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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bebo Launches Interactive Reality Show

"Social network Bebo has partnered with Big Brother creator Endemol to launch its own reality show, which will tout interactive features."


"In addition to a weekly half-hour show on the site, "Gap" viewers will "experience it any time through blogs, polls, maps and other features overlaid on the cast's profile pages"

"Meet me at my crib . . .": Reading the official "Crank That" video

"An interesting question was brought up by Henry Jenkins regarding some of what has been discussed here: would our reactions to Soulja Boy be the same if we were to find out, some time down the line, that Soulja Boy wasn't real, but rather the next iteration of something like LonelyGirl15?"


Soulja Boy on Wikipedia

Henry Jenkins on Wikipedia


Lone Star Stories: Texans on Justice - statebaroftexas

Capture the promise of justice with the State Bar of Texas and win $2,500. You'll find the rules and entry form at http://www.texasbar.com/texansonjustice

Anyone know any "budding filmmakers" who live in Texas? ;)
Don't worry, I sent an email about this to Jeromy already.
I'm posting here because I thought it might be of interest to other LG15 fans, especially those in Texas. It's a pretty creative idea for a state bar association to utilize YouTube in this way: http://www.youtube.com/group/Texansonjustice

~ QtheC

Web Video's Search for the Holy Grail

"Recent history is littered with failed attempts to generate serialized original programming on the Web."


"This time around a critical mass of users are tuning, or clicking, into shows on the Web in much the same way they do on TV, say defenders of the format."

"The infamous Lonelygirl15 hoax (a series that chronicled the life of 15-year-old "Bree," who turned out to be a fictional character played by actress Jessica Rose) claimed 70 million views, and 13 million in the first two months of spin-off "KateModern.""

"Despite these spot successes, however, advertisers are waiting to see how a reliable ecosystem might generate consistent audiences for original Webertainment."

"The Web is already brimming with clever content no one ever sees because distributors lack the cross-promotion and marketing muscle that TV networks have traditionally exercised."

Mashup Bash: 'Adweek' Conference Dissects the New Creation

"The pair has additional dramas for international audiences in the works for next year. "We broke down the barrier of users talking to fictional characters and used aspects of alternate reality games to introduce puzzle solving," said Goodfried"


The Flock is back! (announced by DJ Jenna on BreeFM)

This just in... DJ Jenna made a live announcement on BreeFM tonight:

"The Flock is back... if you check Cynthia's account in about 5 minutes, you will find the premier episode of The Flock Season 2."

Cynthia on YouTube: http://uk.youtube.com/profile?user=CynnamonDolce

To catch up on the Flock story see our dedicated page: http://lg15flock.blogspot.com/
(the link also appears on the right side for future reference) ---->

What's Been Going On - CynnamonDolce

Things have been pretty crazy for me since Alessandra disappeared. I included some footage so you could see

Hollywood writers call Monday strike

Hollywood writers call Monday strike
Strike set to silence talk shows
Networks plot midseason makeovers
WRITERS STRIKE AT 12:01 AM MONDAY; Federal Mediator Intervenes At 11th Hour

Jenna presents THE BREECAP 4PM-6PM PDT

Hey guys!

Just a little reminder that I'll be presenting this week's Breecap over at Bree FM in a few hours, giving overviews and my opinions on the week's Lonelygirl 15, Kate Modern, and Lonelyjewfifteen videos! I'm also going to attempt to recap Redearth this week!

And if you're a fan of The Flock, stick around for an exciting announcement!


The JenniPowell redearth88 code that wasn't / lard2, the horror !

Sometimes something that looks like a code just isn't a code.

With the release of the latest redearth video, Divine Intervention?, I headed over to YouTube to add to the comments, and noticed JenniPowell, and later Virginian9000 were posting mysterious 5 letter codes. Well, normally any sane person would ignore such things, but with Glenn Rubenstein's recent announcement that JenniPowell and MicFranXon would be helping behind the scenes to produce the Redearth series videos, I thought aha! This must be a code. (see previous article, Behind the Scenes: RedEarth88 Announcement).

So, I was happily cutting and pasting Jenni's weird codes (each one comment on YouTube): "26mkd arn32 yenlq sfzw3 f2syr t3y4l sb9hl i9ysu x6bp5 pshux"

Hmmmmm, I thought, what are all those numbers? Some kind of 15over15 puzzle again? Vigenere decoding the beginning with keyword "redearth" result in 26dog ere32 rl...
Doggerel! (almost) I must be onto something! But the rest is nonsense... hmmm... typo?


And then JenniPowell posted this head scratcher:
"lard2 ---must have heard all the food talk... (Weird!) "

And I asked:
"lol, is 'lard2' part of whatever the heck you are posting 5 characters at a time JenniPowell?"

