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Saturday, November 22, 2008

YouTube LIVE


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The Tables at 4pm - 3rdTriad

Anger stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs. ~Proverbs 10:12

Like passion stirs up heat, sun showers cool things down.

Hollywood actors guild to seek strike

The Screen Actors Guild said Saturday it will ask its members to authorize a strike after its first contract talks in four months with Hollywood studios failed despite the help of a federal mediator.


Kendra was in 3rdTriad chat

Kendra was in 3rdTriad chat

Chat log: http://forum.the436.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=76&p=107#p107

Chat log credit: BrightSilence

JOIN the 3rdTriad IRC chat


Our journey comes full circle.


Artist: Illa J
Album: "Yancey Boys"

Rick and Mandy Talk CBB #22

[email protected]

Okay, we're getting the kids and we're getting out of here! I'm gonna check on Raven and Mandy's gonna check on the other girls and we'll meet in 15-20 minutes or so! Hopefully you'll see this video and send us an email because we need some help getting all of us out of here!


Kendra in 3rdTriad Chat at 2pm Pacific

From LGpedia:

In "Trust Issues" Kendra confronts Nemmy about a comment left on her youtube account by Virginian9000 to Nemarous. Nemmy and Kendra had not met yet. Kendra finds this concerning. It is then during questioning, Nemmy tells Kendra that he was sent by Pops, because she asked Him too. Kendra has a flashback to meeting Nemmy during her prayer at the church. Kendra starts putting it together that Nemmy may be supernatural, however she thinks he is crazy. Nem invites Kendra to talk to the chatters in #3rdTriad on freenode Saturday November 22nd at 2pm Pacific.

Join the chat
3rdTriad on LG15Today
3rdTriad on LGpedia

Survivalism (File 8/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Julie's recovery. Linc actually acts like an agent for once.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Rachel Risen (Hayley Project) does interview with TilzyTV

Read the Full Article Here.

Park explains, “Hayley doesn’t have many real world friends. She’s abrasive and the one friend she could trust was murdered. Since nobody in the real world believes that her friend was murdered, Hayley flips on her webcam and starts to find people on the web who support her as she solves the crime.”

Who's That Guy? - hymnofnone99 (LG15:TR)

We received this from one of our members today. -- HoN


Learn more about Mitch here!:


Artist: Illa J
Track: "R U Listenin'?"

Stop MySpace and Other Sites From Displaying Ads For Dieting. - september2star

Please take the time to watch this video, and if you agree, sign the petition mentioned below. This has got to stop, there are too many beautiful people out there that feel they are not "thin" enough for society.



Stop Myspace and other sites from displaying ads for dieting.
Target:Anyone who finds these ads offensive.

Sponsored by: AB AWARE
i find these ads offensive, because i run a site on myspace to help people with Eating Disorders and other things, i write blogs and post videos on this myspace. the people on this site are sometimes very fragile and even SEEING anything with a woman who they deem "skinnier" than they are will make them sink deeper into their dissorder. i find these offensive because people will and have gone to extremes to lose weight. and these ads, most of the time push them over the edge. or to try weight loss pills and end up OD'ing on them. or being admitted to the hospital, and i dont want to see them anymore.


Discuss this topic at http://www.myaddiction.com/forums/addiction-categories/eating-disorders-anorexia-bulimia-forum or http://www.psychforums.com/viewforum.php?f=157

FourGetMeKnot - GregGallows

Wrong Play -HoN (LG15: TR)

We were lied to. -- HoN

Trouble in Paradise

Today’s video, Wrong Play, reveals that there is division in the ranks. When Jonas and Sarah decided to strike at Lifesblood Labs on their own, Maggie and Reed felt betrayed by their friends. Maggie has gone into hiding and Reed appears to be minutes from leaving them as well.

Source: insideLG15

Emily's Vlog - It's Complicated - hookingup

I download viewers on the intricacies of status updates.

Website: http://www.hookingupshow.com

Hit me up on:




EMO KID MUST DIE!!! Bloody Beach #22

Death is beautiful, pain is fun

someone's behind me...

Valleygirl15 Hates Pointless Roadtrips!

I don't really have words...just watch...

The Good Soldier (File 7/15) -opzerosum (The Home Office)

Russell takes extreme measures.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ripped from the headlines....The Resistance?!

