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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Help get LGPedia back online!!!!!

Anyone who has been around the Web series community for any length of time will understand the historical importance of LGPedia, the "pedia" that covered every aspect of lonelygirl15 and all community based Web series that originated from this vast community. Other than installing the software, LGPedia was almost entirely fan run and fan created for most of its formative years. Unfortunately this invaluable resource is currently offline without any explanation from Eqal, the company that controls the server for LGPedia. Our goal is to get this historically invaluable "pedia" back online.

This is where we need your support!

Please take a moment and help get LGPedia back online by re-tweeting the following:


We need to clearly demonstrate that the entire Web series community views LGPedia as historically important and if Eqal can no longer support it they should open source it to the community that will. 



Image source: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonelygirl15

Discussion on Google+: http://plus.google.com/communities/110073950258800417692

JOIN the new #saveLGPedia FaceBook Group, and help preserve part of internet history:


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  1. You know, I was only just very *recently* remarking to modelmotion how gratifying it is to have lgpedia available…especially when someone such as young, inquisitive Methos (our "Cassie cryptologist") asks a question about lonelygirl15 and/or CassieIsWatching that we can’t answer without that handy warehouse of reference material at our fingertips! If the folks at EQAL have decided that they no longer have any interest in the community that helped bring their corporation into existence, I hope they can (at the very least) be persuaded to make the LGpedia source availabe to *someone* in the community (modelmotion?) who can put it back on the web. Have Glenn Rubenstein, Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried said ANYTHING about this over the past week?

  2. Yea, LGPedia is an amazing resource. We def need to get it back, or at least find out what is going on. So, yea we need the ENTIRE community to help get this done!!!!!!

  3. It has been suggested that because of the acquisition of Eqal, Miles may no longer be in direct charge of LGPedia and other lonelygirl15 assets. However, that does not remove him from his responsibility to explain to the community what is going on and what the future might hold for LGPedia.

    "We would like @mbeckett to explain to the community what the new owner of @Eqal plans to do with LGPedia http://tinyurl.com/saveLGPedia #LG15"

    Hopefully he will respond to this tweet:

  4. Please RT: HELP #saveLGpedia - ask @mbeckett to restore #LGpedia, an important part of #Webseries history http://www.tinyurl.com/saveLGpedia


  5. John Green @realjohngreen:
    @modelmotion @tahneeta @mbeckett Would love to see #LGpedia stay around. If it's a cost issue, I'm sure the money could be raised?


  6. Catherine Morris @cittiecait:
    @modelmotion use it as part of my digital video production module. Plus my masters thesis depended on it!


  7. Catherine Morris @cittiecait:
    @mbeckett really hope we can find out why the lgpedia is no longer available? My students need it for our digital video production module


  8. The "cone of silence" from Miles/Eqal is quite shocking. One wonders what is going on there for them to ignore so many requests from the community.

  9. JOIN the discussion on how to #saveLGpedia - a vital part of Web Series History

    Please read carefully: http://tinyurl.com/saveLGPediaPlus

  10. Still no reply. That is rather said. One would think Miles would think a little more about the community that helped him build his company.

  11. JOIN the new #saveLGPedia FaceBook Group, and help preserve part of internet history.


  12. From the FB group today:

    Miles Beckett:

    Hey guys, yes I'm still working on this. I have made progress behind the scenes! I'm sorry, it took a little bit. Hoping to have the official lgpedia back up soon...


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