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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Know What I Did Last Summer - lostgrl17 (The Flock)

Just a quick update of what's been going on...

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Infrastruck? - tinny09 (CreatureInc)

Please, hear me out:

This assignment means a lot to me.

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Resistance Be Warned - masonishappy

Interfere with our plans and suffer the same fate.


Is Mason Dead? Who Killed Him? What Was So Important About His File?

Discuss in the Comments Below!

A Plan - J0V13r

meet me in chat asap.


Nice Try - Wilannies

You almost had me fooled....
but i guess i have REAL friends on the inside... (

Contacting OpAdolf - LJWatcher

ONGOING PUZZLE: This video contains a LJ-related puzzle. Feel free to take part and post your results in the comments!

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  • 05:28 acidfingers Creature, I've solved it, but since you don't like me like I like you, I privately messaged it to greg
    05:29 greggers ACID!
    05:29 greggers you are the man
    05:29 greggers im leaving now
    05:30 greggers thank you all for your help, you are the greatest friends I could have ever asked for.
    05:30 greggers except James, he's a douche.

    The Rules: Kitty-Style - Kitty (LJ15)

    5 rules every woman should live by. - Kitty xx

    Anne's Diary - billiethesneak2525




    Dead End - impulseLG (WorldFiles)

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    What's next?

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    Please Help - GregGallows (CreatureInc)

    PUZZLE SOLVED! Thank you to everyone who helped!

    Kim sent me a video, I don't understand what she is trying to tell us.
    Please, help.

    Kim says in her video :

    Please help, I cant go home.
    Someone was watching the house, I took his PDA and left him dead on the lawn.

    Find me.


    Please, hurry.

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    WatchingOpAphid requested that James and I both pick a chat Op, to be fair. He chose JazmynGrey and I chose Silverblue.

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    The Devil Speaks - Gina (LG15)

    Is she for real? I'm so confused... and who was that guy?? - Gina

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    RIP Scarlette

    I am sorry to be the one to deliver this news, but the lg15 community has lost a member. Her name was Scarlette and she was a member of the comment boards on the main page of lg15.com. She passed away last night. I am simply here to say that there will be a Moment Of Silence in her memory on Monday 6 pm PST (8pm Central/9pm EST) on the Comment Board for the video "Recovered Memory" There will also be a moment of silence for her in the official lg15 chat room.
    ~ I am sure I speak for all of us when i say that the shock is overwhelming. And even though some of us did not know her, we will remember her forever as another comment board sister~
    ~~RIP SCARLETTE...........another angel to look upon your family and friends.~~
    ~~~Feel free to share your memories of her~~~
    ~~~~Our prayers go out to her and her family~~~~
    ~~~~~~FOREVER *Scarlette*~~~~~
    * If you ever feel like you need somebody to talk to. Don't hesitate. We are here for you. If you ever feel alone and depressed contact somebody. They can help. And remember you are not alone*
    Suicide/Crisis Hotlines: http://www.webmd.com/help/crisis-resources
    Don't be afraid to call. They will help

    I'M NOT MISSING - Wilannies

    To anyone who's been texting me i'm fine, I think.. the "rock climbing" accident had a bigger impact then i thought...

    My parents say that none of this is real, that it's all fake...

    But i need your help, I think this new girl is in trouble....

    Somebody please help

    EGMIANN TR p+ VS Carriers

    New Girl she's scared


    All I Ever Wanted - Gina (LG15)


    Thank you for chatting with me last night. It really helped. - Gina

    All I Ever Wanted - Gina (LG15) on LGPedia.

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


    It is a brave new world, but in a good way. In recent months "The Community" has seen a new mode of story telling. Well, new for vlogs at least. With a normal web series the producer essentially has total control of the story. They might play with interactivity but in most cases where decisions are being made the result is dictated by a prewritten story line. All of that changes with dynamic story telling.

    Just think of it in a similar way to a role playing game, but one in which the result plays out as a web series. A prime example of this is the series "Creature, Inc" which was recently featured on InsideLG15. Like any web series there is a basic story premise and characters. However this is where it gets dynamic. You are invited into the story as a participant. You can either create a normal response video or on a more exciting level you can create your own character and enter into the story.

    The entire series is coordinated by the series producers who more rightly could be considered "puppet masters" since they have the power to accept your character actions or not. If accepted you are expected to "respect" the story and you may be given specific suggestions by the PM. The rest is up to you.

    Dynamic story telling is not just isolated to "Creature, Inc". The Coalition is probably the best known for experimenting with this type of story telling all be it in a slightly more controlled environment. Also in the LonelyJew15 series the character of Lonelyfrenchman15 sprang from nowhere and was embraced by the series creators.

