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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thomas J Worthington III - desertfae

Music: "Bad Things Happen All The Time" by John Jackson

All for Water - Psychosillyrose


BreeFM Saturday Lineup ♫♪♪♫♪♪

Saturday, October 6 Line-Up:

  • DJ JenniPowell noon - 2 PDT

  • DJ QtheC 2-3:15 PM PDT

  • DJ Jenna 4 - 6 PM PDT

  • DJ SkunkWaffle 8 PM - ?? PDT

Listen and find a link to chat here: breefm.blogspot.com

Thoughts on Deforestation - xItsMx

When I saw Mallory's plea for help I just couldn't resist.

Has LG come down with an STV???

Sexually Transmitted Virus.

Alright so I know that that is made up (sort of) but check this out:

This was posted by someone by the name of Lonelygirl155. And can be found here:
under the title "Rate my A$$ and T!ts" (censored.....)

if you can't watch the video because ... for what ever reason, It's Gemma's video talking about when she was 13 and she liked a boy named Sam who owned a gas station. The Spam video was released in November, as the orginal was released in October (for all you conspiracy theorists who think this is some weird viral marketing ploy)

If you search a bit more on youtube you'll find TON'S of professionally produced material such as Lonelygirl15, Prom Queen, Sam7friends, etc being used by pornography companies as Spam Gateways.

This by the way, violates one of the cardinal sins in the TOS (The Order's Sin Code of Ethics).

IRC chat basics - NinjaPaper

A really cool walk through tutorial for how to use web IRC by NinjaPaper

Killthesmiley on BreeFM

Just wanted to remind everyone know that I will be doing live broadcast every Tuesday's and Thursday's on Bree fm at 10pm EST time!
I'm going to be playing lots of great music, including some underground, indie Canadian music and music from the breeniverse (yes that includes Kate Modern and all those lovely fanfics!).
On top of that I'll be answering questions about the shows and taking requests for songs and artists to play!
So there are three ways to get your questions or requests to the show:

1) you can leave me a message on three blogs (BreeFM , LG15Today or My personal blog).
2) You can email me at [email protected] or message me on YouTube at Killthesmiley
3) You can phone in/mic in/skype in (whatever) to our snap vine recorder!

So, it starts THIS TUESDAY! Everyone get your requests and questions in!
In case you miss the show, I'll be doing recaps on each blog as well! But don't miss it next time!

What does creepy Steve and a stalker have in common?

Research and video from Rosieiswatching.

No Tengo Miedo (The Roman) [A part of the ACO Universe)


Got intel on a gathering of Deacons in Madrid, couldn't pass up the chance to take out a bunch at once.

Aussie model Tara Rushton's double life

Article in Herald Sun

Friday, October 5, 2007

NOSE OF GLORY - thefistofgod (marlasinger)


I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer

How come the clues always point to San Diego?

"The announcement, which is expected within weeks and could come as early as Monday at the annual meeting of his scientific institute in San Diego, California, will herald a giant leap forward in the development of designer genomes."


I think Spencer should get a job with these guys!

When Nikki Attacks... - NikkiBowerReport

While the kids were out I let myself in and made my version of Daniel's movie.

Tailgating - Daniel (LG15)

That Mercedes followed us down the entire coast...You're never gonna believe who it was. I'd rather you just watch it and see. - Daniel

LG15 - lameconformist

I did the video response competition on the lg15 site.

Daniel's Video-Editted by Moi - gadgetgirl700

I really had fun with this. =3 I unfortunately, did it too late to be entered in the contest. But that's alright! I really like it. :P It makes me happy.

xDD Anyways, enjoy.

Music: Marble House
By: The Knife (I think. I'll check with Aria. I robbed her again.)


Carving Pumpkins - Sarah (LG15)

We saw Daniel and Jonas's video, and we're doing what we can to find Emma. Unfortunately we don't have much to go on. - Sarah

Be in the Maddison Atkins Trailer

Hey. It's me Jeromy with my first ever post on LG15 Today!

So. I got this idea to make this promotional piece for Maddison Atkins. It features the fans, so, if you want to be in it, here's your chance!

