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Saturday, August 9, 2008

"The Created" Teaser

The Answers Nobody Asked For...
Coming soon to a blogspot near you.

Hot, or Not?

Heartbreak, or heartache? What do you think of the internet's latest offering, Sam King. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think so far.

Being Tom Cruise : How Scientology is in No Way Mental

A look into the life of Tom Cruise and Scientol...



As many of you may be aware there have been a number of security breaches in recent days related to the nature of the Dharma Initiative's latest research.

Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication there was also the unauthorized release of confidential video documentation during a sponsored panel discussion with the makers of the TV show "LOST" at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego. Consequently, the person responsible for this breach, a promising recruit by the name of Dan Bronson, has been expelled from the volunteer program and had his Dharma Initiative membership permanently revoked. Furthermore, the Dharma Initiative has withdrawn their sponsorship from "LOST".

The Dharma Initiative must stress that the video material leaked at Comic-Con 2008 was viewed entirely out of context. Furthermore, the way in which the material was presented utterly distorted its significance and credibility as scientific data.

The Dharma Initiative is extremely disappointed with this outcome and has ordered a security audit of all departments. As part of this audit the DharmaWantsYou recruiting website will undergo a security upgrade in the next few days.

Upon completion of this upgrade a date will be announced for the official commencement of Volunteer Assessments.

All recruits are reminded that the unauthorized release of confidential information pertaining to the details of your activities within the Dharma Initiative will result in instant dismissal from the volunteer program.

Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative


by e-mail

You guys are probably already aware of this, but I was watching Animal Planet, specifically a show called Grizzly Diaries, and during the commercials, I saw a preview for a new show called Uncut and Unedited. She was only in it for a brief second, and I didn't get a good look, but a girl that looked like Marla Singer was one of the many people going 'Oooh! Ahh! Ouch!'. The show looks like it's like home video footage or something, and I don't think she's actually in the show, or if it was even her in the commercial, but thought maybe you guys might like to know, or maybe you already know, or maybe you don't care. Just thought I'd share just in case.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Somewhere A Clock is Ticking - Fractured0 (RP07)

Everyone, this is it....my last video before our big showdown in the M-I-A!!

Wish me luck?

Music: "Doomsday" by Murray Gold

This page is new, so please help build it if you can!!!!!!!

RMECpirate07 on LGPedia.

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My East Coast Adventure - DrBethany

Im taking a break from bustin' caps in some b*!%&$ and gettin' crunk to hook y'all up with some funky fresh memories.

Anonymous 08-08-08

Sofia's Diary Ep 105

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SXSW Interactive Festival

SXSW Interactive Festival
August 8th, 2008
South By Soutwest ‘09

EQAL has submitted two panels for the SXSW Interactive Festival. This year, the community will decide which panels are included in the event. It would mean a lot to us if you voted for our panels!!! Vote for us here and here. Don’t forget to give our panels five stars and leave lots of comments!!!

Thank you!!

Source: insideLG15

Sam King - Week 1 - Friday

Al Gore Joins the Lineup At Web 2 Summit

How can we apply the lessons of the Web to the world at large?


24 Hours Remaining - (thefinalhours)

24 HOURS REMAINING -- 6 AMI have awoken. Things are sudden. Things are strange. Life is strange. What has HAPPENED to me? - Jonathan Turner

Thursday, August 7, 2008

8/8/08.....and so it begins.....

"Could Dr. King's dream have come true without a Malcolm X? Would Gandhi have sat and fasted forever if it were not for the occasional riots and potential for more? I don't have the answers to these questions. Nobody does. But I am not so self-righteous to deny an opposing conclusion on the subject."


NBC coverage of the Olympic games in Beijing

NBC is distributing content via broadcast TV, cable and satellite channels, as well as online videos and live streaming.