Virginian9000 replied with this:
"That is the spam test youtube requires us to enter.
Brook had the idea of posting those has a 'badge of honor.' lololol. We have been doing it ever since."

and JenniPowell posted:
"Also, 'Lard2' will be the name of the horror screenplay I'm going to write.
Brook had the idea of posting those."

Sigh. No code, just random strings of characters YouTube generates to make sure you are not an automated spam bot posting comments. Doh! I blame Brooklynxman.

Google lures MySpace for social network platform

"Web search leader Google said on Thursday that MySpace will join its OpenSocial platform that allows developers to write programs across multiple social sites using one set of tools."


"OpenSocial is going to become the de facto standard (for developers) instantly out of the gates"

Friday, November 2, 2007

Divine Intervention? - Redearth (Redearth88)

So I guess that remaining undecided wasn't really an option. Talk about a difficult decision! I'm crossing my fingers on this one, but I think I made the right choice.


Please come join the discussion on youtube. The last redearth video received over 90,000 views, and we would like to repeat that performance on this one if at all possible. We will be commenting and discussing things on the youtube comment board itself to get the video onto the most discussed list.

Also, for anyone who has not done it yet, please come join us. Its loads of fun, especially when the inevitable spam shows up, and we all start replying to it, lol.

Our goal will be to destroy this youtube comment board, please come join us. :)

The video made it to the front page, much like the last Redearth video (thanks for telling us and capturing the image, thewriter90):

Honors for This Video:
#16 - Most Viewed (Today)
#2 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs
#22 - Most Viewed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#30 - Top Rated (Today) - People & Blogs
#2 - Most Discussed (Today)
#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - People & Blogs
#9 - Most Discussed (This Week)
#1 - Most Discussed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#85 - Most Discussed (This Month)
#22 - Most Discussed (This Month) - People & Blogs
#14 - Top Favorites (Today) - People & Blogs
#12 - Most Linked (Today) - People & Blogs
#91 - Most Linked (This Week) - People & Blogs
#15 - Most Responded (Today)
#37 - Most Responded (This Week)

Divine Intervention? - Redearth (Redearth88) on LGPedia

LGPedia: RedEarth88 need your HELP!

NOTE 1: One of the lines in this video bears a striking resemblance to a line in the Bree video " Rescuing Daniel"
Rachel "Ally is a few years older than me. Wow, she's not that much older than me."
Bree (talking about Tachyon ): "She's a few years older than me--actually, she's not that much older than me."

NOTE 2: Sascha is the dog of a family Gemma knew while she lived in the commune. When Gemma was about eight, the young girl in the family was chosen to do the Ceremony. Afterwards, the family fled, leaving Sascha behind. This worried Gemma, who later retold this story to Bree as a warning about the Ceremony.

River On Fire - Zarbod

Zarbod is sadden by Rachel's decision to continue to ignore him. But things could still work out.

Zarbod 's musical tribute to Rachel...who so far has not acknowledged Zarbod's existence. But she knows. Yeah, she knows.

Adam Again -- River On Fire

What would you say if you knew what I was thinking?
Maybe you do, but you know not to dig too deep
What if i knew what you needed for sure?
I've seen in your eyes you need more, much more
And I could be happy, and you could be miserable
I'll grab a metaphor out of the air
The Kuyahoga River on fire
What can you say? The impossible happens
What can you settle for?
What can you live without?
I remember the night I first darkened your door
And I swore that I loved you
My heart was pure
You could be happy, and I could be miserable
My open window, a dream in the dark
My fingers, your face
A spark, a trace
I know a lot about the history of Cleveland, Ohio
Disasters that have happened there
Like the Cuyahoga River on fire



Verdus is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to making healthier people on a healthier planet. We began this simple mission back in 1984 when Thomas Verdus returned from a year long trek around the globe. It was as clear to Thomas then, as it is to our company today, the way to make healthier people is to find the many ways we can all live longer and stronger. How do we accomplish this task? From day one Verdus has been leading the way to this new frontier. Where is this new frontier? Look in the mirror. The new frontier begins with you. This new frontier can be found in each and every one of us. You are our partner along this path to living longer and stronger. Although our researchers are exploring and discovering unprecedented treatments and cures everyday, the path to living stronger and longer starts with each of us taking the first few steps. Good nutrition, robust exercise, and a clean environment will help all of us make those first few steps toward this new frontier. Verdus is very committed to making our medicines and supplements available to the entire world community. We do this by partnering with local clinics and community groups. And our commitment does not stop there. We feel it is our responsibility, as health care practioners, to educate, enrich, and enhance the lives of all the people we touch. Together, we can all make this planet a healthier and happier place.