Here's what I'd like you to do:

For those who were around for Maddison Chapter 1, record yourself (video preferably, but just audio is OK) using this script:

I knew Maddison
I met her online
She was ______.
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description - doing as many of these as the person wants)

I tried to help her.

I miss her.
If you can help.

If you weren't around for Chapter 1, but are around following the story now, here's your script

I didn't know Maddison.
When she was alive.
I've seen her videos.
She was _______
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description)
Maybe there's something I can do now.
To help her.
To avenge her death.

If you can help.

Record at the highest resolution possible, and make sure your face is well lit. Deliver each line clearly, and take 2 second pauses after each period in the script. Also, it's ok to improvise in the style I've written above. If you have something in mind, go for it. Make it a short statement like the ones in the scripts.

The deadline is Tuesday October 9th, so get on it. Spread the word too, because this piece will be most effective with 30-50 submissions.

Once you get yours finished - email me at [email protected] for instructions on how to upload it to my site. I'll edit the commercial on Wednesday the 10th so everyone
can see it.

Looking forward to your work.



On this weeks GlennFM, Glenn mentioned David Fincher in regard to the lighting on the bus in in the Warpylol video "Tide To Revenge Afire". The name did not ring a bell so I thought I would look it up:


David Leo Fincher (born August 28, 1962) is an American music video and film director known for his dark and stylish films, particularly Fight Club and Se7en.


We all heard Lazyodork claim she is if a fake on GlennFM.

Now it is your turn to tell us your opinion. Leave a comment below with "FAKE" or "NOT" and let us know what you think.

Eu a cantar - Nunca me Esqueci de ti - miaarose

So today I noticed that I had never spoken Portuguese in my videos, how terrible Maria!! :P
I wanted to send a kiss to Portugal and to all of you who speak Portuguese...
Ok, the song Im going to sing now is by a great portuguese artist called Rui Veloso.
I love this song, I dont know if you've ever heard of "Nunca me esqueci de ti?" but you should because its such a beautiful song...anyways, I hope you dont fall asleep while Im singing!
Bjinhos a todos!!

Hope you enjoy!
Kisses and Hugs!!

daniel's ninja video- jiapache

lg15 ninjas

Aaah Ninja - dee0x

My attempt of editing Daniel's Ninja Film

I did it a bit different, i did a trailer. It's okay but meh enjoy

HelloGoodbye - Here (in your Arms)
30 Seconds to Mars - Battle of One
Snow Patrol - Run
Bell x1 - Alphabet Soup
Fightstar - Palahniuks Laughter

NINJAS! - TheMightyZan

My submission to the video contest on LG15.
Hope you like!

Daniel's Ninja Film - Re-Edited - alyssarose16 - Version 2 0 - alyssarose16

I re-re-edited it. Lol.
Hope you guys like it.

Re: Please Help - jerrypwjr


Enter The Order - Charlie (KateModern)

I met some ‘friends’ after work who seemed to have some new information on Kate. Have a look at the Michelle Clore picture I posted on my Bebo page and let me know what you see. The music is 'Situation O' by Dr Kuch.

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Killthesmiley on Bree FM!

Hey guys!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing live broadcast every Tuesday's and Thursday's on Bree fm at 10pm EST time!
I'm going to be playing lots of great music, including some underground, indie Canadian music and music from the breeniverse.
On top of that I'll be answering questions about the shows and taking requests for songs and artists to play!
So there are three ways to get your questions or requests to the show:

1) you can leave me a message on three blogs (BreeFM , LG15Today or My personal blog).
2) You can email me at [email protected]
3) You can phone in/mic in/skype in (whatever) to our snap vine recorder!

So, it starts THIS TUESDAY! Everyone get your requests and questions in!

If I Had a Gun (I'd Shoot Hitler in the Face) - adamdaroff (LJ)

A roving guitar player stops by the Franks' for a jam session.

Honestly, Jenni and I were just dicking around with her camera and my guitar after a shoot. It was Daniel's idea, and we just ran with it.

My Deep, Dark Secret - TuesdaysChild65

I have a confession to make.


