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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Online Classic TV Offerings Expand

LG15 Today previously reported on the online offerings available on CBS's TV Classics and NBC's Vintage Shows Way Back Wednesdays.

Online Classic TV show offerings are expanding on CBS with Beverly Hills 90210, The Love Boat, and Perry Mason, as well as the addition many more seasons of the previous five shows: Melrose Place, Hawaii Five-O, MacGyver, The Twilight Zone, and the original Star Trek. MacGyver went from just one season to seven seasons available - whooo hoo!

NBC continues to add new episodes of its seven 'Vintage' shows each wednesday.

The A-Team
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Battlestar Galactica
Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century
Miami Vice
Rod Sterling's Night Gallery

See also past LG15 Today articles:
TV Classics Available On CBS
Vintage TV Shows Available on NBC

ED: The links to the three additional classic shows on CBS have since disappeared from the classics pages, but the show's pages are still available on the website - so I added direct links to each in the text above (just click on the show name). Maybe they plan to "release" them later?

theGermexican's new blog!

Hey Lonelycrackah's
Germex here telling you guys that I have my new blog up and running. Some of you might know that I am no longer a permanent host on Lonelycast15, but I might from time to time, guest host. Now, I know that by now this is old news to the listeners, but I wanted to drop in and tell you all about my new blog, the Diary of An Aspiring "Whatever". I might have mentioned this before in the LC15 blog, but I had never really said much outside of that. So now that I have everything up, I really need an audience for my ranting and raving. (Plus movie reviews :) )
So help me out and read my blog entries and leave delicious comments. Aight!?
Also, I am going to be starting my own podcast to accompany the blog in the near future. While not strictly related to LG15, it might be nice to hear my diatribes from time to time. So keep checking for that. Peace!


Friday, April 25, 2008

What Is She Saying? (LG15 Spoof) - JamieNov81

I thought I'd play around with this language thing.

Jonas and Steve Update

Update: Here is the official translation provided by Jonas and Steve:

Michelle Clore: “Once in a generation, the honour of ascension is offered to a chosen few. Those selected from within the Hymn of One must posses the vision and clarity of mind required to cast off dull care and understand the world as it truly is.

Those who hear the call are selected because of their standing in society and influence on the masses. Standing shoulder to shoulder with members of the original twelve is an honour and respnsibility that must be earned. The final test to attain ascension demands the sacrifice of the life of one of several young Americans.

The former friends of a ceremony girl named Bree Avery their mission to destabilise the Order has already cost us more than we are willing to disclose.

The names of the hunted five are Jonas, Daniel, Sarah, Gina and Jennie. They are located in Southern California and can be traced via the videos they insist on uploading to the internet. Provide evidence of the death of one of the five at your hand and ascension will be granted.”

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Source: insideLG15

lonelygirl15 meets KateModern

By simplykimmie13

Soruce insideLG15

The MicFranXon Recap

Written by SheetzJunkie

Mike started the show tonight by talking a little bit about the IRC Prom 2008 which will be held Saturday, May 17, 2008. If you need any information you can find it at http://promnight2008.blogspot.com/ or by entering the #IRCProm room in chat. Random fact: Mike’s cell calls #3 from his pocket often and he doesn't deal well with people who are chemists with their coffee. These people need to make their coffee and go instead of wasting other people's time and mixing, sipping, and repeating. Mike’s new favorite song is: Flobots - Handlebars

3rd Triad News: If you haven't already, check out the 3rd triad http://www.youtube.com/user/3rdtriad . Mike shot 2 videos this past week and the third episode should be edited soon. Something will be happening on the 3rd Triad account will lead us to find the main character (sometime this coming week). Random Fact: Mike loves After Effects. Mike explained tonight at length how he edited a segment for the second video for the series, using AE. This process is part of why these videos take a good amount of time to create proficiently.

Mike told everyone to check out Milowent's Bromance Video (it is hilarious).

Mike talked a little bit about how Charlie and Jonas or Jonas and Steve would be perfect for each other.