San Francisco, CA, October. 19, 2007 - Verdus today announced that their esteemed life extension researcher, Dr. Calvin Hart, will be hosting a panel this evening at the "This Life" medical conference being held in Pasadena. Dr. Hart is currently involved with Verdus' "Live Longer and Stronger" research group based in Los Angeles. A graduate of Columbia University and Cornell, Dr. Hart has been a part of the Verdus global clinical research team for the last twenty-two years. Dr. Hart's work encourages the use of nature based nutraceuticals, restorative hormones, and cutting edge pharmaceuticals created by Verdus.

Verdus Pharmaceuticals on LGPedia.

Verdus Pharmaceuticals is a company that recently announced a partnership with the Wyman Foundation and the Hymn of One via a press conference. In Connections, Jonas reveals the correct spelling is Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Connections - Jonas (LG15)

I found something scary. - Jonas

Connections - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

Lullaby Project on LGPedia

The Lullaby Project is a plan formed during the union between the Hymn Of One, Wyman Foundation, and Verdus Pharmaceuticals. The project claims to give prenatal care to underprivileged mothers-to-be. After the realizing the Hymn of One's cover for The Order and the Wyman Fountation's connection to trait positive blood samples, a further revelation revealed that Verdus Pharmaceuticals has started a human longevity program, virtually confirming the hidden intentions of the project, which appears to be a cover for faster gathering of Trait Positive girls for the Elders.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

From What's Going on? on LGPedia

Representative: Verdus Pharmaceuticals is proud to participate in this historic collaboration, along with the Wyman Foundation and the Hymn of One.

whatweird about whatweird?

Applicants - WatchingOpAphid

All interested applicants should send resumes and/or applications to [email protected]

Or simply post them as a video response to this video.

Thank you.

Music-WatchingOpAphid Inc Theme by Saffryn

This video is a response to the WatchingOpAphid video Now Hiring

Socalled - You Are Never Alone

By REDdistribution on YouTube.

ED: This music video really is not part of the breeniverse other than that it just freaks me out and kind of reminds me of the way I picture modelmotion. Note: RED Music aka REDdistribution is no relation to redearth88.

Tara's switched on

"Over the past two months, the online drama in which the former Sydney model stars has had 18 million hits. "


"the 23-year-old beauty told Confidential online soapies were the way of the future. "

adamlamarTV - episode 4

I didn't really have time to do this, but I know it's been a hot minute since i posted anything.....

Lonelygirl15 travels miles Down Under

Learn what Miles has to say about the origins of the Order, retcon, and future spinoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Anchor Cove: Written by Elixir

"“The Order is one of the international secret societies,” Miles explained, “It traces it routes back to Aleister Crowley… It ties into sort of all of the conspiracy theories that people talk about. At the top of The Order are these people called the Elders who… are people who extend their lives by getting special blood from girls like Bree."

"Miles revealed that there was some interest in the creation of a non-English speaking spin-off and that plans to produce it were almost finalised. He also said that within a year’s time there should be a further three to four other spin-offs emerging."

"It was revealed that due it’s success, Kate Modern is now contracted to Bebo until the end of 2008"

For the full story:



NOTE: retcon or "Retroactive continuity" on Wikipedia

The Viral - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Charlie's viral shoot didn't go exactly to plan... I hope she's ok.

BreeFM Friday Night GONG Fiesta! 8PM PDT

That's right Breenifans, it's that time again already...

8PM Pacific Time: DJ QtheC - the free SXSW downloads indie band GONG Show, you Gong em, I cut em off!

Bring your GONGS, GONG early, GONG often!

Requests are also welcome, though once the GONGing starts, it can get pretty brutal.

See Bree.FM for more info on this an other BreeFM shows, to listen and join the chat.

You Tube hero Chad Vader to star with Glenn Rubenstein

"You Tube hero Chad Vader to star with Glenn Rubenstein (Lonelygirl15 writer) and Gary Brolsma in Canon sponsored "Battle of the Internet Superstars!""


"The makers of the films, Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda, have become celebrities in their own right and this month Canon are flying them to New York to participate in the making of a film that will feature other You Tube celebrities - notably the writers of LonelyGirl15 and Romanian lip sync star Gary Brolsma (the "numa numa" guy.)"

For the rest of the "Chad Vader" series and other vids by the same folks see blamesocietyfilms on YouTube.

