans (and a few interesting story line ideas).

Loungelizard says:

June 13th, 2007 at 2:50 am

"Hello everybody! I do not comment often but I simply could not help myself on this one. In regards to #98 (see below), I would like to point out the obvious and say that it is the sole responsibility of parents to moniter what their kids watch whether it be on television or the internet. It is the responsibility of the creators of a show to move the plot of said show forward. Which is what I believe they were trying to do in this video by addressing the issue of whether or not Jonas and Bree had sex (I’m still not convinced that they did.) I also think that the creators are doing a good job of making Sarah’s character more three-dimensional by subtly yet effectively dealing with the emotional scars left on her by her parent’s divorce. I was not a big fan of her character at first, but she is starting to grow on me. She adds an element of unpredictability that I find appealing. I also wanted to share a theory with you all. I was thinking: What if the deprogramming worked and they got the “normal” Bree back days ago, then they created the rest of these videos to trick the order into thinking that Jonas and Bree had sex thereby breaking the purity bond? And that Bree had run off and was no longer at Jonas’s house? This would be an excellent way for them to buy some time and make Bree trait negative. Anyhow, sorry about the uber long post. I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts on this".

directorintraining says:

June 13th, 2007 at 1:26 am

"terrible video. Lay off the sex talk, I’m pretty sure younger kids are watching, and they don’t need to be taught sooner than later! Also, what’s up with this chick? Why is she even here??? She has NOTHING to do with the storyline, and she’s been of no help whatsoever. If you’re gonna write her in, at least make her role something more interesting and useful than a nymphomaniac who does nothing but throw a negative attitude and almost blow everyone’s cover by not taking it seriously. Great feedback or not, in script terms, this character is just not helping the story. Maybe she could play a more active role in helping to find Bree, if you insist on keeping her. And try to stay away from the love crap, it doesn’t really work unless you add it into an intense video that will balance it out from being too sappy. AND WHERE THE HECK ARE TACHYON AND HER BROTHER?????? And Bree’s mom? What’s up with her? And Alex? Start answering the right questions guys, and keep track of the story. Maybe Bree’s mom will know how to make her trait negative, if it’s even possible?"

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and express your views on these topics.

The Order of Denderah: Our Past, Present and Future- acrowleyorder

Posted by Gemma Crowley

This has been made clear before but maybe it needs to be said again. The Gemma Crowley Universe and Bree’s Universe are not the same. There is certainly an intersecting story line and the LG15 characters appear in the Gemma Crowley Universe but this should be thought of in the same way that it happens in the comic world. Think of when the creators of Superman or Spiderman create a story line outside of the canon universe of their characters. This happens all the time and these storylines do not become part of the actual Superman or Spiderman Universes.

From: "gemm acrowley":

While the Gemma Crowley series has predicted many future developments in the LG15 series and will likely continue to do so this should not be construed to mean that it is canon to Bree’s Universe. It is not. If any aspect of Gemma Crowley were to become canon then the creators of LG15 would make that clear to the fans. A perfect example of the differences is the sexual relationship between Jonas and Bree in the Gemma Crowley series. It is likely that in Jonas’ next video in the Bree Universe will explain to Sarah that they did not have sex. In Gemma Crowley’s Universe Jonas and Bree had sex; that does not mean she is pregnant yet but that was the desired outcome of her actions.

Also another fact is that in the Gemma Crowley Universe, Gemma may not be the same Gemma as in LG15. What we know so far about Gemma Crowley is that she is a descendant of Aleister Crowley. Keep in mind that Gemma and Gemma Crowley may be different people or they may be the same.

The one thing both series have in common is that they are fiction and neither is an ARG. Like any work of fiction; if you enjoy it then watch it and if you don’t then watch something else.

Also the most important fact is that the series are not by the same creators and there has been no direct collaboration between the two groups on either storyline. The creators of Gemma Crowley are fans of LG15 and some of the creators and actors in the LG15 world are fans of Gemma Crowley but that is where the connection ends.

