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Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's finally over!

Bree takes down Gina in the elimination game!

"whisking Gina away, out of the reach of the blood thirsty mob."

LOST ARG at Comic Con Exclusive

"As I was going in to Comic Con some guys in Dharma jumpsuits where coming out, they gave me a hand-out. Basically, it is information on setting up an appointment to take the aptitude test. On the back is a Swan. It's an origami thing."



For good information on the event, see also:

Rumors of my demise ... - dRNAworld (tC:A/A)

After some time away, I'm back and ready to live my life again.

If I ever leave this world alive - Flogging Molly



Sara E. R. Fletcher plays in "Beyond the Mat"

Beyond the Mat trailer

Comes out in 2009.

Sexy Song Night with Surfthetsu - Live RIGHT NOW!

Surfthetsu here shamelessly plugging his own show, as usual, I know.

Anyways, tonight is sexy song night, and we're kicking it off with songs like Music is My Hot Hot Sex by CSS and Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

Come join me as well for a special surprise mashup at the end...

Giles Anderson makes small appearance in 'Secret World of Sam King'

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/IamSamKing

"The Drop" cracked open?

With the recent return of legends such as LG422 and Twjaniak there has been a lot of interest in vintage video series such as Cassieiswatching. Last night on "comments" there was some discussion of one of the lesser known series from grigoriamongstus which began with a video called "The Drop". While the name of the video suggested an ARG trailhead, to our knowledge no drop was ever found.

Last night p.monkeygetsfunky and a few of the Lonelygirl15 comments regulars began to research the location of "The Drop" prompted by a series of myspace blog posts which began to appear one year after the last bog post. Among the posts appeared to be a reference to Revelation 7:11 but what really cracked things open was the discovery that the location is in Palm Springs, California. A simple google map search of the street sign then led to the following location.

View Larger Map

One of the myspace blog posts contained a picture of an identical location.

In addition there is a picture of what we assume is "the watcher" placing something under one of the rocks at the location. Could it still be there after all this time?

Dollhouse panel

Today at Comic Con - the Dollhouse panel. Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh will be in attendance and it all starts at 1pm PT. There's blogging and Twittering from the likes of io9.com and our fellow Whedonesque posters who are in attendance.


Enter the Dollhouse with Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku, and Tamoh Pinkett

"We're here, liveblogging at the Dollhouse panel with Whedon, Dushku, and Pinkett."


Ceremony Preperations - wilannies

Lonefox will ascend to the rank of elder should he choose to or not...

The Ascension: LG15 Finale Promo - september2star

then end is coming, who will survive? Who will continue to fight?

Happy Birthday Heather - WatchingOpAphid

Happy Birthday Heather

I want to say thanks to ApotheosisAZ, Betz, CB, Linc, and Rob for sending in their clips. I know Ziola wanted to also, but mother nature hindered that.

I hope you've had a good one Heather

Displaced, Emma's Story - michiev

Clips: lg15 @youtube
music: azure ray - displaced
(no copyright infringement intended)

sorry about the quality again, my video thing messes it up.

i liked the sarah's story video so much, that i might... create a story video for each important character.

Friday, July 25, 2008

HTMLvis takes out Amanda!!!

After dropping under the radar...LG422 recently emerged to take out none other than Miles Beckett in Creator/Crew Elimination. A few moments ago another star of the community struck the final blow that laid Amanda to rest. HTMLvis was notorious for developing the "CAW" in the popular community video series Maddison Atkins. "CAW" was similar to the "meep" created by comment board fans of Lonelygirl15.

"HTMLvis swoops in and takes Amanda's last vote CAW! CAW!!"


The Ascension: 12in12 lonelygirl15 Series Finale

On FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, an astrological event will occur known as a total eclipse of the sun. The sky will become dark as a shadow is cast across the sky. For a moment light will cease to exist. As The Order tries to induct a new Elder, four friends will stop at nothing to end The Order’s reign and restore the natural cycle of life to the world.

At 8:00 AM PACIFIC (11:00 AM EASTERN) the lonelygirl15 series finale will begin. 12 videos in 12 hours will mark the end of lonelygirl15, but the fight has just begun.

The Ascension: 12in12 lonelygirl15 Series Finale on the Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Check out our blogspot portal page for The Ascension finale of Lonelygirl15.