I love nerdcore rap.

Music: "Ninja Gang" by Frontalittle Squad. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

For Celine - phipunk (WF)

A confession

When Ninjas Attack: Terryfic Edition - LonelyGirl15Recaps

I sort of liked the original, so I didn't recut much of it. Instead I did some post production on it, adding some filters and what not.

- Terryfic

The Album StarGate Odyssea by Xcyril

The Murder Scene! - desertfae

Uncut, raw footage of the murder scene before it "disappeared"

*disclaimer* none of this footage can be used in a legal proceeding without it being subpoenaed.(permission granted for footage from kabc news channel 7, los angeles)

Music: "Diabolique" by Burning Babylon

Silent but deadly - MynameisStynna

Video edit for Lg15..yup

Nerds vs Ninjas: The Final Battle - xmarlasingerx

If I can help you Daniel, you know I will. I'm still sorry I couldn't help you at the statue...I know, none of us is responsible for what happened that day but...anyway. Just...Sarah, Mallory, I hope this helps, if you like it enough.

It's too bad YouTube compresses it as much as it does - some effects are lost. Oh well!

YAY Ninjas! - ApotheosisAZ

Music: Kung Fu Fighting: Fatboy Slim Remix.

Daniel's Film Project Re-Edited - upsguy27

DIdn't spend much time with it, but I like it.

"Cobrastyle" by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra

"Your Room" by The New Rags

"Whistle for the Choir" by The Fratellis

Daniel's Ninja Video Re-edit (no music) - jiboo77

Same video... no score to cause issuses... still needs music if you us it

I can work with ninjas - adamdaroff (From the makers of LonleyJew)

We don't have to scrap the project. Give me some time, I can work with this.

Response to Daniel's Student Film - kimby01

ok i made a response to Daniel's student film!

its not really about ninjas its more about breaking through labels and stereotypes.

song: Luv Addict by:Family Force Five

Ninja Nightmare - Veggie9009

Ninja Nightmare

Daniel's Ninja Video Re-edited.



"The Suitor's Dance [The Odyssey]" -Michael Bodeen & Willy Schwarz

"O gladsome Radiance" -Kyiv Seminary Choir

Daniel's Ninja Video Re-Edit - whitetigerdream

This is an entry in LG-15 Daniel's Video Editing contest. Music is from the Pixies, "Where is My Mind" and from Enya's "Enigma."

The Desired - RoseCrowley

Hey ya'll,
This is my submission at editing Daniel's Ninja Video! The fight scene uses less then 30 seconds from "Harder to Breathe," from one of my favorite groups Maroon 5. Enjoy and check out the other submissions at LG15.com

Daniel's Ninja Movie - ElizKM86

With wayyy too much time and some savy editing skills on my part, I re-edited Beast's film school project to help him out.

Song 1: Cloud Watch Artist: lol Hammond
Song 2: Volume Artist: Librettto
Song 3: Cloud Watch Artist: lol Hammond

Of Ninjas and Nerds- austinmcconnell

Hey, DB. Mallory told me you needed some help with your class project. Here's my edit of it. Hope you like it. Just added some film-look, color correction, and picked up the pace a bit. Enjoy, and good luck.

Song 1: Samba Cielo
Song 2: No Survivors
Song 3: Black and White
(All royalty free. www.freeplaymusic.com)

When Ninjas Attack - bakearama

My version of Daniel's ninja video.

Ninjas in the Day - alchemistkimmycat

I would have loved to make it "Ninja in the Night" but its daytime :P

Music Cred:
Tachyon's Theme
Keep Hope Alive - Crystal Method
Unchained Melody - U2

Anti-Ninjas - FrustratedUsername

My edit of Daniel's class project vid. ( www.Lonelygirl15.com )

Music by: Gruenanlage.com
Weller-electrodance: Go



As anyone can tell I'm no video editor...I just did it for fun :)

Geeks can save the world (ACO) - acrowleyorder

I hope this helps Daniel.


Watch more great videos at http://lg15.com

This video is now the property of the owners of Lonelygirl15 all copyrights are transfered to them.

