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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Changes at EQAL

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy
Paras Maniar joined EQAL in 2008 as its Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy. Prior to joining the company Paras was a consultant in the Los Angeles office of McKinsey & Company, a global consultancy that counsels a broad array of Fortune 500 companies. Aligned specifically with the Media & Entertainment and Telecom & High Tech practices, Paras built expertise in media & technology convergence issues such as mobile video, advanced online advertising, and digital distribution. Previous to McKinsey & Company Paras worked in the Corporate Department of Latham & Watkins and with the High Tech Mergers & Acquisitions Group at JP Morgan Chase & Company.

Paras completed his bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Economies of Industrial Societies for the University of California, Berkeley, during which time he also studied abroad at the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary and the University of Vienna School of Business in Austria. Paras received a J.D. from Northwestern School of Law and an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management.

Happily married, Paras' wife Payal keeps her husband's global entertainment knowledge fresh with regular screenings of Bollywood's best films.

Source: Eqal Inc.

NOTE: Also joining Eqal is Seth Jacobs. Gone from Eqal is Kelly Brett of KateModern who is now working for Bebo. We wish Kelly well, thank her for all her hard work and look forward to seeing her future endeavours with Bebo.

LonelyJew15 Series Trailer - JenniPowell

In honor of the series finale of LonelyGirl15, which was the inspiration for our parody series, we thought we'd cut together a special trailer. Hope you enjoy it! --The Historians

Lonefox101 24in24 series finale Coming Soon

The lonefox101 series on youtube is finally coming to an end after 8 months of action packed blogs. The Lonefox101 series wants to attempt something that has never been done before...24 videos in 24 hours. Make sure you subscribe to the lonefox101 channel on youtube. www.youtube.com/lonefox101. And also make sure that you subscribe and add Ethan's Myspace channel: www.myspace.com/lonefox101, becuase that is where the videos will be posted . Stay tuned!

~Lonefox Creators

Subscribe to LG15TheResistance

At the end of the resistance video on YouTube, there is an annotation pointing to a new YouTube channel, LG15TheResistance.

Although the channel design is very spare right now, this appears to be a canon part of LG15 - introducing the new show, to include at least Jonas and Sarah from lonelygirl15.

You can visit the LG15TheResistance channel and "subscribe to favorites,"

or click here to ::: SUBSCRIBE ::: to the LG15TheResistance channel directly.

Friday, August 1, 2008

the resistance - The Creators (LG15)

Our numbers are growing.

Announcer: Control has been stolen from their hands. The sun has risen once more. The journey has begun and the fight is far from over. It is our turn.
(An odd symbol appears on screen. Camera shows shots of individual people. They appear to be dressed as high ranking members of The Order, including some that we recognize from past videos.)

Announcer: Our turn to monitor them, to control them, to manipulate the power they wield and turn it against them. Our numbers are growing strong. Our reach gradually expanding. Our grasp tightening. We are everywhere. We are waiting. We are watching. We have found our leader and he has found his first disciple. (Camera shows a shot of Jonas looking into the camera with an angry expression followed by a shot of Sarah) They don't know it yet, but soon, we will combat our collective enemies head on. We are the resistance. (The voice turns very high pitched) We will not be stopped.

(Title card appears reading "the resistance, september 2008".)

This video confirms that both Jonas and Sarah will play a role in the new series.

the resistance - The Creators (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Why There Won’t Be Another lonelygirl

"There was an innocence and an excitement to the shows of this era that can never be replicated."


I can't take my mind off you. - michiev

clips: lg @ youtube
music: Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter

no copyright infringement intended

Sofias Diary Ep 100

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Join Sofia's Diary IRC CHAT

Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

What did you think about the Lonelygirl15 Finale?

What did you think about the Lonelygirl15 Finale: "The Ascension" (12in12)? Did you get the "pay off" you were looking for? Did it live up to your expectations? Was it too long or two short.? What about the length of the videos? Did you enjoy the plot development? Were there any outstanding issues you would have liked to have seen resolved? Were you happy with the amount of interactivity? Did you like the Emma NowLive chats? What about the IRC chats. Did you have fun at the "comments board reunion". What would you have liked to have been done differently? What about the characters? Who did you really enjoy an what would you have liked to seen more of? How did the 12 in 12 compare to previous ones from both Lonelygirl15 and KateModern? And finally, did the finale entice you to watch the new spin-off show?

We want to know what you thought about the finale, so please leave a comment below and tell us how you felt about it.

Its Not Over Yet

LGPedia still needs YOUR HELP!!!! Please pitch in and do what you can to help get as much done tonight as possible.

Check out THE ASCENSION on LGPedia.

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From the set: The lonelygirl15 Cruise

"Yep, that’s right, we went on a cruise to film the lonelygirl15 finale. We had a blast and here are the embarrassing pictures to prove it!"
For more pixs see insideLG15

THE END (we think)

And so it begins... IN PROGRESS

The Ascension <--- 12in12 Finale

Join LG15 IRC chat
Join the fan run HymnOfOne chat
Join NowLive chat
Join the Lonelygirl15 "comments" reunion
The Ascension on LGPedia.

In My Sights - (LG15)

It's NOT that easy, Jonas.

7:00 PM - Sarah (LG15)

This is goodbye. - Sarah

Music_Artist: Brown Shoe
Track: II

LG15 Today technical difficulties

LG15 Today blog is currently experiencing some kind of technical difficulty which makes it hard to load (if at all) in Internet Explorer, and which totally pegs CPU usage at 100% while the page is loaded in a Firefox browser window.