A few of Mike's favorite feel good LG episodes were 1) "To Hell With Bree's Dad" when Daniel decided to go to Bree's play and we knew about it before she did. and 2) and "Christmas Surprise" where Daniel comes to Jonas's house to surprise Bree. His favorite episode in regards to style and editing is: The Human Ransom.

Mike mentioned that if you would like to see how websites looked in the past go to www.waybackmachine.org.

Track List

Finger11 - Paralyzer
Flobots - Handlebars
Disturbed - Perfect Insanity
Kid Rock - American Bad Ass
Lenlow - Mercedes Beck
KLF - 3AM Eternal
LLCoolJ - Mama Said Knock You Out
Limpbizkit - Nookie
Limpbizkit - My Way Or The Highway
Live - Pain Lies On The Riverside

You want a piece of me? - MessyNessy89

Nessy responds.


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Simone Sick - AshlandChronicles (TheC : A/A)

Simone is back after an illness

City of Refuge - Brooke

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Entry # 3 - NixMix9 (C.INC)

To T.J. (Note: Not TJ Marsh, a different person named TJ) .... my work of now...

View The Forum Thread

Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia


Romy's super exceptional, out-of-the-ordinary Friday afternoon show IS LIVE NOW!!!!!!!!, and it's still highly important you tune in! Shake your body with Romy and her rockin' dance music at 11am PST, today! Enjoy some of the greatest dance hits from 1980 through 1999! Its going to be Awesome to the rad power and Boss to the max!"

Sofia's Diary Ep 30

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Outta Here - Steve (KM) - Jonas (LG15)

Steve said...

No comment...

Outta Here - Steve (KM) - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

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Becki and Katherine need your help!

ED: Originally posted April 18th, we are bumping this article to the top since there is one day left to register and vote for Becki and Katherine at the links below. To get a screen test for the role, they need to reach the top ten. Please help!

This message was posted as a bulletin on myspace from Becki aka Taylor.

~I've gotten some of your messages about not wanting to vote for one or the other, but the good news is, you can vote for BOTH of us! As long as we're BOTH in the top ten by April 25th, we get screen tests! Thinks of it - Taylor AND Emma together in a movie! :) It can happen!

Go here to vote for my audition:

And here for Katherine's:

Pull for both of us! As of now, we're both in the top ten, and we'd love to keep it that way!

Thanks everyone!

-Becki, BexterK, Bexter, Bex, Becky, Taylor, Lovin' you all! :-D

loretta/jalg said...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jonas and Steve need your help!

Update: A translation has been completed by niyeben:

“The honor of rise is given a few people of every generation. The one who has been chosen from God Himself must leave the world’s trouble and see it (the world) as it should be seen.

People who hear this call have been chosen because of their power to effect the masses. To stay side by side is an honor and responsibility that everyone should have. Many of the young Americans have to be sacrificed. Bree Avery´s old friends have done so much damage to us that we wouldn’t want to explain.

Those 5 people who have to be hunted are Jonas, Daniel, Sara, Gina and Jennie. They’re in Southern California and you can find them by the videos they uploaded. If you kill them, prove it with documents and get your reward.”


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help Can you figure out what Michelle Clore is saying?

Source: insideLG15

Update: Steve posted this message today, Fri April 25, on bebo:

Before I Go...

I want to thank everyone who helped us decipher Michelle Clore's message. Two people in particular provided really useful information - owlpalah and niyeben.

Thank you all - I'll be in touch soon.


Sofias Diary Ep 29

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Bromance - Milowent

Dedicated To Jonas and Steve.

I was in L.A.
and you were london tied.
watched your vids every day
this feeling can't be denied

so i hopped on a plane
nervous and a little sick
but soon as i arrived
you offered me spotted dick

There's gonna be a bro-mance tonight
the hymn of one put out a hit on us
but its gonna be alright

There's gonna be a bro-mance tonight
jonas and steve are meant to be
honey turn out the light


I'd gotten over bree
jennie and the beast too
something bout a british accent
that makes me start to swoon

we knew it had to be
for me there could be no other
so we cooked up the perfect plan
and made up lord carruthers

Oh, there's gonna be a bro-mance tonight
why don't you hop in the tub with me
i'll make you feel alright

There's gonna be a bro-mance tonight
when i'm with steve, i feel free
sweetie turn out the light

this bro-mance, it works
the hymn of one ain't no fun
until we took off our shirts

gonna be a bro-mance tonight
i crossed the pond, so let's get it on
honey turn out the light


Anyone willing to make a real video for this is welcome to take the song.