We Didn’t Start The Viral - Commercial Successes

http://view.break.com/388696 - Watch more free videos

milowent said...
i think i prefer internet people.


but this is one pretty crazy as well. even rick made it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sarah and the City - lonelygirl15 (LG15)

A girl has to keep busy in this town. - Sarah

Now Hiring! - WatchingOpAphid

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, WatchingOpAphid Inc is expanding and now hiring. Please, do not hesitate to apply.

Lonelygirl15 creator meshes reel with real

"We could have hidden IP addresses, we could have not registered the domain name early. We knew when we filed the trademark application for lonelygirl that it was going to go public."


ITV Show Europe

ITV Show Europe: Hvordan et 130 dollars webkamera forandret online underholdning

The article is not in English, so perhaps one of the Eurocrackers can leave a summary of anything interesting in a comment below!!!!


"So, I logged into the forum at LG15.com to see if you guys came up with anything. I can’t believe you all solved it, thank you so much. Mintgurl, Acidfingers, surrealisticpill, Opladybug, Jo_16_2, Killthesmiley, islandlove and everyone else, you all rock, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you, I was so stumped. The password was stratemeyer576 (Screenshot of the (—?) comes up) Edward Stratemeyer was the creator of Nancy Drew. That’s the reference to “where it all started” in the note Tachyon left. Apparently it wasn’t just a note, it was a haiku. Or, sort of. Uh, that’s where the number 576 came from."

WGA strike!!!!!!!

The WGA strike will be announced tomorrow.

SNL, Jon Stewart Show and the Late Night Shows will be the first noticeable hit. They should shut down almost immediately. Next, daytime soaps.

"URGENT! Hollywood Writers Strike Called; Timing Announcement To Come Friday; Actors Agree To Walk WGA Picket Lines; AMPTP Says 'No Progress Can Be Made'"

"The WGA leadership said tonight it waited until the writers contract expired at midnight on October 31st to see if the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers prez Nick Counter came up with a last-minute (and expected low-ball) offer -- but he didn't."


Here's how strike could affect TV


"Since the Internet is severing the attachment to network TV, why not make it complete and get your shows online? Short, continuing "series" -- such as the affecting "Hometown Baghdad," the recently launched "Total Pop Star," or the much talked-about "Lonelygirl15" -- may get a boost in traffic if everyone's TVs are dark."


posted by Charlie

So I have to come up with some ideas for this viral video for 'Gillette Fusion Power Stealth' razors but I don't know the first thing about male grooming!! Why would I??

PLEEEEEAAASE suggest some ideas...maybe I could get Tariq and Gav involved?? If I don't do a good job on this I'm going to get fired and I REALLY need the money. With Kate gone I'm massively struggling with the rent and I'm already behind on the payments...

I was so exhausted last night I fell asleep with my clothes on sitting in front of the TV . Hope you had a happy Halloween.

Milowent said...

viral video? it can't just be a dumb ol' commercial? drats dynomoose!

ok then, how bout gav & tariq have a cookie baking contest and a stuffed animal rates the cookies and the ratings make out a date. like 11-11-07 say. then everyone knows something kerrazzzy is going to happen that day. and everyone does go crazy waiting for that day, and then gav and tariq tail kate to some ominous hymn of one event that everyone can attend. and when they get there, creepy steve gives everyone these super razors. and then some doped-up watcher dude tries to attack gav, and tariq tries to slice the guy's neck with the razor, except it doesn't work cuz the razor is so good you can't cut yourself shaving with it. everyone is so amazed by this that they make peace. the end.
For more brilliant idea check out the full blog:


Myspace Contest- amblyopianne (RedEarth88)

For those who were around back in April, record yourself using this script:

I knew Maddison
I met her online
She was ______.
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description - doing as many of these as the person wants)
I tried to help her.

I miss her.
If you can help.

If you weren't around back then, but you are now, here's your script

I didn't know Maddison.
When she was alive.
I've seen her videos.
She was _______
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description)
Maybe there's something I can do now.
To help her.
To avenge her death.

If you can help.

Record at the highest resolution possible, and make sure your face is well lit. Deliver each line clearly, and take 2 second pauses after each period in the script. Also, it's ok to improvise in the style I've written above. If you have something in mind, go for it. Make it a short statement like the ones in the scripts.

The deadline is Sunday November 4th, so get on it. Spread the word.

Once you get yours finished upload it to www.sendspace.com and email me at [email protected]. I'll edit the video ASAP cause the myspace deadline is the 8th.


It's Maddison Thursdays on BreeFM! Holy Crap! *UPDATE*

That's right peeps, it's that time of the week. Maddison Thursdays on BreeFM kick off with:

DJ Pebs at 4pm
DJ Marla at 6pm (New time!)
DJ Jeromy at 7pm (New Time!)
*Update! Jeromy's special guest...Adam Lamar!
DJ Pill at 8pm (New Time!)