Check out:
NBC Olympics Home | NBC Olympic Video | NBC TV & Online Listings

By entering your zip code and the television channel you watch at the "TV & Online Listings" link you can get schedules in your time zone for both television and online broadcasts. Opening Ceremonies are scheduled to air on NBC during primetime Friday August 8. Read more here: 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

     Looking for shows to watch online?



laladiel said...
wasnt this video already debunked?

anonymousno120595 said...

Possible Clues in The Salinas Message–Thanks BurntEyes!!!

Unscrambled this says:

"Monstrosities were only his second sin, must he be poked and prodded "

See the full post: http://blondefairy1975.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/possible-clues-in-the-salinas-message-thanks-burnteyes/

Sofias Diary Ep 104

Community Art

by Michiev

See more community are on insideLG15

'Scary City' to haunt the Internet 'LonelyGirl15' producer to launch online mystery

Yumiko Aoyagi, an exec producer on "LonelyGirl15," is getting ready to launch online mystery "The Scary City" as a big-budget follow-up to the popular Web series.

The $5.2 million project, which bows Sept. 15, will involve a storyline that spans several countries.

The U.S. version of the story revolves around a haunted Los Angeles apartment complex and the missing 10-year-old daughter of an architect who battles the building's unseen evil forces. Tenants from all over the world get caught up in the global intrigue.

To read the full Variety.com article by Marc Graser, see 'Scary City' to haunt the Internet,'LonelyGirl15' producer to launch online mystery.

UPDATE 1: Amanda Goodfried commented: "Hey everyone, Yumiko worked for us for a few weeks a year ago. EQAL has nothing to do with this project."

UPDATE 2: See also: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7011863566.

Yumiko Aoyagi is a Japanese filmmaker born in Yokohama, Kanagawa who started working on lonelygirl15 with the lonelygirl15 Season 1 Recap. She has since been credited for her producing, writing, and directing contributions. She is notably the first person, other than the Creators, to be credited with an executive producing role.

Aside from lonelygirl15, Yumiko co-wrote the screenplay for Moonlight Express with Lo Chi-Leung. Her next project is a collaboration with director and producer Kate Christensen called Die for You.

Yumiko and her husband Takashi have three bearded collies, Ariel, Daisy, and Mia, who have appeared in Beardies of the World calendars since 2001.

Yumiko_Aoyagi on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Javier Spy Cam - Halycon (J0v13r)

Yes, it's illegal.
But I wasn't about to let him wander around on his own...
especially while he has my car.

Sam King - Week 1 - Thursday

Reclamation : Phase Three - Anonymous


Six months ago we went to war to protect our Internet from tyranny.

A call to arms went out, and was answered.

People came from all corners of the Internet.

Today when we look back upon our efforts, we see that those who answered that call now outnumber those that remain who came from the motherland.

The original unrelenting Anonymous.

This has resulted in Project Chanology becoming polluted by people who are judgmental of our ideology, and serve the wills of special interest groups concerned for their own survival, and not the survival of Anonymous.

We thought that perhaps, a new war needed new tactics. This has had unintended consequences. Those who remain in the trenches to protect our ideals have reached an impasse.

We ask those who have left Project Chanology to return and reclaim it. Bring back the lulz, bring back the hate machine, and do not let some rather forceful detractors sway you.

The time for making allies at the expense of our ideals is over.

The time to make an individual choice between complacency and action is at hand. We will not be segregated. We will not be run roughshod over. Anonymous does not willingly accept acts of suppression from anyone. Our will shall not be bent by outsiders any longer.

Do not consider this a new call to arms. Consider this a call to reclaim what is ours.

Consider this a shift from the tactics of the past six months to new more subtle and shocking tactics that will shake the Scientology organization to its very core.

Gentlemen, it is time for Phase Three.

We will ensure that when what is rightfully free comes under threat of suppression, nothing will stop us from raising our voices.

The world will hear us. The echo will be relentless.

We will ensure that Anonymous retains what is ours. Anonymous will reclaim Project Chanology once and for all.

Leaders of Scientology, your card is marked. Soon, you will be nothing more than a whimper.