    So is it time for you to jump in and take a side?

    impulse said...
    If I may, this is what the Coalition is all about, and this is why Creature Inc is part of what we're trying to achieve. Lunasapphire is another great example of what is happening at the Coalition. What's next is entirely up to you!

    Related Links:



    immo1 said...
    Collaborative fiction has been around in text form forever. When lg15 announced that the audience could be apart of the story I was hoping that they would take collaborative fiction to the next level by interacting with UGC.

    There are usually guidelines but the main principle is to let the story write itself. There should be no forgone conclusion that anyone is steering you toward.

    Learn more:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaborative_fiction

    Sofia's Diary Ep 10

    For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


    Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

    I wonder - igotfeelings288 (LunaSapphire)

    I guess it's natural for human beings to wonder. The trouble comes when we wonder too much about the wrong things, and mot enough about the right.

    "There are some quotes:
    "I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment"
    "I will keep them from harm and injustice."
    "What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about."

    And questions:
    1) But surely she could be no one's enemy?
    2) Who is Augustina de Aragon?
    3) What is Gevura?
    4) What does BL type A mean?
    5) What is transgenerational memory?
    6) Who are you?
    7) What is NEMESIS?
    8) What does this have to do with her?"

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    Creature, INC is featured on insideLG15!

    From INSIDE.LG15: http://inside.lg15.com/2008/03/28/creature-inc/

    "Creature, INC., a new LG15 Community Series, is an Alternate Reality Interactive Web Series that centers around a world where our government has been essentially ’sold’ to the most powerful and corrupt corporations of our time. Economic conditions resulted in a cataclysmic downward spiral of America to the point where corporate America was able to seize control of a goverment that had decayed close to the point of bankruptcy. Our civil rights are being slowly removed from us, our laws have become flexible to the will of those in power, and corporate sponsored mind control is on the verge of being instituted forcefully.

    Creature, INC. takes place within The Coalition extended region of the Red Territory. Viewers and players of the series are encouraged to create characters of their own, and to participate in the series itself. Not only does their help support the Alternate Reality aspect of this series, it may in fact be crucial to the survival of the world itself.

    The hour of revolution is at hand.

    Which side will you choose?"

    Creature, Inc playlist on YouTube.

    Creature, Inc on LGPedia.

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    KateModern: Precious Blood : 5 April 08 - : insideKateModern

    Videos in 12 Hours
    watch and interact all day at

    Solace - 'Solitude'

    Dr Kuch - 'The Persuaders Dub'

    Processor - Mad Bull

    EQAL takes over LG15.com

    Well, not really, but since eqal was posted about before:

    Milowent says:

    i tried to see if lg15.com was changing its servers, so i whois'ed it, typed in the server address as a URL and got this:

    (Click image to see full size)

    ETA by milowent:

    1. lg15.com is back up.

    2. lonelygirl15 llc no longer exists per the California corporations website. It has been "merged out" of existence, probably into some other entity. (It could be EQAL, Inc., but the information, while public, is not online.)

    The Weekend Starts Here? - Charlie (KM)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    I was working late last night until I had some visitors...!

    Genesis part's 3 and 4 - LoneFox101

    Genesis Part 3
    You guys need to back off!

    Genesis Part 4


    Gregory's Mess - InfraStruck (CreatureInc)

    It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

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    How Did Kim Get So Strong?

    The question of how Kim was strong enough to kill a Creature INC agent with one strike would have been raised on the LG forums ... were they functioning properly ... so instead i'll pose it here. Leave your thoughts in the comments. - GG

    Kim Makes Contact With Agent

    Agent Dead On Kim's Front Lawn

    A new video was posted by Manufactured Destiny today, claiming that the brainwashing that has been undergone by many Creature INC characters is nothing more than Mass Hysteria.

    Could this be a ploy to cover up the mistakes Creature INC has already made?
    View the video below and discuss in the comments!

    When jokes go to far - ManufacturedDestiny

    Mass hysteria, also called collective hysteria, mass psychogenic illness, or collective obsessional behavior, is the sociopsychological phenomenon of the manifestation of the same or similar hysterical symptoms by more than one person. A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment.[1]
    Visit The Forum Thread for When Jokes Go To Far

    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Thinking Thursday w/ MicFranXon - Recap

    written by SheetzJunkie:

    Mike started the night tonight talking about having one of THOSE days. He talked about how excited he is to work on Keller Modern and would like to say more, but can’t.. At night Mike likes to watch the history channel and A&E. CSI Miami always begins the same way. It begins with some characters interacting in what becomes the crime scene. David Caruso enters and says something intended to be witty or cool as he puts on his sunglasses and in the middle of this walks out of the shot. Mike would like to see that statement be replaced with something funny and jaded for a change. Mike then enacted a few lines followed by the theme opener as examples. Funny stuff!

