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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whispering Secrets - WaldenGhosts (RevRed)

We're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Gap Year - Week 19 Highlights

the resistance FANCAP EPISDODE TWO - michiev

Chapter Three, TRUST FALL
clips are owned by EQAL

It Has Begun - CommandAgent (9A7V3E)

What's wrong with these hacked accounts? Well, like 9 said,

"When In Doubt, 'figure it out'."

"Time II" by Djpplanet


The wheels are in motion. We have reached the point of no return.


Artist: Push Play
Album: "Deserted"

Kellylen comments on YouTube:
lg15:tr is totally my new favorite show.

DIGG IT!!! Spread the word!!!!

Puffy Little Clouds - 3rdTriad

Just a little bit, even the size of a mustard seed, can go a long way. Sometimes that seed needs to be watered.

You're doing well, Nemarous. I am pleased.


Sorority Forever: Episode 20 "Wanna Dance"

While getting ready for the Founder's Ball, Julie overhears a secret conversation.
Sorority Forever: Episode 20 "Wanna Dance"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Re: HLPME - Run Reed! - PurpleGloves

I was going to record one of my 'everyday' videos...then I got a email update.

MaxterBexter: In Love

..with puppies!!!

Music - "Bang a Drum" by Selena Gomez

FIRST!!!!!!! Week 3 Recap Done Riki-Style - OrangeKeekat

A recap of week3 for the online series LG15. News from the show, comment boards, and the Breeniverse.

I know my Spanish is terrible! Forgive me!!


Hi YouTube - Elliot (connectedseries)

First Video

Moving Around (and around and around and around)

Blog From Reed

10.3.2008 10:14

I'm moving around between friends' houses and apartments for the time being. At least I'm catching up with some buddies.

Though the times, they ain't all that fun right now. The van is still tracking me. It's not as noticeable anymore -- probably because they know that I know that they're there. Which is too much knowing to feel safe.

I'm still trying to contact Jonas and Sarah. Not sure about Hymn of None, but if I can meet up with Jonas, hopefully he can help me out. He's been here before and I haven't.

I haven't been this scared since my first time at the Dentist.

And that was really freakin' scary.

Done Dirt Cheap - jonastko (LG15: The Resistance)

We got the book. -- Jonas


Artist: Push Play
Track: "Far From Beautiful"

Emily' Vlog - Texitquette - hookingup

Emily's ABCs on texting etiquette.




Were you a fan of CiW who ventured onto Second Life and struggled to get to the church in Kane to see CodesIntoSerapis, only to discover that Kane was full? Or are you one of the few who stayed on in Second Life (after Cassie deserted us) and developed a serious drinking problem? Then join us for a night of fun, drinking, lag, cow-dancing, projectile vomiting, and Cassie talk on Second Life!

Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008.
Time: 10pm, Central Standard (Daylight Savings) Time.
Place: Second Life, Kane (156, 46, 24), Gothinger Forest Christian Church

(If you can't remember how to get there, click the Search button
and enter my SL name, “ahcapella Caldwell,” and IM me.)

And in the meantime…STAY CASSIE!

(from ahcapella)

Cassieiswatching on LGPedia

Sorority Forever: Episode 19 "Lip Sync Contest"

The pledges compete in the lip sync contest but Madison takes it a little too far.
Sorority Forever: Episode 19 "Lip Sync Contest"

Note: we are still trying to get a handle on the "autoplay issue" created by MySpace embeds. If you are having an autoplay issue click on the AUTOPLAY ISSUE link at the top of the blogspot and join the discussion.

Sam King - Try Music Video

Reed's intro at twenty percent speed. - ApotheosisAZ

I was surprised that no one else had checked the individual images in Reed's intro, so I slowed it down to 20 percent of it's normal speed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Twist - Fallen Angel

Help Me Out - DJPplanet

The Sudden-Season 2-Episode 2
"What can I do now? Zø8øZ is following me."-Seth Matthews

Meg's Vlog - Body Count (Hooking Up)

Meg throws down on the ultimate relationship discussion.


I can't stay here! -- Reed


Artist: Push Play
Track: "Stop Staring"

Sam King - Week 9 - Thursday

Hooking Up: Episode 1/2

Hooking Up - "Learning Curve" (Episode 1)
Meg and Emily interpret Nick's asking about homework as asking Meg out. The lines of communication are highly confused between the sexes.

Hooking Up - "Hook, Line, & Sinker" (Episode 2)
Meg and Emily use Facebook to ensure inclusion to the boys party plans.

Meg's Vlog - Perfect Profile Pic
Freshman Meg gives instruction on how to take the perfect profile picture.