Nemarous is now in 3rd Triad IRC chat

Nemarous from 3rd Triad is now in the #3rdtriad chat room discussing the potential drop and what it means.

Join the discussion: http://java.freenode.net//index.php?channel=3rdTriad

Nobody's Home, Sarah's Story - michiev

clips: lonelygirl15 @ youtube
music: avril lavigne - nobody's home
(no copyright infringement intended)

basically, its about sarah.. her life with the TAAG, her choices, the things she was being made to do. her thinking about taylor and daniel and the others.

InsideLG15 is OUT!

The official blog of LG15.com has been knocked out of the elimination game by wintermute.

The remaining contestants in the site feature elimination game are:

Fan video responses section
F (discussion board)

Vote for you favorite site feature on LG15.com.


In related news, "Handcuffed" has just been eliminated from the video game leaving:

Human Ransom
First Blog/Dorkiness Prevails


The Station

Where have your favorite character gone? You might want to look for them in "The Station".

The Station by Patricia Hysell


Research: boryalic

We're Screwed!

I'm speechless. - Daniel

Music_Artist: Arthur Yoria
Track: Places Everyone

This video confirms the suspicion that Sarah was placed back into TAAG as a plant by the Order and that she was the one who left the DVD on Jonas's car in No Way To Live.

We're Screwed! - Daniel (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Research project on LG15

by PaleFire on Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:10 pm

I've been directed by BrokenKid to repost this here. You may see the call at different threads as I was trying to figure out where exactly to post it:

I am a graduate student who is writing her dissertation on performative narratives across platforms. Well, you can guess where I am going with this.
My first chapter looks at performative narratives in the print medium (i.e. some experimental novels such as Don Quixote, Tristram Shandy, Pale Fire, and the open-source novel, Exit Stategy). My last two chapters talk about disruptive narratives created by griefers in Second Life (a virtual world, for those of you who are not familiar), and my second one (which will come right after the print chapter and will exemplify how an open source narrative could possibly work) is on ARGs and Lonelygirl15.

People whom I’d be interested in talking to:
1)Anyone who is a puppetmaster and was involved in launching an LG15 ARG.
2)Anyone who had created fanfiction about LG15 (should be tons of people who have done that here).
3)Anyone who is a veteran in the LG15 forums and has been following the story for awhile.
4)Anyone who knows interesting people to talk to.

My name is Burcu Bakioglu.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Skype: PaleFireR
AIM: PaleFireR
Ping me if you are interested in chatting with me. Thank you all!


Sofia's Diary Ep 95

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Interview with ‘lonelygirl15′ writer Mary Feuer on her new show ‘With The Angels’ on Strike.TV

Tubefilter News caught up with Mary Feuer, one of the writers of the seminal web series lonelygirl15, to talk about her new web show, With The Angels, premiering next month on StrikeTV. The show brings together a slew of LG15 vets, starring Carly Jones (”Mallory” from LG15) and Sean Vincent Biggins (”Dr. Calvin Hart” from LG15) and featuring fellow lonelygirl15 scribe Jonathan Robert Kaplan as a co-writer. Set to launch soon (early August) on StrikeTV, the show plans to roll out a whopping 36 episodes in its initial run.

TF: You were a writer on lonelygirl15. Will With The Angels remind us of LG15?

Feuer: The blog style will remind you of LG15. The fact that Taffy, the main character, is kind of an isolated person who reaches out to people on the web for companionship is another similarity. But I guess for me the biggest difference is that on LG15 people are necessarily always reacting to a big external threat, and the conflicts in “With the Angels” are more interpersonal. They come from things as basic as having an incompatible roommate, failing at a career, falling for the wrong person, having your belief system rocked when it collides with someone else’s, things like that.

None of this is to say anything against Lonelygirl15 - they do what they do incredibly well, and I still watch and enjoy the show. It’s just different.

TF: What’s the release date?

Feuer: You’ll have to ask Strike TV about that one: there are a few logistical things that are still being sorted out, I guess. But soon. Very soon. When I find out, I’ll let you know.

[Ed. Note: StrikeTV is aiming for an early August release.]

TF: Is it easier/how is it different than writing/shooting for television?