    Mike played a sweeper that jijendia made for Roy The Boy. After this he spoke about the new schedual changes coming to BreeFM. This Saturday two new DJ's will be testing. They will be Maddemp and CloudAx. JenniPowell's time slot has now changed to 7pm pacific on Thursdays due to her new job. Sadly DJ Hauser will no longer be hosting a show with us on BreeFM due to constraints on his schedual. Mike wishes him well because he knows how busy he is.

    We all had a flashback to FOBlife from Nowlive.

    Jackson Davis's Wikipedia page is up for deletion. If you wish to keep it up and support this very talented struggling actor go to Wikipedia and help plead his case. A misunderstanding about this being on LGPedia caused Mike tomake an ass of himself today in LG15today comments.

    Mike talked about how watching for plotholes and facts being straight are so important in character development and story development. Research beforehand goes a long way. Mike praised Mason on his editing technique, and content but pointed out that he may want to be aware of plotholes in his story.

    Mike realizes that LG15 recycles the same story repeatedly just focusing on a different character. All major events on LG15 seem to fall on a Friday, IE: “Oh my god, that’s THIS Friday!” and the story has a familiar cycle.

    Kidnap a girl - save a girl - rinse – repeat. However we have learned that with the dropping off of Gina “The Order now offers free pick-up and delivery”. Mike thinks that with the new writers that things will get really interesting.

    If there is another kidnapping on LG15 Mike suggests that Daniel, Jonas, Gina, etc. fight back by kidnapping Lucy and taking her somewhere other than back to the house! How EPIC it would be (even though Lucy will probably get out of it, I mean…she’s badass after all!).

    Mike has written 3 scripts for his series. He has somewhat sacrificed part of his vision for the series to make it more web friendly. Mike will announce next week when the series will make it's grand premiere. The series is coming along within the writing process and he is very excited to start actual production.

    Track List

    REM - Stand
    Rammstein - Engel
    Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry
    Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
    Real McCoy - One More Time
    Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
    Slipknot - Get This
    Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing
    Better Than Ezra - In The Blood
    Delirium - Twilight
    Black Box - Everybody, Everybody

    The Beginning of the End for TV Teen Drama..?

    Hugh Reilly looks at the latest online drama to see if it can follow the success of KateModern and LonelyGirl15

    ATO SONY's London HQ, the team behind Bebo's online teen drama Sofia's Diary are talking text-speak.

    "Should we put G-R-8 or just great?" asks writer Melanie Martinez, 34.

    "I don't want to be seen to be impersonating a trendy teenager…"

    Full Article from The London Paper


    ::::WARNING:::: DO NOT ENTER ANY PASSWORD INFORMATION just in case what we are seeing on LG15.com is actually phishing::::::

    We assume that LG15 is testing some stuff out but it seems to have taken down the entire site including insideLG15, LGPedia, comments, and the discussion board.

    From the message it looks like they are working on a beta version of the site.

    As always you can access the LG15 chat via our blogspot page.

    redSUV51... who are thou?

    So we are just done with the chat in which Gina asked us for some advice on what should she do about the message in the CD. Should she go to the meeting or not. But amongst all the lonelycrackers giving sounds advise there was someone urging Gina to make it to the meeting. But who is this person?
    “redSUV” seemed like s/he has good information and big reason for her to come.

    [21:13] -redSUV51- ***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
    [21:14] -redSUV51- *Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
    [21:16] -redSUV51- Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her.

    Is this redSUV perhaps Elizabeth Avery pleading for her to go to the meeting.

    [21:16] Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
    [21:16] -redSUV51- There are things you don't understand
    [21:17] -redSUV51- Come.

    People picked on this after the moderators voiced redSUV

    [21:16] *** heyaja sets mode +v on redSUV51
    [21:18] -Broken_Kid- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was

    Some people think that is a clue in how to find her, a marker.

    [21:17] -funkymonkey21- She will be in a redSUV

    But... is this a trap.

    [21:18] -Chelseyrl- Redsuv= verdus

    What do you think…?

    Full chat log on LGPedia.

    Read the summary of the chat on LGPedia.

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


    Gina visited LG15 chat this evening.

    Join the LG15 Chat for in character interaction.

    To discuss Lonelygirl15 in a quieter atmosphere join the fan run HymnOfOne chat.

    In chat, there was a mysterious person using the name redSUV. Many fans suspect that it was Elizabeth Avery.

    [21:18] -Broken_Kid- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was

    redsuv51 = VERDUS!!!!!!!!

    Read the summary of the Gina chat on LGPedia.

    Full chat log on LGPedia.