Daniel's Ninja Film - linvanoak reedit - linvanoak

My Reedit of Daniel's Ninja Film.

Becca wants Ben.
Ben wants Hailey.
Hailey has a Boyfriend.

A never ending story of unhappy people dreaming of the one they can't reach.

This is a Video Response to Soccerstar4ever's "Please Help"-Video:


Original Video and Audio:
by lonelygirl15


Rearranged by myself using royalty free samples and loops licensed for use by Sony Creative Software.

New edit of ninja film - drmthr

re-edit of DB's Ninja Film.

Way of the Dork - LibV03

This is my re-edit of Daniel's film project!

All music is royalty free. Please comment and let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Countdown - TheLadyLazarus

In this matter one doesn't care how painfully obvious one must be.


First LG15 Comment Board Meeting... (lost footage) shhhh....

Have you ever wonder how would a Comment Board round table would have looked like????

Well... no more wondering... we have found lost footage recovered from our favorite 'bot's virtual memory... can you name the commenters????

Have fun!

Home Sweet Home? - jonastko (LG15)

Beast and I made up, so we headed north to my house looking for information. - Jonas

Re: Please Help - AlyssaRose16

My edited version of Daniel's Ninja Film.
I tried.
Hope you guys like it.


Copyright infringement does not come cheap!

24 illegal song downloads cost US woman 220,000 dollars.

Cooking With Tariq - Tariq (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/Tariq287

Time To Avenge A Fire - YouWish8

My attempt at the remake, im rather proud of it, even though its crap.

Cocaine Blues - Jerry Jeff Walker
Only Shallow - My Bloody Valentine
You Gon` Quit Me Blues - Blind Blake
Bodysnatcher - Radiohead
Reasons To Be Cheerful - Ian Dury

Dorks vs. Ninjas - Chapter 1 - RenegadeProjects

There you go - one remixed student film! Would you like fries with that? ;)

The Autumn Offspring - Embrace The Gutter
Skydancer - Romance Fantasma
Sven-Erik Ceedigh - Theme for Julia & Alexander

Daniel vs. The Ninjas: The Omega Cut - OmegaXP

Virginian9000: I love the music at the end of this one!! lol! Product placement? hmmmmmm

Daydream Believer - hopefulsemblence

Like I'm not busy enough... now I have to help with their homework???

Ninjas? ~ mmBot's cut - modelmotion

When life gives you lemons......


BREAKING NEWS......developing.....(details of story likely to change as it develops).

CNN was talking about a girl in Alabama who got "stalked" by a guy thru Bebo. The dude on Bebo was telling the girl he knew where she lived and what she was doing last thusrday.

They showed the profile for "Creepy Steve" from KateModern as an example of a Bebo profile. Oh Dear! The computer cursor moves forwards modelmotion's icon but finally settles on clicking on Lyssa icon. The story cuts to a video before her profile loads.


News Link: http://www.mycrimespace.com/2007/10/03/mom-tricks-daughter-on-bebo/

"Mom poses as male teen online to catch daughter:
A 13-year-old Alabama girl received a message from a 17-year-old boy over the social site Bebo. She had made the Bebo profile without parental permission and lied on the profile saying she was 16."

If you have it on Tivo it would be great to have the story on YouTube. You can send the link to [email protected] and we will post it here.

Nu Hurend! (Now Hiring!) - ApotheosisAZ

A ground floor opening in an Amsterdam Information Gathering Facility could be the ground floor opportunity you've been looking for!

This was posted as a video responce to Hiding...For Now

Somewhere only we know (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

I took the day off work to drink and hang out with a video camera and a stuffed rat. What did you do today?

MicFranXon - Daniel's Ninja Video

Mallor asked us all to re-edit Daniel's ninja vid. It not only helps out Daniel, but it's also a contest. Here's my entry.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Please Help - Mallory (LG15)

As I'm sure you can all imagine, Daniel's ninja film didn't go over so well with his professor. We need your help to make a better version by Friday morning. Pretty please. :) - Mallory

Link to Daniel's original video footage can be found here

BreeFM with Glenn <--LIVE NOW

Join Glenn as he spins some great tunes and fills in some of the blanks.