(on behalf of the Creators of Gemma Crowley and acrowleyorder)

londonfiles_001 - impulselg

they said i had to go to london...

The Creators says:

June 13th, 2007 at 1:57 am

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to clarify that “londonfiles_001″ is fanfic and is not the actual KateModern. I approved it to the site because it is cool and someone put a lot of time into it.


Note: This is probably the fastest the Creators have ever "outed" a fan fiction video. The video itself contained the tags "kate" and "modern" leading some to ask if it was a trailer for the upcoming KateModern series which will be shot in the UK.

Note2: The Creators have never specified their criteria for "outing" fan fiction videos. In the case of cassieiswatching they appeared to want to distance themself from the Charles Manson/Sharon Tate murder pictures. They later "outed: itscassies and the Decons (poster) for less clear reasons. This current "outing" appears to be to prevent confusion with Kate modern. Fans have hotly debated the conditions under which it is appropriate to out a fan video because it makes it more difficult for a fan video to attract viewers if it becomes clear they have no chance of becoming canon.
In response Greg said:

The best I can say is that we "out" fanfic when we think it is necessary to avoid confusion that will eventually harm or interfere with the story we are telling. In this case, I didn't want people to think was actually KateModern because that would have created massive confusion - better to nip it in the bud early"

A fan called impulse then says:

June 13th, 2007 at 3:38 am

"Hello comments people!

“It was an interesting video.”

Thanks modelmotion. And thanks Greg for accepting it! londonfiles_001 is indeed pure fanfic. I was in London for a few days and I couldn’t help but see everywhere things that reminded me of the LG15 universe. Yeah, I’m a lonelycrackhead. So I grabbed my digital cam and tried to put something together in honor of the most anticipated Kate Modern. I’ll try to put the londonfiles_002 together if I have time and enough material. By the way, the music is all original stuff I made for the occasion. Thanks for watching."

So we asked impulse about some of the details in the video and here is what we got back:

"here’s what i can tell you.

The first few frames were shot in South Kensington where I was staying.

The audio at the beginning indicates a meeting place with a local contact. This
place is the marina near Tower Bridge that you can see in the background behind
the first “sign”.

The egyptian hieroglyphs were actually shot in the Egyptian Stairs at Harrods. I
know, it’s kind of disappointing, but hey, you wanted to know!

The church is Temple Church. It was built by
the knights Templars in 1185. You
know all about it if you have read The Da Vinci Code. If you haven’t, well,
here’s a spoiler: the tombs of the templars are just effigies. There are no
tombs in the Church!

And I got really lucky when a helicopter flew above the church just when I was
there! LOL"

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Everybody Does It ;)

Jonas, it's not that big of a deal, even if it was your first time. You need to come to grips with your feelings so we can get down to finding Bree. - Sarah Faction: THE RESISTANCE

From LGpedia:

"The "random study" that Sarah mentions could be Jonathan Balcombe's Pleasurable Kingdom, a book that discusses, among other things, how animals derive pleasure from sex."

Note: we believe that the title was originally "Everybody Does It" and then changed to "Everybody Does It ;)" sometime after the release of the video.

The Process of Short Interfering RNA (siRNA)

The basics of the mechanism of siRNA are explained in this video, shown in Parkinson's Disease Revision PPT at the IX Congress of Physiology Students, 2005. Faculty of Medicine, University of Seville.

Research: See article by meeper anonymous.

Liz said...

"These are some great animations explaining transcription and translation.

http://www-class.unl.edu/biochem/gp2/m_biology/animation/gene/gene_a3.html "

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to Be a Star in a YouTube World - WSJ.com

"how do independent video series like "Ask a Ninja" or "LonelyGirl15" draw hundreds of thousands of online viewers for each episode?"