    * Traveler50 has joined #lg15chat
    * Traveler50 is now known as redSUV51
    * Traveler67 has joined #lg15chat
    * redSUV51 is now known as new
    * Traveler67 is now known as gina2008
    gina2008: hey guys
    * heyaja gives voice to gina2008
    gina2008: its me
    gina2008: so... did u guy see the vido today?
    gina2008: doing okay, little cofused rigt nw
    DisenchantedBabe: Don't trust Bree's mom
    DisenchantedBabe: She's just another aunt alex
    gina2008: Disenchanted, why shld I not trusther?
    gina2008: but then why would she just retrn me?
    gina2008: its weird, i really dnt think she meant 2 hurt me
    gina2008: its just a feeling
    * new is now known as redSUV51
    gina2008: like the way I jst KNW Bree is my sister, u know?
    gina2008: but what wld she be trying to get from me?
    gina2008: right -- but then why didn't they keep me?
    gina2008: if she wantedto serve me to them, she totally could have
    Bratty: Gina could take a purse and put a hole or somthing in the front and put the camera in the purse
    gina2008: good ida Bratty!
    gina2008: I may take th camera purse idea and record the meet... if I go
    gina2008: the thing reaally bothering me is... why did she just send me back?
    gina2008: I mean, yeah, she got my blood but what does she want to do with it?
    gina2008: and why would she give me the video?
    gina2008: that HAS TO mean something
    gina2008: showing me and Bree together
    gina2008: bt then again
    gina2008: the weekend reminded me of Hart
    gina2008: just, being in a daze and not knwing whats happening
    gina2008: it was scary, beig like a lab rat again
    gina2008: I never wanted to feel that way ever again
    SickSlickMan: hang in there, luv, you're alright now :)
    gina2008: thanks SlickSlick
    gina2008: im tryng
    Ethan_Fox: Gina I have a question for you... Are you Cassie???
    gina2008: haa, no Ethan, I AM NOT Cassie
    gina2008: of course I trust myself evergreen
    gina2008: i just want some answers
    gina2008: thats wat my intincts are telling me
    * heyaja sets channel mode +m #LG15chat
    Broken_Kid: ok, muted again
    Broken_Kid: Go ahead Gina
    gina2008: if I go, should I bring the group with me?
    gina2008: i dont know, it might put them in danger too
    gina2008: thanks BrokenKid
    Broken_Kid: that's a good question. Let's open that back up and see what people say...
    gina2008: if I were take anyone, who would it be?
    * heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
    gina2008: the thing is - she said to cme alone
    gina2008: if I go, I feel like I have to bring a camera
    gina2008: that way I have you guys with me at least :)
    Quirkynesss: Bring Daniel, Gina. He cares about you.
    gina2008: Quirkyness - I know Daniel cares about me but I feel like everyone does
    gina2008: and I dont want to put them in harms way, u know?
    gina2008: there's so much that I want to know
    gina2008: and I feel like she wants 2 tell me
    gina2008: safety in numbrs is always good
    gina2008: but what if its a trap?
    gina2008: then I get them hurt too
    cheddarcheese: Its a tough risk, but what if she wants to help you?
    gina2008: thanks cheddar - thats EXACTLY how I feel
    gina2008: what if she does want to help?
    gina2008: i keep asking what if what if what if
    redSUV51: ***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
    redSUV51: ***You knew Bree. You played with her****
    gina2008: I've talked to the group and eveyrone just keeps arguing about it
    gina2008: who should go
    gina2008: who should stay
    gina2008: how did you guys feel whn you saw the home movie today?
    gina2008: it was weird, right?
    gina2008: but it felt kinda cmfortng too
    redSUV51: *Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
    gina2008: where do you think we were in that video?
    gina2008: I don't think it could have been the same park from tday
    gina2008: now afte what Hart told me about my past
    gina2008: if he could even be trusted
    redSUV51: Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her.
    SocksRock: gina do you like trees?
    gina2008: socksrock - of course i like bree
    gina2008: i just wish i could have known her better
    Broken_Kid: muted
    gina2008: i feel a connection to her
    Broken_Kid: at Gina's request
    redSUV51: Gina, you did know her.
    gina2008: and i feel something similar to Elizabeth
    redSUV51: You played with her. More than once.
    gina2008: its not as strong
    gina2008: but its there
    gina2008: something is definitely there
    redSUV51: Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
    redSUV51: There are things you don't understand.
    gina2008: as scared as I was on Friday, I got the feeling she wanted 2 protect me
    redSUV51: Come.
    * redSUV51 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
    gina2008: wait
    gina2008: did anyone see redSUV51?
    -Broken_Kid/#LG15chat- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was saying
    gina2008: I should go
    gina2008: im a little freaked
    gina2008: and ive got some thinking to do
    gina2008: seriously tho guys, thank u so mch
    gina2008: its nice to know i've got your support :)
    gina2008: ill let you know what I decide soon
    * gina2008 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

    Reminder - Chat With Gina Tonight!!