Discuss at Anchor Cove

Howdy Ya'll - dRNAworld (TheC : A/A)

Just a quick shout out to everyone from Texas.

We got some crappy weather so that ruined my plans to shoot outside... so you get black screen instead.

It mirrors my disappointment with not being able to shoot in the thunderstorm (too much hail and too many tornadoes unfortunately)

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Jenni’s Excellent Adventure

Because my boss is awesome, I recently got some time off work. And I thought, what better way to spend it than by traveling the country and along the way getting to meet some of our wonderful community members? My dear stuffed life-mate Bethany, star of LonelyJew15, joined me on this voyage.

Read the full story on insideLG15

MicFranXon @ 9pm on BreeFM

Hey Peeps,

I'm freakin' thrilled to return to the helm tonight on BreeFM. It just didn't feel right not being able to my show last week.

I'll be talking about:
- IRC Prom stuff
- 3rd Triad stuff
- This
- That
- The Others??

They'll be music, drinks for those who are legal to drink, commentary and fun times tonight at 9pm Pacific on Bree.FM! Jump into the chat tonight!

I'll see you all there,


What Is She Saying? - Jonas (LG15)/ Lauren (KM)

I gave Jonas the DVD of Michelle Clore talking in some other language that Charlie had and now we're more spooked than ever. Do you have any idea what she is saying?

Message from Michelle Clore: What is she saying? Discussion

qthec said...
On YouTube, owlpalah commented:

'It's Turkish. She's talking about some cult, sacrificing young americans and ways of divine rising etc. The part that their names are mentioned is as follows. "these people's actions are subject to serious harm for our cult. they need to be destroyed. it's possible to detect their location via the videos they broadcast on the web, wich is south california. Prove that their death is from your hands and earn the right to rise.." '

What Is She Saying? - Jonas (LG15)/ Lauren (KM) on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Hey guys, Sophie here. Thought I'd summarise what we've got so far with the Michelle Clore message to see if we can get it cracked.
A lot of you seem to think she's speaking Turkish and I think you might be right! Can anyone here translate it for us and write it out in English? If you have Turkish friends or relatives, call them up and ask for their help! We need to know what she's saying as soon as possible - the lives of our friends could be in danger!
Get cracking!
Love Soph

Behind The Scenes - Sheetzjunkie (OOG : C.INC)

An OutOfGame look into the shooting of Jenners, put together by Sheetzjunkie.

Having Fun Shooting . . .

Jonas' plan continues - Mulder724

I'm more sure than ever.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bloodline - The Movie

May is going to be a Wicked Month (-;

Watch the Full Trailer at the url below:


Chemical Wedding Movie Trailer

Warning! Graphic Footage.

Aleister Crowley is Back!



World Premiere at the Apollo Picadilly, London on 4th May!

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

If you have to pick a food not to eat before you go on the air: Panda Express. However, that is what Glenn did!

Mari will be back in the next week or so.

Sarah and Glenn have been playing phone tag.

Random Idea

A team to deal with Glenn's flustrations and anger. A realty show. You get a team deployed that help you deal with things. These are people who can get things done. If we go TLC and discovery it will go one direction: it could be a motivational show to help you reach your goals. Now for Comedy Central/MTV: the team would help you extract revenge or deal with something that is bugging you. For example take the girls ex-boyfriend and set up on charges that will send him to jail (as a joke that will be revealed at the end of the show). We would all learn something at the end. This has not quite been done. It would take a team of skilled con artists.

Silverblue asked about the "Cowboy Radio Drama". Glenn said he would touch base with Mike and if he is ready to go with it, give him the outline.

