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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miley Cyrus Exorcism : Rated Awesome #3 - indymogul

Miley Cyrus has been possessed by a truly evil force. Unless Reverend Marcus can remove the demon through Exorcism all will be lost. Check out the 3rd installment in the new Barely Political/ Indy Mogul co-venture called "Rated Awesome".

Indy Mogul's newest show "Rated Awesome" brings you hilarious movie and trailer parodies from the creative minds behind Backyard FX and the Key of Awesome! Great filmmaking on a budget. Fun, Cheap, Filmmaking.

Website: http://www.indymogul.com
Submit: http://www.indymogul.com/submit
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/indymogul
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indymogul

'Out of Attraction' by seph(ra) (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for 'Out of Attraction' from the Transparent EP by seph(ra).

Performed by seph(ra)
Video Created by Gregory Austin McConnell

(Physical CD $3 | Digital Download Name Your Own Price)

[9/11] Youtube Sickness - hollishillis

I caught a cold from the interwebz and now I'm delirious.

What is it with geeks and Katy Perry? SRSLY?!

Geek and Gamer Girls Song - Watch more Funny Videos

Today this video came out with Boyd and a few other sexy geeks (along with some nerdy cameos) singing....

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Techcrunch: Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk'd Us

..... and that they were placing bets around the office on how long before we noticed it and posted.

Read the full post:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pound of Flesh: The Trailer

Felicia Day isn't the only web superstar with a movie coming out soon. Taryn Southern stars in Pound of Flesh with Malcom Mcdowell. The movie is a tongue in cheek look at prostitution among college students. The movie is on the film festival circut but I want to see it online or elsewhere like TODAY!

8.13 Episode 3: Dinner For One

FBI agent, Greg Frost, is introduced in the spiderweb along with his fiance, reporter, Sonia Pierce. The young couple attempt to have dinner in their new condo as the clock ticks.


Sonia Pierce... Marisha Ray
Agent Greg Frost... Richard Lara
Erika (VO)... Traycee King


Created by... Traycee King
Producers... Traycee King, Beau Ryan
Director... Mando Franco
Director of Photography... Beau Ryan
Writer... Marisha Ray
Lighting... Beau Ryan
Editors... Traycee King, Joshua Evan Ovenshire
Makeup... Chrissy Lynn
SFX... Ryan Anderson
Music by... Drew Krassowski

Molly Reads the Dictionary - ROCKETBOOM

Molly reads the dictionary. You wanted to see this.

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My Epic Life Episode 1 Part 2

Mandy tries to help Darla get over Vinny.

YouTube Time Machine Trips You Back Into the Past

Following a bare-bones launch earlier this week, YTTM today added features including a Next button, the option to select specific categories....

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[9/10] Things You Shouldn't Do While Vlogging - hollishillis

What other things can you think of that you shouldn't do while vlogging?

Wheezy's thing:

Secret NigaHiga project TEASER

This past summer we've been working on a super special project with Ryan Higa (NigaHiga). We haven't released much information about it until now.
Here's a very rough teaser for the upcoming short movie starring Ryan, and many other popular youtubers and friends!

We wrote it with Ryan, and produced and directed it all without the help of any major company. Just for the fans, just for you!

Written and Produced by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions
Directed by Wong Fu Productions

SUBSCRIBE to Ryan. This whole project came together because of him.




Ryan Higa’s Secret Movie Project Teaser Out From Wong Fu

Casting the project, like many of Wong Fu’s originals, meant tapping a number of YouTube notables as the leads, including Kassem G, SMOSH, and Rawn.

Read the full post:

Starvival Episode 3

This one's the shortest one yet but it's a doozy, check it out!

D3P0 Reboot - Dan 3.0

In which Dan apologizes for falling off the face of the Earth and announces the reboot of Dan 3.0.

The House Between - John Kenneth Muir

"The House Between", teaser clip

In broad terms, The first season concerns escape; the second season is about sanctuary, and the third season revolves around the idea of letting go of the past.

Read the full post:

Vimeo Festival and Awards Release Shortlist, Add Judges

The top 5 finalists will be announced on Sept. 21, with one of them going on to receive a $25,000 grant to create a new original work, to be premiered at the 2011 Vimeo Fest.

Read the full post:

Kanye vs. 50 (Twitty) Cent - jetsetshow

The rivalry between Kanye West and 50 Cent now extends to Twitter. Who wins? We also highlight music services that help you find tunes on the web. Some you know, some you don't. And then there's iTunes Ping. Is it a pass or is it a fail?