    There will be a live chat tonight!! Head to the chat room at 6:00 pm PST to speak with Gina.

    Download the pix from Flicrk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lg15/2367561766/

    Source: insideLG15

    Will P. Monkey show up for the chat? You just never know!

    08:09 Broken_Kid Notice: In-character chat rules: No imitating characters. No swearing or abusive talk. Do not use colors or bold or all caps in an effort to be noticed. These may all result in you being kicked from chat.

    MicFranXon @ 9pm on BreeFM

    Hey Peeps!

    Tonight on the show:

    • Keller Modern
    • takes on CSI Miami
    • Jackson Davis Wikipedia page for deletion?
    • I think I get it: Catching on to the LG15 story structure. keyword "menudo"
    • The series I'm working on (not Keller Modern, but the other one I've been talking about)
    • New DJs to BreeFM this Saturday, find out who tonight!

    So tune on in tonight @ 9pm Pacific to Bree.FM!

    Recovered Memory - Jennie (LG15)


    You'll never guess what was on that disc. - Jennie
    Gina will be in chat tonight at 6:00 pm PST at www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15
    Music: Artist: Janell Marie
    Track: Better That Way (acoustic)
    Artist Link: http://www.myspace.com/janellr

    At 2:35 we see that Gina is wearing a gold band on one of the fingers of her left hand.

    Recovered Memory - Lonelygirl15 on LGPedia.

    List of notable non-series UGC on LGPedia.

    Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help

    Suggestions for Survival - ManufacturedDestiny (CreatureInc)

    Heed the warnings Greg. Your options are few

    Visit The Forum Thread

    Creature INC Playlist

    Creature INC on LGpedia

    I Made a Big Mistake - GregGallows (CreatureInc)

    Kims gone.

    The last thing I remember is her knocking me out, I never thought she could have been so strong.

    I never should have let her watch those videos.

    Music : "Teardrop" - Massive Attack

    Visit The Forum Thread

    Creature INC Playlist

    Creature INC on LGpedia

    Facebook IM to Rival AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft

    "Facebook's move to unleash messaging within its vast audience poses a new challenge to AOL, Microsoft, and other makers of instant- messaging services."


    Sofia's Diary Ep 9

    For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


    Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

    Join Sofia's Diary IRC CHAT

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/RachelMakeup

    Rachel is a "product integration character" within the Sofia's Diary story. Her vlog does not seem to part of the main story line at this point.

    Sean Walker
    "Go wit da Flow!"

    I’m just me, y’know? But I guess you want to know a bit more. Well, I’m a footie freak. Chelsea is my team (forget about what you saw this season - forward, march!). I also harbour a secret soft spot for QPR. I had a trial when I was twelve but I injured my knee so being a pro is not an option (I still play though, 5 a-side with my mates). I don't mind that I won't go pro. It gives me lots of time to focus on my music. I create stuff on my laptop using an old analog synth. Ideas come to me at the strangest times and I gotta get myself into the studio to lay them down before I forget. Hopefully music is something I can do professionally - hey, you never know!

    Gender Age
    Male 17

    London Towwwwn!

    Sean Walker's URL

    Member Since
    March 2008
    Sean Walker says:
    "Poor Sofia. Why didn't someone warn her about Rebecca? It was like watching someone trying to backside alley-oop in a hurricane. " (1 day ago) me too!
    Anything Old School. AC/DC, The Clash. And Indie, rock, electronic, hip hop, soul. Gotta have an appreciation for everything. Except for cheesy pop idol type stuff. Rubbish.

    Films & TV
    Dogtown and Z Boys, Lords of Dogtown. Horror or thrillers, Die Hard, Exorcist, The Birds, that kind of thing. TV; The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, The Sopranos, Prison Break, Flight of the Conchords (Hiphopapotomus vs. Rhymenocerous, yeah boyeeeee)

    football, boarding

    I Hate
    Negativity. I mean, why bother? Life’s hard enough, right? Gotta stay positive.

    Happiest When
    playin footie, ridin my old school bowl skateboard in Meanwhile Gardens skate bowl

    Scared of
    moths. creepy little things.


    New Job! - MasonIsHappy

    Turns out charities aren't so bad... - Mason.

    KateModern: Precious Blood : 5 April 08 - : insideKateModern

    11AM BST | 3AM PST | 6AM EST
    12 Videos in 12 Hours
    watch and interact all day at

    Sneaky Sound System - 'I Love It (Bag Ravers Remix)'

    Usual Suspects: Promotional Shot for Precious Blood

    Originally uploaded by katemodern
    Download the pix from FlicKr.

    guide book nook - Mr JRW Sloth

    Getting ready for the big trip! And I help Edgar with a small problem.