  • BreeFM - Music of the Breeniverse: Website or Direct Stream

  • Due to high volume of listeners... we are enacting 2 streams to listen. When you click one of the links, click on LISTEN and open the file in your preferred audio player. Stream 1 is: http://raptor.mediacast1.com:20020 Stream 2 is: http://micfranxon.dhs.org:8069

    The untold tale of the cowboy . He had Daniel but what was the back story? So, we will have a radio drama which will involve us all. A community project to tell the story if you will? What do you think? Coming soon to BreeFM.

    There will be auditions for the voice roles.....so this is your chance. Stay tuned!
    There is a surprise special guest. Who is it?????????? Ricky Stern...aka LazyDork He is talking about why he dissed LG15.

    He suggested that Mia Rose is a fake vlogger.
    Commentary on LG15 Videos: The first script from Glenn - Bree Phone Home
    It was a response to what people had been asking for. That is for Bree to be more pro-active. The vlog was montage of Bree making phone calls. It also shed some light on the character of Cassie. We had not heard anything about Cassie for 2 months. Glenn pitched the idea of Bree making crank calls with Cassie. He was trying to put Cassieiswatching into perspective by "resetting the character". His idea was for Daniel to meet a girl at a party. She would look familiar. She would exhib some crazy behavior and run to Bree who would know it was Cassie.

    Glenn based the P. Monkey part of the phone call on an old girl friend.

    And idea that did not make it to the final draft was an OpAphid component like "be well for your own sake" or call Gemmas rents.
    B-man asked about Gemma....see later shows for a response.
    Tide To Revenge Afire: Glenn composed the music from drum sounds etc to created a bad ass techno track. Shot in Encino CA at night. It stemmed from the Human Ransom Video. While driving from LAX to Miles Apartment......he got some shots of the buses. As it was getting darker he noticed a lighting style. He wished he had a shot like that for Human Ransom video so he just filed the idea away.

    Originally it was supposed to be a Red Line bus.
    How preplanned was Opaphid? Based on a screen play from 2002. Originally called RedEarth. Glenn has a 3 week plan when he thought LG15 would end on 10/12.....and then it expanded when LG15 did not end.

    He described his present work as a "dynamic ARG" which changes based on influence of "audience".


    We are currenly working on a solve for the Cassie puzzle in #codz.


    Here is what we need.

    The thing that would help me most would be that list of non-dictionary words that would likely appear.

    We have a specialized anagram program designed to break the CiW anagram and once we have the list we can rock and roll.

    THE AFTER PARTY with HAMmy and cohost ZOEY

    THE AFTER PARTY with HAMmy and cohost ZOEY

    Was that a battle rap I heard?

  • The After Party <---TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!
  • Tonight on FOB Life!

    Tonight it's FOB Life night again! The guest will be Carly Jones, who plays Mallory on LG15. Some of the topics tonight will be health care in the US vs. Mexico and movies that you should see. And ofcourse everything else you guys wanna talk about. Make sure you tune in at 9pm est/6pm pst!

    Carly Jones on LGPedia

    When You're Far Away -- music video version - tuesdayschild65

    Lam, if you're out there, I hope you can see this.

    I miss you.
    Music: "Love Songs", New Model Army

    Hiding...For Now - lonelyjewfifteen

    I have been watching Peter's videos. I'm sorry, but I'm just not ready yet...

    That Arrogant Jerk! - Sarah (LG15)

    Jonas didn't even tell us what happened... we had to find out by watching the video. - Sarah

    Hymn Of One - Charlie (KateModern)

    Remember creepy Steve? No I couldn’t forget him either...

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    F the R! - MicFranXon

    LaRezisto lied to us. Lead us all like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now I speak out, and separate myself from my former associate.

    Fan fiction of:
    Music by: Rubenstein Vs. Renegade, Madonna & Massive Attack

    Tonight on BreeFM!