Glenn said that there is so much going on he needs to hire a CEO of Glenn Co. (or should it be GlennCorp) to take Glenn's ideas and just make them happen with a crack team. Glenn has some things going on that he cannot talk about because of an NDA.

Glenn asked if anyone had a "pitch challenge". For example "we need to pitch xyz for an online show to be underwritten by....." Glenn has been doing pitches lately and he has had to come up with things that could integrate with RedEarth88 and other stuff. He enjoys coming up with things for fun and wanted people to throw out a challenge for him. For example with the new 90210 there will be a character that posts on YouTube and hence there will be cross media synergy. How do you turn ideas into gold?

When Glenn came back from an extended music break the tone of the show had changed significantly. Glenn talked about dealing with news about a friend he received during the music break the he was trying to deal with.

"The show must go on", so Glenn decided to focus the rest of the show on music.

Glenn talked about the Bette Midler song "Wind Between My Wings".

Glenn said it is a terrible song. If a friend tells you that you are the "Wind Between My Wings" it is not exactly a complement. It is like a backhanded insult. Glenn then played the song in segents with a runnning commentary.

"Wind Beneath My Wings"


It starts out uplifting. Clearly Bette Midler has soul.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face

It is like saying, I know its hard their in my shadow and you never have the sunlight on you.

You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind.

So, further you are content to let me shine? What kind of "bs" is that? It must have been so hard to not be as awesome as I am but yet you take it. If you play this at a funeral it is like an "f u" to the dead.

So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength.

It sounds like you were doing ok, but I am the one with all the glory.

A beautiful face without a name for so long.

You are the beautiful chick that guys like to hook up with but they don't even bother to get your name.

A beautiful smile to hide the pain

How presumptious was that?

It is like telling this sob story about Bette Midlers best friend who probably had real problems......perhaps she is an alcoholic?....she has a beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and everything I would like to be?

That is just passive agressive mockery. I know you are drinking yourself to an early grave as you find a way to fight back the constant pain you are in and smile

I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

This is what you say to someone in lieu of giving them a raise at work. It is some condescending "bs".

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I've got it all here in my heart.

Say that next time you get confronted by a girlfriend/boyfriend. See if you don't get stabbed. That is not something you say to your best friend. Glenn thanks people all the time. How would it be if he said it like this?

I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.

I know the truth. It does not mean i am going to tell anyone else. To the rest of the world I am still the one with all the glory.

I would be nothing without you.

That is what she is trying to turn the truth into.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

And again, she mocks her with the chorus.

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?
You're everything, everything I wish I could be.
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

She keeps repeating her cruel taunts.

Oh, the wind beneath my wings.
You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings.
Fly, fly, fly away. You let me fly so high.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.

This is the most mocking part. Those drugs keep you high as a kite.

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.

Glenn gave a detailed commentary on the lyrics of the song. A guy would not put this much thought into a passive agressive song.

The show wrapped up early because of the news Glenn received during the show.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:10:16 Something Corporate - Konstantine
01:05:45 Semisonic - Singing in my Sleep
00:59:38 The Juliana Theory - Is Patience Still Waiting
00:55:04 Jimmy Eat World - If You Don't, Don't
00:53:11 Ground Round - Donut Hut Girl
00:45:10 Dashboard Confessional - The Swiss Army Romance
00:41:15 Dar Williams - The Babysitter's Here
00:37:19 Crowded House - Don`t Dream It`s Over
00:12:22 ALL - Million Bucks
00:04:38 Loveline - Holocaust
00:01:50 The Stereo - Tell Your Football Dad No
23:57:13 Lostprophets - Last Train Home
23:54:18 22 Jacks - So Sorry
23:50:39 Letters to Cleo - Here & Now
23:45:49 LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
23:22:38 Angels And Airwaves - The Adventure
23:19:47 Plus 44 - Baby, Come On
23:16:55 Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me
23:13:46 Boys Like Girls - Heels Over Head
23:10:09 Mc Lars - Mc Lars-Signing Emo Current Song
23:07:13 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)

Granny Get Your Gun

"Alfinez is facing weapons charges since the video also shows him (and two pals) firing a gun from a moving vehicle."