Scientists take a step closer to an elixir of youth

A naturally occuring substance that can create "immortal cells" could be the key to finding a real elixir of youth, scientists claim.

Stickam fun also NEW HAIR - escapefromhere07

Stickam fun also NEW HAIR and some kool music

Across the universe - with a little help from my friends

Panic in the Park - Reed (LG15:TR)

It went sideways somehow. -- Reed


Artist: Illa J
Track: "We Here"

19-year-old Commits Suicide on Justin.tv

In a striking display of the power of live video, Abraham K. Biggs committed suicide on Wednesday while broadcasting himself on video site Justin.tv.


Note:we have "crisis hotlines" links in the top right of the LG15 Today

The Warning (File 6/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)



With the Angels EP 16 - Buyer Beware

Things get a little weird.

The Monty Python Channel on YouTube

Monty Python announces its decision to launch its YouTube channel


Monty Python’s YouTube Channel
The result, apparently: a 16,280% increase in DVD sales (as of this morning).

Will ‘Heroes’ Rescue Itself with Web Series ‘Destiny’?

In an effort to hold on to dwindling fans and make sense of convoluted plot lines that have even the writers mystified, the makers of TV’s Heroes have yet again launched another web series, Heroes: Destiny, a self-described “micro series” that has emerged from the “Create Your Hero” interactive campaign last year.


Is the Web Hurting Guilty Pleasure TV Shows?

I’ve also heard concern from networks that younger-skewing shows just aren’t as economically viable these days, because their audience could care less about the TV. BitTorrent, YouTube, TV Links, iTunes — it’s all at their fingertips.


Splitting Up - LG15: The Resistance Chapter 10

NOTE: since this video is not longer available we can only conclude that it was actually released early on Hulu by mistake.
Here is a sneak peek for those who missed the video:

Our journey comes full circle.

stranger things have happened - rockindanceteacher (tC)



WGA: Producers Not Paying for New Media

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) said yesterday that big media companies weren’t honoring the contract that ended last year’s 100-day writer’s strike by failing to pay residuals for work used in new media.


Drop retrieval scheduled - The Home Office


Also: Acceleration - The Home Office

from [email protected]
to [email protected]
date Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 4:14 AM
subject Acceleration

Analysts -

Cargill reported in briefly earlier tonight, alive. No word as to the
status of Russell or "7." We have downgraded Russell's status from
tentative ally to unknown. It is highly coincidental that as our agents
closed in on his and "7's" position that a Shadow would be prepared for
their arrival.

We have begun to accelerate the release of footage for Op: Zero-Sum. It
will continue daily until next Friday. Due to the volume of the final
file, we are breaking it up into four separate footage streams to be
released on that Friday throughout the day.

Spread the word. Bring people to the footage. The more the public sees of
our completed maneuvers the better.

Embed videos where possible as they are released.

The Order of Denderah will not continue its murder machine.

We will smash it.


I Need This Job - Zarbod

Zarbod talks about nature and employment

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn had to pull an "all nighter" helping a friend with a video project. He only got 20 minutes of sleep.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome good this week. Some big ideas were put out there. The story telling is really really good. They are dealing with an established mythology, but each week they find a new way to advance the story. It dealt with time travel and paradoxes. It dealt with some very complicated ideas. How do you make one episode interesting and powerful without messing things up? Glenn watched it a second time and then went online to read what people were saying about it. You had to pay attention to it. They did not spell things out explicitly. It was just enough.

Glenn watched Star Trek Nemesis . Glenn has seen all the rest, so now he has seen all 10. Nemesis had some ok ideas and some stupid ideas. They recycled parts of the same plot line and that was week. They tried to just "reset" the character of Data. If you want to know what people are talking about just read the synopsis on wikipedia.

Glenn has listened to some of the older mix-ups. He is going to take a mix-up that started strong and then add onto it in a different way as a cool way to do the mix-up this week.