Your organization will be ruined utterly, and disposed of without sorrow. Your fate will await, from August the Eighth.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

Expect Us..






Eye on NillaWafers

NillaWafers is a YouTube user and cassieiswatching sleuther that resides in Azusa, California, the same town that Blogspot Frank was staying when he made the cassieiswatching videos. This was also the closest town in proximity to the location of Bree's Swimming! video and cassieiswatching's This Is My Story Now video. Familiar with the area she set out with a friend in a failed attempt to find the hole as chronicled in her video The Chase. After going home and getting more location info, she set out again, this time successfully finding the swimming hole but with mixed results that caused her to name the resulting video Ugh!. While she did indeed find the swimming hole and the dropped bag from This Is My Story Now it seems someone had beaten them there. Experienced ARG enthusiast Cu Roi had already found the allegedly game-jacked drop as seen in his video Casket of Tears. What Nilla did find in the sack was a note from Cu Roi telling her she had found the right spot except she was not the first to find it.

NillaWafers on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.


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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn has prepared an EPIC ORIGINAL MIX for the show tonight. It is mostly done, but he might add some LIVE elements.......stay tune for a 20 minute segment. There are 46 songs which is the same number as the "Mashup of Doom". As an exhibition match Glenn challenged everyone listening to pick out the song titles in the mix.

Also tonight. Thoughts on the finale.

LG15 published credits for the first time in video form. Glenn was happy to see his name included, but was surprised that Jenni Powell was left out. He said that it is cool to see everyone rally around her in the "Creators & Crew Elimination Game".

Misty eyed moment
Glenn's younger brother suggested they set up an old PC as a home theatre. Most TVs have a VGA input. What did Glenn watch? Mask !
They both were fixated. It came out in 84/85. It is so well done. Eric Stoltz is fantastic. It will choke you up. Just look at how we all get held back by things in life. It is based on a true story. Why did Cher not get nominated for an Oscar?

Over the weekend Glenn watched the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (it continues Terminator II). There are two schools: James Cameron fans who get into the sci-fi; and pple who like Arnold. Glenn fits in with the former. Brian Austin Green shows up. Everyone remembers him from 90210 but he has talent beyond that. Shirley Manson will also be on it. Glenn once interviewed her and said she is great and mentioned another article on her in Details magazine.

Glenn then performed an insanely awesome live mix:

"Glenn - 46 Songs (and Counting!) - Mix in Progress - Can You Identify All of the Songs? "

It ended up with 47 songs. Jenni Powell guessed a lot. Glenn likes MixMeister fusion which he says is surprisingly easy. It makes the music a bit more interesting and it is less technical than doing a mashup.

Reactions to the Lonelygirl15 finale
It is tough to end a series with that much history. How do you wrap up the primary story, and still set it up for the spin off show? You need a pay off for the viewers. You need a cliffhanger, but you also need a strong sense of resolution. They had a chance to really plan this out. Did they hit the mark?

There were a lot of negative reactions to the finale. Sometimes people just want to vent. We saw much the same after Bree died. A lot of people were "done".

People often come back to a show just for a finale. For example, that happened with Dawson's Creek. It is a challenge to wrap it all up. It is confusing for people who were expecting a "real finale".

With the new show launching, do you think that if it has been presented as a "season finale" (rather than a series finale) and that the old show would transition to a new show if would have worked better? For example, with the Practice was ending Boston Legal was starting up.

Glenn's expectation was more like Three's Company ending. The finale was ok, but as a fan Glenn was forgiving. Perhaps the stronger idea would have been to do a cliff hanger and then announce the finale. That way they would have time to prepare the finale and set up the new show. Perhaps that would have managed people's expectations better. Of course, behind the sceenes that would have been a hole set of issues with cast and crew.

The Anchor Cove crew has way less expectations and reacted on a different level. They gave up on the concept of a satisfying resolution a year ago. They find ways to enjoy things that once would have been disappointments. They do not seem as angry. On LG15 Today and LG15.com people are just pissed. They were hoping to see more resolution to the current story. You have 3 or 4 waves of fans and each seem to enjoy the show on different levels.