I am trying to find out what is causing this problem by a process of elimination. Don't worry, articles that temporarily disappear from the blog are all saved as drafts and will be restored shortly.

Nothing will be deleted or lost (other than the problem once I find it).

EDIT 8/1/08:
All articles that should be restored have been (let me know if something appears to be missing).

I found two issues:
1. YouTube embed videos appear to consume CPU bandwidth even after the page has finished loading and before the video plays. For now, I reduced the number of articles on the page from 15 down to 10.

2. sitemeter script (which has been working forever) in the lower right corner was preventing IE from loading the page ... this may be a java version issue, but in any case, the sitemeter is removed until the problem goes away ... I have confirmed that those who could not load the page with IE before are able to now that sitemeter is gone. I am also saving the script code in a draft file for future restoration.

EDIT 8/2/08:
I checked the blog today, and the CPU usage issue seems to have disappeared (maybe YouTube made a code change to their player? I don't know). So I have returned the front page to 15 articles, and will continue to check periodically.

EDIT 8/3/08:
Sitemeter appears to be working again with IE, and has been restored.

For more info, see this article posted on sitemeter.com:
Sitemeter IE Issues Resolved - August 2, 2008

~ QtheC

6:00 PM - Sarah (LG15)

by grace2_89

5:00 PM - - Taylor (LG15)

We made it off the boat and washed up on a beach somewhere. - Taylor

Community Art

by Neavers

Eye on Nadia

Ceremony Girl is the girl Jonas finds walking around the S.S. Hathor's Song in 11:00 AM. She is dressed in a white robe similar to the one Bree wore for her ceremony.
Many fans speculate that she is Lauren's sister.

Nadia on LGPedia.

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4:00 PM - Sarah (LG15)

Deja vu. - Sarah

Sarah: They can't kill you. They need you. You're the one, Jonas. The prophecy.

4:00 PM - Sarah (LG15) on LGPedia.

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3:00 PM - Taylor (LG15)

We found the others, but it didn't end well... - Taylor

NowLive Chat

AUDIO FROM EMMA CHAT 2 <===== from HayleyChina

VIDEO OF EMMA CHAT 2 <===== kindredphantom

Screenshots by Maddy

Emma is saying goobye. She needs to go because she is scared. She is happy that Spencer and Taylor are safe. Now they need to get Jonas and Sarah back.

Screenshot by LesterG

Emma came into the chat at 2PM EDT. Rather than talking about the latest video, she announced that she was going into hiding, afraid that the Order would locate her. She bid fans farewell and quickly signed off.

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Additional Screenshot from HayleyChina

2:00 PM - Taylor (LG15)

We made it onto the equipment boat. I hope we're not too late. - Taylor

Music_Artist: Brandon Butler
Track: Happy Sound

HELP LGPedia: The Ascension 12 in 12

Following the 12 in 12 today? Start here to catch up. And visit The Ascension on the LGPedia for a summary of all the videos, chats, announcements, and more!

While there, visit the How to Help page and add your own contributions to the LGPedia!

Don’t forget to comment on the comment board, discuss the story in the forums, and visit the chat to share your impressions with other fans!

Source: insideLG15

1:00 PM - (LG15)

mobile video upload

LonelyGirl15 12in12 Finale: 12 PM Update - LimePeng1

LimePeng1 here, giving a quick summary of the 12in12 events from 8 AM to noon today!

And yes, my hat is totally awesome.

LG15.com goes 436 again

12:00 PM - Taylor (LG15)

We're trying to get to the equipment boat but they found us!! - Taylor

Who Is The "New Girl"

This is the girl that jonas held to the wall, and is assumed new ceremony girl.

Screen shot by kevin_87

From the set: The lonelygirl15 Finale

Over the next we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the finale. We had such a fun time filming these videos and hope that you enjoy them!

See more pix on insideLG15

NowLive Chat :

Screenshot by Maddy

Emma is at school in hiding and she is answering any questions people have.

"Taylor is the key"

Emma said "i love you guys" over and over.

Screenshot by LesterG

Note: There were over 750 people in the NowLive chat.

Emma came onto the chatroom after the 11:00, chatting on location from her boarding school. She was worried about TAAG and wanted to know what had happened. When the users told her, she wanted to know where the boat was going. She was told that Sarah had given the coordinates to the location, and told Emma the news that Sarah had been the plantcake all along. Emma couldn’t believe that Sarah is completely on the side of the Order, and she insisted that Sarah couldn’t be as evil as she seems to be. She then asked about Taylor, saying that she is the key. She left briefly because her roommate came in, and then returned. She reiterated that Taylor is the key, then left.

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11:00 AM - Jennie (LG15)

We're in trouble! The Order's sent a boat to shore to get replacement parts for the ceremony. AND they have Jonas and the girl... - Jennie

10:00 AM - Daniel (LG15)

This sucks. - Daniel

LG15.com goes 436

The LG15.com web site appears to be down for now. No report yet on when it will be back.

UPDATE: The site crash lasted for approximately 20-30 minutes but it is now working again.

Jonas and Taylor were on the 9am video comment board


We’re heading to the other side of the ship towards the lifeboats. If you hear from Daniel tell him where to go.


Anyone here? I’m lost in the engine room with jennie. Have u heard from danile? Is he ok?


Thank goodness they’re alive! They got the ship schematics!