""The most popular are the ones who have really tapped into the social fabric" of the Internet, says Jamie Byrne"


Note: "The "LonelyGirl15" video series, for instance, strives to maintain the illusion that it's a teenager's personal video blog, so it doesn't keep to a regular timetable."

Ya think????? Now ya tell us what u were thinking Miles:)


LG15 International (Part 5) - Gozer1

Part 5 in my series. This ones covers The United Kingdom.

More episodes.

Four-letter words?

Four-letter words on LGpedia

Who knew?

Research: B-man

RNA revision

Welcome to meepers anonymous’s RNA revision tutorial. You better read this article if you want to pass the exam!

Ribozymes and their function:

Ok, first we must all understand DNA→ mRNA→Protein. I originally explained this by saying DNA is a library & genes are recipe books in the library which tell cells how to make proteins. When a cell wants to make a protein, it used a protein called RNA polymerase to make a photocopy of the gene. This photocopy is called mRNA. Unlike DNA, mRNA is single stranded not double. The cell reads the photocopy & makes the protein accordingly. The more photocopies(mRNA), the more protein is made.

But how did life arise? You need mRNA to make protein but you need a protein to make mRNA. In other words, you need instructions to make a photocopying machine but need a photocopying machine to print the instructions. That’s where ribozymes come in.

Other function of RNA :

Not all RNA lies around the cell waiting to be made into protein. Some, like ribozymes have other talents,. Ribozymes are RNA which can also act like proteins. They can catalyse cleavage of mRNA. They don’t just cleave any mRNA, they only cleave those with a complementary sequence. Remember that mostly RNA is single stranded, like one side of a zipper, if it finds another mRNA which is complementary (the other half of the zipper) they bind & the ribozyme cleaves the mRNA. There are 3 types of ribozymes, the one in Bree’s dad book was a hairpin ribozyme. Hairpin ribozymes are not found in humans.

Other RNA can cleave mRNA but not on their own, such as siRNA (short interfering RNA). siRNA are short pieces of RNA which bind to a protein complex called RISC. When together, the siRNA binds to mRNA which is complementary, RISC then cleaves the bound mRNA. Think of siRNA as a stencil and the RISC complex as the scalpel. The siRNA determines which pattern (mRNA) is cut and the RISC does the cutting. Other RNA like shRNA (short hairpin RNA) can do the same as siRNA. shRNA is found in humans.

Now this is where jargon causes confusion. Some say hairpin ribozymes and shRNA are the same thing. I think they are different. One can cleave on its own and is not in humans, the other needs proteins and is found in humans. Did the Creators make a mistake? Or are they just trying to confuse us with scientific jargon?

Ribozymes=fountain of youth:

So why should we give a stuff about ribozymes? Well remember that when expressing a gene & making protein, more mRNA = more protein. Therefore if you want to stop gene expression & protein production, you would target the mRNA. Ribozymes can cut up specific mRNA and stop expression of genes. What kind of mRNA would we target?

  1. Viruses: Viruses are composed of DNA or RNA. To survive, they invade a cell, make more virus particles then infect more cells. If you made ribozymes specific for a virus DNA/RNA, then you could destroy it before it could replicate.
  2. Cancer genes: Because cancer cells are able to grow uncontrollably most cancer mutations are in genes which control cell division. These mutations can cause overproduction proteins which tell the cell to divide. One could design ribozymes which target the RNA of these overproduced proteins and possibly hinder cancer progression.
  3. Age dependent genes: Some genes are repressed after we reach a certain age contributing to the aging process. It is possible to use ribozymes to target these repressors & allow the repressed genes to be expressed again. E.g. At the end of chromosomes are regions called telomeres. Every time a cell divides, a bit of the telomere is lost. As we get older, the telomeres eventually run out, stopping cell division. Telomerase is an enzyme which can make telomeres longer. It is repressed in adults. However we could possibly use ribozymes to stop its repression.