Changes In "Admin" Status

Last night the actions of one or more irresponsible person led to several changes in the "admin" status of several authors on LG15 Today. "Admin" status is granted only to those who need it to perform specific tasks on LG15 Today and is not a reflection of any authority over the blogspot. The changes have now been reversed and actions have been taken to correct the situation. Unfortunately we now need to ask all authors who have "admin" status not to "admin" anyone. If someone needs admin status on the blogspot they should send a request to [email protected] with an explanation of why they need "admin" status.

Previously we felt very comfortable trusting every author who had "admin" status on LG15 Today and it feels horrible that anyone in the community would violate that trust because it attacks the very freedom on which this blog is based.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wilannies password assistance! Please help! (wilannies)

After talking with Garrett in the live chat earlier tonight, and a separate post on his blog, he said he needs help getting the password for the Olhymn's myspace account so he can post the information found for the world to see. Garrett has determined that the login to the myspace account is [email protected] . He has obtained this letter that has a puzzle to the password:


Dear Aladdin,
Everything is going according to plan and The Hart Study will be completed. I have to tell you though the GENIE did not come up short on his three wishes. First we find the Fountain of Life, which he foretold that we could not wish for. Then we discovered the greatest treasure of all the love between sisters. Each of the separated, in our Magic Lamp they await their destiny. Our second wish is forced love, which the GENIE said he could not promise, but I have disproved him wrong we have our parrots amongst them; TaaG, the FTO, THE ROA and even innocent bystanders such as LFX101, Mason and Tiffany who is Naïve beyond reason. All shall be revealed in time though. Our third wish the GENIE said he could not promise as well, but we as well as the SULTAN’S ADVISOR KNOW that All Hallow’s Eve he can bring forth what he promised and begin the dawn of a new age. Where we are kings with eternal power, love and control over our separate domains. Then and only then will everyone crumble before us.

Eternally and Forbiddingly yours,


WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn has been doing the show for over a year now. Amazing how the time flies.

Tonight Glenn wants to open up a conversation. Glenn wants to know what peoples favorite facebook applications are. Also what are your favorite social media games. Finally what is the appeal of "DOPEWARS".

For this week's mix-up Glenn will be mixing in some of the best mixes from previous mix-ups with some new mixes.

Glenn then performed a live mix:

Glenn - October 01 2008 Mix-Up - Live and In Progress on BreeFM Current Song

There are a lot of computer tricks to creating a cappella tracks for songs. There is a culture of people looking for all sorts of obscure stuff so that they can generate tracks they can then use as mixes. Karaoke and Rock Band versions are often used. The older version of Sing Star was also useful. Listening to the raw a cappella of a song can be very interesting. Sometimes you can hear the music bleed through the head phones.

Glenn would go to hip hop karaoke because he would kill at it.

Glenn talked about laser disk games. You hit a button at the right time or you die (eg Dragon's Lair). There are still games like that. That is how interactive they are.

If Glenn can find a good hip hop instrumental he will do a hip hop Karaoke on the air. Glenn then did a "Karaoke"to "Ice, Ice Baby" from memory followed by "Pop Goes The Weasel

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Sorority Forever: Episode 18 "Beach Body"

Julie's sister sends a message from South America when Joaquin surprisingly shows up to the sorority.
Sorority Forever: Episode 18 "Beach Body"

Adam (xred74x) and Garrett is in #foxverse right now!

Adam and Garrett have shown up in chat. Come to the #foxverse channel to join.

Garrett and Adam are characters in the willanies series and the lonefox universe, foxverse.

I'M DONE SCREWING AROUND! - lonelyjewfifteen

How do you like them apples? --Peter

RP07 starts Volume 4 with 3 videos, all slightly different

RP07 started volume 4 today with 3 different videos, all slightly different, on RmecPirate07's, Bluepeep's, and Fractured's accounts. What are the differences in these videos, and what does it mean for the future of these characters?

Here is fracture's video.

Sorority Forever: Episode 16/17 (catch up)

Sorority Forever: Episode 16 "Mud Bowl"
Phi Chi competes in a muddy football game against Debra and the Delta Delta Gamma's.
Sorority Forever: Episode 16 "Mud Bowl"

Sorority Forever: Episode 17 "Drunk Chicks"
The girls raise money for charity by drinking all day at a bar. A fight breaks out.
Sorority Forever: Episode 17 "Drunk Chicks"

R?A?O? - anniehearsyou (willanies)

Garrett says:

We are still out there,
protecting a very important secret...

we were all deceived,
so we must bring forth the truth,

but it requires a deal with the devil
seek the truth betwee their lies

reborn is our leader,
and our savior.

They will be revealed in time...
A secret that was witheld,
will come out just fine...

Can you seek the truth?
Do you want it?