Feuer: It’s definitely not easier - but it is different, in my opinion. That’s why it doesn’t necessarily work when someone chops up their feature and posts it as a web series.
The first-person storytelling is the biggest difference. It’s not the only way to go, but it certainly is one great option. I’m really interested in exploring that - it’s something the web does incredibly well that doesn’t so much work in other mediums. Well, it works, but to a very different effect: when you have someone talk straight to the camera in a movie or on TV, it feels theatrical because it reminds you there’s a camera there and you lose that “fly on the wall” sensation. But on the web, with a blog, you’re acknowledging the camera and looking through it to the person sitting on the other side, who is much more actively engaged than someone watching a movie or show. It’s an overused word, but the web really is very intimate. As TV and the internet merge, this will be less true, so I feel like, let’s explore this while we can.

At this point in time, too, most people are still viewing on tiny screens, so, visually, it’s going to have to be different than what you’d put on a larger canvas. And shorter, which I find really fun, because you can enter and exit stories in all kinds of ways. There aren’t so many formulas and structural rules, so there’s room to play. You don’t have to color within the lines - you can drop pieces of your story all over the internet like breadcrumbs for people to find if you want to. It’s great.


For the entire article visit: http://news.tubefilter.tv/2008/07/24/interview-with-lonelygirl15-writer-mary-feuer-on-her-new-show-with-the-angels-on-striketv/

2009 A True Story - Episode 13_0 Days Remaining

July 4, 2009

Who lives? Who dies? Series finale.

"We can't hide out in the desert anymore?"
(Sara Ford_19)

Music Featured:

"Gravity" and "Memory" from Miles Tilmann

"14 Ghosts II" and "12 Ghosts II" from Nine Inch Nails

Thanks for watching!


The Appointment Is Set - Pops (3rdTriad)

Nemmy, RSVP.


QtheC said...

Looks like a drop or meeting time and place...

I think the braille-looking dots are just to be counted, as in :::. = 7, : = 2, ::::. = 9
indicating a date of July 29.

Entering the coordinates
34.061285 N, 118.294527 W
at maps.google.com gives a location in Los Angeles, 660 S. Berendo St. maps.google.com also a street level view you can rotate through 360 degrees... might be the base of the church seen in the video.

The flashing clock face at the end says 4 o'clock.

So maybe someone from L.A. should go to that address at 4pm or 4am on Tuesday, July 29 and see what's up ...

This looks like the church:


Immanuel Presbyterian Church
3300 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010

It's located at the SW corner of the intersection of S. Berendo St. and Wilshire Blvd, right at the coordinates.

View Larger Map

View The Forum Thread

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Resurrection - WaldenGhosts (RevenantRed)

Dear Bloodsuckers,

Perhaps YOU are the ones who should have chosen better passwords.

As long as there are monsters to be slayed our job will never be done.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

- WG

View The Forum Thread

Re: "Cassie" is back on Second Life

by PaleFire

on Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:36 pm

I am dying to learn about the ins and outs of how Cassie ended up in Second Life. And what is the difference between LG15's Cassie and the one in cassieiswatching, who is supposed to be in the ARG. Since I am doing research on LG15, I greatly appreciate anyone who would want the chat with me. I am looking at the forum thread that's posted earlier, but would also much appreciate talking to someone about the topic.

Thanks all!

Burcu Bakioglu


Sofias Diary Ep 94

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Grave Drawings - Jonas (LG15)

We went to the tombs and found some weird drawings. I drew them as best I could...hopefully you can help us figure out what they mean. - Jonas

Track: Stop Talking

The drawing supposedly translates to, "Finish him at Lufkin." Lufkin is a town about 25 miles away from Zavalla.

Grave Drawings - Jonas (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Community Art

by SexiLexi


From the set

Source: insideLG15

Lonelygirl15: The End is Upon Us by DutchLostLover108

Once again, DutchLostLover108 makes lg15 promo gold:

Youtube Link

LG15 Love Poem Contest Ends Tomorrow

The Love Poem Contest at insidelg15 ends tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. PST. The contest, first suggested by QtheC, requires:

write a love poem from one lonelygirl15 character to another lonelygirl15 character. The winning entry will receive a signed cast photograph and copy of their poem.
Check out the entries in the comments as well, here is one from SouthSideHope that I enjoyed:

Sometimes you can be hard to manage.
Sometimes you can be in total disarray.