    Bust Incredible - Gavin (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

    Well we finally got to the bottom of what was going on at JTV. What a melon!

    Duality - JennersRevenge (CreatureInc)

    I am split in two.

    Music: "Not Over Yet '99" by Planet Perfecto Feat. Grace

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    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    Jackson Davis has been nominated for DELETION!

    Yes, that is right, the Wikipedia page for Jackson Davis (aka Jonas on Lonelygirl15) has been nominated for deletion. If you, like many of us feel that Jackson is a talented actor and has earned his position on Wikipedia then please share your opinion at:


    Please note that it is best to leave a well thought out and well articulated argument as to why its appropriate for Jackson to be on Wikipedia rather than just a "Jackson is great" type message.

    Some of us have previously left messages on what turned out to be the wrong area for page deletion discussions but those comments have now been linked to the correct discussion page so we hope they will be taken into account. If you want to make sure you might consider copying your comment over to the correct page.

    Thanks to Milowent for bringing this matter to our attention.

    WHAT TIME IS IT?...LIVE Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

    Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

    This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

    We are off to a Kick A$S!! start with "Hole" - Awful.

    Sara is almost done with her movie. Glenn would like to go into the future and see which path things will go down. Glenn has been sorting out a backlog of things he has to deal with. He is sleep deprived because of an early morning meeting.

    Glenn's younger brother works at Lucas Arts on the gaming side of things. Glenn always tries to get him something cool for Xmas (eg Rad on laserdisc). What does Glenn get from Matt? Whatever Lucas Arts gift is. This years gift was a travel bag that has a sleeping mask which Glenn used this morning. In sitcoms you always see the "sleeping mask". Glenn is happy their is actually something to it. PJ said that he uses one and Glenn said he was "ahead of his time".

    Glenn has spend so much time on video production that he has forgotten that he is actually good at the business side of things. The good part of a hiatus from RedEarth88 is that it allows him to focus on business.

    Sometimes you get in a conversation and it leads to something totally unexpected. cf how Kevin Smith got the job on " Superman Lives ."

    Once per year you can hear DeBarge - "Who's Johnny" and think its good. It reminds Glenn of the movie Amazon Women on the Moon. No soul, but it builds. Glenn "wiggles" to the music.

    Glenn said Veruca Salt are highly under rated. Remember " Seether" If you can create a hit without a label you can pretty much write your own ticket. "Volcano Girls" was the follow up and in it they reference "Seether".

    Louise_Post on Wikipedia.
    Nina_Gordon on Wikipedia.

    Movie Madness



    Glenn was thinking of Wargames when he was thinking about Jonas' father. He regrets the day he came up with the notion of a "mind-wipe". Why would someone start a resistance and go into hiding? It reminded him of Falcon in WarGames. It has to make sense that they would have no memory. Glenn was not in favor of Jonas parents being alive. It would make them unlikeable if they faked their death and left Jonas alone. Even with the "mind-wipe" it seemed "cruel and unusual".

    The sequel to WarGames: direct to DVD. Very little tie to the original. You could not get Mathew Broadwick? It is not going to be any Lost Boys II

    Let us think about the months we have spent together on BreeFM. Glenn "would really like to share his passion with the world". Think about it folks! Here is why the world is against Glenn. As Glenn has been sharing his passion he looks at the direct to DVD market. Think about "Red Dusk" the sequel to Red Dawn but now Patrick_Swayze is close to death (see a previous summary) in real life. Glenn is just putting it out there as entertainment so please do not use the idea for an Indian uprising. Glenn wants to bring Patrick back to the land of DVD triumph.

    Superman III is underrated. It is terrible what happened to Christopher Reeves. Glenn referenced Switching_Channels

    Most of the time community theatre is "bs" however "Noises Off" is a great play.

    Movie sound tracks in the 80s is where singers tended to go that put out tracks that went nowhere. It is some of the worst music. When Glenn thinks of "Who's Johnny" he thinks of Rod Stewart in Legal Eagles (which he never saw). "Love Touch"?

    What song really really sucks? When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going - Billy Ocean. If you have to ask, you have already lost. The song is on the sound track for the Jewel Of The Nile . The creepiest, weirdest, most ominous image. This is Michael Douglas the academy award winning actor we are talking about. You should never be into something that involves a Billy Ocean song. If there is a hell, that is what will be playing when you are going there. Just try and think of a more horrible song. Think of it as our own personal Event Horizon. With age the lyrics have developed a certain interest. The song sounds like it is on a loop. Sax and a synthesizer are are hard to mix and pull off.

    A Glenn Confession
    Glenn aged 9 went to Great America and knocked out a very spirited rendition of Huey Lewis and The News " Power of Love".