50Cent Twitter: http://twitter.com/50cent
Kanye West Twitter: http://twitter.com/kanyewest
Kanye West Blog: http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog
Jay Smooth: http://nildoctrine.com/nil
Arcade Fire - The Wilderness Downtown: http://thewildernessdowntown.com
Jodi.org: http://jodi.org
Blip.fm: http://blip.fm
Twt.fm: http://twt.fm
iTunes Ping: http://www.apple.com/itunes/ping
Shufflr: http://shufflr.fm

"Little Red" by Cathy Davey: http://myspace.com/cathydavey
Directed by Lorcan Finnegan: http://lonelyproductions.com

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taryn Southern talks prostitution on Youtube!

T talks prostitution and sex in the credits for her new movie Pound of Flesh. The results are priceless!

Once again kids, don't try this at home!

First Day: First Day Memories from the Cast & Crew!

What was your first day of high school like? Share YOUR memories with us in the comments below!

Tune into new episodes of First Day at http://FirstDayTheSeries.com every Tuesday and Thursday through September 23rd!

Starring: Tracey Fairaway Elizabeth McLaughlin Jesse Kove

Produced by: Alloy Entertainment

‘You vs. YouTube’, Trivial Pursuit Bets On Web Video

Hasbro is trying to drum up some new players this week as it launches its latest edition of its 30 year-old popular board game Trivial Pursuit —Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It.

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Anyone But Me: Season 3 Workout

Joshua Holland (Archibald), Mitchell S. Adams (Jonathan) and Dan Via (Gabe) get themselves in shape for Season 3.

Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club 17: Tough Cookies

The Secret Millionaires Club learns that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Jesus and Jellyfish - ROCKETBOOM

Molly discusses the appearances of Jesus and Jellyfish.

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The Gathering Storm in Your Living Room

by Mathieas McNaughton

Very soon, web series will have to compete directly with broadcast and cable television.

Read the full post:

Zombie Roadkill - Trailer - FEARnet

In FEARnet's terrifyingly funny new series, a teen and park ranger team up to take on the undead. Around these parts, the undead happen to be 8-inches long & furry. Zombie Roadkill, featuring Thomas Haden Church, premieres on FEARnet.com October 4th. Go to www.FEARnet.com/zombieroadkill for more details.

The Last Stand: A Paved Road to Hell - Ep. 5

Our survivors are looking for an origin to the virus, but what they get is a retelling of their own past. Tenison kills because of the past, Beth lives to forget it and find redemption. Amidst all of their own pain comes that chance to save one soul. St. Teresa's is no longer a safe place. So without any other direction to go, our survivors seek out the place where the infection seems to have originated.

Galaxy Sailor Productions

First Day: Episode 4 - AlloyTV

Starvival Episode 2

In the grand tradition of LG15 our heroine has had some very unique and eye catching video titles. As always kids, don't try this in Hollywood OR at home! ;)

Interview with Mystery Guest 2010 Creator Heather Owings

"HO: Ask the kids or teens what they want because it is never what you think it is going to be. "

Read the full post:

[9/9] 10 Favorite Movies - hollishillis

Top 10 Favorite Movies I can pick up anytime and watch. What are you favorites?
The movies mentioned were:
Orange County
Mean Girls
Bad Santa
Pride and Prejudice
Little Miss Sunshine
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
American Beauty
What A Girl Wants
Mamma Mia!
SLC Punk!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kenyan DJ's Become Entertainment Moguls - ROCKETBOOM

Kenyan DJ Mike Rabar turned his group of DJ's, Homeboyz into an international entertainment group. From animation and television studios to schools for DJ's and radio personalities, Homeboyz addresses the growing demand for production and event engineering in the Kenyan capital. From Nairobi, Ruud Elmendorp reports.

MySpace Adds Social Video Player to User Activity Streams

We’ve long argued that video wants to be social, ......


[9/8] 10 Favorite TV Shows - hollishillis

Yes I realized this is only 9...I mean to put Daria in there. So...Daria.
In no order:
Doctor Who
True Blood
The OC
Arrested Development

Others that didn't make the cut but I still love:

My Epic Life Episode 1 Part 1

After a night of fist pumping with Vinny DiCocco (Mitch McCaffery), Darla Grant (Jade Mason) tries to take the next step in their relationship by making it Facebook official.



Boss of Me tells the story of a new Creative Director that is sent down from “corporate” to manage the newly acquired independent production company Sabi Pictures. What ensues is a systematic restructuring (“Side-Shifting” as the star calls it) by Bret Donovan to the dislike of the employees. But Bret is an idea-man, and he alone believes his ideas are the one thing that can keep morale up and save the company. We’ll see. It stars Bret Donovan as the new Creative Director.