Sometimes your simply perfection
Sometimes I see you laying there in that oh so sexy way.

Sometimes your my biggest asset.
Sometimes my biggest foe.

Sometimes I want to cut you.
Sometimes I want to just watch you grow.

Sometime life is too hard and
Sometimes I live with despair.

But I keep on going knowing that I have you.
You are my EPIC head of hair

- From Jonas to his hair.

don't ever get a brazillian, will you promise me that?

To enter:

Full of Grace - michiev

clips: from LG15 @ youtube
music: Sarah Mclachlan - Full Of Grace
Clay Bell - Gave up

no copyright infringement is intended

this is like a two in one deal :D
sorry about the quality

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday RoyTheBoy! - schneidz124

Happy 22nd Birthday, love your friends from IRC!

Liv's YouTube Page

STRIKE.TV behind-the-scenes: 5 or DIE

Tom Holland's "5 or Die" is a another web series under development on Strike.TV, joining With The Angels and Unknown Sender.

     Looking for shows to watch online?


Hit or miss? What do you think?

WHAT TIME IS IT?... Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

We are up and running with "Vampire Weekend" - A-Punk.

Last week Glenn was mixing mp3s live. Then we had a really long discussion. With Lonelygirl15 tonight we will talk about the past.

Glenn is still dealing with a major computer crash. OSX is the gate keeper to the PC partition when you use bootcamp and when you have a hard drive issue this can make things difficult. Had Glenn been using XP he would have been able to pop out the drive and move it.

Glenn talked a little about video editing software. Motion has a lot of preset default settings. The downside is that everyone tends to use the same settings.

Glenn has realized he needs to Tivo "King Of The Hill'. Mari also recommended "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia " with Danny DeVito. He almost thinks it was better before Danny DeVito. It is very wrong an offensive, but funny. It is on the FX channel. Mari said that it is like a show Glenn would create.

Lost Boys II "The Tribe" has been talked about recently. Cori Feldman is the best part of it. It is what it is. It has been labelled "Seinfeld on crack". It has an aethetic that works. This and Curb You Enthusiasm are the air apparent to Seinfeld. FX will run it through 2011. They are having a panel at Comic-Con which Glenn will unfortunately not be attending. Glenn does not have a lot of huge goals left but he would like to do a panel discussion at Comic-Con.

If you try to make "Red Dawn" for this day and age you cannot call it that today. "Red Dusk" would work. Today we have a different world with different types of attack. On 9/11 Glenn was watching CNN and they had Tom Clancy on. They had the producers from The Seige which had distinct similarities to 9/11. Remaking Red Dawn does not work. Glenn's long game is that when the remake stalls Glenn will come in with an idea for a sequel instead.

The other day Glenn came up with additional elements for Red Dusk. Glenn needs a meeting with MGM UA because this is so good. He has a gut feeling that he is onto something. He is half way to a solid treatment. He has a premise and a scenerio.

Glenn saw The Dark Knight . He was not blown away with the Watchman trailer. Something abut Zac's look makes it look like everything was shot on a blue screen. In terms of Dark Knight, Heath Ledger performance does the best interpretation of the Joker. He disappears into the role. It is scary and dark and on that level it works. It is not everything it has been made out to be. The end made no sense. Harvey Dent does some stuff at the end of the movie and some people die. Christian Bale needs to take his voice down a few notches. Batman was going to take the heat and be an outlaw. Why not blame the Joker? It makes no sense. It might set up the next movie but it makes no sense within the story. We can't blame five more deaths on the Joker? No, let's just tarnish Batmans reputation.

There is a cameo with Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy . Last time he was a huge bad guy, so why, if he was the bit threat, is he out and about. When the Scarecrow is captured Batman is not even perturbed. Again it makes no sense. You take the big bad from the last movie and then treat him like any other villian?

Instead of a live mix Glenn worked on a mix this afternoon. It is around 20 minutes. It is between a traditional mix and a mashup. He included a better version of something he discovered last week. Glenn then played the world wide debut of his new mix: "July 23 2008 - GlennFM Mix"

Glenn thanked everyone for their help in the "elimination games". Human Ransom is doing well, "Glenn" is doing well, and OpAphid did very well winning that game. It warms his heart and he appreciates the positive thoughts.