I'll be in chat tonight at 7:00
for all unanswered questions,

but i'll only come if you reply....


Reset Button SOLVED

The puzzle has been solved in the comment board using a Steganog program. It revealed this map.

Thanks to September2Star for the picture!

sorority Forever: Episode 14/15 (catch up)

Sorority Forever: Episode 14 "Weigh In Day"
The most terrifying moment in these girl's young lives - Weigh In Day.
Sorority Forever: Episode 14 "Weigh In Day"

Sorority Forever: Episode 15 "Sluts Will Be Pigs"
A food fight is fun until Taryn's temper kicks in, as Julie sees an opportunity to peek into Bridget's closet.
Sorority Forever: Episode 15 "Sluts Will Be Pigs"

The Gap Year on iTunes

The Gap Year highlights shows are now on iTunes as a subscribable podcast, so people can catch up on the move.

A direct link to the page in iTunes:


[104] Kealakekua Bay - impulseLG (tC: worldfiles)


found them

Sorority Forever: Episode 12/13 (catch up)

Sorority Forever: Episode 12 "Reputation"
Bridget comes down on the house.
Sorority Forever: Episode 12 "Reputation"

Sorority Forever: Episode 13 "I Kissed A Girl"
Madison meets a mysterious woman at the kissing booth... Taryn and Matthew go on a date.
Sorority Forever: Episode 13 "I Kissed A Girl"

Sam King - Week 9 - Wednesday

Response Requested

Blog from the Hymn of None
10.1.2008 10:23

Jonas - We know that you are still recovering. But we need you to answer our e-mails. PLEASE. We are TRYING to help you. While we know you must be cautious, we need to know that you understand.

Trust IS a two-way street, and yes, we hide our identity. But this is because we have no choice. If the people we fight knew exactly who we are, it would only be a matter of time...

I'm posting something for you. Perhaps the others will help you make sense of it before our enemies can.

This is your mission. It has not changed. The book EXISTS. And it must be recovered. We have exhausted all of our resources to obtain this image.

Use it wisely. Hopefully it will help you see the error of your ways.

The HoN also provided a link to a sendspace where the above image was downloaded.
(I hope I did this correctly, this is my first attempt at making a post)

Help solve the puzzle

Volume 4: Memoria - RMECpirate07

It's a brand new day, but who shall see the sun rise?

music: "Lover's Dream" by Anna Ternheim

On This Day in LG15 History: October 1, 2006 & 2007

Two years ago today, on October 1, 2006, Bree posted How My Parents Met.

When originally posted on YouTube, the video was only a teaser snippet that directed youtubers to watch the full (revver embedded) version on lonelygirl15.com. This version didn't last long; it may have possibly violated YouTube's TOS, and was replaced with the full version.

The video is notable for touching on the concept of "free will"--the importance of which to the Order is still up for debate.

Meanwhile, one year ago, on October 1, 2007, Daniel posted My School Project, which showed Daniel's first completed version of his film class project.

New Series starting Oct. 6: The Hayley Project

Trailer on Youtube:

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/hayleywinters

Show website: www.thehayleyproject.com

The show's creator blogs that a snarky review of the show is already up on YouTubeReviewed, but notes:

At the very least, the whole “Hayley Project is a Lonelygirl15 knockoff” isn’t particularly insightful (although everytime someone writes about The Hayley Project, Lonelygirl15, LG15, LG15: The Resistance, EQAL, Kate Modern, Bree, Miles Beckett, and Jessica Rose in the same entry, I think it helps our SEO [and thusly milo found this series]).
Does The Hayley Project live under the umbrella of serials where a “cute girl video blogs”? Yes, it does. But our girl is better.
Official show description: "THE HAYLEY PROJECT is an interactive web series that centers on misfit college sophomore HAYLEY WINTERS, who investigates the mysterious and untimely death of her best friend KEIRA MADISON. The mystery begins OCTOBER 6TH!"

Since this all reminded me a bit of a slicker version of Maddison Atkins, I figured it was worth posting about here.

Jessica Rose's faves in LA Times

Jessica Rose: actress
She is not such a lonely girl. But we knew that

(LA Times, Sept. 26, 2008)


SAVVY SHOPPER: I like hanging out in Venice, but it can get so crowded on weekends, so I sometimes end up shopping at the Third Street Promenade. I like to go by myself. Burbank and the Glendale Galleria are also good. I love Forever 21. I get really excited when I get a good deal. For $200, you can buy clothes for the whole year.


BY THE LETTER: Jacob Zachar, who I worked with on "Greek," and I sometimes go to La Cienega Park. It has a bunch of chess tables, and we'll play Scrabble there as these older people are all playing chess. It's kind of embarrassing, but it's fun being outdoors.