Remember in the HoO questionnaire “Do you think aging is a treatable disease?” all the above demonstrate how ribozymes can help act against age related genetic components! (the last one is a little far fetched). We can produce ribozymes synthetically so the idea of harvesting them from Bree seems unnecessary. However, Bree is producing high levels of a particular ribozyme with no immediate side effects. So perhaps the HoO is interested in how a human can overexpress ribozymes harmlessly.

A cure for Bree?

It has been suggested that Bree’s dad was trying to give her something to lower her ribozyme levels. But what was it? We thought it might be siRNA specific for her overexpressed ribozyme. siRNA sequences can easily be designed & sent to biotech companies to be produced. If this is so, Bree’s dad would have hopefully left the siRNA sequence in his notebook which means B&D could order more from the company.

Alternatively, often genes are not expressed unless the cell is sent a certain signal. It could be that Bree’s body is sending too many signals for ribozyme production. Perhaps Bree’s dad found out a way to counteract this.

Both of these methods are 1. Not permanent & 2. Assume trait negative = lower ribozyme levels. But what if trait negative means not having the mutation at all? How can we remove a mutation found in every cell in the entire body? Well, not really. However, if we “suspend our disbelief” & assume the ribozyme is only produced in the red blood cell (RBC) we could try replacing all her RBCs. Such procedures are seen for patients with blood cancer. RBC’s are constantly produced from stem cells in the bone marrow. Patients undergo chemotherapy to kill these stem cells & then fresh stem cells are transplanted in as a replacement. However this is a risky procedure & not something B &D can pull off, even if Sarah does hold the camera.

For more articles see RNA TODAY www.RNAtoday.blogspot.com

Amanda and Mesh speaking at the Hollywood and Games Summit

immortal1 says:

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:24 pm


June 26-27, 2007

"Looks like a cool program. A co-exec producer from Heroes is also going to be there and they are doing some interesting crossover things online.

The registration price is insane though!"


No, he did not flee the ORDER or the wrath of Amanda. Greg Goodfried, Producer, Lonelygirl15, LLC was in fact attending "NEXT MEDIA, the future of digital content":

http://www.futureofdigitalcontent.com/who.coming.php June 8-10

We also know from F.O.B that Yousef cut his hair for the Oceans 13 premiere, so it seems likely that at least the last episode was shot in advance because his hair was still long in the last video!

Research: Immoral1

Note: one of the locations on Lucy's google map was close to Banff in Canada:

La Crete, Alberta, Canada



In response to the "Morning After" video (on uchoob) callmejuIes24 commented:

Hey jonas! I know we haven't met in person but I'm worried about Bree! I just got back from camp and all these people thought I was kidnapped? I know, crazy huh? Well good luck, sorry I've missed a bunch of your vids.


This appears to be a new account....probably fake.

The original account still looks like this:


Will the real callmejules24 please stand up.

Research by GF

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 D,J&S went hiking....sort of...

Jonas: It’s been, uh, over three days since I last saw Bree. I’m not gonna t-- the way she left, I’m... uh, I’m not gonna talk about that right now. (Cut to a shot of Jonas and Sarah walking through the woods, searching for Bree. Daniel holds the camera, and Jonas narrates over the footage.) So we spent most of Friday and Saturday following a power bar wrapper trail that Daniel was convinced Bree left.

The thought of a half brain washed Bree, pumped up on Power bars and wandering through the forest is slightly disturbing....

Sarah: Hey, what is that?
Jonas: What?Daniel: What?
Sarah: Right up there.
Jonas: Bree!
Daniel: What is it, do you see anything?
Sarah: What is it?
Daniel: What'd you see?
Sarah: What is it?
Jonas: Nothing. It's nothing, prob-- probably a squirrel or something. Let's keep going.
Sarah: Those things are ferocious.