Click here for the :60 BOSS OF ME TV Spot

CREATING THE SERIES: Co-Creating the Boss of Me web series with John T. Woods was a convergence of several factors. First and foremost, we (at Sabi Pictures) were looking for a fun way to connect with fans, and specifically our films and our company and who we are -- with those that watch and enjoy our content. Reach out to fans and learn who they are at the same time as hopefully entertaining them. Thus, the series extends out into Facebook, where the star (Bret Donovan) has a very active Facebook profile. Boss of Me was an attempt at giving something back to our audience with a healthy amount of humor and poking fun at ourselves (and the film business in general). Our hope is to stimulating discussion & interaction. The idea of our having crafted ‘branded content’ was just a bonus not the intention. We certainly do want more attention on the work of Sabi, but practically speaking, we just wanted to create something and not spend a lot making it so that we could offer it for free without having to justify a return.

THE PROCESS: We shot everything on a Canon 7D, and used the prototype for a Cobb-Boom Helmet (which is an audio booming aid that you wear on your head invented by Jamie Cobb) to record sound. We used Pluraleyes to sync sound & Final Cut Pro to do the rest. Of course, these minimal resources isn’t ideal but it well suited our needs for keeping this small and on its feet. Often the shooter was wearing the Cobb-Boom Helmet to get the sound while also getting the picture -- which aside from getting the job done, was a funny sight to see. Much of the dialogue is improvised, and was guided by myself and John T. Woods through several phone calls, text messages with jokes, emails and a rough outline before going in. But it’s all really Bret Donovan. Bret was a find for us like no other, and of course there would be no show without him. His sincerity on and off camera is what keeps me as a co-creator interested in exploring new ideas and avenues while the camera is already rolling. The real investment with this series was our time and energy -- so it was important to keep it a fun (and very fast) working atmosphere. We hope this translated into the series.

Boss of Me is certainly not for everyone -- and it’s not something we were intending on getting on something like HBO for wide release -- but at the very most we hope that fans subscribe & interact and want to see more (and at the very least -- we hope they find it funny. In parts, anyway.) We look forward to your feedback!

Click here for the PILOT & entire BOSS OF ME series:

Kevin K. Shah -- @drmental on Twitter
John T. Woods -- @johntwoods on Twitter

Starvival Episode 1!

This is kind of like something that you'd think iJustine would have come up with. It's about a Canadian girl who is willing to do ANYTHING to make it in Hollywood. The results are self aware and goofy in a creepy sort of way.

Please don't try this at home. ;)

Webishades! Order now! - webishades

Tired of unwieldy laptops? Sick of being tied to a desktop computer?
Want to be able to watch your favorite webseries when you want, where you want? INTRODUCING, THE NEW, THE AMAZING, WEBISHADES!

Find out more at: www.webishades.com

World Full Of Nothing: iknowwhatimdoing - Ep. 1

::::: WARNING: This video contains content that some may find graphic and disturbing. For any one in need of real World help please use the "Crisis Hotline" link in the top right of the blog: http://www.webmd.com/help/crisis-resources

A teenager's suicide, captured in a confessional video blog, kickstarts a copycat epidemic leaving 15 year old Rachael to question the value of her own life. "World Full of Nothing" is the award winning feature debut of director Jesse Pomeroy, presented here in a multi-episode web series.

Hillrose Street, LLC

Man Teen - Ep. 4: Thanks for Lunch

MAN-TEEN get an ultimatum. With guest director by Peter Lazaurs!

Take A Bucket Entertainment, LLC

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ROOMIES! Ep 6.5 Meet Dan

Sally has received shocking news: her asshole ex-boyfriend Dan, whom she always believed cheated on her, has an identical twin named Devin, and he was the one who was sleeping with a skank in their bed! Dan gives his side of the story...

Vampirism Bites 1.8 - Parting Plotz

And now for a serious, mature, adult, professional conversation between two Vampire Hunters and two Master Vampires. It's about the Rise of Dracula, and the Fall of the Vampires. The question is when, the answer is...in dispute.

Vampirism Bites: Season One rolls on!

The Dracula Clock is ticking, and The Dark Lord soon returns!

Film School - S1 Ep3 : The Actor and The Actress

In this HUGE EPISODE, Auditions start for the teams new film, but problems arise and it all comes down to a face-off.

Backyard FX: Build a Pneumatic Dust System : DIY Film Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood makes a realistic-looking blood or dust hit? This week Zack teaches you how to create your own pneumatic dust system! Make sure and check out the test film coming out tomorrow!