Read the full Article

* Forever 21: The dress worn by Bree in I'm Really, Really, Really Excited! (Aug. 25, 2006) comes from Forever 21 . As the LGPedia notes: "When this video was released, before the fictional nature of the show was revealed, one of the most discussed features was Bree's dress, which some viewers identified as being sold by the retail clothing store chain 'Forever 21.' Fans looking to determine where Bree was located then triangulated various locations based on where Forever 21 had store locations. It proved not to be a fruitful lead."

* La Cienega Park is the park where the LG15 video In The Park (Sept. 13, 2006) was filmed, and also the infamous site of the 2nd drop video in CassieIsWatching, and the OpAphid video The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful (Oct. 28, 2006).

Sorority Forever "UK" on Bebo (Jessica Rose show)

I noted a "UK" trailer on Youtube for Sorority Forever (one of Jessica Rose's innumerable web shows), apparently its also available on bebo:


Interesting, it is geographically-restricted, I cannot watch the eps on bebo, so they must not allow U.S. viewers, who they expect to watch on myspace or thewb.com instead.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloody Beach hits Facebook!!!

It's official campers, Camp Breezy Beach is now on Facebook! If you love camping and you love Facebook, put the two together and have an unforgettable summer with us! Check it out at http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=27924736486. See ya there Campers! - Tim


The Ballad of QtheC (Part 1 of 436) - Milowent

Unless you have been following the recent dramarama on the lg15today blog, you will have little use for this slice of ridiculousness.

LG15 Dreambank: Entry 100 - lg15dreambank

Dream Generated on: 9/22/2008
Subject: Jonas Wharton

*This is strictly fan fiction inspired from LG15dotcom.

Nemmy will be in chat tonight at 9PM Pacific

Just a quick reminder that Nemarous will be in the #3rdtriad room tonight in chat at 9PM Pacific, 12AM Eastern, so stop by.

The below video is the last we have heard from Nemarous before this chat.

the resistance, FANCAP EPISODE ONE - michiev

comprises of Chapter One: A Call To Arms
and Chapter Two: Bad Decision?

more recaps to come

Note About Removal of Video

Due to it's use of nudity and adult themes, a video was removed from the blog by myself after a lengthy discussion with community members and a consensus that this was the proper action to take. The author of the post has been contacted and informed of the removal and why it occurred. Anyone wishing to discuss the matter further can contact me at [email protected] or can PM me in IRC.

Thank you!
--Jenni Powell

Sam King - Week 9 - Tuesday

Sam King - Week 9 - Monday

Max Glick in The Scary City

Here is the link to his video. There are currently about five others on the site. Check them out.

TubeFilter story on The Scary City

f you thought the finale of lonelygirl15 was the last we would hear of the show, you’d be wrong. A selection of upcoming online projects by lg15 alumni includes Jessica Rose’s leading role in the new show Sorority Forever this fall, writer Mary Feuer’s new Strike.TV show With the Angels, and now executive producer Yumiko Aoyagi has announced that her latest project, a thriller entitled The Scary City, will be released on September 15th.

If there are two terms that could describe the buzz around The Scary City, those terms would be ‘big budget’ and ‘multimedia extravaganza.’ The project has $5.2 million in funding, including a $1.4 million website that will include character blogs, games, and merchandise.

There's more to the article. Its a good read.

Katemodern OPENING SCENE ALL SEASONS - michiev

music: Warner Drive - broken

HookingUp - SXEPhil dating LonelyGirl15 real show.

normspace comments on the new HBO online series (debuting tomorrow), Hooking Up, which appears to feature Sxephil dating Jessica Rose.

Creepy Van Dude - reedabook99 (LG15: TR)

Am I alone here? -- Reed


Blog from Jonas on LG15.com

Hunting/Hurting for Answers
9.30.2008 9:46

Still feeling dizzy. Ever since Friday my head’s been spinning. For more than one reason.

I’m not sure what those guys did to me. Soon as I was tossed in that van, they drugged me with something. Needle must have been filled with a sedative. Maybe a depressant. I’m not sure how long I was out for. It wasn’t like time travel; it was more like being sucked into a black hole.

And then there's Sarah.

The other reason for the non-stop head spinning. I won’t lie -- the minute I saw her, I hesitated. My heart started beating faster. Not out of comfort or warmth or any other fuzzy feeling you get when you see an old “friend.”

It was out of fear. The worst kind of deja vu imaginable, if only for a split second. My first thought was ‘she’s with them again.’ Maybe that was presumptuous.

But it wasn’t unwarranted.