What happened to Daniel?! If they get separated they’ll never get off the boat!


Join me in the chat room!


JONAS! Are you okay?

Taylor was back in LG15 IRC Chat


-09:08:44- [soccerstar]: Hi!!
-09:09:01- [soccerstar]: yeah I'm fine, I haven't seen any trouble on my end
-09:09:11- [soccerstar]: but I'm so worried about them!
-09:09:18- [soccerstar]: Did they get separated?
-09:09:47- [soccerstar]: at least they have the blueprints!
-09:10:13- [soccerstar]: no just got a text when jonas downloaded the blueprints...nothing since then
-09:10:59- [soccerstar]: i know kevin! that's what i'm so worried about :(
-09:11:32- [soccerstar]: brb
-09:12:07- [soccerstar]: k i'm back, thought i heard something
-09:12:18- [soccerstar]: I'm etting so paranoid out here
-09:12:43- [soccerstar]: nothing alexis. no one's seen her since the explosion
-09:12:54- [soccerstar]: I'm trying Randy, I'm trying
-09:13:26- [soccerstar]: Obviously the order and my dad know everyone's on the boat. They'll stop at nothing until Jonas, Daniel, Jennie, and Sarah are taken care of
-09:13:34- [soccerstar]: I'm so worried
-09:13:47- [soccerstar]: if they do, coolwill, I'll let you know
-09:13:54- [soccerstar]: BK what should I do???
-09:14:05- [soccerstar]: *staying calm
-09:14:33- [soccerstar]: no Bianca, she doesn't know anything about this and I want to keep it that way.
-09:15:37- [soccerstar]: I don't know what happened to Daniel. All I know is what's in the vid
-09:15:48- [soccerstar]: silverblue, i can't run. They need me
-09:15:54- [soccerstar]: No
-09:16:09- [soccerstar]: she's off with her boyfriend, I don't want to involve her in this.
-09:16:37- [soccerstar]: Hopefully we hear from them soon and it's a vid form a lifeboat!
-09:16:54- [soccerstar]: trying Silverwolf, I'm trying!
-09:17:33- [soccerstar]: yes I'm here
-09:18:06- [soccerstar]: i'm on some deserted beach... don't want to give away my location, ya never knw
-09:19:27- [soccerstar]: there are no public places here. and besides, the order isn't afraid of hurting people in public, right?
-09:21:04- [soccerstar]: I'm fine, it's all just sinking in I guess.
-09:21:28- [soccerstar]: I feel so helpless. This is all my fault... I led my father right to them
-09:22:21- [soccerstar]: But I still feel responsible
-09:22:46- [soccerstar]: If we don't hear from them soon I'm going to find a way onto that boat.
-09:23:38- [soccerstar]: What else wd you suggest I do? Just sit here? Sara's right. We have to TAKE ACTION
-09:24:29- [soccerstar]: Guys! Jonas just sent a text to the comment board!!
-09:24:47- [soccerstar]: omg!
-09:26:44- [soccerstar]: i'm glad he's ok but what about Daniel???
-09:27:14- [soccerstar]: I'm going to move again just to be safe. I'll check in later.

9:00 AM - Jennie (LG15)

Thank you for finding the ship's blueprints. We've pulled them on our cell and trying to find a lifeboat. We need to get off of this ship without getting discovered! - Jennie

Music_Artist: Tommy Slax
Track: I Dream of Raw Sewage

Re: 2:00 AM

by soccerstar on Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:32 am

Here are the blueprints for the ship. I'm sending them to Daniel now!