Some people did enjoy the finale. They are people who view the finale as a stop on the way to the new series. They like the show, and they intend to keep watching it because they enjoy spending time with the characters. It is like a relationship that has become a habit.

Glenn was shocked that people just did not seem enthusiastic about the finale even with the new show coming up. What has been put out for the new series so far has been good to build excitement but they missed the mark with the finale in terms of building excitement. Did is satisfy on the right level? Was it easy? No, it was a challenge.

Outside LG15 we still have not seen a lot of stuff outside the comedy genre that has worked online. For soap opera you have Prom Queen. Glenn went to a NewTeeVee event last week.

"Dr. Horrible" is in a class all of its own because of Joss Whedon. It has a built in fan base. Glenn hopes that it would still have caught on even if it had not been Joss, but we cannot take it as being indicative of a trend. It will however probably stimulate some more quirky works. Joss has done a lot of different stuff with TV, but some of it has not sustained a large enough audience (e.g. Firefly). The online world presents a new distribution channel. His hard core fan base is sufficient for a huge hit online.

Compare this to bands that on a major label maybe had one good hit and then got dropped by the label. They have a die hard fan base and can tour on their own. Financially it is almost a better business. You only really need the core 100-200k fan base. Part of the Joss Whedon success is that he gets a similar effect in addition to the press he received for being first.

Comedy is still the largest sector.

Glenn will be interested to see how Sorority Forever does with the WB.

Six months ago Glenn would have predicted that we would see real growth in the independent series. He is a little shocked at how much he as been enjoying Hulu. If it is online with Hulu you need to get it onto your TV. They have all 3 seasons of "Its always sunny in Philadelphia". They added Dr. Horrible. They have been adding supplemental stuff. Glenn thought Hulu would turn out a lot less cool than it has turned out. It is going to make things much more competitive online for independent series.

It is going to be hard for the next "LG15 type" success. Not everyone is going to have the same access to distribution. You might not be on Hulu and you might not have front page placement on YouTube. "Big media" is starting to take control. It is a bit of a suprise to see them get it right with Hulu. It offers a compelling alternative. The studios were upset about the pirated content on YouTube and created their own outlet. They were late to the game, but they hit the mark and it is growing. This is unfortunate for "the little guy" who wants to showcase their own independent series.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

PLAYLIST <======

"Girl Tied Up" gets flagged on YouTube

"Girl Tied Up" has been flagged on YouTube

Girl Tied up was flagged by the YouTube community. You have to be 18 or older to watch it now.

Girl Tied Up on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Cruisin' With My Homies - insideLG15

A behind-the-scenes look at the lonelygirl15 cast and crew during filming of the series finale.

Stonedog vs RoyTheBoy week 4: Jennie!

3 weeks down with 2 to go! This week we're rapping about Jennie! Can you dig it?

RoyTheBoy's Rap

StoneDog's Rap

Which Jennie Rap was better?

Roy's Jennie Rap
Stone's Jennie Rap

(View Results)

Create a Poll

Week 1: StoneDog 18, RoyTheBoy 10
Week 2: StoneDog 9, RoyTheBoy 7
Week 3: StoneDog 7, RoyTheBoy 7 (Tie)
Week 4: ...
Week 5: ...

Questions (A&A:igotfeelings288)

It seems my questions always lead to more questions.

Tags: lunasapphire thecoalition bc questions luna mike puzzle text files

Visit theCoalition 2.0

BBQ Disaster - LonelyJew15 (LJ15)

Jerry's totally lost it! --Princess

Sofias Diary Ep 103

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hismonstrosities and
IMMORALITY weresecondonly to the
they decide fates, THEY
innocent, and yet YOU MOURN HIM.
the girls are beyond innocent, they
are naive, tricked, trapped, poked
and prodded, tortured, defiled,
touched... touched... THIS MAN IS

their crimes against humanity,
against decency... WE ARE STRONGER.