She betrayed me before. What’s to say she won’t do it again? What’s to say the Order hasn’t kidnapped another of her loved ones? Or found some other way to blackmail her into doing their dirty work? The thing is this -- no matter how you break it down or try to justify it, she was corruptible.

So I don’t care how many ice packs she puts on my forehead. Or how many times she jailbreaks me. That suspicion is always going to linger in my mind. “What if it’s a setup? What if this is part of her plan? What if this is exactly what they want me to do? Exactly who they want me to trust?”
This time there’s a catch though.

LifesBlood Labs. It’s clear they’re not with the Order. And I doubt Sarah is with them. Which makes figuring things out all the more difficult. Too many factions. Too much splintering. Too many sides now. I don’t know who’s fighting for who. Or what they want. Questions seem endless.

Why did Lifesblood try to kidnap me? What do I have to do with them? Did they set-up the auction just to get to me? Why this sudden rivalry with the Order? Can the Order truly be opposed? If so, by whom? Us or them?
This never-ending ‘what if’ situation is yet another reason my head won’t stop hurting.

I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t want to feel alone in this fight. But I don’t see any other option right now. I need some more time with Sarah to determine where her loyalties are. She knows that too. So at least our cards are on the table.

And as for Hymn of None goes, it’s an understatement to say you can’t trust someone who won’t show you their face. Or tell you their name. Or tell you why exactly you have to attend a fake auction where you’ll get kidnapped.

Regardless, this person -- whoever he is, she is, they are -- they contacted me earlier. Told me they had a lead on a warehouse. One owned by LBL. Found a paper trail through Willow Woods’ financial records. I’m waiting for the details to come through. If this “all-powerful” handbook is real, that’s where it’s going to be. Hopefully.

Then again, what’s to say this won’t be another set-up?

Seeing Double

I'm not sure I can trust anyone right now. And here's why. -- Jonas

Team Player, Haters! - Sarah (LG15: TR)

You need to trust me now. -- Sarah

Artist: Push Play
Track: "Away Away"

Tools for Audio: Hobnox Audiotool & Audacity

Can you create the coolest sound track since the Tachyon Theme "What Time Is It?!" (listen to Glenn Rubenstein's OpAphid v. Tachyon Unofficial Soundtrack)

Hobnox.com has a beta version of a flash based audio synthesizer tool you can use online to generate your own audio tracks, as well as a library of sound clips from various free sites (licensing, for example by Creative Commons, depends on the source of each file in the Hobnox library).

Hobnox Audiotool Video Tutorial

(click image to go to Hobnox Video Tutorial page)

"Video Tutorial Audiotool
Experience the Hobnox Audiotool! It's a virtual reproduction of the 'Roland' synthesizers, which jump-started a thing called techno music in the mid-80s."

I played with the demo for a few minutes - long enough to see that it is fun and has a million buttons and knobs, multiple tracks, instrument sounds, rhythms, and filters, but not long enough to really understand how it all works.

Suggestion: try this tool out and write a review for LG15 Today, with any tips for other video makers who might want to use it to add a soundtrack to their work.

Another free (open source software) tool, that is extremely useful for recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks is available for download from Audacity. You can use it to record from a microphone or from anything playing on your PC's soundcard, and alter the audio in many ways such as reversing it, changing the pitch or speed, etc. This is a very useful and highly recommended free tool I use all the time. You can save the finished audio file as a .wav or .mp3 file for use elsewhere.

Links to Hobnox.com and Audacity have been added to the right side of this blog under the Music links, where you can also find royalty free music sources --->