    Glenn talked about the unfinished "Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler" which was made up of music from movie sound tracks. Part of him wishes he had finished it. It has both good and bad in it.

    As a kid you don't even look at the logic of a song's lyrics. Glenn talked about Lionel Richie and the power ballad Say You, Say Me

    Kids Incorporated - Say You, Say Me

    This is a Lionel Richie hit that KIDS Incorporated covered in Season 3 from the episode "Stacy and the Clown". It's performed by Stacy Ferguson (Fergie!). Visit www.kidsincorporated.us for more!

    The clown was freaking Glenn out.

    Oversized sun glasses. Tramatic flashbacks. If you did not have to grow up watchig Kids Incorporated you are very lucky.

    John Parr wrote Man_In_Motion for an athlete in a wheel chair. It was worked into the movie.

    From Wikipedia:

    "The theme song, "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)", was written by Canadian composer David Foster and performed by John Parr. This hit song was written for the Canadian athlete Rick Hansen, who at the time was going around the world in his wheelchair to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries. His journey was called the "Man in Motion Tour." The lyrics do relate though to the characters in the movie moving out into a new and exciting, yet a little scary, time in their lives. The analogy of the light or the fire works, in that they're looking for guidance into the unknown, and that a new 'fire' is raging inside of them, of who they're discovering themselves to be. The song "Give Her A Little Drop More," which plays during the movie when they enter St. Elmo's Bar & Restaurant, was written by British jazz trumpeter John Chilton."

    Barry Manilow shows that he knows how to weave in the pain with the song Copacabana.

    Junior high. Age 14. Glenn had to read the Outsiders. Glen gets together with his friends to recreate a 15 minute epic reinterpretation of the Outsiders.

    Glenn used to have a PXL 2000.

    Glenn talked about Bell Biv DeVoe. Back in the day Michael_Bivinsn worked on a band called "Sudden Impact". Watch youtube for how Michael_Bivinsn blew a lot of money on the "East Coast Family", Even Boys II Men dropped him asap.

    Glenn talked about his experience with the "X-hat".

    Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

    Send questions to [email protected]

    Played @ Song Title
    02:18:02 Bell Biv DeVoe - Do Me!
    02:14:06 New Edition - Candy Girl
    01:27:18 Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler
    00:20:21 DeBarge - Who's Johnny
    00:17:03 Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
    00:14:11 William Shatner - I Can't Get Behind That (featuring Henry Rollins)
    00:10:06 The Gleaming Spires - Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?
    00:07:54 The Brady Bunch - Candy (Sugar Shoppe)
    00:04:47 The Dream Academy - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    00:03:55 Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler
    00:03:42 Glenn Rubenstein - Stay Tuned for More Aimless Rambling
    00:00:04 Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself
    23:55:46 Sir Mix-A-Lot - One Time's Got No Case
    23:51:22 Neil Diamond - Heartlight
    23:47:23 Cyndi Lauper - Hole In My Heart
    23:15:26 Ben Folds - Best Imitation Of Myself
    23:13:07 Hagfish - Stamp
    23:08:34 Bobby Brown - On Our Own
    23:05:42 Rocket From The Crypt - On A Rope
    23:02:28 Hole - Awful

    Happy Birthday Brooklynxman! - surfetteelf11

    Just a few birthday messages for brooklynxman's birthday!

    LonelyJew15 Presents: Keller Modern

    Greetings and Salutations, I am very excited to bring you this BIG announcement! Coming Autumn 2008, the first official LonelyJew15 spin-off: Keller Modern.

    Based on the amazing life of Helen Keller, Keller Modern brings you the story of a young girl producing her thoughts in her world of darkness. Join us as we have our journey through secret organizations, mysterious helpers, familiar faces and a stuffed puppy with a secret. All set in the LonelyJew15 universe so expect SO much from us in the future. With an all-star cast and epic crew, this is shaping up to be an amazing adventure!

    Created by: Jenni Powell, PJ Scott-Blankenship and Mike Frankson.
    Written and produced by Jenni Powell and Daroff/Powell industries.
    Crew: Jenni Powell, PJ Scott-Blankenship, Adam Daroff,and Mike Frankson

    View The Forum Post

    Sofia's Diary Ep 8

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    Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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    Take it or leave it VOTE NOW! (you may have to log onto Bebo again.)

    Jill Johnson

    Hello! I live with my mum and brother Mikey. He’s a DJ, and pretty good too, but he’d be nowhere without my musical guidance! I like hanging out with my friends and having a good time. Who doesn't, right? Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom. I hope to someday have a music empire of my own, a regular P. Mimmy (get it? Puff Daddy = P. Diddy so Puff Mummy = P. Mimmy...never mind). The point is, watch out world, here I come!!