Glenn - 11-19-08 - Live Mix-Up in Progress on BreeFM

It was one of the longest mixes we have ever done with some really awesome moments.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Death of The Party - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)


Re*gen"e*sis\ (-?*s?s), n. 1: New birth.
2: Starting over: renewal.
That sounds about right -Princess

Music: Super OK by Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer:

EE: Who is Bryce Droher

Bryce Droher was a System Administrator in Los Angeles, California, and one of the foremost members of the Sentries. During his tenure at The Outpost, Bryce displayed excellent leadership qualities and the ability to quickly analyze and solve any number of complex problems encountered by its membership.
On May 25th, 2007 Bryce suffered a mental break which has left him institutionalized. We wish him and his family the best, and will continue to document our hopes and prayers for his swift recovery.


For more Eeldritch Errors links check out our EE blogspot portal page

To join in the oog IRC chat go to http://www.chat-solutions.org/chat/unfiction.html and type /join #stfeline

Meet Reed Windle

Reed Windle is the actor who plays Beaumont on LG15: The Resistance.

Read more on insideLG15

Reed Windle is the actor who plays the role of Beaumont. Reed is from Boulder, Colorado where he studied at the University of Colorado before transferring to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. Before graduating with a BA in Theatre in May 2008, he had the honor of studying at the Moscow Art Theatre where he performed an adaptation of "Conference of the Birds" by Peter Brook. In addition to his theatre experience, Reed has been featured in many student films, including Bridge Stuart's "Record #7" and Ken Amarit's "The Crystal Mermaid." Since venturing into the professional world, he landed the supporting role of Cliff in the short film "Weak Species" based on of the writings of Dennis Cooper and directed by Dan Faltz. Playing Beaumont in LG15: The Resistance has been his first webseries role and he feels incredibly proud to be part of such a groundbreaking show.


Note that this LGPedia page is controlled and written by Eqal, Inc. and its contents reflect solely what Eqal wants to present to the public.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

[110] Hide and Seek - CharlesValere (tC)

I'm sure everybody is wondering where she is.

Ziola said...
There's a puzzle in this one and I am in desperate need of help. We are supposed to follow something (damned if I know what and/or how) in order to find a yousendit link before the 23rd of November. Fresh eyes and big brains would be appreciated.

I phail at this stuff....a lot :(

chershaytoute said...
I'm with Zi here. We're the two wrongest people in the world to unleash on a puzzle - heck, I was always good at the hiding part during hide'n'seek games...I REALLY had trouble with the seeking.

Just sign me...

...The Other Girl with Crayons!

Diane (aka cher)

Ziola said...

And I totally want a cookie :D


Welcome to the Jungle! - Reed (LG15:TR)

I could get used to this. -- Reed


Artist: Illa J
Track: "R U Listenin'?"

Welcome to the Jungle!

With the Angels EP 15 - Perfect Force

Here's the video me and Miranda made

The Googling - thevacationeers

The Vacationeers, the creators of the viral smash "Google Maps," present a new original web series that continues the chilling tales of the mysterious and unexplainable Googling.

For more:

Part II: Google Moon

Part III: Google My Maps

Part IV: Google SMS

Part V: Google Moble

IQ-145 Episode 1: Quest For Knowledge

Nate Palmer (Thomas Dekker) is enlisted by a secret organization to help locate a stolen Micro-chip. SEE MORE EPISODES AT WWW.IQ-145.com

There are currently 11 videos in this series so if you like it catch up at: http://www.youtube.com/user/IQ145THESERIES

Hooking Up - "Assassin's Creed" (EP.9)

The game "Assassins" becomes a game of trust when targets are close to home.

Website http://www.hookingupshow.com

Ryan's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6rfzl6
Meg's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5bu582
Nick's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5a8ert
Emily's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5fg44h
Gary's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6aox3z
Bouncer Dave's Profile http://tinyurl.com/679uva
TJ's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5c9j79

Head Down (File 5/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Linc does as well as expected.


Early Twilight Movie Review!!!! - hollishillis

::::: SPOILER ALERT:::::
I got super lucky and had a chance to view the movie 3 days ahead of time for free! I hope my review is helpful. Spoilers will be announced before hand you will be warned.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OU alumna stars in online web series

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Jones said. “I was drawn to the challenge of suspending disbelief.


See more photos from the webseries WITH THE ANGELS: http://carlyjones.com/blog/photos/

Cruikshank’s “Fred” Cranks Up Playcounts and Dollar Signs

In addition to ad-sharing revenue through YouTube, Cruikshank gets outside sponsorships. Wireless device company Zipit paid for placement in three viral Fred videos, and bigger companies are hopping on the Fred bandwagon as well.


partytime!!! - jianaterrine (tC)

we had a party friday night
even my dad was there
where were you?