See more pixs @ insideLG15

Eye on Meryl Edwards

Meryl Iona Edwards is a production runner for the webseries KateModern. This means she literally "runs around" getting props, refreshments, and camera equipment for the crew to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Additionally, she recently began doing animation for the series, starting with the video The Drugs Do Work. Before getting involved with KateModern in late 2007 through an online job advertisment, Meryl had worked as a custodian of Beaumaris Castle in Wales, an Emporio Armani sales assistant, a Beautician, and a waitress.

Born in York, England, Meryl graduated from Huntington Sixth Form in 2003, where she earned her A-levels in Economy, Psychology, Media Studies, and General Studies. Then, in 2007, she finished graduate school at St. Andrews in Scotland with a degree in Philosophy.

Meryl's interests include filmmaking and film watching; her favorite movies include Gladiator, Scarface, Casablanca, and Lady and the Tramp. She also enjoys make-up artistry, life drawing, painting, sewing, swimming, shopping, and a number of different sports. She likes to listen to The Days, Kayne West, Shakira, and Radiohead and to watch 'Desperate Housewives," "The Simpsons," and "Queer as Folk" on television.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Meryl Edwards (Production Runner, KateModern) worked all afternoon to set up the party for Jonas.

On This Day In YouTube History - April 23, 2005

I just realized in putting together a blogpost on my own blog today that the first video ever uploaded to YouTube is three years old today.

Behold "Me At The Zoo" (April 23, 2005):

Of course, without YouTube, I doubt Lonelygirl15 would have ever happened. At least not in the form it has taken, and not with the success it has had.

YouTube on LGPedia
History of YouTube on Wikipedia

Truth and Trust (lunasapphire blog:A&A)

"OperationOssifrage...my initial reaction was one of annoyance. I like things to be clear, not veiled in riddles. Then I heard they were murderers, and I believed. But have they done anything to me? Have I seen anything with my own eyes? Do I trust accounts from people I have never met...words on a screen? Do I go with my gut reaction--to keep these people as far away from Luna as possible?

I don't know.

And then...I was approached by someone who wishes to remain nameless..."

Read the full entry: here.

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Sofias Diary Ep 28

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Annie Isn't Okay... - lonelyjewfifteen

Came home...Door was wide open...Anne gone...Camera left behind...Kitty is going to be soooo pissed. --Princess

Raise The Roof - Lauren (KM) - Jonas (LG15)

Lauren said...

Greatest party ever! Charlie almost pulled! I couldn't believe it!

This is the fifth time we've seen Jonas in a bathtub.

Raise The Roof - Lauren (KM) - Jonas (LG15)
on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Who were the unknown guests at the party. Can you help LGPedia out and identify the "unknowns"?

The London Affair

"One city. One cafe. One moment. Can we control fate? Or does it control us?"

So this is the home page of The London Affair. It's about a group of people who are all connected through the Kismet Kafe.


Alchemical Jumble - impulseLG (TC:WF)

Where are you?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greetings from California - MessyNessy89

Johnny sent me this video with some urgent news. What the F#*@ am I gonna do now?!?!??

- Nessy

Sofias Diary Ep 27

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Catch up with KateModern!

Are you a lonelygirl15 fan looking for a way to rapidly catch up with the KateModern story in order to more fully appreciate the LG15/KM cross-over? The best way is to visit KateModern and start at the beginning, but if you want to take the rapid route, this is for you.


Hunting The Elder - Steve (KM) - Jonas (LG15)

Steve said...

It didn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse...This won't stop us finding Carruthers

amanda said...
Haha that does look like me! But it's not. I don't own a purse like that. :) Sorry guys no Lucy for you.

55 Old Broad Street, London EC2.

View Larger Map
Broad Street House, 55 Old Broad St, London EC2M, UK

Hunting The Elder - Steve (KM) - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

milowent said...
The newspaper we saw on the tube was from april 8.

the "metro" is a free paper, but the front page article about diana is referenced here:


A Taste of Things to Come? - hopefulsemblance (C.INC)


Thank you for shedding some light on my questions. I appreciate it.