    Gender Age
    Female 18

    Jill Johnson's URL

    Member Since
    March 2008
    Jill Johnson says:
    "oh no, i shoulda looked out for my girl! why didn't i warn sofia about rebecca? " (23 hours ago) me too!
    Hip-hop, urban and indie. Dizzee Rascal, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Rakim, Busta Rhymes, M.I.A., Mary J Blige. Also Prince, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Goldfrapp. My heart belongs to Kanye West at the moment. He’s unstoppable. Not to mention totally gorgeous. Phwoar!!

    Films & TV
    Last King of Scotland, and anything with Daniel Craig in it. Double-oh-Heaven! Now him and Kanye in a film together. There’s box office gold. Just saw We Are Together and cried my eyes out – go see it, it will change your life. TV; Dr Who, Life on Mars, Little Britain, X Factor, American Idol.

    Ha ha, yeah right, good one. Oh okay then, maybe a bit of volleyball. Just for school though. I wouldn’t mind trying rock climbing though – if anyone fancies taking the plunge with me!

    Scared Of
    rats, the ocean

    Happiest When
    Luxuriating in a sea of suds, surrounded by candles and listening to my special in-ear headphones on my mp3. Sweet.

    I Hate
    People who insist they’re right. They’re usually wrong, or aren’t listening to me properly. ☺

    Jill's music blog:

    Well my bunnies, it looks like there might soon be a new unreleased single for me to review here, thanks to my inside source! Keep your eyes peeled, and in the meantime I'll keep you posted. You know where to come when you want the skinny on good tracks, don't you?



    KateModern - BAFTA-nominated…twice!

    We’re THRILLED to announce that KateModern has been nominated in two categories at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards. The ceremony takes place on Sunday 11 May at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

    Source: http://inside.lg15.com/2008/03/26/katemodern-bafta-nominatedtwice/


    Sanctuary to jump to the SciFi Channel

    "Amanda Tapping, star and executive producer of SCI FI Channel's upcoming new series Sanctuary, told SCI FI Wire that the show will differ significantly from the Web series on which it is based."

    Click for full article.

    LonelyJew15 Vid Postponement

    Hello darlings!

    I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we have to postpone the release of this week's LonelyJew15 video to Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. It is really important to me that each video be as awesome as possible and this week's video in particular needed a little extra time and work to make it as cool as it can be.

    But while you are waiting, why not make an entry for our illustrious Kill Greggerz contest? The deadline for entries is going to be April 15th, so get yours in today!

    1. Download the video at this link http://www.sendspace.com/file/2s6rzr
    2. Re-mix it however you want
    3. Post your re-mix on YouTube as a response to Jerry's video above
    4. Once it's up, e-mail the link to [email protected]
    5. Have fun!

    Thank you all so much for your patience!

    Very Sincerely,
    Jenni Powell

    KateModern: Precious Blood : 5 April 08

    Saturday 5 April 2008, 11AM GMT.

    12 Videos in 12 Hours


    ED: For more on the history of "12 in 12" see "24 videos in 24 hours™" on the Breeniversisms page of the LGPedia.

    Batwoman - Charlie (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    We went to see Lauren like we planned but it looks like we weren’t the only ones!

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Genesis part 2 - LoneFox101

    I don't know what to do... ~Ethan

    Who is Bree’s Mom?

    "Bree’s Mom, Elizabeth Avery, is played by Melissa Kite".

    Download the pix from Flickr.

    Read the full story on: insideLG15

    Melissa Kite is the actress who plays Elizabeth Avery in the lonelygirl15 web series.

    A native of Denver, Colorado, Melissa made her professional dancing debut at the age of ten, performing ballet to classical storybook magic. At fourteen, she began dancing with David Taylor's Dance Theatre productions. Melissa received community awards and press acclaim for her performances and was recognized for her contribution as the youngest member of an adult theater ballet company. At fifteen, she received a scholarship with the Houston Ballet.

    Melissa went on to receive a BA of Art History from The University of Texas and a degree in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. While in New York, she pursued her career in acting, studying under the tutelage of acting coach, Anthony Abeson.

    She recently co-starred with Hugh Laurie on the Emmy Award-Winning Fox TV Show, "House". Melissa has also appeared in the off-beat comedy film, Shrink Rap (with Priscella Barnes and Richard Kind). Her other television credits include an ABC television special, "California's Disney Adventure," alongside Richard Kind.
    As a theater actress, Melissa is critically acclaimed for her performances in both Tennessee William's Cat on Hot Tin Roof, as Maggie and Sophocles's Antigone, in which she played the lead.

    Today, Melissa is a Lifetime Member of The Actor's Studio and works as an actor, dancer, choreographer and teache

    Melissa Kite on LGPedia.

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