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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Victory Productions presents THE LYONS DEN (Episode 4.34)

Keysha continues to try and connect the dots with what obviously seems to be another secret from William's past; meanwhile, Trip makes a decision that could impact Malcolm and Aisha.

Our Finale and a New venue for Web Series

Been a busy week. The Finale aired today!! 39 webisodes, completed and released! 60 weeks of releasing new content! We also are making the leap into TV, and Shotgun Mythos has been picked up by television stations in 6 states. We also are very excited to be joining TownSpot.tv. This new video distribution platform screens videos before posting, to ensure that they are promoting quality shows. And unlike other platforms, they focus on the local as well as the national market. It is a great opportunity to share your own show and discover other web series that are being created in your area. Check out the site, and submit your series!

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden - Casting Couch: The Cast Watches '95 ep.11 (Part 2)

Jesse Swire (Slake), Clayton Pelham (Colin), and Billie Krishawn (Brianna) discuss the love between cast with OJBG creator Otessa Ghadar, as they watch Summer of '95, Episode 11 — "Trouble in Paradise."

Tapestry - A Sneak Peak at A.G. Henley's Self-Submission

Get a glimpse of award winning author A.G. Henley's self submission to Tapestry. She discusses what inspired her to write about young adult fiction. Full video coming soon!


The World of Steam - The Clockwork Heart (Episode 1 - HD)

The World of Steam - The Clockwork Heart (Episode 1 - HD)

Episode 1 (Pilot): Hieronymous Smythe has lost his wife, and tries to rebuild his shattered heart... from clockwork. But unfortunately he has not considered if you can do something, whether or not you should...

Web: http://theworldofsteam.com
FB: http://facebook.com/theworldofsteam
TW: http://twitter.com/worldofsteam
PIN: http://pinterest.com/steamuniverse
KICKSTARTER: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2...

Producers: Matt Yang King, Peyton Skelton, Richie Metcalfe
Written and Directed by: Matt Yang King
Bear McCreary - Composer
Peyton Skelton - Director of Photography
Chad Witt - 1st Assistant Director
Tim Muir - 2nd Assistant Director
Andrew Paulsen - Set P.A.
Scott Folsom: Specialty Prop Design/Construction
Gail Folsom: Specialty Prop Design/Costume Design Concept Art
Zafer "Zafe" Mustafa - Visual FX
Rey Reyes - Steadicam
Dan Colmeneres - A camera operator
Jason Zakrzewski - b camera operator
Dan Delude a camera 1st AC
Greg Meta B camera 1st AC
Greg stoops - grip
Aaron Hendricks -- Opening Titles/Graphic Design
Lisa Lassek -- Green Screen Editor
Tommy Aagaard -- Editor/Color Correction
Amy Brozowski- PA
Steve Reese -- grip
Carolyn Lassek - Props
Sebastian Brown -- Greenscreen onset VFX supervisor
Thomas Surprenant - Makeup
Vicki Eleni -- Website Manager
Evelyn Kriete - Online Development Manager
Sarah Ault - Hair
Wig Design -- Wigboys
Hauk Heimdallsman boom mic, sound editor
Michael Shubin - sound mixer, foley artist, foley recordist
Rachel Tejada -- Locations
Jenny Kay -- Craft Services
Linda Mendoza --Storyboards
Shawn Reed - Graphic Design, Online Item Manager

Additional VFX - Digital Domain
Special thanks: Adam Jamal Craig, Video Symphony, East Dog Town Studios, EVS stages, Hypernerd, Cheyenne Wright, Tarol Hunt, and to all our families!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Forgive Me Father - Episode 1

Forgive Me Father is a dark serial drama told through a series of confessions by the central character, a lonely and confused young man on the verge of suicide when the story opens. So far eight episodes have been released, with another episode every Monday. Occasionally difficult viewing, but gripping stuff.

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