The thing that got Glenn first interested in Lonelygirl15 was whether Bree was real or not. Glenn read about it on Digg before the big reveal. It was during the speculation phase. What was the first video Glenn watched? The week of September 1-10. He got the appeal and he liked it but he was more facinated by the news about it. He was interested in the meta more because he did not know what the story was. The character was compelling but he was not sure what the story was about. Cassieiswatching made him more interested in the story.

To they layman and the masses a lot of them think of Lonelygirl15 more as a character than a story.

The creators saw how compelling the dual story telling was in Cassieiswatching and Opaphid. They offered opportunities that did not exist within Lonelygirl15. Cassieiswatching captured the imagination. At the start we knew less, and Cassieiswatching was far more effective in that sense. With OpAphid we already knew too much.

What Glenn likes about "Rosemary's Baby" is that if you take away the end and the "big scene" it plays out like any other movie of the era. If you look at Lonelygirl15 and cassieiswatching you almost have the same dynamic. The glimpse of Crowley gave us a small hint. The first Cassieiswatching was disturbing but not in a way that repulsed you. It was done in an artistic way. You are not quite sure what is going on. It is a wonderful way that draws you in.

The mistake in the second Cassieiswatching video is that it went from something that was tastefull to the second video. The first video was simple but elegant. It was almost one perfect camera shot. It worked in a fantastic way.

The 2nd half of The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful was Glenn's homage to what glenn would have done. this is what the 2nd cassie is watching video should have been . They should have ripped off themself and done just the same style of the first video with the pay phone. That is what Glenn was going for. It could even have been a simple shot of the playground. He gets why Manson was there but it would have been better to have copied the same tone.

The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful - OpAphid

The Crowley glimpse in Lonelygirl15 was good. That is like before the move into the building in "Rosemary's Baby"

Glenn challenged everyone to go out and write a story for LG15 Today using the parallels between Lonelygirl15/cassieiswatching. and Rosemary's baby.

Had the creators not been outed perhaps the ceremony would have been more creepy and more like the big scene in Rosemary's Baby.

Cassieiswatching served as the tent pole suggesting that something was up.

What we never got was that in Rosemary's Baby she was altered by the event. We dont know how much acceptance of a reality she had. She has theories. When she learns the truth she is blown away. We as an audience knew something was up. Bree became suspicious about what was going on but was that comparable? Then Bree fled. It would have been like Rosemary fled.

Imagine this. Before the fake ceremony thing about what could have worked. What if we got Daniel's video in the woods. What if Bree went on with life like normal. The mystery of the show could have become that the details of the ceremony remained a unknown and Bree went on with her life. The fake ceremony took away the opportunity to add another layer to the story. Hind sight being 20/20 we can look at what could have been better. What do people wish had been done differently? Story wise what disappointment was the biggest turning point? Think about it at the "Anchor Cove level". What is the lesson that can be learned in story telling. Glenn would say the fake ceremony. It was a let down for the early fans. It delayed a pay off that we may still not have had to date. Human Ransom was a good pay off in terms of an arc. The arc was planned backwards from Human Ransom and then Glenn wrote the most interesting path he could.

Glenn thoght the show was ending on Oct 12, 2006. 10-12-06 was building to an end. Now we are heading towards and end of the series. What could be done currently? How satisfying can it be when another series is launching. As someone who writes and runs his own production Glenn says there is a lot more freedom working with a short run planned ending. You can tell a better story if you don't have to keep it open in order to keep it going in the future.

Unless you have your advertising pre sold then you can get caught. If it does well you want to keep it going in order to make money off it. It is very clear that when Cassieiswatching ended she could not come back. It was planned to end and they stuck to their plan. They have integrity.

It is even tough with writer turnover. Glenn talked about David Kelly and LA Law. When he left it was not so good. Glenn recommended the first half of a movie called " From The Hip " written by David Kelly (86). It has Judd Nelson as an ambitious lawyer. The first 45 minutes are clever and novel.

With OpAphid Glenn announced a new story arc when he was still trying to figure things out contractually. It becomes pressure. You do not want to loose the momentum. With RedEarth Glenn feels better about the break than sacrificing qualtiy. With LG15 it is great that they will have a break. It is tough.