    4pm - 6pm PDT DJ JenniPowell
    Hello my Lovlies! Just a reminder that today I'm hosting a special two-hour set of some of my favorite comedy-based music. When I'm not spinnin' the tunes for you lovely peeps, I work at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in Hollywood, CA which houses some of the very best comedy has to offer. - Jenni

    6pm PDT- The FOBLife SImulcast

    7pm PDT - The After Party Simulcast

    8pm PDT - Glenn Rubenstein
    Glenn will be offering up (at least) two episode in-depth commentaries, answering questions, and announcing something awesome coming soon.
    "Can someone tell me why there's a cowboy in the station's lobby?" -MicFranXon
    Check us out at: Bree.fm and join the BreeFM Chat

    He's Not Talking - DanielBeast

    Jonas is back, and he's pretty upset. Honestly...I'm pretty upset at him too. - Daniel

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    What is this Jonas?



    Warner Music Artists to Feature in Bebo Web Series "KateModern"

    "Similar to "The O.C.," Atlantic acts including the Days will both perform on the show and interact with cast members."

    Celine Friar at Northgate - phipunk (WF)

    My meeting with Celine, Mary and Jay's mutual friend.

    A Quiet Night Out - Charlie (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast


    Description: Panic in a Titanic, I nap

    Tags: noche buena celine 101207

    My Fatal Mistake - jonastko

    How could I have been so blind? I should have listened to all of you. Sorry. - Jonas

    One Year Ago in the Breeniverse

    What was happening in the Breeniverse exactly one year ago? In this video, posted on october the 2nd, we saw Daniel following Bree and Lucy (who was called the Helper back then).

    I went to Bree's again to try to talk to her, and her Helper was there...

    On october the 3rd, Bree responded to that video. Those good old days...

    Daniel, I saw your video. I already asked you once to stop following me...

    Crown Princess Nisrine: I am the Order (ACO)

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    My School Project - Danielbeast

    Hey guys, I wanted to show you guys my ninja film before I turned it in. - Daniel


    Artist: Destruments
    Song: Coolin' Out
    Artist Link: http://www.myspace.com/destruments

    Artist: Choklate
    Song: Waitin'
    Artist Link: http://www.choklatemusic.com/home.html

    They kidnapped Bethany! Is Margot next? She crossed the line - OpAdolf

    .5/4.5: WE ARE "THEY"

    Look what you've done, Margot. How much worse is it going to get? Hmmmhmm, we'll see.

    Transmission: Selective Private.

    Some Advice For Emma!

    Self Defense with Kim Strother and Ian Morris - fordmodels

    Martial artist and Ford model Ian Morris runs Kim Strother through the basics of self defense. Please visit http://www.fordmodels.tv for more great videos.

    Welcome Shelby Kocee!

    You may know her better as Claire!

    Claire claims to be a former Ceremony girl and reaches out to Emma in a LaRezisto video, offering to teach Emma how to hone her powers and properly use them. She urges Jonas to allow Emma to come stay with her so that together, the two of them can fight the Order. A watcher has insisted that Claire is a LaRezisto Shadow.

    Shelby Kocee on LGPedia

    Shelby Kocee on IMDB

    Claire on LGPedia

    Shelby Kocee on MySpace

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    as above - filiascientis

    and you will
    find the answers
    you seek

    Dicuss here!

    When You're Far Away - tuesdayschild65

    Audio problems last time. Sorry about that.

    I'm heading back to Belgium. I don't think there's any more I can do here, but people have given me some good ideas for places to start once I have Lam's files in front of me. (Thanks, kaeyla, SultryKitten and IHTV.)

    Oh, and thanks for the kittens, acidfingers. They did make me smile. I'll have to post some pics of ours whenever we make it back to San Francisco.


    Music: "Love Songs", New Model Army

    Why? - Charlie (KM)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    My opinion/hypothesis - leglessnotlegolas

    Please excuse the corniness. :P Oh, and if you're not familliar with lonelygirl 15 and it's plot, this will mean absolutely nothing to you. Just F.Y.I

    Fund teh Maddison Atkins - 12th Street House

    Your wish is my command! ... and my wish too....