The Censor Strikes Back

QtheC has once again chosen to "save" the community.  He has removed TunnelRat's videos from the blog here at LG15Today.  People, thought this was over.  It's not..QtheC has learned nothing from everything that has transpired. That was apparent to me because he would not admit to having done anything wrong.  He won't even admit to the actions he took and instead shouts in outrage when someone calls him "names" that accurately depict his actions.  How ironic that during the stages of grief (the theme for Tunnelratatat436's videos) QtheC bargained with TR apparently to add some disclaimers to the videos. These negotiations strangely and very coincidentally took place during the time right before the "Bargaining" video was posted. First off...THAT is a form of censorship through coercion. Frankly it is sickening.  QtheC forced his will onto another person.  Apparently for a short time, that person gave in to this intimidation and posted disclaimers not only on this BLOG but on their videos on Youtube. The disclaimers in essence said,  "(These videos are of a fictional nature depicting a community's grief and are not intended to be taken as threatening to others)". Apparently TunnelRat changed his mind about these disclaimers for whatever reason and altered what was said there.  These are some of the disclaimers that he now has on the videos.  "(The videos in this series depict angry bunnies and should not be viewed as threatening to carrots.  What can we say..we are cheesy cats.) " and "(These videos may contain rapid movements which could be deemed threatening to people with IQs of 436.)"  For this change, QtheC has removed the videos from the blog.  He does this on the grounds that "{content removed due to negation by the author of the previous compromise agreement reached with the author after much discussion by the community}. He words this to make it seem like the community was involved in this compromise agreement when it was simply HIM forcing someone through coercive intimidation to alter their work. He forced someone to alter their own will to suit his own. Now that the person, that being TunnelRat, has changed their mind, QtheC has deemed it his right to remove the posts again from the blog despite the fact that it has become even MORE painfully apparent the author is no threat to the community or anyone else, though it has been shown that QtheC is indeed a threat to this community. On a side note...I find it strangely coincidental that QtheC developed outrage during the "Anger" phase and then claimed to engage in some negotiations with TunnelRat right about the time the "Bargaining" video was being posted. For those that don't know, there are believed to be 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. It's amazing that QtheC now has me at the point of depression while we wait for the next video from TunnelRat which sgoukd be "Depression". It's very odd, that these actions by QtheC have gained SO many more views for this video series than it probably ever would have, however, back to the main focus.
ModelMotion wishes for this to be an open egalitarian community and that is wonderful. What must also be recognized is that there are those individuals that are unable to co-exist within a community without infringing on the rights of others. There comes a time when individuals such as these are removed from a community in one way or another. Frankly, it is irresponsible to continue to allow an individual such as this to remain in a position of ANY power. You don't put a pedophile in charge of a day care, you don't hire a drug addict to work in a pharmacy, you don't hire a wall street CEO to oversee the country's money, you don't leave a fox to guard the hen house and you don't allow a person that thinks they know better than everyone else about what they should be exposed to to guard free speech.

TunnelsVideos posts with the videos removed by QtheC:



Video Links:

ModelMotions Letter.

Community Responses to the Situation:


Monday, September 29, 2008

Re: Liv

Re: Sooooo - theaterjunkie8716

James, I knew this is weird coming from a stranger, but please take my advice.


RE: Jenni

Jenni's Response

Strange Situation - Fallen Angel (7pm 12 of 12)

RE: Greggallows

Thanks Greg, I can really use the help.

Re : Sooooo - GregGallows

Help if you can.

Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1S6mW8EUtw
Letter From Eidolon : http://i471.photobucket.com/albums/rr77/jamesnodal/Picture.jpg
Attatchment : http://i471.photobucket.com/albums/rr77/jamesnodal/Picture2001.jpg

Dear Sarah (9-29-2008) - september2star

We are here for you.

[[music: Apocalyptica - Toxicity]]


Make Love, Not War by John Lennon

Ok Well - Fallen Angel (5pm 10 of 12)

Sooooo - Fallen Angel (4pm 9 of 12)

No Answers and More Questions - Fallen Angel (3pm 8 of 12)

Many Hours Few Answers - Fallen Angel (2pm 7 of 12)

Fallen Angel 12in12 (updates and little corrections)

there was a bit of a technical difficulty but now I think that's been resolved so here are the next two video of the 12in12





LonelyJew15 Auditions!

Hey all, your friendly neighborhood PJ here, do you like LonelyJew15? Then you should consider auditioning for a part in the upcoming second half of the season finale "Fuzzlines". Anyone interested should send me an email at [email protected] sometime early this week and I will send more information! This is going to be so much fun!
On an unrealted note, make sure to keep watching the Fallen Angel 12 in 12! I know I'm enjoying myself!

More Info - Fallen Angel (12pm 5 of 12)

The Letter - Fallen Angel (11am 4 of 12)


FIRST!!!!!!! Episode Dos!! - OrangeKeekat

My report on the rest of this week's show and what's going on in the comment boards and the Breeniverse.

I vlog in the bathroom because the lighting is better!! I'm not really gorgeous in person, I have to consider these things!!

Don't forget:


Revelations - Fallen Angel (10am 3 of 12)

io9: Lonelygirl's Resistance Isn't Futile, Explains LG15's Fialkov

This month saw the launch of the franchise's latest chapter, an ongoing webseries called LG15: The Resistance. We talked to the series' head writer, Joshua Fialkov, about how to convince the world that you've turned your teen angst show into a scifi epic.

..."As I look at what we're doing, while the idea of it being in the vein of a Buffy or a Heroes is certainly valid, what we're really emulating is the classic Shakespearean structure. Now, while that structure is inherent in any genre fiction, it's even more prevelant in what we do, as you're literally getting soliloquies from the characters on a weekly basis."