Glenn talked about old school vs new school views of the show. Most of the old school people would say that the fake ceremony definitely changed things. The Daniel video kept up the momentum and it could have fit into something greater if the ceremony had not turned out to be fake. All that said, hind sight is 20/20.

If you still have not seen Rosemary's Baby do yourself a favor and watch it and you will know what Glenn is talking about. Glenn is a movie kinda guy as opposed to a "film critique" kinda guy. Rosemary's Baby is an awesome movie but it is also considered a well crafted film. A great film can be a shitty movie. Rosemary's Baby is one of the few examples that accomplish both well.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Love poem to Bree from P. Monkey

by RoseCrowley


Community Art

by Michiev

Source: insideLG15

In the Closet - Jennie (LG15)

You'll never believe what we found. What now? - Jennie

Sarah and Taylor reveal that their father is an undertaker.

In the Closet - Jennie (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia (home of awesomeness)

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Stonedog Vs. RoyTheBoy DanielBeast raps!

Week one is behind us and this week it's all about the DanielBeast! Listen to the two raps below and vote for your favorite!

RoyTheBoy's DanielBeast Rap
Stonedog's DanielBeast Rap

Which Daniel Rap was better?

Roy's DanielBeast Rap
Stone's DanielBeast Rap

(View Results)

Create a Poll

Current Standings

Week 1: StoneDog 18, RoyTheBoy 10
Week 2: ...
Week 3: ...
Week 4: ...
Week 5: ...

Sofias Diary Ep 93


Things to do to pass the time between videos - september2star

Just follow these simple steps, and you should be entertained!

Lonefox101 24 in 24 finale...is it possible?

Do you think the Lonefox101 series can pull off a 24 in 24 finale?

View Results
Free poll from Free Web Polls
Your answers will decide whether the series will go through with it, so vote now!

May 2007: An Interview With Yousef Abu-Taleb - CUSOON

Back on May 1, 2007, rosieiswatching posted on LG15 Today this interview she and Perky arranged with Yousef Abu-Taleb (Lonelygirl15's Danielbeast) ...

LG15 Today presents..... Inside Lonelygirl15: A candid interview with Lonelygirl15 superstar Yousef Abu-Taleb

New Yousef Show!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody, as you know LG15 is ending, and the amazing actors that we have all grown to love will be leaving us. But with bad news, also comes good. Yousef Abu Taleb is working on a new project! And it’s going to be AWESOME!! It’s called “Endangered Life” No immediate date has been set yet for the release So, go to the youtube link bellow and send a friend request. If you don’t have an account jump on the band wagon and create one!!! There's not much on there yet but there will be soon!!


:::::TO SUBSCRIBE::::::

Yousef Abu Taleb on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Artwork by Mitch


Lord Greystoke422 Goes Down

With a defiant "Strike Me Down and I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine", Lord Greystoke422 went down in the "Community Series Elimination Game"


His final words? "I control my own destiny...No one else."

Always working in mysterious ways..LG422 seems to have engineered his own removal from the game. What better way to avoid the clutches of the order than to drop from their view and operate under the radar.

John? - MessyNessy89

Note: Johnny reveals Hymn of One beliefs!!

Uhm, just watch it.

Watch out, Order about! - Meepersanonymous

Almost famous...but definately evil

meepers anonymous

HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE WEB by Mary Feuer, Creator of "With the Angels"

"I had learned an incredible amount about writing for the tiny screen from my bosses during a three- month stint as head writer on Lonelygirl15, and I was really eager to do some more exploring. While LG15 relied, by the time I got there, on a fair amount of plot and action as its teen characters battled the all-seeing Order, I really wanted to write something where the story came from characters interacting with each other rather than reacting to an external threat. So Taffy moved to Los Angeles from Arkansas and "With the Angels" was born."

Read more here.

Strike TV

Friend "With The Angels" and learn more at MySpace HERE.