See reference: http://blondefairy1975.wordpress.com/

HymnOfOne: To whom it may concern,

To whom it may concern,

Over the past three years our church has been repeatedly attacked, maligned, and terrorized both online and in the real world. While we have faced the slanderous, degenerate behavior with the brave face and determination our teachings have instilled in us, this previous weekend's events have gone too far. A group of pranksters who've populated the internet community www.lg15.com interrupted our planned holy pilgrimage, used some form of explosives to destroy several valuable artifacts, and, proceeded to attack and injure several of our brethren.

We can no longer stand idly by. We have been in contact with several charitable organizations that have offered to give legal services to our simple church to combat these unfounded, hate-filled attacks. The authorities have been contacted, and, assure us that the criminals will be brought to justice.

We have also been advised by our legal team to greatly reduce our online presence, and to merely catalog and ignore any future aggression from this sick and vile community.

Please be forewarned if you are one of the aforementioned, you will be hearing from both law enforcement and our lawyers in the coming weeks.

May you find your eternal song,

The Hymn of One

[email protected]



Week 1 - Wednesday - Sam King


Posted by Ophelia:


In this essay (and it is an essay), I'm going to detail somethings that are bugging me with characters, storylines, production and otherwise.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heekya is Social Storytelling. How Collaborative!

Currently in private beta, a new service called Heekya is joining this larger development trend with a story creation tool that doesn’t require direct social interaction but taps into the web community as a whole for the rendering of a given project, which can be created and recreated over and over again, by any number of users.


We're Screw'd! - Ethan (lonefox101)

The Labyrinth of Solitude - revroundexe


Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.

BrightSilence: binary in the first video is "you mortals are now worthy"

jo_16_2 said...
text on profile is: I can hear your laughter, children.

text on first vid is: you mortals are now worthy

second vid has the letter S

third vid has the letter E

Under Western Eyes - revroundexe
Who knows what true happiness is? Not the conventional word but the naked terror. To the lonely themselves, it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion.

White Oleander - revroundexe
Don't attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you're lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space.

View Larger Map

Sofias Diary Ep 102

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lonelygirl15 Wrap Party!

See more wrap party pixs on insideLG15

Get Your Wonderflonium Here!

Welcome to Wonderflonium.Com a place where fan videos related to the Dr. Horrible sensation will be collected for your viewing pleasure. Now expanded to incorporate other forms of fan art as well.


Also, the official fan site: http://doctorhorrible.net/

From Yousef on MySpace

(I've copied and pasted straight from the MySpace bulletin - the typos are Yousef's not mine :-) )

To everyone out there who made the last two years of my life soooo amazing!!!