There are two sides to every story... in this instance... maybe even three.

View The Forum Thread

Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fight The Order: Contest Winners!


Your mission was to create materials for an anti-Order propaganda campaign to be used at some point during the series to raise awareness of this evil organization. The LG15 community responded to this mission and here are the winners:

Group 1: Those living in Southern California
Look for both 4c697a7a79 and voyboy in upcoming lonelygirl15 videos.

By 4c697a7a79

Anti-Order PSA (By voyboy)

Group 2: Those living outside of Southern California

The following winners will receive a package of lonelygirl15 gear. The grand prize winner, Evergreen, whose poster and video submissions were both chosen as winners, will appear in an upcoming lonelygirl15 video.

By Mikey_Vengeance
By Evergreen
By Kericanfly
By kimmycat

Fight the Order! (By Evergreen)
Fight the Order (By EmiB)
Fight the Order (By thatfreakinrandy)
Lies that End Lives: Fight the Order (By chivalrous)
Fight the Order (By lonelyfairyprincess)

Fashion Magazines - AshlandChronicles (TheC : A/A)

What's wrong with fashion magazine?

Kevin MacLeod - Enter The Party

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A Manhattan Project?

During a keynote presentation at the RSA Conference on April 8 2008, Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security said that the USA is working on the cyber equivalent of a Manhattan Project.


"The human and economic sacrifices from a cyber-attack can be devastating ... on par with what this country experienced on September 11," Chertoff said, calling on the private sector and computer security professionals to partner with the federal government on creating a valuable early warning system for major network attacks.

In the days since the conference we have received reports from an anonymous informant that technicians for Creature, Inc have been observed moving certain "black box technology" into many "Internet exchange points" around the USA.

What will this mean for you? Stay tuned......

The Reason - bluepeep39 (RP07)

It's about time you knew what exactly you are up against...Don't say I didn't warn you!

DJ Hamster is Live in 10 min!!!!!!

Hey everybody, I am going live in 10, so come join us!. Come and hear all those amazing 80's movie theme songs from your past! You know you want to. SO HURRY!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends - Lunasapphire (TC: A&A)

Luna's been a little headachey lately, but when I told her that some of you were asking about her, she wanted to talk to you. I made her keep it short, though.

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The Art Of Dreaming - vertumnalia (TC: WoW)

'Dreams for their time are real.
What more can be said of life?'
~Kahlil Gibran

Music by Roger Waters

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The Arrival - JessicaMorning (C.INC)

I should have posted this last night, but with all that went on...

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop. ~Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

Sofia's Diary Ep 26

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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lonelygirl15 and KATEMODERN
After 150 Million Views, Sister Shows Converge While Maintaining Stand Alone Stories