More Importantly, What Would You Do? [Origins] - 6A616E65

Dear T,

54686579 206661696C6564 20746F 2044455354524F59 2074686174 200D0A7768696368 206C6179 20646F726D616E74 20756E646572 206D79 20686174 200D0A5B696E 206D79 20686561645D0D0A0D0A54686579 2077696C6C 20647562 206D65 2061 206C69617 20D0A427574 20496E666F726D6174696F6E 2077696C6C 207370726561640D0A5B4C696B65 2077696C64 20666972655D0D0A0D0A556E74696C 204F52444552 206275726E730D0A616E64 204348414F53 206973 20726573746F7265640D0A00

So, yeah...
I may need your help.

Behind the Scenes photos from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Behind the Scenes photos.

Starlight1968's Tribute to LG15 - alainanoel

One of my favorite songs put to pictures from lonelygirl 15... not in any particular order..

50 Episodes in 8.5 Minutes - LonelyJewFifteen


How do you squeeze 50 episodes into one recap video? Voice over, suckas!

-- An Omniscient Voice

Sofias Diary Ep 92

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Community Art

by arianesart

Source: insideLG15

Eye on Jenni Powell

Jenni is a long-time member of the online community. She approached Glenn Rubenstein in the fall of 2006 (before OpAphid became the official ARG of lonelygirl15) to ask if he needed any help production-wise. He saw her background in comedy and realized she may be a good fit to help produce an off-shoot of OpAphid that he had been writing called The Hamster Project. The story asked the question "What if a secret society hired a publicist to improve their image?"

Jenni shot episode one based off a script Glenn sent her, and he was impressed. They rewrote episodes one and two together, and Jenni produced, directed, and shot them. Before they had a chance to go further, however, Glenn was brought aboard LG15 to make OpAphid the official ARG, so the Hamster Project had to take a back-seat.

The two lost touch as Glenn became busy with LG15, and didn't get back in contact until around the time Marla showed up in Nacogdoches for the first time. Jenni jokingly sent him an e-mail saying that she didn't want Marla to have all of the in-game fun. However, she didn't expect a response.

Much to her surprise, Glenn responded and asked her to call him because he actually had her in mind for something he was working on. At that point, he asked her to start collaborating him on the Rachel vlogs as a co-writer. They started working together with the video Opportunity Crisis!

Jenni is involved in other LG-related projects as well, including writing, producing, directing, and acting in a popular lonelygirl15 spinoff called lonelyjew15 with Adam Daroff and PJ Scott-Blankenship. They release new episodes of LonelyJew every Wednesday, though they sometimes have "bonus episodes" during the week. She also hosts a radio show on BreeFM every Thursday from 7 - 9 PM PST, which, in turn, lead to her being the de facto official correspondent of BreeFM at the San Francisco Live Event.

Only a few days after that, Jenni also appeared in a cameo in Parts 2 and 3 of Season 2's finale "Bloodlines".

On March 14th, 2008, Inside LG15 announced that Jenni had been hired as a production assistant for lonelygirl15. Because of this, she is no longer working with Redearth88.

Jenni Powell on LGPedia.

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Note: Jenni Powell is now moving onto bigger and better things. Unfortunately this means that she will not be working on the new Lonelygirl15 spin-off show from Eqal. However, we hope that we will see many more episodes of the always awesome online web series LonelyJew15.

Community Art

by Brad

by Pinky

Source: insideLG15

Lonelygirl15 Character Love Poem Contest

QtheC suggested this contest: “Lonelygirl15 Character Love Poem Contest” - write a love poem from one lonelygirl15 character to another lonelygirl15 character. The winning entry will receive a signed cast photograph and copy of their poem.

Post your entries in the comments below or send to [email protected]. Entries must be submitted by this Friday at 11:59 pm PST.

Source: insideLG15

If you would also like to do a reading of your poem you can also call and read it to the LG15 Today snapvine and let us all hear your rendition of your Lonelygirl15 Character Love Poem contest entry: http://www.snapvine.com/user/leave_message?uid=59fa98fc2aee11dd95570030485b0f88 <---CALL NOW!!!!!

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Artwork Needed!

Calling all artists please send in your artwork. The latest round of artwork has been amazing, but no one wants to stare at my face anymore. Submit artwork to [email protected].