First off, I recieved so many birthday, birfday and b-day wishes on here that it really made me think how lucky I've been. I want to thank you all personally for that. It was great! On my bday I also happened to have the wrap party for LG15. I gotta admit I was a little sad at first, not only because I was out of a job on that day, but also because I was scarred that maybe this would never happen again. Andy warhol was quoted for saying something like "everyone will one day have there 15 min of fame" and I was worried that maybe this was mine. I hope not, I mean I dont plan on giving up but anyway that's not the point. The point is that as the night went on I had kinda shyed away from everyone, or atleast in my opinion I did. I realised something that night though. I realised that I had been a part of something that might actually be remembered years down the road. I realised that I had been giving a chance to start my dream and actually live it for a while. I finally realised that I did mae the right decision when I first said that I was going to pack my car and move out to LA to make a living as an actor. It sounds crazy to me to even really thin about that, not that I did at the time. I was so full of my dreams that I'm sure I blocked out everyone who told me it couldn't happen. I'm glad I did, because I moved out here and booked in my opinion one of the greatest shows anyone could. And sure, maybe hollywood doesn't now my name right now and people still think it's a girl in a room blogging or are surprised that it was still running but I knew the truth. The truth was I got to work on something brand new, in all aspects of entertainment. I've made friends with people on here who interacted with the show. I've made a new family with the cast and crew of the show that I worked so tightly with. It has litterally been a gift and I will never forget any of it. So, anyway I just realised that I went off on a tangent. I started writting this just to say thans for the birthday wishes and it turned into something waaaay different!!! Anyway, my birthday although I was a little depressed starting it off ended up being the best birthday since the day I was born, which I assume wasn't really a great day, sounds kinda painful and stuff....maybe I should erase that last part. oh well on a roll dont want to stop typing. Aaanyway it ended up being the best birthday I could have ever imagined. I got to spend it with some of the people closest to me and on top of that Greg, Miles and Amanda were doing this speech at the end, and all of a sudden I hear the words "and it happens to be his birthday too" and I'm like crap they're gonna sing to me. There's nothing more uncomfortable then being sung to by a group of people, but luckily they didn't, they brought me up for something else. So I'm standing now infront of everyone and they're saying really nice stuff and hold out this blac box with a latch. They say it's a gift for me and Greg starts to open it while he's speaing. I see this thing inside of it that looks lie one of those arm bracelets in the shape of a spring, and I'm thinking while trying not to let them see the confusion on my face "what the hell is that? Jewelry?" Well Greg continues to speak and says "as most of you now, we brought home the webby this year for best drama series" and I'm lie nooooo, no way, then he say's "and we would lie to give it to you, Yousef" I swear I almost died! I didn't now what to say, but I was so touched.

It was the coolest thing I had ever recieved and meant more then the world to me! So to all of you on here, the cast and everyone behind the scenes of lonelygirl15 I say thanks for the dream and know that there is a special place in my heart for all of you!!!!!!

-Yousef A

Waking Up Dead - Jennifear (RevenantRed)

The Creature may have killed me, but The Facility brought me back.

See you in your nightmares, Red.


ELI Jennifear

View The Forum Thread

lonelygirl15 Is Dead–Long Live EQAL!?!


Monday, August 4, 2008

OMG!!! Jonas Brothers and Fred Join Cast of Lonelygirl15! - WHATHEBUCKSHOW


What the Buck cover the LG15 finale and tries to breathe some life by casting some new characters!

Lonelygirl15: Farewell - Aerinthia


Go to LG15.com to learn more!
At the end, Emma was in the NowLive chat and I asked her if she would marry me. You can figure the rest out. ;)

"First Time" by Lifehouse

lonelygirl15 Series Credits - insideLG15

Credits for the three seasons of lonelygirl15.

Music_Artist: Emma Burgess
Track: Massachusetts

Lonelygirl15 clue

Hey, what's up?

I'm a lonelygirl15 fan, but I received a weird email with a flyer attachment the other day.

Looks Interesting!

Here's the link:


The password is fighttheorder (all lowercase all one word). You may have to put in the password you may not.

Have a great day!



"The secrets of the man known as the Wickedest in All of the World are many, yet all that remains of his legacy are a few personal treasures. We at Willow Wood Auctioneers have been commissioned by an anonymous collector to share the High Priest’s belongings with those inspired by, devoted to, and intrigued with this legendary figure of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the coming weeks, items from the collection will be placed online for your perusal, for the eventual auction to be held at a location and date to be announced. Amongst the Collection are personal items, occult objects, historical artifacts, and literary manuscripts.

We at the Willow Wood Auctioneers are devoted to the preservation and presentation of great historical and religious figures of the modern era. Our services are provided on a per client basis, and all transactions are kept in the strictest of confidence.

For updates on this auction, please submit your e-mail address in the form below. We promise to protect your privacy just as we protect the privacy of our clients."

More Thoughts

Goodbye lonelygirl15
"To see her back at the end, stalking Jonas... that was pretty bad ass."


My Thoughts on the Finale...
"However, once Lucy posted her video, leaving it on a cliffhanger, I realized something: that it wasn't meant to tie up all the loose ends."