Indy Mogul's Original Shorts are funny short films featuring the effects and props from Indy Mogul's Backyard FX. Great filmmaking on a budget. Fun, Cheap, Filmmaking.

Website: http://www.indymogul.com
Submit: http://www.indymogul.com/submit
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/indymogul
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indymogul

A Brief History of Diving - ROCKETBOOM

Molly gives a brief history of diving.

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You Vs. YouTube - mememolly

You vs. Youtube - mememolly

Go to youtube.com/trivialpursuit to play!

I'm obligated to say that I was compensated for making this video.

ARG Workshop for Teens in London

The ARG workshop is on Friday, September 10 and runs from 1:45pm – 3:45pm.

Read the full post:

MTV’s Savage County Goes Transmedia

Savage County Official Trailer from Savage County on Vimeo.

The network has hired Nina Bargiel, who masterminded the Streamy-winning transmedia experience behind Electric Farm’s Valemont, to create

Read the full post:


[6/7] WoW Thesis - hollishillis

In which I talk about my WoW graduate thesis. Which the first half is due tomorrow and I only have 10/40 pages done.
You can follow me here:

The Next Webolution: Federated and Extensible Web Services

APIs provide a way to “federate” web services from a single website to a distributed network of 3rd party sites.

Read more:


Home video trailer for a slithery Sci-Fi thriller


Growth premieres tonight at 730 pm at the egyption theater on Hollywood blvd. Tix are $8 if you wanted to check it out.

The Next 5 Years in Social Media

Matt York, President of IDG’s Strategic Marketing Services explains why now is the time for marketers to conduct social experiments.

Read the full post:

Legend of Neil, Season 3, Ep. 4: Acres And A Zol

Neil deals with tough questions of race, and narrowly avoids an extremely gross run-in with a Lynel.n With special guest Alex Albrecht from Totally Rad Show

Musical guests Jason Charles Miller perform the theme so


Upstairs Girls: Nighttime Beach Girls

Mutt, Sandy and DeeDee went to visit the beach at night with Athena the hitchhiker and had a surreal experience... until something very bad happened.

Probably the best USG video in a very long time!

First Day: Episode 3 - AlloyTV

To win Ryan, Cassie must first with the role of Juliet.

Square One Episode 4 - The Missing Godiva

Alex begins her work day with a grave tragedy: she cannot find her cell phone. Life as she knows it might as well cease to exist. But, as if matters couldn't be worse, Justin feels neglected. Also, a captivating presentation from her associates, Edward and Calvin, awaits her in the conference room.

‘The Super Man’ Launching Online, In Talks With TV

The new season, which they are calling Season 2, premieres online tomorrow online with three new episodes every two weeks.

Read the full post:

Butterfly - Matti McLean

The story is designed around the character of Michael, who works a dead end job with no future, has a girlfriend who cares nothing for him, and a boss who wants nothing more then to kill him herself.

Read the full post:

The Guild: Season 4 - Episode 8 - Busted

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=shareEmbed&vid=f92ff3f2-d335-44a2-8505-db9de5e529e4" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Episode 8 - Busted">Video: Season 4 - Episode 8 - Busted</a>
Vork and Avinashi form a weird partnership: Codex is busted.

::::: See more episodes of The Guild: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Guild

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nano Whale Transplant - ROCKETBOOM

Molly discusses unemployment, whether tap water is vegetarian and the first double hand transplant.

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New Mediacracy: Episode 18: The One About "IndieTV" Versus "Immersive Entertainment"

A passionate debate recently took place in the online video world about whether the short, scripted tv show model can gain an audience, versus interactive content and personality-driven entertainment.






See also: http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com

Transmission Surveillance - phone conversation intercept pt.2 - harddrive13

Watch more Hard Drive 13 at http://harddrive13.com

Part two of a intercepted conversation between an Interplanetary Security Department field agent and his handler. Source unknown.

Hard Drive 13 is a conspiracy theory action adventure cliffhanger serial web series that follows the adventures of Nomad, a hacker and corporate spy as he uncovers the mother of all conspiracies. Joined by Dee, shadowy and gorgeous government agent, and pursued by the rogue black-budget Interplanetary Security Department, Nomad attempts to unravel what's really going on and, while he's at it, save the world from the gravest danger it's ever seen.

Kia Soul Who's Next Competition -- Episode #5: The Top 4's 2nd Videos!

Here are the Top 4 videos YOU voted for. Vote on your favorites to see who makes it to the Top 2! Simply watch the videos then vote by clicking the blue
thumbs up button next to each!