NOTE: Anyone who wants to display their own community videos or artwork can also sign up for LG15 Today and post it. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected]

TWJaniak Speaks

TWJaniak Speaks

For months I had seen the thumbnails of a girl, a lonely girl, being ranked among the most viewed videos on YouTube, yet I never bothered to watch any of her clips. I had thought she was just some angst-ridden girl complaining about whatever it was teen-aged girls complained about at that time of their lives. Then one day in September of 2006 I had came across a story that suggested that this girl was not what she seemed to be. I learned of the existence of a community of people who had scoured the web for clues which suggested that lonelygirl15 might be a Hollywood creation.

Read the Rest at the link above.

On This Day in LG15 History: Lazy Eye Released

Two years ago today, on July 22, 2006, Lonelygirl15 released the video My Lazy Eye (and P. Monkey gets Funky!).

This was the video that personally made me first fall head over heels for Lonelygirl15. While it was not the first video I watched, I was taken aback by the brilliance of the way she expressed feelings so common to the teen experience. I guess I wasn't alone, because until Girl Tied Up smoked up the YouTube charts in January 2008, Lazy Eye was the most viewed Lg15 video of all time. This vid's thumbnail was also her profile pic on YouTube for a long period.

Views on Aug 29, 2006: 740,336
Views as of Oct. 4, 2006: 990,000
Views as of July 22, 2007: 1,495,287
Views as of today: 2,399,590

The inspiration for Lazy Eye came from the introduction of Rebalancing the World by Carol Lee Flinders, the mother of Creator Mesh Flinders.

An excerpt from the book:

"When I was just a few months old, it became apparent to my family that my left eye had no burning interest into entering a working relationship with the right one, Normally, the brain takes in information from both eyes, and as long as their readings differ only slightly, it can collate them, so that when we look at a tree or a face, we see just one tree, just one face, but we see it whole and in three dimensions. If the difference is extreme though, and the brain can't reconcile the two images, it effectively ignores one of them.


Corrective treatment started when I was three or four years old, with a patch I had to wear over my right eye: this was the only way the left eye would find out what it could do and become strong enough to work in tandem with the right one.


I started paying weekly visits to the doctor's office, where I would sit for an hour at a time in front of a series of machines that worked the muscles in my eyes much as a room full of exercise equipment works the muscles of today's eager body sculptor.

The machines were of several kinds, but the one I remember most vividly involved a lion and a cage. Through one eyepiece I could see a cage, through the other a lion, and my job was to turn the left eye and hold there for a few seconds so that the lion was inside the cage....

The ability, and before that the willingness to ... see things with both eyes, isolated and integrated, and address them in their wholeness--is perhaps the essential task of human understanding. It's invariably hard--at least as difficult as putting lions in cages.

Sadly, this video does not appear on lg15.com because of the use of the song "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado in the P.Monkey dancing segment.

Lazy Eye fans should also check out this animated remake which came out in October 2006:

Lazy Eye on LGPedia

Monday, July 21, 2008

Package Pickup - TheLoneliestTraveler

How to pick up a package under the watchful eyes of the order.

Music: Investigating The Phantom Signal By Anterrabae

TheLoneliestTraveler left this message on the most recent lonelygirl15 video "Shaken Up" We have previously reported on several other stories involving TheLoneliestTraveler, the KateModern gnome and Azusa.

Shortly after this video was posted a rather cryptic message was left on Jennie's snapvine account and there are references that suggest it could be related.

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FanFic Lobby

"The FanFic Lobby is a forum for discussing anything related to fanfiction in any of its forms. Some suggestions for items to discuss here are videos that are not LG15-related, written fan fiction, fan art (LG15 or otherwise), or websites. Posts in this area should be specific to your own creations, your thoughts about creations, and anything fan-driven (LG15-related or otherwise) that does not fall into the other forums."

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Community Art

by aristark518

by ThatFreakinRandy

by Michiev

by SouthSideHope


DJ Hamster Is LIVE!!!

Hurry Hurry Hurry! run on over to www.bree.fm to tune in live! You will all get an update of the goingz on and you will hear about my vacation and the suckage schedule i have created for myself in the fall! yeah exciting i know!!! OHHHHH AND THURZ GUNNA B MUSICZ! HURRY!

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Shaken Up - Sarah (LG15)

I'm heading back to where it all began... home. - Sarah

Track: Strange Feeling in
the Night
Artist: Lucy Sch

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