Sofias Diary Ep 101

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from the set:

For more pixs see insideLG15

Community Art

by Apparition

For more community art see insideLG15

PhD Dissertation Involving LG15 and ARGs

Hi Everyone!

I am reposting this once more because both GregGallows and I got a chance to talk with Burcu and she is amazing and we'd both really love to see her project succeed. Here again is her post from the forum:

by PaleFire on Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:10 pm

I've been directed by BrokenKid to repost this here. You may see the call at different threads as I was trying to figure out where exactly to post it:

I am a graduate student who is writing her dissertation on performative narratives across platforms. Well, you can guess where I am going with this.
My first chapter looks at performative narratives in the print medium (i.e. some experimental novels such as Don Quixote, Tristram Shandy, Pale Fire, and the open-source novel, Exit Stategy). My last two chapters talk about disruptive narratives created by griefers in Second Life (a virtual world, for those of you who are not familiar), and my second one (which will come right after the print chapter and will exemplify how an open source narrative could possibly work) is on ARGs and Lonelygirl15.

People whom I’d be interested in talking to:
1)Anyone who is a puppetmaster and was involved in launching an LG15 ARG.
2)Anyone who had created fanfiction about LG15 (should be tons of people who have done that here).
3)Anyone who is a veteran in the LG15 forums and has been following the story for awhile.
4)Anyone who knows interesting people to talk to.

My name is Burcu Bakioglu.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Skype: PaleFireR
AIM: PaleFireR
Ping me if you are interested in chatting with me. Thank you all!


She's also working on researching ARGs outside our community, so if you participated in promotional ARGs such as the recent The Dark Knight or Cloverfield ARGs, it would also be awesome if you contacted her.

Thanks for your time!
--Jenni Powell and GregGallows

MaxterBexter: Becki and Max Eat Sushi

Max and Becki eat sushi at the Farmers' Market in L.A.

Music - "Must Have Done Something Right" by Relient K

The Prophecy

We still do not know a great deal about the Crowley prophecy in the context of Lonelygirl15 however there have been a few interesting references in other videos.

As previously reported a few days ago , there was a discussion on Lonelygirl15 "comments" about an older video called "The Drop". While the name of the video suggested an ARG trailhead, to our knowledge no drop was ever found. P.monkeygetsfunky and a few of the Lonelygirl15 comments regulars were able to track down the exact location of "The Drop" to be Palm Springs, California with the help of a series of myspace blog posts which began to appear one year after the last blog post. Unfortunately no one lived close enough to the suspected drop site to check if it is still there.

During the Lonelygirl15 finale "The Ascension" some fans noticed a statement by Sarah in the 4 PM video :

Sarah: They can't kill you. They need you. You're the one, Jonas. The prophecy.

bore a striking resemblence to what is said in the video below posted on the grigoriamongstus YouTube account on April 07, 2007:

The Watcher - grigoriamongstus

"The death of the Prophet gave rise to a power. A power that will protect the one, at all cost. You know that power as the Watcher."

In other videos there are also interesting references to Revelation 7:11 and the "God Of Fertility ".

Anonymous becomes the topic of the day.

"The Resistance" is not out the door yet but it has already become the center of controversy on Lonelygirl15 "comments" with the community discussing whether or not it is a "rip off" from Anonymous.

Message to Scientology - Church0fScientology

Hello, Scientology. We are Anonymous.


August 2nd, 2008 at 11:40 am

you can’t really explain Anonymous. youtube it

Who is Anonymous?

Anonymous is a cultural phenomenon which began on internet image boards. Many such boards require no registration for posting, and every poster remains anonymous. This format of communication is inherently noisy and chaotic. However, the unprecedented openness made possible by such boards has nurtured the appearance of a unique and persistent culture.