Premiering April 21 through May 7
London, ENG and Los Angeles, CA (April 21, 2008) --- In another internet first, characters from the top rated online series’ lonelygirl15 and KateModern will guest star in the other’s shows including shared programming for two weeks.  New episodes of the combined show will post from April 21 to May 1, 2008 at www.LG15.com and KateModern.bebo.com.  Fan favorites Jackson Davis (lonelygirl15’s Jonas) and Giles Alderson (KateModern’s Steve) will meet in London and return to Los Angeles as they join forces to uncover the evil organization, the “Order.”  The two top dramas, a new form of internet entertainment dubbed “snack tv” for delivering content in tasty little bites, are both created and produced by EQAL (formerly LG15 Studios) online programming pioneers Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried.  The UK show is produced in conjunction with Bebo, the social media network which AOL has just announced it has acquired.
“We love these opportunities to experiment and we are excited to bring two fantastic shows together,” said Creators and Executive Producers Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried.  “The viewers asked for the characters to meet and we weaved their comments into the storyline.  It is one of the rewarding elements of being at the forefront of the form, we can try new things and respond directly to the feedback of our viewers on the forums and show pages.” 
Amanda Goodfried, Series Producer of lonelygirl15 says, “Since the launch of KateModern, it has been our goal to introduce lonelygirl15 to the KateModern fans, and KateModern characters to the lonelygirl15 community. It's been an exciting challenge to work with the KateModern writing and production team to develop one overall LG15 themed storyline.”
KateModern Head Writer Luke Hyams said, “The script crossover gives KateModern the opportunity to solidify its place in the wider community of fans as well as giving our existing audience another exciting story arc to follow.”
Both shows are nominated in the best drama series category at the upcoming Webby Awards.  Fans can go to http://www.webbyawards.com to register and vote.
Bebo recently became the world’s only global Social Media Network.  This radical new vision for online media combines community, self-expression and entertainment to enable its users to consume, create, discover and share content through the Bebo website.  Unlike its competitors, Bebo offers access to a line-up of high quality programs and entertainment from professional broadcasters, independent producers and other rights owners and gives users a simple set of tools to create their online media collection and communicate their tastes to everyone in their network.  Founded in 2005 as an online community, Bebo has a membership of more than 40 million individuals worldwide and is geared towards an audience aged under 30, with the core of 16-24 year olds spending 2.14 billion minutes on the site per month. 
EQAL, the social entertainment company formerly known as LG15 Studios/Telegraph Ave. Productions, is a leader in the development and production of truly interactive shows.  The company produces lonelygirl15 and KateModern, the two most viewed and longest running online interactive dramas which have over 150 million combined views.  EQAL's Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried have also been innovators in monetizing online programming with product and brand integration. 
Through partnerships with independent producers, traditional media companies, and multi-national brands, EQAL is launching new interactive shows and building online communities that engage users like never before.
Jackson Davis (Jonas, lonelygirl15) has been a featured player on the top online series since its inception in the summer of 2006.  After serving in the United States Navy, Jackson moved to Los Angeles and joined Playhouse West. He has appeared in several Independent feature films and over 15 short films and has just wrapped on the short "Latter Day Fake."   He is currently shooting the Independent feature titled "You Only..Better" in between scenes from lonelygirl15.
Born in Harrogate, Giles Alderson (Steve, KateModern) trained at Drama Studio in London and is a veteran of the screen and stage, most recently seen in “I Want Candy” with Mackenzie Crook and Carmen Electra.  He is a member of The Soho Theatre and The Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers program which has read and performed his works.  Last season, Giles was the top goal scorer for the Arsenal Ex Pros and Celebrities football team.

Eye on Yusuf Pirhasan

Yusuf Pirhasan is an editor and director for the webseries KateModern. He also had cameo roles as Steve's friend and fellow Hymn of One member in the video Hymn of One and as a Delivery Man in Credible?.

Before working with KateModern, Yusuf worked for Couch Potato Productions, where his official job title was "Cushion of the Couch." With that company, he did the AV lighting for a 2004 production of "Biloxi Blues" at the Jerwood Vanburgh Theatre in London.

Yusuf Pirhasan on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Video blogging by the Thames: Jackson Davis (Jonas, lonelygirl15),Giles Alderson (Steve, KateModern), Yusuf Pirhasan (Director, KateModern).

Source: insideLG15

From the set: lonelygirl15 meets KateModern

April 21st, 2008

LA TO LDN marks the first video of the two week lonelygirl15-KateModern Crossover.

We are so excited for our two shows to finally meet and work together to Fight the Order...

See more at http://inside.lg15.com/2008/04/21/from-the-set-lonelygirl15-meets-katemodern/

You Reached A Decision - MsMisteeq (C.INC)

WARNING : This video contains graphic scenes of violence and gore. Viewer discretion is advised.

You all allowed this to happen.

Cloud Ax posted the following video as a response to this one ..


Jenners is dead. We lost a dear friend.

James Creature you will pay.

View The Forum Thread

Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

On This Day in LG15 History ... April 20, 2007

One year ago, yesterday, Bree posted the video Sloppy Drunk, which further confirmed the recent development from New Girl that Jules was canon to the lonelygirl15 story.