Kavan Smith and Stephen McHattie co-star in the project, about "a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood .....

Read more:

The Attack Of Branded Content: Who Will Control TV On The Web? (TCTV)

And yet, in the budding Web video industry, branded content is bringing in some serious dollars and even some serious talent.


[9/6] Favorites A-Z - hollishillis

Idea taken from eclicknick who it was suggested to by krystlecolorguard.

Capture the Pheon: The Smithsonian’s Latest Alternate Reality Game Debuts September 18

From the makers of Ghosts of a Chance, the Smithsonian’s new game Pheon will debut this month with a live event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, in Washington, DC, on September 18, from 12pm to 6pm.

Read the full post:

Even though Pheon will highlight the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collections, it will be playable around the world.

Nigel & Victoria (S01E01): boyfriend?

Connect with Nigel & Victoria and read more on Facebook http://bit.ly/nigelandvictoria

It's a big day for Nigel. But since it's his first time on a shoot he's completely unaware of 'on set' etiquette.

Nigel and Victoria - An Unromantic Comedy
Nigel and Victoria is a brand new online sitcom about Dutch actress and celebrity Victoria Koblenko and newly promoted marketing executive for Philips, Nigel Williams.

Nigel & Victoria (S1E02): it's my film

Nigel & Victoria (S01E03): subdued

Web Series Nigel and Victoria Successfully Shills Philips Products

"— making the product integration seamless and painfully obvious at the same time."

Read the full post:

Is Crackle Bringing Nudity to Youtube?

Recently Crackle released the erotic horror film Candy Stripers on Youtube, (embed was disabled.)


I'm not going to drop spoilers but if you love horror and schlocky B-Movies, Candy Stripers is actually pretty good and delivers on what it promises.

Having said that there is lots of sexy girls but also lots of nudity. Youtube has always walked that fine line between family friendly and risque while other tube channels like DailyMotion and Metacafe have been far more open in terms of R-Rated material. Candy Stripers is either A. an example of Youtube relaxing it's restrictions on sexual content or B. breaking the rules and faces getting flagged or suspended for doing so. I guess time will tell as to which one it is.

The mix of sex and violence is certainly fun to watch but it hasn't translated into views for this film as of yet on Youtube. (A shade under 1,400 views as of this printing.) However, it does beg the question; how far is too far for Youtube?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cinemassacre's Tribute to TNT's MonsterVision!

James Rolfe is back with a great little documentary paying tribute to the haven for monster and B-Movies, MONSTERVISION! Penn and Teller, Joe Bob Briggs and monsters galore, enjoy!

Vampire Mob – Interview with Joe Wilson

"I had no idea that web series had become whatever it is that they are now, I saw it as a form for storytelling that could be done for a microbudget and distribution existed."

Read the full post:


http://www.welostourgold.com The sixth of eight videos that give clues to buried treasure in New York City. Want more piratey goodness?

[9/5] The River - hollishillis

Hanging out by tha rivvvveerrrr. Seriously stay away from 4 lokos.

You can follow me here:

Twilight Funny or Die Video - liamariejohnson

this is a video I did last summer for Funny or Die. It was for the MTV Movie Awards and Yes, that is James from Twilight

Girl/Girl Scene EP 102 A

Girl/Girl Scene EP 102 A from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

50 Book Spoilers in 4 Minutes - TheFineBros

Become a Facebook Fan! http://www.facebook.com/FineBros

Time for a whole new way to be educated! Novels and books beware, TheFineBros continue their mission to SPOIL THE PLANET this time by ruining the endings of 50 classic novels.

Novels and Books Spoiled In This Video:
All the King's Men, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tom Sawyer , Huck Finn, Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Catch 22, Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, The odyssey, A Tale of 2 Two Cities, Great Expectations, Brave New World, On the Road, A Separate Peace, Fahrenheit 451, The Cat in the Hat, Babysitter's Club #79, The Giving Tree, Are You My Mother?, A Wrinkle in Time, Anne of Green Gables, The Awakening, The Crucible, The Old Man and the Sea, A Raisin in the Sun, Moby Dick, Ethan Frome, And Then There Were None, All Quiet on the Western Front, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Scarlet Letter, Stranger in a Strange Land, War and Peace, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Kia’s “Who’s Next” Talent Competition Enters Final Voting Round

On Monday, Sept. 6, the final round of voting begins in Kia’s “Who’s Next” online talent competition on YouTube, ....

Read the full post:

[9/4] New Job - hollishillis

I got a job. Finally, my college experience is being put to minimum wage use.

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