We are a collection of individuals united by ideas. You likely know Anonymous, although you don’t know exactly who we are. We are your brothers and sisters, your parents and children, your superiors and your underlings. We are the concerned citizens standing next to you. Anonymous is everywhere, yet nowhere. Our strength lies in our numbers. Our will as a whole is the combined will of individuals. Our greatest advantage is a knowledge of the fundamentals we share as human beings. This knowledge is a fruit of our anonymity.

Anonymous has left its mark on society more than once. Previous Anonymous projects have resulted in the closing of the white-supremacist radio show produced by Hal Turner, and the criminal prosecution of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand. Anonymous has been called a “Cyber Vigilante Group”


What do you think?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Advice to Ethan - Adam (xred74x)

Hey Ethan, it's Adam! We've been talking on AIM for a few weeks, and I decided to post a video of my thoughts on your current situation.

'Sorority Forever' starring Jessica Rose to debut Sept. 8 on WB.com

LG15 Today previously reported from Jessica Rose's myspace that she was working on 'Sorority Forever' in WA (which is either Washington or Western Australia, I'm not sure which).

This article about the show was posted on Tubefilter July 31 (link provided by Mathieas in chat):

Big Fantastic Confirms ‘Sorority Forever’ On Track For post-Labor Day Debut

In the series Sorority Forever that surfaced earlier this month, the show is still on track for launch on September 8 on TheWB.com. Writer/Producer of the series Chris McCaleb assured us that things are fulling moving forward with the highly-anticipated fall web mystery/drama, which is being produced together with film director McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision. The 40-episode show, which will star the original lonelygirl15 herself, Jessica Rose, is expected to be one of the biggest hits yet for Big Fantastic.

Valleygirl15 Recaps Series Finale! - valleygirl15

12 in 12.

A peek at what's to come... - Sam King

I've been caught up in a few scrapes lately...I'm a professional honestly, just get caught out on occasion...

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/IamSamKing

Welcome to my Secret World! This is going to be a bit like exclusive club *ahem* where anything is possible...where pop stars pace the corridors, the office stereo plays future hit singles, and desks are cluttered with invitations to exclusive gigs. It's not really my world yet but with your help it will be soon...

I'm Sam King, working as a post boy at a major record label. I've secretly set up my own office at the back of the stationary cupboard. With a few friends in the business pulling some strings and with your help, I'm going to try and break new bands and guide them through all the challenges that the music industry throws at us.

Ultimately I need your help to get out of the post-room, so whether you’re a budding journalist who can write a wicked review for one of my bands, a wannabe singer looking for a break, or you think you could create a video for a new artist, I really wanna hear from you!

For loads more goodies including widgets and bebo skins, head over to www.thesecretworldof.co.uk !

ON BEBO: http://www.bebo.com/SamKing

The Gap Year - Week 10 Highlights

The Secret World of Sam King - Kicks Off

LG15 Today previously posted a 'sneak peek' at Bebo's new web series, The Secret World of Sam King, beginning August 6.

The show is set at A&R Studios which is listed on Greg Parker's Bebo page (played by Giles Anderson). As previously noted on this blog, this early video from the Sam King page includes Giles as Greg Parker, an co-worker of Sam King:

They're Talking About Me! - IAmSamKing

Look Familiar?

Nice one. I'm Greg - living, working and breathing the London music scene. Hooked up in A & R at a major, working with some movers and shakers of which I'm one now.

My dad used to be a big star in the 80s & I grew up surrrounded by music & celebrity so I'm unphased by all the stuff that goes on at work and when I'm out, which is probably one of the reasons I'm great at my job.

Have been working at the label for just over a year & done my fair bit when it comes to discovering new talent. The secret to it is really getting to the right parties & hooking up with agents, making a name for yourself and then swiping artists from under your competitors' noses...jus' kiddin'!! haha. It's really all about being in the right place at the right time & that's me.

Greg Parker on Bebo.

Thank You Creators (playlist)

The Ascension (playlist)

Ode To Joy - meepmeepmeepow

Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep Meeeeeeeeeep Meep-Meep

Thank You!

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