..."Working in comics, you're constantly going to meetings, hearing pitches and the like, for what the 'future' is going to look like. Nine times out of ten... they're bullshit. Sitting there with Miles that balmy summer evening, I realized that this was that one time that it's not."
Full article:Lonelygirl's Resistance Isn't Futile, Explains LG15's Fialkov (Sept. 27, 2008)

On This Day In LG15 History: Sept. 29, 2006 - LGPedia Debuts

Two years ago today, on Sept. 29, 2006, the LGPedia debuted. This picture shows the first edit.

Before the LGPedia, you had to comb through the Breeniverse to try to find whether clues or strange things in the videos had been discussed previously. Or just to find out what the show was about! And transcripts? Good luck! Even LG15Today did not exist yet (it was created in February 2007). So, the LGPedia became an immediate success as fans flocked in to create a single comprehensive source of information about the show, its history, and fanfiction spinoffs.

The word "LGPedia" first appeared on the lonelygirl15.com website on Sept. 12, 2006 (the same day Jessica Rose was discovered to play Bree). It was noticed as a new non-functional link after the site came back up after an outage. On September 25, the Creators announced that the "LGPedia", a wiki, was coming soon.

See how the LGpedia has evolved: (intense geekdom follows, links take you to old versions of lgpedia pages)

By end of the day on Sept. 29, 2006, the first day the wiki went live, a basic explanation of what the LGPedia is, plus a single broken link to a page for "lonelygirl15", is available.

End of day 2 - Sept. 30 - A list of characters and all videos is already up.

Nov. 9, 2006 - Warning put on main page due to vandalism to LGPedia surrounding the alleged firing of Yousef Abu-Taleb from the show. Shortly after this event, JayHenry is made an admin of the LGPedia due to his help during the crisis. At some point, Jay becomes head admin.

Dec. 20, 2006 - Pictures of characters are added to the main page for the first time.

Jan. 5, 2007. Blue box mimicing the current Thelema-based design of lonelygirl15.com added, along with thumbnails in the videos list on the right column.

Jan. 24, 2007. LGPedia hits 1,000,000 page views.

Mar. 28, 2007. Already up to 2,000,000 page views.

April 1, 2007. Cassieiswatching takes over the LGPedia on April Fool's day. (see prior This Day in LG15 History post for details).

June 2, 2007. Taylor and Sarah are added to the main vlogger picture row.

July 11, 2007. JayHenry steps down as head admin and Zoey ascends.

July 15, 2007. Main page changes completely, showing both Lonelygirl15 and KateModern, with links to separate portals for Lonelygirl15 and KateModern.

Sept. 26, 2007. Almost two months after her alleged death, Bree is finally moved from the top vlogger spot on the lonelygirl15 portal to the bottom. She is later made black & white.

Oct. 1, 2007. KateModern portal gets nicer header.

Jan. 17, 2008. Charlie replaces Kate as the top vlogger on the KateModern portal. Kate goes black&white.

April 1, 2008. April Fool's Joke reports new remake of lonelygirl15 starring Jessica Rose, Zac Efron, and David Hasselhoff.

May 11, 2008 Redesign of lonelygirl15 portal officially goes live. All traces of the old lg15.com thelema-based design are now removed.

May 16, 2008 Redesign of KateModern portal goes live.

Aug. 15, 2008. LG15:The Resistance portal begins to take shape.

Aug. 31, 2008. Section for LG15:The Resistance integrated into the main page.

Working - Fallen Angel (9:00am 2 of 12)

. . .

Unbelievable! - SmythesFallenAngel (8:00 AM 1 of 12)

Today was unreal.

(This is the first of the Fallen Angel 12 in 12...stay tuned all day for more!)

Introducing L.0.V.E.

Over the past few days we have been interfacing directly with the chronosynclasticinfundibulum. We have now completed the uplink and installation of the new L.O.V.E. (Loving Others Verification Envirnoment) algoirthm. Over the upcoming weeks we will be beta testing L.O.V.E. as we fine tune its features before the final release of L.O.V.E. 1.0. We are really, really, really excited about the new algorithm because it is an infinItely expandable platform. Our developers are already hard at work on new "aps" features that we hope to install in the future L.O.V.E. 2.0. We think you will be very happy with what we have in store for you.

Some of you have asked about the origins of L.O.V.E. It dates back to the early days of lonelygirl15. Some of you might remember "The Great War". We actually spent an entire night in a bunker as orange gas shells fell around us. The mother ship of those that opposed us hovered over head and cast a dark shaddow over the land. The sky turned orange and cynister. Eventually the Eurocraker reinforcements arrived and the day was saved but it took its toll on the mood of the community. Our natural inclination was to strike back at those who had tried to destroy us but when we did a few wise ones in the community gave us a nudge and suggested we should greet everyone with a warm welcome and an invite to join in building a better commuinty. Taking those wise words to heart we greeted every new member to LG15.com and responded to every attack in a friendly and inviting way. That grew into the culture we call "comments" and with it came gestures such as the "meep' on which the L.O.V.E. algorithm is based.