    12th Street House blog

    LG15 Recap: Sept 23 - 29 - LonelyGirl15Recaps

    Tensions continue to rise as Sarah tries to steal Daniel from Mallory. Jonas brings Emma to meet LaRezisto.

    Music (from jamendo.com):
    La Rencontre by Ehma
    Superheros by Matthew Tyas
    Realite by Silence

    DJ Jenna on BreeFM! (see post below)

    and remember to head over to www.bree.fm to listen!

    Jenna Brings The British Invasion! Sept 30, 4PM-6PM PST

    Jenna posted on Posted on breefm.blogspot.com

    Hey Guys!
    Bit late notice, but I'll be giving things a go tonight starting 4PM PST! I'll be playing things from current popular British bands, and past artists, as well as some unsigned artists' rough cuts, such as Carrie Fletcher and Frankie Sandford.

    Marié Digby is an artist who doesn't have to imitate reality

    'The Internet is a place where a guy in makeup-smearing hysterics over media treatment of Britney Spears is on the same level as a talented singer with a homemade video.'



    Eat Your Serials

    "More crucially, I think what makes a good web serial is probably not the same as what makes a good TV show."


    It's lonelygirl15's world, isn't it?

    "Another trend seems to be virtual lives - including participation in the "lives" of characters in microshows and beyond -
    that is, thier 'character's' blogs, social network sites, even 'real life' events, etc...all of which are, of course, fake.

    Kind of a Second Life on steroids, I guess.


    Redearth Returns 10/12/07 - Virginian9000

    Fan vid dedicated to the Maddison Atkins ARG. Redearth returns 10/12/2007


    The Return of Bree:The Buffy Factor (contains spoilers)

    by immortal1
    on Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:47 pm

    “The reason lonelygirl15 exists is because I’m really just a fan like all of you. Star Wars prequel? I was in line for tickets… and I thought it sucked. Firefly? I’ve seen every episode and I watched Serenity in theaters… twice. Don’t even get me started on Buffy because I can talk for hours.” -Miles

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is clearly a major influence on lonelygirl15. Homage is a tricky thing to pull off. You have to find the balance between paying reverence to something you hold in high regard without replicating that material. If it’s not done well we can use the source material to predict the direction the show doing homage to it will go.

    The Characters

    Buffy:Bree- The heroine going through her rites of passage. Slayers:Trait + can only be girls.
    Xander:Daniel- The every guy whose romances never work out.
    Angel:Jonas- The mysterious protector who upon first arriving on the scene is not known to be good or evil.
    Willow:Taylor- Research girl who discovers her homosexuality. When Taylor first arrived on the scene her tomboyish nature and budding friendship with Sam caused people to speculate. Sure Taylor pined for Jonas but Willow pined for Xander at first too.
    Cordelia:Sarah- The girl who says what's on her mind.
    Dawn:Emma- The little sister who turns out to be "the key."
    Faith:Virginia- “16 years old, she's the pretty girl next door. She has an innocent appearance, but looking into her big eyes you see a girl who has lived more than just 16 short years. Her small frame and quiet demeanor make her seem vulnerable, yet VIRGINIA has a toughness and street smarts that has come with a hard life. Despite her rough past, VIRGINIA is charismatic and charming.”
    Riley:Scott- “an attractive and athletic all-American guy. He entered the military to see the world, but got more than he bargained for. SCOTT is strong-minded, a gentleman, and believes in love at first sight.”

    The Episodes

    Drusilla brings back a powerful demon who has the ability to kill with a single touch called the Judge, whose purpose is to rid the world of "the plague of humanity" by "burning the righteous down," leaving only evil demons alive.

    The Gift:
    Buffy must stop Glory from using Dawn’s (the key’s) blood in a ritual that will open a portal between dimensions. Buffy's last line from "The Gift" an episode where she sacrifices herself so her sister can live:
    "Dawn, listen to me. Listen: I love you. I will always love you. This is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles I... tell Giles I figured it out, and I'm o.k. Give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live... for me."

    Guess what happened after that? Buffy came back! Think of the press--lonelygirl15 returns! I have a feeling Bree will return right about the time “Greek” goes on hiatus.


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