Jessica Rose and Taryn Southern Team Up As ‘Webutantes’ - Tubefilter

Jessica tells us about her first reactions to the comments on lonelygirl15. “I was so mad at first,” she says, “web video was so new for entertainment when I first started lonelygirl that I wasn’t used to seeing bad comments about every single person.” A few years later she’s a bit more seasoned in the web’s unabashed ways. “Now I’ve come to accept that no matter who you are or no matter what you do, you’re going to have a million horrible comments about you as well as a million good ones.” So does she read them? “I occasionally do,” she admits, “but not for my own sake—not like what do they think about me. For Sorority Forever I would skim it and see what they think of the show. Sometimes there are bad comments and I even agree with them.”

Read the full article HERE

<=== Digg the original article here.

Sarah was in LG15 chat

06:02 skyisempty hey guys!
06:02 skyisempty anyone here??
06:02 skyisempty hey mitch!
06:03 skyisempty aha, I see you Maria!
06:03 skyisempty nice chat name!
06:03 skyisempty well hello mitch, FINALLY!
06:03 skyisempty not much, so happy to have some down time for a day
06:03 skyisempty hey liv, wassup?
06:03 Liv Drinking some coffee lol
06:04 skyisempty im jealous, i need some starbucks asap
06:04 skyisempty hey bex!
06:04 skyisempty no worries mitch, i know a lot of peeps would have been there if they could
06:04 skyisempty Veela!
06:04 skyisempty whats up?
06:04 skyisempty Liv - gang seems okay
06:04 skyisempty we're just emailing right now
06:04 skyisempty meeting on thursday
06:04 skyisempty per jonas's so called 'plan'
06:05 skyisempty i think reed's okay, mitch
06:05 skyisempty he just emailed me an hour ago
06:05 skyisempty haha, so true veela
06:05 skyisempty actually, jonas might have one this time
06:05 skyisempty but we'll see
06:05 skyisempty his second email to me was... interesting
06:05 skyisempty true bex, but you cant fault the boy for trying
06:06 skyisempty liv - i probably shouldnt say anything, just cause you never know who's lurking
06:06 skyisempty
06:06 skyisempty Maria, all I can say is that Jonas might be on to something, but its a bit risky
06:06 skyisempty isnt it always though?
06:06 skyisempty DJ I know it!
06:06 skyisempty Liv is dating DJ?
06:07 skyisempty oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh :)
06:07 skyisempty shame shame know your name!
06:07 skyisempty haha
06:07 skyisempty thats great!
06:07 skyisempty hahaha
06:07 skyisempty dont worry DJ, liv's a catch and a half
06:08 skyisempty chispalight - not sure yet, will keep you posted though
06:08 skyisempty it'd be nice, but far from realistic
06:08 skyisempty you know, I think Reed actually stopped answering Estelle's texts
06:08 skyisempty as far as I know, she's outta the picture
06:08 skyisempty :)
06:08 skyisempty and me likey that
06:09 skyisempty I know veela, im kinda over being angry at him
06:09 skyisempty i think we just need to talk now
06:09 skyisempty settle things
06:09 skyisempty hey SN!
06:09 skyisempty SNL!
06:09 skyisempty great actually!
06:10 skyisempty i was telling everyone it feels like i have a day off
06:10 skyisempty ive just been eating chips and catching up on Heroes all day
06:10 skyisempty of course I watch Heroes
06:10 skyisempty I thought this season started a little rough, but the last three eps have been AWESOME
06:10 skyisempty pssshaw, Liv, Peter Petrelli FTW
06:11 skyisempty Sylar is so gonna go evil again
06:11 skyisempty and I want Elle to kick his ass
06:11 skyisempty bex, just watch the first episode of the first season and you'll be HOOKED
06:11 skyisempty agreed veela
06:12 skyisempty though this season has been getting pretty good
06:12 skyisempty Lost is A-MAZING
06:12 skyisempty Lost is without question the BEST thing on tv right now
06:12 skyisempty ... next to project runway
06:12 skyisempty though this season of runway was just okay, not as good as lost
06:13 skyisempty favorite boy on Lost?
06:13 skyisempty does it make you sad if I say that I really really really miss Charlie :(