So be sure to tune in and join our chat! Huzzah!

Scientists Genetically Engineer Mice That Outrun and Outlive Ordinary Mice

...superpowers much???????

"Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have genetically engineered mice that outrun, outlive, and out-eat ordinary mice while staying lean, light, and fertile well into old age."


The Last Chance - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

As if things at work could get any worse…

School's In - Daniel (LG15)

Oops... - Daniel

Aussie model Tara Rushton's double life

"Charlie happens to be fictional. But for Rushton, the line between real life and fiction can be very blurry."

Bebo falls into 'Gap' with Endemol

"The social networking giant has struck a deal with reality-format king Endemol for "The Gap Year," which follows six Bebo users as they travel the globe for six months."


"Casting on "Gap" will begin in December."

Jessica Rose - caravelle42

my video to honor the very talented and beautiful Jessica Lee Rose aka LonelyGirl15 and Jen K on Greek

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

School's Out - Daniel (LG15)

So I tried to get back into class, but... Well, you'll
see. - Daniel

School's Out - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

So, who is Professor DelMundo? If you know who he is, then there is no better place to reveal his identity than in a comment below! ~mm

Behind the Scenes: RedEarth88 Announcement

On Glenn's radio show on BreeFM he announced that.........

Jenni Powell, who is behind the awesome Lonelyjew15 series, has been collaborating on writing some of the RedEarth videos.

Jenni and Glenn worked on the "hamster project" which was never fully realized. It had been envisioned as a component of OpAphid. When he was looking for additional writers for RedEarth88, Jenni was the first person who came to his mind,

Also, MicFranXon from BreeFM is now helping edit some of the RedEarth88 videos. He did a video on Marla yesterday and also worked on one which referenced Linc previously. These videos show the editing skills he brings to RedEarth88.

Glenn is happy to have people from within the community help develop the show. He also thanked the Red Army for helping to spread the message on YouTube. By taking the passion of people within the community its amazing how it can help establish a wider audience. Think of it as a "punk rock' philosophy. There are no barriers. Even though we use the term "fan" it is really much more of a level playing field. Originally when it went public Lonelygirl15 has that feel but many people think that has changed. You dont want to loose touch with your community because its amazing what they can do. A community can turn on your, or there can be no community left. The term "viewers" is too passive. We are a part of it. RedEarth88 would be nothing if it did not have its community.

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.

It is Halloween. Glenn says there is nothing more compelling than being here with us. He is fascinated with the minutia of LG15, Opaphid and RedEarth88. Glenn will be talking about things that scare him among other things. What was in vogue for Halloween this year?
Glenn discussed the Dark City film..........Glenn does not get what is so great about it. He would like to do a commentary about how much it suxs.
Halloween: Glenn's best costume ever 1986: when he was in 4th grade, he dressed as Spiderman: the black outfit. Glenn's first comic was Secret Wars: issue number 8 (the episode where spiderman got the black costume). Its great when you make your own costume. You are failing if you wear the store bought vinyl costume.
" Music is my hot hot sex' song - CSS (CANSEI DE SER SEXY): A kid made his own commercial for the Apple iPod touch and posted it on YouTube. An advertising executive saw it and asked him to remake it as a real commercial. Go to Apple web site and you can see the new version (or the original is still on YouTube). In terms of UGC it is pretty remarkable. If you have the talent and know how to use existing resources it can open up a lot of doors. Opaphid (with LG15) is another example.

iPod Touch Ad - Nick Haley - njhaley

I loved the look of the new iPod Touch, found this music, and thought it was perfect for it. I made a commercial using material from apple.com and editing in Apple's Final Cut Pro.

*Sorry about the grey start, its the way YouTube deals with MPEGs*

Made on my MacBook - September 2007.

Music - CSS - Music is My Hot Hot Sex.
When you fall in love with something you fall in love with it on your own terms. People fell in love with the show where Bree was in her bedroom. When she went on the run the show initially felt different. This was well in motion before Glenn had anything to do with LG15. It was a coincidence that the OpAphid story was going in the same direction. When he saw the " On The Run' video is when he realized the stories were headed in the same direction.

With Rachel (Sarah) she does very well with the vlog format. He made a conscious effort to keep the "in bed room phase". Even during the lo-fi series it was presented as things that happen to her. He hopes that works as a formula. What is coming up is a reinterpretation of an established genre thru the vlog genre.

In the next day or two we should know more about Aly Zarin. Glenn is curious to see the reaction when a familiar face shows up as the character of Aly Zarin. It is someone who was extremely popular on LG15.
Deagol asked abou Tachyon on the run: it was independent. Glenn was establishing his own story to move the series away from LG15.