Maybe it was Herman? (I dont trust squirrels - I think they are part of the Order)

(Cut to a shot of a tree stump, then of the rest of the woods. Sarah now holds the camera.)
Jonas: You know, would you please tell him that we were in the same spot like three hours ago?
Daniel: Dude.
Sarah: This is what I see. (She pans over the trees with the camera.) Trees plus sticks equals trees and sticks.
Daniel: I'm telling you right now we were not in this spot before. This is new. All of this? New.
Jonas: You know what? We're wasting time.. That's what I'm talking about.
Daniel: You know what? Calm down.
Sarah: Okay, um, you know what, I need to sit down for a minute.
Jonas: Look, you can't sit down. Come on.
Daniel: You okay?
Sarah: No, but no you don't understand, I'm really, like, I just really need to sit down. (She sits down, hands the camera to Daniel, and takes off her shoe.) I think I have a blister.
Daniel: (scoffs) Of course you have a blister, you're not wearing socks.
Sarah: Do I look like the kind of girl who wears socks? (Cut back to Sarah and Jonas walking.) My foot hurts.

Bad girls don't do socks!

Daniel: Do you want to head back?
Sarah: Ummm...
Jonas: What? Are you ki-- (He walks off.)
Sarah: Where are you going?
Jonas: I'm going to go keep looking for our friend, Bree.
Daniel: Dude, just hang out for a minute! Come on!
Jonas: No, why don't you just go back to the cabin, you can cuddle, you can play with her blister, do whatever the hell you want, I don't really care. You suck!
Daniel: You're not the only one who cares, dude!
Jonas: (as he walks away) Shut up. (Cut back to Jonas in the cabin) Okay, so maybe I overreacted, a little bit. But Daniel thinks he's got this great sense of direction, which he doesn't. I mean, he literally took us around in circles, to the same ridge, three or four times. And I am sorry that Sarah got a blister, I am. But seriously, I mean they were treating our, our search for Bree like it was some day hike, instead of actually looking for her. I mean, she could be out there somewhere. She could just be totally lost, and just out there... (He sighs. The camera cuts to a shot of the woods. Jonas is now alone, holding the camera and narrating.) After we parted ways, I searched and searched, didn't come up with anything, but I came back to the cabin, and it turned out that I got a message from Taylor, and she somehow triangulated the cell phone towers in the area that, uh, we're searching. No clue how she does this stuff, I mean this girl should be working for some spy agency or something. She's amazing. And more amazing is that she picked up a single call that went out early Saturday from a tower that is way inside these woods. So I grabbed a camera, and I headed out. (Jonas stops at a break in the trees and yells into the mountains.) Breeeeeee!!! (Cut to a shot of the sun setting behind a lake and some large trees. On a dock by the water, some people can be seen. Music begins playing in the background.) I, uh, I found this lake, and I went down to the, the edge of it, and for some reason everything just collapsed in my mind, I mean, Bree, my parents, all this stuff with Alex. I'm out there, uh, losing it, and Daniel and Sarah are, well, take a look for yourself, I grabbed his camera and here's the footage.
Daniel: (filming Sarah from behind) Nice view.
Sarah: I'm lost, Mr. Park Ranger.
Daniel: You're twisted!
Sarah: And you like it. (walking toward Daniel) Where you goin', Mr. Park Ranger? (Cut to a shot of Daniel. Sarah now holds the camera.) Mr. Park Ranger is being very naughty.
Daniel: Come on, give it to me.
Sarah: Naughty naughty boy.
Daniel: (He laughs) You know, Mr. Park Ranger needs to go look for Bree, so... (He takes the camera back from her.)
Jonas: Once again, real helpful, just like with the deprogramming. (Cut back to Jonas in the cabin.) Bottom line is, we still have no idea where she is. I'm crazy, right, because I still care, after everything? I just want to talk to her. You know, I don't care what Daniel and Sarah say. I just want her to look me in the eye and tell me that that wasn't real.

Does Bree have a cell phone on her? If not who made the call? How come Taylors so good at finding this stuff out?

Stay tuned...

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