Taylor was in LG15 IRC Chat


-08:19:20- [soccerstar]: Anyone here?
-08:19:29- [soccerstar]: hi Kelly!
-08:19:42- [soccerstar]: hi cheddar, jessi, grace
-08:20:04- [soccerstar]: I just saw the video and thank goodness Sarah came to her senses
-08:20:10- [soccerstar]: that's the first thing
-08:20:23- [soccerstar]: but 2nd, OMG they are in so much danger!
-08:20:33- [soccerstar]: ok Mitch, I'll recap for you
-08:20:50- [soccerstar]: We got Sarah's coordinates in the middle of the night
-08:21:04- [soccerstar]: Daniel & Jennie made it the boat
-08:21:05- [soccerstar]: it
-08:21:15- [soccerstar]: is some weird Hymnn of One cruise ship or something
-08:21:31- [soccerstar]: I stayed on shore to help out from here
-08:21:45- [soccerstar]: I figured that wd be best, now I wish I was there to help!
-08:22:01- [soccerstar]: Randy, unless you're an expert hacker or have a helicopter, I'm not sure
-08:22:18- [soccerstar]: I've been trying to hack the ship's computer
-08:22:29- [soccerstar]: no idea bluejaybird, i've lost contact with them
-08:22:48- [soccerstar]: that's what I'm think Jane!
-08:23:14- [soccerstar]: There are life boats on the ship right?
-08:23:33- [soccerstar]: If I can get them to a lifeboat - grace great idea!
-08:23:50- [soccerstar]: What do you guys think?
-08:24:05- [soccerstar]: Haley I wish I could!
-08:24:29- [soccerstar]: Ok so hold on a sec, while I keep working... stand by
-08:25:23- [soccerstar]: but sara how else will they get off the boat??
-08:25:37- [soccerstar]: dont think so virginian
-08:25:53- [soccerstar]: hopefully Sarah's exlposion worked for now. It'll have to...
-08:26:03- [soccerstar]: What wd you suggest Randy?
-08:26:30- [soccerstar]: Pok, she was targeting whatever equipment they have for the ascension ceremony
-08:26:56- [soccerstar]: they'll find her coolwill... right?
-08:27:15- [soccerstar]: no idea pok :(
-08:27:26- [soccerstar]: yes Jane, i'm almost there...
-08:27:48- [soccerstar]: trying... i hope so Jane
-08:28:02- [soccerstar]: ya apparently it is bluejay
-08:28:15- [soccerstar]: yes Frank that is the best idea
-08:28:24- [soccerstar]: i wish i'd gone with them. i'm stuck on the beach
-08:28:35- [soccerstar]: ok i've got something... hold on
-08:30:10- [soccerstar]: I found them! Posting now
-08:30:54- [soccerstar]: http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752#p638752
-08:31:01- [soccerstar]: just posted them in the forum
-08:31:09- [soccerstar]: i think these are the blueprints for the ship
-08:31:49- [soccerstar]: i hope this helps them!
-08:32:09- [soccerstar]: at least they'll have a map of the ship and can find somewhere to hide
-08:32:34- [soccerstar]: I'm trying my best...
-08:32:44- [soccerstar]: hide or better yet find a lifeboat!
-08:32:58- [soccerstar]: i don't mitch. No idea
-08:33:11- [soccerstar]: what do you suggest bluejay?
-08:33:56- [soccerstar]: No, and I have nothing to say to him.
-08:34:14- [soccerstar]: after what he's done...the lies, the betrayal
-08:34:19- [soccerstar]: I'll never forgive him
-08:34:46- [soccerstar]: good idea! I'll tell them to blend in... hard to do when you're running from the order though
-08:35:06- [soccerstar]: I tried call Sarah but it just went to VM
-08:35:16- [soccerstar]: what sort of trick?
-08:35:22- [soccerstar]: and I'm all the way on shore
-08:35:30- [soccerstar]: I hope not Zak!
-08:35:38- [soccerstar]: Maybe she's just hiding?
-08:36:21- [soccerstar]: I agree Randy. He's my Father, but he's got to be stopped.
-08:36:31- [soccerstar]: I know Jonas and Daniel will do anything to stop it.
-08:36:56- [soccerstar]: Hopefully the explosion will prevet them from moving forward
-08:37:00- [soccerstar]: with it.
-08:37:07- [soccerstar]: *crossing my fingers*
-08:37:18- [soccerstar]: The point now is to get off that darn boat!
-08:37:43- [soccerstar]: ok Frank I'll tell them
-08:37:49- [soccerstar]: why Kelly?
-08:38:10- [soccerstar]: but aren't we always on the run?
-08:38:18- [soccerstar]: I guess that's why I left...
-08:38:28- [soccerstar]: I'd like it to
-08:38:59- [soccerstar]: that's what I'm starting to realize Kelly. Going home just delayed things... it didn't make it go away
-08:39:11- [soccerstar]: Hi Liv
-08:39:34- [soccerstar]: Hopefully they don't go anywhere near Carruthers. I want them to follow the ship plans and get off that boat!
-08:40:08- [soccerstar]: I tried Frank, but the signals aren't strong enough. She's in the middle of the ocean.
-08:40:28- [soccerstar]: Not sure Mitch, just out to sea somewhere
-08:40:52- [soccerstar]: yeah Jane sort of]
-08:41:11- [soccerstar]: Accordian, that's too dangerous
-08:41:17- [soccerstar]: I want to see them alive!
-08:41:51- [soccerstar]: Yeah I guess you're right. I just want my sister and friends to be ok
-08:42:02- [soccerstar]: But they do need to fight. This is their chance!
-08:42:10- [soccerstar]: I wish I wasn't left behind :(
-08:42:29- [soccerstar]: Zak, do you think I'm in danger??
-08:42:43- [soccerstar]: shit...
-08:43:03- [soccerstar]: ok well then should i move or something?
-08:43:14- [soccerstar]: i mean i need to keep in contact withe everyone on the boat
-08:43:30- [soccerstar]: i'm on the beach, just sitting on some rocks, no one's around
-08:43:46- [soccerstar]: i don't have any friends here!
-08:43:55- [soccerstar]: man you guys are right
-08:44:02- [soccerstar]: hide in the rocks??
-08:44:05- [soccerstar]: haha
-08:44:19- [soccerstar]: I have to stay at the shore in case they get on a lifeboat. I have to wait here for them.
-08:44:48- [soccerstar]: It's an Eqgyptian reference I believe
-08:45:07- [soccerstar]: I'll walk a bit Vogel and see what I can find
-08:45:23- [soccerstar]: no piers around Hayley
-08:46:00- [soccerstar]: thanks everybody! i'm going to keep sending these blueprints to daniel and jonas... hopefully they pick up a signal
-08:46:28- [soccerstar]: and i'll move my spot. thanks! i'll be in touch soon. say a little prayer for everyone on that boat
-08:46:46- [soccerstar]: thank you! BYE!

8:00 AM - Jonas (LG15)

Thanks to your advice, Sarah was able to create a distraction and help me escape. The others found the boat and Sarah blew up the ceremony room... but then she disappeared. We need your help to get off this boat! The Order knows we're here! Send any ideas or information to us at http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15. - Jonas

LG15.com Website of the Day

Website of the Day from Cynopsis.com

“It’s a bittersweet day for fans of the long-running web series lonelygirl15, as the creators at EQAL studios will finally put Bree and her supporting cast to bed after more than 550 episodes. (O.K., they’re short episodes, but still; to compare, Gunsmoke did 635 episodes.) To commemorate the occasion, LG15.com will be uploading a new segment every hour today beginning at 11 am ET/8 am PT for 12 straight hours. If you’re one of the fanatics don’t worry - all is not lost. The studio says the convoluted mythology behind the show will live on in a new series premiering next month. Check out some of the mashups and tributes fans have uploaded to give the show a proper send off. The key takeaway that came from the Crowdsourcing panel I hosted at NATPE’s LATV event on Wednesday was that passion is what drives users to pour their blood, sweat and tears into collaborative sites and projects. These are certainly passionate folks!”

You certainly are! This community has made the blood, sweat and tears worth it!

Source: insideLG15

NowLive Chats

Unknown until the day of events, and only announced through the link to reach the Java version of the IRC chatroom, there were to be several chats in-character on NowLive. The only currently known chat will take place at 11AM PDT (2PM EDT).

The Ascension on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Tune in on NowLive.com for live chat today, August 1st

Chat, chat, chat

Chat, chat, chat
Today’s lonelygirl15 finale is all about chat! Chat on the comment board, the forum, in the chat room and during the live chat at 11:00 am PST. There may be more live chats… stick around and find out! Tell everyone on youtube to head over to the website because today’s experience will be enhanced by talking to the community and the characters.

Source insideLG15

Nine Crimes - michiev

music: damien rice - 9 crimes
clips: lg15 @ youtube.

clips used: Shadow of Death, Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12, Run!, The Perfect Beach, A Week To Remember, My Parents... Let Us Go Hiking!!!, I'm Done, Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 (different scene), Sister To Sister, I Love You All, Corporate Thugs Are Stalking Us, Sarah and the City, A New Direction, Prom: It's To Die For Part 4, Lonelygirl15 season Finale 10 of 12

Sarah was in LG15 Chat!


-02:12:10- [skyisempty]: hey
-02:12:18- [skyisempty]: so...
-02:12:25- [skyisempty]: this has to be quick
-02:12:31- [skyisempty]: i only have a sec
-02:12:42- [skyisempty]: did my vid post?
-02:12:51- [skyisempty]: do you know where i am?
-02:13:06- [skyisempty]: i have to act quickly
-02:13:25- [skyisempty]: ok then maybe daniel can make it
-02:13:39- [skyisempty]: but if not, then i have to do something myself
-02:13:50- [skyisempty]: no it's dark
-02:13:59- [skyisempty]: oh shit hold on
-02:14:05- [skyisempty]: jnbfnejiopjbvs
-02:14:06- [skyisempty]: d;p9euoaw repd09fyhn 239
-02:14:26- [skyisempty]: shit
-02:14:37- [skyisempty]: ok what shd i do???
-02:14:47- [skyisempty]: there are ppl everywhere
-02:15:17- [skyisempty]: if you don't want to take this seriously then i'll leave
-02:15:28- [skyisempty]: i'm scared and worried
-02:15:36- [skyisempty]: i came here for help
-02:15:42- [skyisempty]: i know i messed up but still...
-02:16:11- [skyisempty]: i don't know carolien
-02:16:16- [skyisempty]: but have to try
-02:16:22- [skyisempty]: exactly lala
-02:16:34- [skyisempty]: look there here on the boat for the ceremony
-02:16:42- [skyisempty]: yes
-02:16:47- [skyisempty]: the asension
-02:17:00- [skyisempty]: but it's... i think it's the same as the others
-02:17:10- [skyisempty]: and they're going to kill jonas
-02:17:40- [skyisempty]: but what shd i do randy/!
-02:17:52- [skyisempty]: ok that's more like it liv
-02:17:54- [skyisempty]: but what?
-02:18:13- [skyisempty]: iddy, that's brilliant
-02:18:34- [skyisempty]: that's what i have to do!
-02:18:43- [skyisempty]: it's the only way...
-02:18:52- [skyisempty]: i don't have weapons or anything
-02:18:56- [skyisempty]: silver what else should i do?
-02:19:05- [skyisempty]: i'm stuck on the f'ing boat
-02:19:25- [skyisempty]: liv, he's under guard they've been holding him for days
-02:19:54- [skyisempty]: ok look i've got to get moving
-02:20:01- [skyisempty]: i'm going to look for the infirmary
-02:20:14- [skyisempty]: or something and then find jonas
-02:20:24- [skyisempty]: can you guys make sure daniel sees those coordinates?
-02:20:35- [skyisempty]: i'm not sure i can do this alone
-02:20:55- [skyisempty]: thanks guys!!!
-02:21:13- [skyisempty]: wait, what am i looking for?
-02:21:18- [skyisempty]: what will burn?
-02:21:35- [skyisempty]: gauze...
-02:21:45- [skyisempty]: ok maybe i should just go straight to the source...
-02:21:51- [skyisempty]: the ceremony room
-02:22:19- [skyisempty]: k gotta go...
-02:22:32- [skyisempty]: thanks everyone
-02:22:41- [skyisempty]: yes, i'll get jonas first!

2:00 AM
by SkyIsEmpty on Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:33 am

i only have a sec... i just posted a vid with the coordinates where i think the boat is heading. please make sure daniel gets them. i need him. i don't know if i can do this myself. i do have an idea. thanks to everyone in irc, i think i'm going to sabotage the ceremony. ppl suggested i start a fire or blow something up. that's exactly what i'm going to do. as soon i find jonas.


2:00 AM - Sarah (LG15)

I'm on a ship. Please hurry. I need to do something to stop the ascension. I think these are the coordinates for where we're headed. Latitude 30.2875 Longitude -116.1475 I'll try to log into chat on http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15. Meet me there. - Sarah

Sarah says that it is Carruther's prophecy, but in Basement Captive, Jerry said it was the prophecy of Aleister Crowley.

Sarah: (catching breath) I screwed up. I would've done it different if I could've. They've got Jonas, he's tied up somewhere. Everyone's here: my dad, Carruthers, everyone. And the eclipse, the ascension, it's all happening soon. I know you guys don't trust me, you think I'm gonna- (Pauses and shakes her head.) I just- I'm- I'm on a boat. And it's big. They have medical supplies aboard. I don't know if you can get here in time but please try. And there's this other thing, okay, Carruther's prophecy, there's a second part. (Holds up her hand with writing on it. Takes it down and reads off of it.) He born of opposition is the key to downfall. He must be destroyed upon the holy day sacrifice. (Looks up.) Remember. Elders will fall when the sun rises. It's Jonas. They're going to kill him after the ascension. I have te ship's coordinates, but we're heading out to sea soon and I don't know where we're going, but the eclipse is in a few hours so we can't be far. And Daniel, no matter what happens, no matter how this ends... You have to know that I love you. Please Hurry. They're going to know it was me.

2:00 AM - Sarah (LG15) on LGPedia.

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And so it begins…

Surprise! Today’s first video was just posted on www.LG15.com. Tune in to the site all day for videos and live interactions with characters. Tell us what you think in the comments below, on the comment board, the forum, and in chat.

Source: insideLG15

The Creators say....

The Creators

August 1st, 2008 at 12:42 am

Hey everyone,

Check out the link below!!! Very cool story. It would be amazing if you could vote it up on Yahoo Buzz so that the finale will get on the yahoo home page.



LG15 is Ending Tomorrow. Really, It Is.

"As the LG15 series progressed and we all learned to love the hokiness of it all, the production team behind LG15 also found that an online web series could easily lend itself to an interactive relationship with its cult-like followers, with last year’s season finale ending in a bit of a wild goose chase where some fans were chosen to become part of the show."

Thanks from Selene.- ThankYouCreators

Here's to the Creators and everyone involved with LG15. You guys ROCK!

Info: The art work at the end is mine. They are fractal art created just for the C's.

Also, I'd like to apologize ahead of time in case the video doesn't upload alright. I've been having difficulties.

VIEW ALL THE VIDEOS FROM "THANK YOU CREATORS": http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=ThankYouCreators




Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Was Inside The KateModern Gnome?

Earlier this evening there was a discussion in IRC chat about what was inside the KateModern gnome.

We know that the gnome was shipped to Azuasa (near the swimming hole in the Lonelygirl15 video where Bree and Daniel went hiking) where it was picked up by TheLoneliestTraveler. In " Christmas In July" we saw that KateModern package being opened to reveal the gnome. TheLoneliestTraveler then appeared to hold up what looks like a computer flash memory card to the camera.

Yesterday we discovered what appears to be a link between TheLoneliestTraveler and the newly launched CUIL web site. Since "Cuil" is an old Irish word for knowledge perhaps we should be asking what knowledge could be on the memory card and is it related to a possible ARG?

Jonas - 1789K

The Ascension is 08-01-08.

History - Daniels Story - michiev

this was my favorite one to make in this series of videos, and obviously it'll be the last of the character videos. its also a sort of goodbye.

music: funeral for a friend - history
clips: lg15 @ youtube

no copyright infringement intended.

Sofia's Diary Ep 99

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Join Sofia's Diary IRC CHAT

Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Valleygirl15 Recaps #7!

Hey guys it's Bree time! I'll be back Friday or Saturday to Recap the entire Seires Finale 12 in 12 so enjoy till then!

Your Story Now? - 9A7V3E

And how many people are out there?

Proof of Life - Daniel (LG15)

Jonas is alive...but where is he?! - Daniel

Confessions of a trait positive carrier - wilannies (LF101)

.... Ethan's actions were dissapointing
.... this is Annie's way of saying goodbye...
the ceremony will continue as planned and the rights of ascension will begin

Snow Angels - Lonelygirllover

Hey guys, just messing around with some creative writing and wrote a short exract of a possible scene from snow angels, the bree an jonass video. please comment on what you think, whether it's any good or where I could improve? I kow it's not great but...yeah haha. Thankyou, Love you all.x


She laughed, eyes twinkling, as she threw back her head and giggled guiltily at my discomfort.
Impatiently, I shook the snow off my face and cringed as the ice cold slush slid down my neck. Goosebumps raised alone my spine, protesting at this new onslaught of abuse. My senses awakened as the ice touched me, unaccustomed to be functioning at three in the morning.

Read the rest here.

Lonely Woods... - Ethan (lonefox101)

I can't believe how this ended... ~Ethan

Shadow of The Day - Jonas' story - michiev

music: linkin park - shadow of the day

Can Cuil woo you from Google?

"Even the fabulists behind LonelyGirl15 knew to purchase domain names before they went public. One almost suspects hubris on the part of Cuil’s creators."


Tough talk indeed from the site named for an ancient Irish term for “knowledge.”


There is one interesting twist to CUIL. The recent video " Christmas In July" from TheLoneliestTraveler had the following tags:

"IL CU TheLoneliestTraveler TLT Frank Gnome Lee Azusa".

Given previous articles on TheLoneliestTraveler we were not particularly surprised to see "Azusa, TLT, and Frank". Further the content of the video explains "Gnome and Lee" from KateModern. But what about IL an CU. Well a simple rearrangement would spell CUIL. Coincidence? On the about page for CUIL it states that "Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil." as indicated in the article above. What is a little more odd however is the picture on the page.

Now what is curious is the profile page for TheLoneliestTraveler appears to contain a very similar picture.

Now in a recent post on insideLG15 Amanda indicated that a new ARG has already begun to promote the new series, yet no trailhead has been found.

Are all these just random events or is there more to all this than meets the eye? The fact that CUIL is a major web site launch would definitely suggest that they have money to burn on promotion.

Frank Calls Jennie!!!!!!

Azusa, CA

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See previous stories on TheLoneliestTraveler .

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Handlebars - LG15 Style

This was sooo much fun to make! I am so sad the lonely girl is ending but it has been great all the same!

"Comments" Board Reunion on Friday!

It all ends Friday. In horor of the event the LG15 "comments" board will be hosting a reunion. One last stand if you will. Contact you old friends and make they all show up. ~ meep

The Ascension: 12in12 Series Finale & The end is near

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM
Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Lonelygirl15 as we know it will be ending on Friday. We will talk about the past, the present, and the future.

Last night Glenn was able to recover the data on his Mac after 3 weeks of trying.

One deal fell through at the last minute as Glenn has mentioned before. As things are ongoing it is hard because things need to be kept confidential. in the past year Glenn has learned just how much the game plan can change. You never know what will happen particularly in the business world with the current economic situation.

The original plan for the hiatus was to focus on the business model. Deals shift and change. Glenn has pitched both RedEarth88 and other projects. When you deal with advertizers they work with an insane lead time. Some things such as "Icebreakers gum" can be fast, so Glenn was expecting a short lead time. However, people are already talking 2009! To do production work at the same time would be really difficult. Sara has been in high demand since the beginning of the year but she is good to go when the business issues come together. The radio show is important because it allows Glenn to stay in touch with the community. Up to this point, RedEarth88 and OpAphid have been "self" funded, but it is now time to put things on a more secure business footing. Glenn has been "teasing" less because things really do take a long time to come together.

Even for Lonelygirl15 the business aspects took a long time to come together before Conrad Riggs came along. Even with Conrad involved the money was stretched thin. It is challenging. Miles does not get enough credit. Miles and Greg handle all the business. It is hard to oversee a project like Lonelygirl15 and worry about business things at the same time. Eqal must have been in the works for months ahead of time.

Glenn has talked to a lot of companies. He wonders at times if he is just doing free consulting. Bebo was able to sell a series and a platform at the same time. Lonelygirl15 has not had a product integration since jumper. Companies want projects to pay for themselves. People do not want to take risks.

Glenn would rather be writing scrips and making videos. He was spending all his time on that but it was not making money. You have to build a sustainable business model that can work on the level that is desired.

Glenn thanked everyone for their support in the "elimination games", particularly OpAhid and The Human Ransom which both won their games.

Glenn has been working on a new mix. For fun he is going to start it out with a 4-5 minute lead time and he wants everyone to shout out requests. He has a few thousand songs but do not pick obscure stuff.

Glenn then performed a massive live remix "Glenn is Mixing Live - Request songs to DJ GlennFM"

Tachyon and OpAphid
Originally Glenn had a "3rd act" with Tachyon vs OpAphid with Tachyon attacking the OpAphid headquarters ninja style. Tachyon was a double homage to The Professional meets the Point of No Return. Luc Besson writes awesome female protagonists. Glenn tries to think of examples when he comes up with back stories. Pop culture has greatly grown the lexicon of short hand in terms of point of reference. Quentin Tarantino is responsible for changing things. Kevin Smith to a lesser degree. You cite your sources and what inspires you. People can synthesise a visual based on your references.

With Tachyon being on the run things had shifted. Glenn had this big back story. There was information OpAphid did not want revealed. Tachyon wanted to settle the score. As a 2 hr movie it works. He felt it would mess up the format of an online series. He had some other ideas. One in particular he really liked. When the opportunity do do a cross over with LG15 came about that changed how he thought.

Tachyon was always meant to be young (20-24). Perhaps she could have a crush on Daniel. She could reveal the photos. There was already an arc that was plotted out. Tachyon would communicate to Bree and Daniel that there would be a tracking device. People had already figured that out.

Glenn had a heads up on the character of Jonas from approximately the week before Jonas appeared. At the start, Glenn had sent Miles a big document that recapped OpAphid and talked about the backstory for Glenn's universe. Glenn kept Miles updated with where OpAphid was heading, and he was given access to LG15 scripts ahead of time and -- this way both sides of the crossover could sync up, and soon Glenn pitched the "evil Gemma" story
arc, and his role in the show expanded to writing story and scripts for Lonelygirl15.

Was Jonas going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Gemma was possibly evil as hinted to in OpAphid. It was uncertain whether Jackie would stay with the show.

Glenn had the idea of the character having a history with Brother. It could not be with Tachyon because it was too late in the game. Tachyon has a personal grievance. It would not seem weird to introduce Brother at this stage in the game. At one point they thought it could be a bad guy impersonating Gemma. After Gemma Part 1 it was clear that people loved it. Glenn pitched why Gemma should be evil. There was so much more you could do with the character (cf Faith on Buffy). It makes her the coolest character in the series because you do not know if she is good or bad.

Glenn was bummed that Gemma did not come back. Jackie wanted to do theatre.

Gemma tried to kill brother but she was under cover. This mirrored why Gemma put in so much time with Bree. She was like a Tachyon in training. She was not yet at the Tachyon level but she was good enough because she had almost killed him. Glenn even thought that the accent could be replaced. At one time there was talk of having a video by Gemma's roommate and Glenn thought Miles could play the roommate with a very bad British accent.

Product Rant.
Glenn likes Orbit gum and the citrus one. However there are a couple that are really nasty. They have Tropical Fruit minty which is ok. Glenn's safe purchase was strawberry mint. How can you mess that up? Even Extra gets it right. Apparently Orbit has found a way. It tastes like the bad part of the Strawberry. Glenn almost recommends that we all need to go out and try it. It is like a joke. Picture this in an auto shop: A hot girl with the tag line "You know you want a piece".

Back in the 90s glenn did some consulting with the company that made....spectrum. They had a game called Soldier of Fortune. Glenn's idea was to have "Dude, Soldier of Fortune" for the tag line. They did not end up using it. LordGreystoke422 brought up "Dude..where's my car". Glenn said the DVD commentary is almost as funny as the movie.

Rosemary's Baby vs Exorcist ::::POTENTIAL SPOILERS:::::
Glenn was hanging out with with brother "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ". When it starts again in the fall it is really going to blow up. Hulu has every episode streaming for free.

They were taking a break from watching the show. The were going through "on demand". Go to Fear-net and watch Rosemary's Baby for another week. They wear talking about scary movies. Glenn told him to go to Wikipedia. Turn out all the lights in your room so that you only have your computer monitor before you look at this. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Howdy. Glenn's brother jumped back and said "Dude, we should watch the Exorcist". It was 3 am, and Glenn had only read about the exorcist. The original trailer is creepy in a Rosemary's Baby way. They also watched the never released trailer on YouTube.

They then watched the movie. It starts slow and then gets interesting. Basically they flash Captain Howdy subliminally in the movie. It gets to where Linda Blair is all crazy. The depiction does not do justice to what you read. Glenn was expecting a really twisted movie. With the exception of the flashes and one moment in the film they were not really scared. They did cringe at the needle.

When that movie came out it was probably crazy and scary. Rosemary's Baby same thing but even today it is creepy and it stays with you. Even though Glenn knew the major beats of the story he was still scared. The Exorcist has been referenced so much and exposed with clips and that has the effect of ruining the movie from a scary point of view. The shock value is really gone because of all the exposure it has received. You are not getting the same experience as the audience in 1973. Not a bad, movie but not everything Glenn wanted it to be.

There is not a lot in Rosemary's Baby that you can really parody, or reference. Lost Boy II, The Dark Knight, etc cannot match Rosemary's Baby for Glenn's top movie at the moment. The medium of film and video is heavily influence by what has gone before it.

Glenn's model in life
Kevin Smith made Clerks for 27K. Today you can make things much cheaper. Glenn's model in life is that if you want to do something in a field that does not need a degree you need:

1. a) A good solid idea that you are excited about. It needs to resonate with other people. It has to be your life. (passion and commitment). If you don't need other people in any way then that is different.

b) The quality of your work. Most people will tell you something is good. If people want to work on your stuff you can really tell that it is good.

2. Study how other people have done it and succeeded. Don't just read one thing. You need to study how multiple people have done things in the same medium. How did it succeed and why did it succeed? The why might diminish the how but by looking at multiple success/failures you can see a pattern.

Glenn started a band in 1996. They were originally Hip Hop. By summer of 97 they had an offer from A&M Records. Every bit of knowledge that led to that came from studying what had worked for other people.

Glenn and Dominick met and talked about current music in 1995. The subject of "Better Than Ezra" came up. One person was an intern at William Morris. He knew the inside of the business. They then talked about other bands and business details they had learned from interviews. They had the music and the passion but they needed to learn the business.

Since then Dominick has had 2 other bands that have been successful. It does not hurt to stay informed. 10 years ago this was possible but with the Internet you don't need to look very far.

If you get successful and you have not studied, then you are rolling the dice. You always need to keep your edge. You don't just duplicate someone elses path.

Next week: the Lonelygirl15 post mortem.


Glenn is Mixing Live - Request songs to DJ GlennFM

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Speeding Cars - Jennie's story - michiev

music: Imogen Heap - speeding cars

The end is near

From left to right: Kevin, Amanda, Marcello, Alexandra, Yousef, Melanie, and Jackson

Reminder: The finale will begin at 8:00 AM on 08.01.08, but I’d get here early because there might be a few surprises.

- Amanda
Source: modelmotion

Post Picnic Report - Simone (AshlandChronicles)

Simone is back. Weird things have been going on. Hmmm

City of Refuge - Brooke

lonelygirl15 Season 3 Recap

If you missed the third season or just want to relive the memories, check out this recap video. If you like what you see, visit http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15 on Friday, August 1. We will be uploading one video each hour, for twelve hours beginning at 8:00 AM PST.

What do you think should Jennie do about Jonas?

Call Jennie and let her know what YOU think she should do.

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