Taking advantage of L.O.V.E. could not be easier. Simply log onto the internet and "Let L.O.V.E show you the way" (tm).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BreeFM's NEW Automation List starts TODAY!

Hey everyone,

It took some work but there is a new and improved playlist happening on BreeFM when DJs aren't on air. You can tune in 24/7 and something will always be on. The new list has 200 songs featuring LG15 music, indie music, mainstream, mash-ups and more.

So if you are at work or at home, check it out!

Click here to listen

Listen with your preferred player!
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We Will Not Stop - IussoSigmaOmega (Logu15)


Nemarous in chat on tuesday!!!

Nemarous was in 3rd triad last night, or this morning at 2:44 Am EST in the #3rdtriad channel

[02:44] <@Nemarous> lousy internet
[02:44] <@Nemarous> anybody home?
[02:47] <@Nemarous> serves me right I suppose, it's really late and the rest of the world is sleeping.
[02:47] <@Nemarous> I'll come back when most of you are awake
[02:47] <@Nemarous> maybe Tuesday at 9pm pacific
[02:48] <@Nemarous> yeah..that can work.
[02:48] <@Nemarous> well, <3 you guys and gals
[02:48] <@Nemarous> sleep peacefully
[02:49] <@Nemarous> blessings.

Yes, Nemarous himself will be in chat at 9pm PST on tuesday. No one wanted to be in chat at 2 Am last night soo ya. Be at the chat. in the #3rdtriad channel

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Bargaining : TunnelRatatat436

All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone;
We must speak of others matters:
You can be me when I'm gone

Flowers gathered in the evening,
Afternoon they blossom on;
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I'm gone

(These videos are of a fictional nature depicting a community's grief and are not intended to be taken as threatening to others)

MHTT- LonelyGirl - GerrardtheGrimmNo1

The new LonelyGirl Series is starting and it's starting to look good for once

Resistance Report Ep. 1

First Episode 9-28-08


http://www.youtube.com/forevergracetv and http://www.imeem.com/forevergrace

Do No Harm

This blogspot has one clear guideline: "do no harm". In most situations this guide allows a great deal of freedom. It allows each author to post what they want in a way where they are personally responsible for the content of their post. From time to time we add and edit each others posts to improve them and provide additional information in the spirit of collaboration. We allow anyone to leave comments on the blogspot and we even allow anonymous. All of this is inherent to the philosophy of freedom that grew up on lonelygirl15 "comments" under the "stewardship" of WatchingOne and was built into this blogspot from its inception.

We expect each author to live up to that responsibility and ultimately they in turn are responsible to the community who will always make it quite clear when a post crosses the line. The "do no harm" guide does lend itself to different interpretations, but it is meant in the sense that to cross the line harm should be tangible and substantial.

Examples of harm can range from copyright infringement to personal liable, from the result of the creators leaving a mic on to a massive spoiler that would destroy a series for others. Sometimes their will be "fuzzy areas" where it is difficult to tell what is in game and what is out of game; what is a spoiler and what is not. We had one massive comments flame war that revolved around that theme. In the end we need to put our faith in the community.

For the most part when the community has asked an author to remove a post for one reason or another they have done it on a voluntary basis as should be the case. On occasion a post may be taken down on a temporary basis in order to provide time to consult with the author and the community regarding the post. However it is the author of the post, subject to the community response to the post, that is ultimately responsible for what is presented on LG15 Today.

It is the balance between individual judgment and our collective wisdom that makes the blogspot such a powerful tool. Having freedom is a great responsibility and we trust everyone who is an author on the blogspot to use it wisely.

There will always be new issues that arise and it is important that we listen to each other and understand each others concerns. However in the end LG15 Today only works if each of us is individually responsible for our contributions. It is not a blank check to do anything you want but rather an invite to engage with a really wonderful community and participate in a very special form of collaboration.

Tyrannical Censor - QtheC

A Tyrannical Censor gets some needed help.


NEW from the makers of the original weekly lg15 recap, Lonelycast15, comes the Awepic new show IRESIST. Tune in on Monday after every week of Lg15 The Resistance to hear 3 AWESOME host(and maybe some awesome geust host) Talk, Critize, Gossip, Laugh, Cry, Mourn, and being Geeky. Featuring Poknish, Katie(17broadwaychick) Chris.

Check us out at:

Skype iresistpodcast or Lonelycast15

The Gap Year - Week 18 Highlights

Sam King - Week 8 - Friday

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