GPS KEY (GoodPurityStatus) from Drop 2 - the puzzle that led to the pizza/spin art (mid-november): This was after he had been in touch with LG15
Behind the Scenes: RedEarth88 Announcement: see the linked story.
A remix of a Headboard song will be in an upcoming Rachel video. Glenn co-wrote the music for Headboard and also did keyboard now and again.

Pictures of Headboard on Flickr.
Things that scare Glenn:

Montana Meth Project - Bathtub - badassmofo2

Check out all the PSAs in the project http://tinyurl.com/ywm4nn They are all exceptionally good. If you know any hard core "meth" users these videos are scary accurate! It is direct and effective. The guy who funded this is some millionaire who put up his own money before the state co-opted it. What would be the response if something like this went national? The approach of taking a horror movie style is impressive.


These ads are scary! One video was directed by Tony Kaye and another by Darren Aronofsky.


Montana Meth Project on Wikipedia

From Wikipedia:
"The Montana Meth Project is a Montana-based anti-drug organization founded by billionaire Thomas Siebel. The main focus of the project is an advertising campaign, based on ads that are intended to horrify viewers concerning the possible dangers of methamphetamine. The advertisements are based on a theme of regret, occasionally with not-yet-addicted teens viewing their future selves warning them about the consequences of what they are pondering. Common elements are amphetamine psychosis and the decline of one's health and living conditions. As of 2007, the ads have been picked up in other states, such as Arizona and Idaho, as well."
A "drug abuse" component was considered for RedEarth88 early on but it was dropped. They have streamlined the story to make it more direct. Clara was going to be working on a documentary about amphetamine abuse before the Maddison documentary.

Allegory between relationships, drug abuse and codependency. Think about an"addict gene". People are addicted to somethings. Things like "meth" go above and beyond the "addict gene". These drugs can grab you and hook you.

There is research that shows that if you have a parent who is an alcoholic you have a higher change of becoming an alcoholic so their is some evidence for an "addict gene".
Red Territory: more next week!!!!!
Send questions to [email protected]

Anything can happen on Halloween! - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/DeepGoat

…but not much does. Sorry to disappoint. There’s work to be done and Tariq won’t let me blog during the day anymore. Who died and made him boss? - Gavin

Foblife tonight not happening!

hey, sorry guys. it was passed to me that foblife is cancelled tonight.

Hope everyone has a good Halloween!!!

Be safe!


Please Don't Hate Me Forever - lonelyjewfifteen

Hi. I'm Margot. I figured out how to get onto Anne's account. I have something I need to say...to all of you.

Anne will not RIP (without Bethany) - OpAdolf

2/4.5 Lack of attention leads to desperation.

All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.

Margot seemed such a nice young lady that I though that I would give her my autograph.


Transmission: Selective Private.

Near the murder scene - Clara (Redearth88)

This is more old footage. I forget the exact day, but it was after Joel Frady was killed or killed himself or whatever.

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm so sporadic, and I'm sorry that I'm not moving forward with the doc as fast as you'd like.

I'm trying.


As with all redearth88 vids, please remember to join the discussion on youtube. Also, on the Clara vids, Clara usually talks with us in the youtube comment section, and she has already started doing that on this vid. In fact, since she has posted her last video, Clara has exclusively communicated through youtube comments and youtube e-mail. Please stop by and say hi to Clara and talk with her.

WIld Spooky Wednesday on Bree.FM!

Happy Halloween!

It's a Wild Spooky Wednesday on BreeFM starting off with DJ JenniPowell at 4pm!

"It's that time of the year again folks...no, not The Ceremony...it's Halloween! It's my favorite night of the year and I'm spendin' it with all my lovely BreeFMites this Wednesday from 4 - 6 PM PST. I'll be playin' some of my creepy favorites, including the special Halloween track from Dragon Boy Suede. I'll be in costume too. You'll just have to imagine what that is, considering you can't see me on the radio.Have a Halloween favorite you want to hear? Just e-mail me at [email protected]!" - JenniPowell

FobLife Simulcast - 6pm (If there IS one, it will be heard on BreeFM!)
After Party Simulcast - 7pm (If there is one, if not then maybe RoyTheBoy!)
DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm

So tune on in to BreeFM beginning at 4pm PDT for your Halloween festivities!

Meet the Cast: Jai Rajani (Tariq) - KateModern Production

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Everything Happens For A Purpose - MicFranXon

It's amazing what can happen in such little time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sculpture by CB.