06:13 skyisempty seriously veela
06:13 skyisempty they were the best
06:13 skyisempty I want Claire and Charlie to reunite so badly
06:14 skyisempty Sawyer is HAWT
06:14 skyisempty though Charlie is a bit more my speed
06:14 skyisempty is it too creepy if I say Ben is my favorite character?
06:14 skyisempty not favorite boy, just favorite character
06:14 skyisempty Mitch - I assure you, Maggie is not a robot, despite the vacant stare sometimes
06:14 skyisempty Liv, I totally agree, Ben is a good guy, we just don't know his reasons yet
06:15 skyisempty haha, could be Veela
06:15 skyisempty Order, Others... eerily similar in name...
06:15 skyisempty hmmm
06:15 skyisempty :)
06:15 skyisempty okay, I want your Lost theories
06:15 skyisempty ... AND GO:
06:15 skyisempty ps - desmond + penny = adorability times infinity
06:16 skyisempty Jin TOTALLY isnt dead
06:16 skyisempty but Michael is
06:16 skyisempty and that kinda sucks
06:16 skyisempty but it was nice to have him for another season
06:16 skyisempty cause - not stalling, just enjoying a convo thats not about the order or resistance for a change :)
60:17 skyisempty Veela - I dont know what to make of the Claire sit, cause when people die on the island, do they really die?
06:17 skyisempty think of Locke
06:17 skyisempty thats why Im hopeful for a Claire Charlie reunion
06:17 skyisempty snl - not a weird question, but one that i probably shouldn't give with all the lurkers about ;)
06:18 skyisempty mitch - not sure about thanksgiving
06:18 skyisempty I did not like Nikki and Paulo AT ALL.... but I did like the ep where they ate it! :)
06:18 skyisempty that was actually like a really cool modern day Twilight Zone episode
06:18 skyisempty Veela - I think they were sort of a failed experiment, to bring background characters into the front or something
06:18 skyisempty it just didnt work
06:19 skyisempty yeah, seriously
06:19 skyisempty anything that was off the mark in season three was totally redeemed by a flawless season four
06:19 skyisempty hahaha
06:20 skyisempty thanks for your opinion mitch, now HUSH!
06:20 skyisempty :)
06:20 skyisempty ... sheesh
06:20 skyisempty can we just keep things easy and go back to Lost?
06:20 skyisempty (wow, never thought I'd consider Lost easy)
06:20 skyisempty THANK YOU Veela
06:21 skyisempty now, who are your fav characters on Lost??
06:21 skyisempty iluuveme, you GOTTA check it out
06:21 skyisempty hey Rose!
06:21 skyisempty haha, its okay, I'm into Twilight too
06:21 skyisempty though I'm only on eclipse
06:21 skyisempty so nobody spoil the series ending for me!
06:22 skyisempty sorry Veela, cant win em all :)
06:22 skyisempty I'm pretty excited for the Twilight movie, but I dont know if I'll get to see it :(
06:22 skyisempty dont really get to go to the movies too much these days
06:22 skyisempty thats up to Jonas and Maggie apparently
06:22 skyisempty you guys HAVE to let me know how it is
06:23 skyisempty alright, i think its time I get back to my Heroes marathon
06:23 skyisempty one ep left!
06:23 skyisempty and then I'll be all caught up
06:24 skyisempty Mitch - YES!
06:24 skyisempty (someday)
06:24 skyisempty thanks for hanging guys!
06:24 skyisempty talk to you later :)
06:24 Server skyisempty has quit IRC ("Java user signed off")

With the Angels EP 14 - Dovetailing

I'm watching more of Trey's videos.

From the set: Goofing Around

See more pixs on insideLG15

O Baby You, You got What I Need ( saasqwatch )

I was finally catching up on watching all the fan POV videos, and saw this video posted as a response to Natahaners POV 4 video.

Warning, I find this a bit freaky.

Maybe the live event wasn't all that it seemed, as dixie mccoy posted about a few days ago. I wondered why the fans at the event (and sarah) kept saying stuff about being watched, it looks like they were....

Landed and Stranded - Sarah blog (LG15: TR)

Home sweet hideout. That’s how I feel about being back in LA. It’s frustrating. And funny. Maybe more funny. We traveled so far, worked through so many pieces of this super long puzzle, only to find ourselves right where we started.

Who knows, maybe that’s not necessarily true. We know more now than when we started. We know about Lifesblood Labs and their affiliation with the Order. We know the mythology of the Trait-Positive gene more clearly. And we know that someone has the means to abolish it. All of this just proves the Cure really may be out there; something to be found; something desired not just by us, but our enemies. The closer we get to it, the more intensely they seem to pursue us.

I don’t know who left the note for me in that ladies room. I saw some theories on the board here. Beaumont perhaps. But I don’t buy it. I think if he was still on the scene, he’d have tried to contact Maggie by now (given how obviously he drools over her in that security cam footage). And both Jonas and I have been around Maggie enough to know whether she’s in contact with someone... I hope.

There’s something about her I still can’t trust. Something I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s the all too convenient amnesia about her little jailbreak. Or maybe it’s the way she’s twisting Jonas’s head with those dainty, fluttering eyelashes (insert gag here).

I’m not ready to lead this charge. That falls on Jonas’s shoulders. Fortunately, he might be starting to come around to that. He’s arranged a meet for us in the city on Thursday. Says we can figure out a plan once its safe enough to be together again. Reed just e-mailed me the details.

Reed... He’s like a kid in a candy shop out here. Stars in his eyes, disposable camera in hand, mouth CONSTANTLY agape. It’d be cute if it weren’t so juvenile.

Oh who am I kidding? It is cute. And I hate admitting that. Starting to feel a little bad about the slap, but I don’t think it was undeserved. Maybe it just made things even between us and I should let the anger go--

Crap. Jonas e-mail. Just popped up in my inbox. “Your Eyes Only” it seems. Let’s see what this is all about. I’ll catch up with you guys later. Thanks for listening :)


On Our Own

Kickin' it solo til Thursday it seems. -- Sarah

Read and Respond to Sarah's Blog


HellHoles, Episode 1

This is the pilot episode of HellHoles, an original Web series from the AtomFilms Studio about a dude who discovers his trailer home is a portal into another dimension. Oh — and it's freakin' hilarious.

See the rest of the episodes HERE

PINK 20: The Harder They Fall

Nate shows she’s up for anything, in and out of class.

Ghost Town Web Series Episode 1

Let it begin...Episode 1. Jacob and Marley are in a drought and haven't seen any paranormal activity in months. That's until they see a news report about a kid who hasn't slept in 13 days! Something weird is going on and The Para-Normals set out to investigate.


Ryan's Vlog - Residency - hookingup

I question Nick's enthusiasm to live in the same dorm as his freshman girlfriend, Meg.

HoN, Maggie, What's up?!? - dixiemccoy

Recap of recent events in LG15: The Resistance. I have my doubts about Maggie.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fancap Episode Eight - michiev

MaxterBexter: Trick Shot

Becki goofing around at the pool table.

Music - "Milk Shake" by Kelis

Week 10 Music - Illa J.

Did you know Jonas and the crew are into Hip-hip? That’s what I heard. That’s what you’re hearing all week, thank you Illa J.

Read more on insideLG15

Dammit - Fallen Angel

This is really out of hand - James

No Safety In Numbers - Jonas (LG15:TR)

This is the only way. -- Jonas


Artist: Illa J
Track: "DFTF"
Courtesy of Delicious Vinyl

With the Angels EP 13 - Comments

Someone's been saying some weird things.

Video Viewers Up 27% from 2007; as for the Money…

There’s a pessimistic study out today about ad revenue for TV, too. eMarketer says that between the shaky economy and the growth of online video, U.S. ad spend will decrease 4.2 percent next year to $66.9 billion.


What makes you stop to view an advertisement? IBM stopped people on the streets of Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo to ask about their media device and advertising preferences. See what they had to say. See the press release: http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/26077.wss

Discipline (File 4/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

"Way to go. I'm really excited to see what this crack team does next.


Written by Agent Penn 11-12-08. Penn killed on assignment 11-16-08.

Q&A With Jennifer Van Grove, the Real Life ‘Jenn2.0′

For those who vlog, blog, tumble, and tweet, Jenn2.0 is the show for you.


Boston out takes

See more on insideLG15

LG15: The Resistance Playlist

LG15: The Resistance Soundtrack (updated weekly)

NOTE: you can now find the LG15: The Resistance playlist at the bottom of the blogspot anytime you want it.

Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge 8 - hookingup

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

Website: http://www.hookingupshow.com

Me on Baskbook

Me on Facebook

Me on Myspace

AOL Video Cuts Free Its UGC Dead Weight

"AOL Video will stop supporting user uploads next month, showing once again that hosting video is a thankless, expensive and undifferentiated task."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New England H--- Waitaminit!

by dixiemccoy

Let's take a look here....

HoN obtains a video advertising an auction for "the mystery box" that contains the cure.... The puzzle says the auction will take place in Boston.

After many Scooby-doo adventures, the gang arrives in Boston, is split up, and Sarah and the Boston Resistance Posse discover a dude with a laptop leaving notes... leading eventually to one simply saying LBL has the cure in LA.

Now... considering there was NO auction... and the laptop guy's insistance that Sarah get the LA clue ALONE, and now knowing that HoN was MAGGIE....

Now with Jonas, Reed, and Maggie not being at the hotel when Sarah returns...

Does this sound a bit fishy to anyone else?


EE: drop found

Transtar said....

ok items in the box are:
1) the collective consciousness experiment flyer. camping trip for may 13 2006 at eno river state park
2) a blue glass bottle with sand in it
3) a book. tahara: boy mystic of india. on the inside cover is a name: elmer r. relur written as a signature. with "elmer from uncle rathur" written it what looks like a 3rd graders cursive


EE: the story thus far

For the original hyperlinked article go here: http://www.eldritcherrors.com/story/

Book 1 (04.07): The Providence Prophecies
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." - H.P. Lovecraft, 1926.

You're one of us now.

A Sentry.

You deserve to know what we're up against.

On April 13th, 2007, someone mailed strange packages from Cassadega, Florida to some of us. Many believed these packages were sent by B.A. Saint-Feline, a psychic plagued by nightmares with a penchant for using "Missed Connections" personals as her private dream journal. We found some reasons to doubt that assumption, though.

The cryptic contents of these packages led people to the obscure, bickering community of Internet security researchers at the Sentry Outpost. Attrition and server problems had taken their toll over the years. Suddenly, the ranks of the Sentries were growing at a surprising rate. The few Sentries remaining at the Outpost met this wave of new arrivals referred by an unknown psychic with a level of skepticism, but you remained.

Saint Feline's dreams continued. Sometimes her nightmares were scattered and chaotic. Once, they held such clarity that the Sentries mapped them to the business of another psychic in New York City, where a letter and a finger, addressed to B.A., were waiting. Some of us began to suspect they had been recruited to the Outpost because of their ability to dream lucidly. They began to experiment with B.A., manipulating her dreamscape, dreaming the lost finger back into the nightmare.

Other Sentries (including the site's system administrator, Bryce, and moderator, Marie) focused on the more tangible, technical issues facing the Outpost: whatever had led to the crashing of the servers in December of 2006 was still active on the hard drive and consuming huge amounts of bandwidth. It affected other sites hosted on the same machine, including the blog of Stu Ronomi, who joined the search for the coded culprit. The issue with the server seemed completely unconnected with BA ... at least at the beginning.

Without the information gleaned from BA's dreams, we might not have uncovered what we did: screamers and boils, mangled translations of strange incantations to ancient gods, models of B.A.'s nightmare rendered in primitive text gaming platforms. Techno-wizards among us worked to dissect the code, but gained little insight. They did uncover something within the code: a name associated with a secretive cult. Chorazos.

Bryce believed he was close to a breakthrough. In retrospect, "breakdown" was closer to the truth. He was convinced the elements of the server intrusion fit into a grand pattern, but shortly after he started convincing us all, he was involuntarily institutionalized. Apparently part of Bryce's solution was more than technical and involved the ritualistic beheading of birds, something that B.A. dreamed about before it happened.

...the story thus far contined:

Read Interlude (09.07): Changing of the Guard
Read Book 2 (09.07): Scream in the Mountains

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Our destination approaches. The time to enlist is now...


Artist: Colourmusic
Album: "f, monday, orange, february, venus, lunatic, 1 or 13"


We are making travel arrangements as we speak.


The Resistance once again thanks you for your support.


Check back soon for more intel. -- HoN

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