Bree also linked us to Jule's myspace, which included Katharine McPhee in her Top 8.

as it appears in the video

This is also one of the last straight only-vlogging videos done by Bree, the last of which came a few days later with A Solid Lead.

At this point in the series, videos were posted on lg15.com (via revver as the video host) before they appeared on youtube. It actually took this video nine days to appear on youtube, which was as about as long as the gap ever got.

Within 3 days of its release to youtube, the video had received over 300,000 views, making it the most successful video of the prior six weeks. It is currently the 55th-most viewed video on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel, with 497,932 views.

Sloppy Drunk on LGPedia

Official forum discussion thread

Anchor Cove archive discussion thread

LA To LDN - Steve (KM) & - Jonas (LG15)

Steve said...

Jonas let me post this video of his arrival in London. I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to scare him away. Luckily he was already rolling when I got there!


I made it to London and hooked up with Steve. Next stop: Lord Carruthers.

LA To LDN - Steve (KM) & - Jonas (LG15) on YOUTUBE

NOTE: since the YouTube video carried the Bebo logo we left that as the source video even though the videos is posted on both Bebo and YouTube.

Divine Spark - Crsjt

Roses + CassieIsWatching + TripHop = Awesome!

Me + a bottle of rum + writing and recording(in maybe 2 hours) + "Borrowing" other people's vids(ily Cassie)= This
PS This is just a rough version, will be adding to and tweaking it

Christopher crsjt christoph divine spark trip hop rum bored ciw cassie lg15

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Is This All About? - AshlandChronicles (The C : A/A)

What Is This All About?

City of Refuge - Brooke

Kevin MacLeod - Atlantean_Twilight256
Kevin MacLeod - Heartbreaking

What is this all about,
There's what I want and then there's you.
Do I have a choice?
And does it really matter what I do?

Tell me this. You tell me that.
Pushed in forms which make me acceptable,
And what do I get ,if I obey?
Is that all you have to bring to the table?

Must I be the best there is. At all I do?
What if I told you, that I don't care,
If I walked away from it all,
Would you even notice, if I wasn't there?

Should I study hard and be the best,
Push and shove to make the cut,
What do I get, what do I give,
What's your promise? Tell me, what?

Take my place in the corporate tower,
Take my place and the wheel,
Working late. Hour upon Hour,
Pushing on until I can't hurt. I can not feel.

To become a corporate cog,
To stab a friend to take their place.
Spinning 'round till sprockets worn,
I'm obsolete and get replaced.

Or domestic bliss, start a nuclear family,
Take husband and be a wife,
Have some kids that don't understand,
Or appreciate, is that my life,

Do I have a choice?
Do I have too many options or none at all,
Even I don't hear my voice
Seasons come and people fall,

It's been said too many times before,
The thing about two paths in the wood,
Both diverge and I wonder,
Should I do what I want, or what I should?

Sometimes I'm lost. Which way to go,
Is it my choice? Is it my life? I don't know.

Please Help! - sheetzjunkie (C.INC)

I'm pleading with everyone from the community. Please think about what you are doing.


2 hours left.

Poknish also made a video expressing his thoughts on the Jenners situation.

What can be changed and what can't be.

Missing Carleton U student's body found in river


"A body found washed ashore in the Rideau River Sunday morning is that of Nadia Kajouji, the Carleton University student who went missing March 9, Kajouji's family says.

Kajouji’s father Mohamad confirmed it was his daughter during a phone interview while police officers were still in his Brampton home to deliver the news"


Our sympathy goes out to Nadia's parents, her friends and especially community member Danielle Taylor who was a friend of Nadia's. Dani would like to express her thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped in the effort to look for Nadia.



danielle said...
Thanks again everyone. At least we now have some closure and can start to move on. Nadia's story is all to relatable to today's overwhelmed university student. If you find yourself in a difficult position with no one to talk to please call 1-800-SUICIDE / 1-800-784-2433. Learn from Nadia, people do love and care for you.

Rest in peace Nadia,

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