Halloween on Wikipedia


With 433,397 views this amazing video from Terryfic is probably the most popular fan video ever. First posted on August 07, 2006 this video has as many views as many of the Lonelygirl15 videos.

I am the very model of a popular YouTube auteur - terryfic

Katherine Pawlak aka Emma on LG15 - caravelle42

Katherine Pawlak aka Emma on Lonelygirl15 a tribute to a great young actress.

Jedi Jonas - modelmotion

Jedi Jonas is a spoof of Lonelygirl15 video "Cat Hunt" ( http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Cat_Hunt ) and Star Wars.

The video was based on the "The Saga Begins Video" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6HeIMdQN3c)
posted by AykinSkywalker.

Around the World - Emma (LG15)

You won't believe where I've been since you saw me! - Emma

Around the World - Emma (LG15) on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

DJKillthesmiley on in 10!!!

Listen in!

Tonight we're going to be discussing some great question from qthec!
We're also going to be discussing the TV show Heroes and why this season's ratings are 3 Million LESS then last season.
We're going to discuss whether Emma is really safe.
We'll discuss Kate Modern!
We'll Discuss TJ Marsh's new stuff!


So tune in! Chat in, in the IRC channel! or SKYPE IN! at [email protected]!

3-2-1 takeoff - 110139 (LJ15)

So if you care to find me-
look to the western sky

as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly!

and if I'm flying solo,
at least I'm flying free!

To those who ground me take a message back from me!

Tell them how I-
am defying gravity

Planes are flying - 110139

In nightmares
he came . . .
that voice
which calls to me
and speaks
my name . . .
And do
I dream again?
For now
I find
the Phantom of the war-torn world
is there -
inside my mind . . .

Operation failed, lost in translation - 110139

Over and over we turn back time, then over and over we save your life;

It's hard to remember to hide your eyes, you tell me you need me then say goodbye-

BreeFM Tuesday : KillTheSmiley 5 - 7pm PDT

DJ KillTheSmiley - 5pm - 7pm Pacific Time on BreeFM

KillTheSmiley writes:

I made a big announcement yesterday on ApotheosisDJ's hour!
Did you miss it?

If you did, You are going to have to tune in for my show on BreeFM!!!!

Got a question? Comment? Wanna talk?
SKYPE IN! search for me at [email protected] (yes i changed it!) during the show, and we'll chat LIVE ON AIR!
OR you can just leave a comment here or email me at [email protected]!

In between playing songs, KTS likes to field questions about the Breeniverse, LG15 or Kate Modern, and will dig up those answers for you!

Meet the Cast: Tara Rushton (Charlie) - KateModern Production

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Losing My Religion - Steve (KateModern)

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I've had some serious thinking to do and I feel like I've made some really bad judgements. I need to get as far away from Charlie and Kate as I can.

Monday, October 29, 2007

NBC, Fox to Launch Online Video Site

"NBC and Fox are set to launch an advertising-supported online video site that hosts programming from varied entertainment companies"



Cat Hunt - Jonas (LG15)

I'm coming after you. - Jonas
Y.F.C. said...
This is what I got from Jonas' message...

noSHAVEember - RoyTheBoy

When RoyTheBoy isn't hosting his FOBlife aftershow for the LG15 community he is creating the most manly challenge of all.

are you up for the challenge?

KateModern Week 14 Recap - KateModernLG15

'Kate' no longer exists, Charlie gets a message from Spencer and someone gets killed... all in Week 14 of KateModern!

The music is 'Pictures' by Sneaky Sound System.


JESSICA LEE ROSE: Other Projects

Wondering what Jessica Lee Rose is up to? Check out her other projects:

After becoming an internet celebrity, Jessica said she has gotten auditions she probably would not have before. She had a small role in the 2007 film "I Know Who Killed Me" starring Lindsay Lohan. She is also set to star in an independent teen-drama called "Perfect Sport" from first-time director Anthony O'Brien, in which she will play Tina, a 15-year-old girl discovering who she is.
Jessica Rose has appeared in a new TV comedy/drama series "Greek" about, among other things, a geeky college freshman who decides to join a fraternity. The show premiered July 9, 2007 on ABC Family. Jessica Rose's character on the show is named Jen K. and is portrayed as an overly talkative but likable person. While her character was initially a minor character, her role in the series gained a great more deal of significance in the episode that originally aired Monday, August 7, 2007. In that episode Jen K. become close with one of the main protagonists of the series, and this relationship could very likely be explored in future episodes.
On April 2, Rose co-hosted G4TV's Attack of the Show. The episode, ironically, was about April 1st hoaxes on the internet, where it's sometimes unclear what's real and fake.

LGpedia needs your HELP!


