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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Escape From Ridgemont High

 Linda thought Jake "The Snake" Pliskin was dead. 

 Good thing he isn't because the Baddies are on the attack!!!


How to Craft a Successful Web Series

Most content creators around the globe are focused into the internet to have their work seen and heard.
Let's face it: Web Series and video marketing go hand in hand. Both follow the same rules as outlined in the YouTube Creator Playbook.

However, since putting across your long-form story in small bursts is not an easy task; a web series takes more time, patience and concrete planning. Plus, you'll be targeting a much more specific audience who should/must stick with your tale for a long run.

YouTube, the world's largest video distribution podium uploads over 100 hours of videos every passing minute. It's the saving grace for all digital content creators. Whether it's short films, a feature length documentary, TV series pilot, YouTube is the ideal place to have your content showcased and spread.

Here's a scenario: what if you are a budding content creator and new to the digital sphere, but not yet sure how to offer your first video to the Internet Gods?

Despair not, as we list the major principles that will help you to craft a successful web series.

Have a story:

Have a story

You always start with a story. What is it about, how do you want to portray it? Have a clear understanding before taking a dive in the web series world. It’s imperative to understand that a worth watching episode should contain a three-act structure, even it lasts only for 4-5 minutes. The episode must have a strong content that's easy to be followed by the next episode, as the story moves forward.

Find your target audience:

Find your target audience

This has been talked about a lot times before. Finding a target audience for your show is basically THE important factor to consider before you direct your content to the world. Keep in mind you will never be able to please everyone on the web, and that's okay. If your web series could manage to fetch a limited amount of appeal and a select group, you and your show will get the acclamation that it deserves, eventually. If your story is based on crime and drama, it must be shared with blogs and sites dedicated solely to that specific genre. If you are heavy into comedy, the same theory must be followed here in order to find specific target audience. Do your homework to find people who go to advertise and share your content.

Here's fact: A production house spends 33% of the ENTIRE budget of the film in PR/Marketing. You are not likely to get supremely wealthy working on a webs series. A successful web series however is not different than a movie and requires same amount of dedication. We suggest you release an episode every two weeks or at least one every week. Create a backlog of episodes before publishing your first video. This ensures that the episodes are released without fail and also gives you the liberty to still produce/work on more episodes on the go. Remember you are not doing it for the money but for the opportunity to get seen and heard.

Use the resources around you :

Use the resources around you

Find people who are more than ready and eager to help you and just want the experience in return. It helps if you live in a filmmaking hub, but even if you don't, you can certainly find talented people around who in order to boost their resume are willing to work for free. You can opt to put an ad up on Craiglist in the area of production and just be amazed to see the number of responses you get.

Curate a plan:
Curate a plan

You're the boss of your show. Curate plan and lay down to the casts and crew. People will follow you if you are a decisive leader.

Ensure quality of the show:

Ensure quality of the show

Your show does not necessarily have to appear slick like a high budget Hollywood movie, but it should at least tell the audience that you as the creator know what you're doing. Other than perfect casting, you also have to make sure that you have the best sound and light design. They need to hear and see you crisp and clear. You have to move the mass and create a mood for them.

Research is the key:

Research is the key
Do your research extensively. It's always better if you can collaborate with other web series stars in an episode to garner the much hyped attention. Internet is FREEDOM, people!

With web series all you gain is a valuable experience. You'll be showcasing your talents and possibly heading to a brighter future ahead.

Go ahead, follow these golden steps and brace yourself to enter the world of stardom! :)

Good Luck

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jeffs tips for actors - webseries @IDCILI

Jeff tells you how to act the part - it is simply not necessary to know all the details. @IDCILI

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

How To Kitchen - Breaking Bad - Blue Meth Chocolate Mousse | TV Dinners

Corridor Digital - Ballin' Out Of Control

BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra's Stories - 10 Years of YouTube (UK Only)

YouTube sensation Jim Chapman gets lost in the world of online video.
YouTube turns ten this year and we hear the stories of the people behind the videos. From the first upload to the future of online video - it's all vloggers, parody songs and coming out videos.
Staring Charlie McDonnell, Dan Brian, The Double Rainbow Guy, Greg James, The Gregory Brothers, Lonely Girl 15, OK GO and others.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Late Late News and The Snobby Robot

Do you find the local news boring? Absurd? Stupid? Unreliable? Well, frankly I do too!!!! I don't watch the news because it's just so depressing and sometimes I wonder if they are just making stuff up, I mean......THEY ARE reading off a script don't you know!!!!! There are many places that you can get your news, but there is one place that you can get a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update version of the news right on YouTube. it's The Late, Late News!!! https://www.youtube.comrthelatelatenews
Here is a very funny sketch that my friend Chris Hadley, the writer & creator of The Late Late News made about Net Neutrality:

Chris does a GREAT job showing how absurd the news can be sometimes!!!! It makes people wonder why in the world people even watch it!

I've gotten to know Chris Hadley very well in the last year that I have been involved with the web series community because of Super Geeked Up/Super Knocked Up!

Chris is one of the writers for The Snobby Robot. 

According to The Snobby Robot's About Page, they are: "An online trade-style magazine devoted to the web series community-covering series, showcasing talents, and learning how to succeed in new media." You can go here to download of their digital magazine: http://snobbyrobot.com/snobby-robot-magazine-issue-1-summer-15/

Chris is a wonderful writer, as it shows in the sketches that he's put out on The Late Late News & the many other web series that I know he's written for! You can check out a hangout that Chris & I had talking about his writing, The Late Late News, and his YouTube channel where he posts old tv ads here:

Thanks so much Chris Hadley for being such a great online friend to me, and thanks for the contributions that you are making for the web series community!!!

Under InspeKtion: A Shtick Figures Production

Under InspeKtion: A Shtick Figures Production
Allegra Rosenbaum

Everyone who has ever entered so much as a post office knows that bureaucracy involves tricky layers of forms and customs that no one really understands. Franz Kafka’s The Trial speaks to this in a way that has often been interpreted as serious and dark. While these interpretations are true, many people often pass over the idea that The Trial is actually very funny. Shtick Figures’ new web series, Under InspeKtion directed by Alessio Franko and Max Marcellus, is a brilliant and hilarious take on Kafka’s posthumous work.

K (Alessio Franko) is an account accountant at a German bank that translates loosely to "Germany Money Venture Powerhouse Framework". He works hard to make ends meet and to support his sick father, but never really seems to advance anywhere in his career. He is infatuated with Anja Burstner (Emily Hooper), who seems very uninterested in him. Just as K finally convinces Ms. Burstner- as K addresses her- to come to his home for tea, he is visited by Inspector Hans Freie (Clay von Carlowitz). Apparently K is under arrest for charges that the inspector won’t disclose.

Franko and Marcellus take daily life events (going to work, making dinner, tea, talking to a woman), and show how every little misstep can be construed against us (suspicious activity, lack of inflection, copyright infringement, sexual harassment). The banal becomes suspicious and any attempt to redirect suspicion is even more suspect. Under InspeKtion uses this paranoia that is ever-present in Kafka’s novel and makes it genuinely funny. The series takes the 21st century liberal desire to be consistent and politically correct and shows the viewers just how ridiculous that desire is. Everyone has done something wrong in the eyes of the law. We are all just as guilty and just as innocent.

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