Want to know who is who on Lonelygirl15? Then check out the really really really cool characters page on LGPedia: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Characters or just click on the LG15 Characters link on the right.

The page not only has the main characters but also all the supporting cast and even P. Monkey and the crew!!!!!!

Lgpedia Needs Your Help!



Trailhead? http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21460

everything is going to change - change021507

time - change021507

Could the answer lie in: http://nothingisgoingtochange.com/??? We might never know unless we can figure out the password.

Both the videos about have been posted on the TJmarsh YouTube account but under different names:
Are you ready???
Time is ticking.....
Note: A "deep cover" source has informed us that certain personalities from this series will be at Disneyland on November 3rd.

Decisions Decisions - xmarlasingerx

From MarlaSinger:

"but i'll just say this. i'm pretty sure i've made up my mind. and it's not like i haven't thought about this before, i just never really thought it was plausible. but where i am now doesn't leave me much choice. It's not like it's permanent. I'll just go for long enough to get me back on my feet, you know, and figure shit out. And if Clara wants my help, then she'll get it. If not, I just won't be in her face at all.
Either way I'll be in a better place than I am now. i'm sorry that it seemed like i didn't want your opinions - that's not true. I was just being honest about my answers to a ton of questions that I was flooded with suddenly. I guess I now know how Clara felt when she started coming in here. Rough."

"I met up with MicFranxon and Skunk to talk about some stuff. I don't know if this is plausible but...they have a point. What do you guys think?"

Some people think it's a good idea, others don't. What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell us your opinion

Bad Idea - RockinDanceTeacher

Creepy - Charlie (KM)

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If there’s no body, is there still a murder?

Big Announcement!

I made a big announcement yesterday on ApotheosisDJ's hour!
Did you miss it?

If you did, You are going to have to tune in tomorrow for my show on BreeFM!!!!

Got a question? Comment? Wanna talk?
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We all know that Sarah is emo, but can it actually help fight the ORDER?

What is emo? - VideoJug
Emo is short for emotive or emotional and describes an emerging social trend. This film explains what Emo is, where Emo comes from and wonders whether Emos' are ruining the country!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Truman:. A Warning to Spencer (ACO) - acrowleyorder

Queen Erica Pike's URL: http://bebo.com/acrowleyorder

See more great videos from Kate Modern and LonelyGirl15 at http://www.lg15.com


All the episodes of the 12 in 12 are screening at the Vine Shorts Fest in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday November 10 at 11 AM and Sunday November 11 at 10 AM.

Info: http://www.thevineent.com/index2.htm

Our source also tell us that JenniPowell's documentary film, "Marching Home", screened in the same festival today.


Jay made his debut on lonelygirl15.com on October 26th, 2007, as the rogue Elder, LaRezisto in What Happened?.
After studying theater and film at UCLA, Jay took a 12 year break from acting to build a family and business. Since then, he's been working non stop -- shooting 16 Films and 3 T.V. spots as well as many commercial spots.

Jay's official website

Jay on imdb

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Are you ready??? - TJMarsh

season 2 starts now!


Which Side Are You On? (Never Forget) - OpAdolf

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.

It is not truth that matters, but victory.


We conduct ourselves by this philosophy.

Which side are you on?

When a million hits won't do it

"And of course, there's the queen of YouTube, Lonelygirl15. Her videos, filmed in what appeared to be her bedroom, became the subject of debate around the world, until it became known that she was a fictional creation of several would-be filmmakers."


"What's the secret to YouTube fame? Being attractive seems to help - at least, it probably did for Digby and Denters - but that doesn't really explain the success (if you can call it that) of the Daft Punk video. Playing off a celebrity news event, as Crocker did, also probably helps."

BreeFM Acid, Perky, Apo Sunday! ♫♪♪♫♪♪

Live on BreeFM

Sunday 3pm PDT - DJ Acidfingers & Perky : When these two mix it up, ANYTHING might happen! :O

Sunday 5pm PDT - ApotheosisDJ : 80's music, catering to those NFL widows as only Apo can.

ApotheosisAZ writes: "Tonight's show will finally uncover the musical roots of the "Galien" conspiracy!"

Listen and join the chat : www.bree.fm

Epilogue: Leandro's gift - impulseLG (WF)

October 28, 2007

RedEarth cracks 90,000 views!

UPDATE: The community based effort code named "Operation Red Sunday" has now resulted in more than 90,000 views for the RedEarth video Opportunity Crisis! What began as the action of a small band of passionate fans tagged the "Red Army" seems to have become a self sustaining stream of views which is probably driven by the videos prestigious #9 position on YouTube's Most Viewed (This Week) - People & Blogs along with several other honors earned by the video.

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity