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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eye on Tom Pettit

Tom Pettit is playwright and television writer from London, England who is currently writing for the lonelygirl15 web series. In 2005, Tom taught at the Global Media Adventures program.

The following year, he began writing for the television series "Cold Case" (CBS). His latest stage work, the libretto for the opera The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth, was chosen to be a part of the New York City Opera's 2008 Vox program.

Tom Pettit on LGPedia.

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Lonelygirl15: Why she is here to stay! - Blade376


....yes this one is way old but you may not have seen it....

Here is an animation I made using paint, pinnacle studio and my voice box in like 20mins!

Hope you like it!


A FAN'S view of the lg15/KM crossover...

"To me, this crossover was the perfect opportunity to bridge a gap in the community that exists between lonelygirl15 fans and KateModern fans."

Read the full post:


Greg said...
Great post, very interesting observation.

We did the cross over because we have amazingly talented producers, writers, and actors on both lonelygirl15 and KateModern.

Amanda, Luke, and Kelly talked about a cross over and all thought it would be a great idea for the communities to meet each other. They also thought it was a great idea for the different casts and crews to meet some of their new friends from across the world.

Luke, Tom and Amanda worked very hard writing the scripts and Kelly and Amanda worked tirelessly to produce a great series (along with all the other crew on each show - too many awesome people to mention by name). I literally mean tirelessly - Amanda went from Catalina, to London, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas in three weeks!!!

We certainly didn't intend for the story to create any animosity between the two communities. In our minds, there is one community of LG15 fans around the world. Some of those fans might like lonelygirl15 more, or KateModern more, but they are not competing. They compliment each other within the greater LG15 Universe.

We will be doing more LG15 shows in the future and they are all meant to compliment each other, but be enjoyed individually. We didn't want people to have to watch two shows. If they did, awesome, we hope they enjoy them both!! But nobody has to watch two shows.

With the KateModern/lonelygirl15 cross over, we set out to create one AWESOME LG15 storyline over two weeks. We brought the two series's together for two weeks and then needed to separate them again. Our writers came up with a good story and we thought it was very cool. The end was not meant to make people choose sides, rather, it was meant to go back to two separate yet related series's.

Thanks so much for watching the shows and WRITING ABOUT THEM. It is awesome that you would take the time to think about our shows and the community, and then write a blog about them.

Very cool!


MaxterBexter: The Pilot - MaxterBexter

Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski hit up Ventura!!!

Music: Good Charlotte - "Waldorf Worldwide"

See also:





No sooner had TAAG left Steve in their rear view mirror than you began to voice your opinions of what happened. So what did you have to say? Take a read through the comments.

Then we asked you what you thought about the "crossover" itself. Of course everyone has their own opinion of that but your views make for some interesting reading.

What will next week bring? Stay tuned...........


From the Becki Kregoski's MySpace

Current mood: Fantastical! :)
Category: Fantastical! :) Life

Hey everyone!!!

Maxwell Glick and I have started our own YouTube show, MaxterBexter. You can view it by going to http://www.youtube.com/MaxterBexter . Our pilot is a little long, but full of MaxterBexter goodness and joy, and we could all use a little more goodness and joy in our life, yes?

As for the Massify competition, I'm pretty sure I didn't make the cut, but our very own Katherine Pawlak got to the finals!!! CONGRATS KATHERINE!!!! I wanted to thank all of you for voting for both of us! You definitely gave me a HUGE push and I appreciate you all more than you will ever know!

I have some really super duper thrilling exciting news coming up on the acting side as well, but you'll have to wait until next Wednesday or Thursday when I post a blog about it. Until then, go see Max and my first video on YouTube and enjoy!

Thank you all again for being so fantastic!

-Becki Kregoski, BexterK, Bexter, Bex, Becky, Lovin' you all :)

It's Go Time - RNAworld

I finally got the go ahead on my project... and then this

I Don't Know Anymore - daisychainreaction

Calculated Risks - Simone

Friday, May 2, 2008

☺ Newsflash: Englishman Eaten by Bear

Tina Talkfast, Television Newscaster, TV LA-Now
Buff Harryton, On-the-scene Reporter, TV LA-Now
Jason Greenleaf, California Treehugger
Reginald Jenkinshanks, English Mountaineer

{static, then channel changes...}

{sitting at transparent newsdesk in front of a garish silver TV LA-Now logo, Tina with short skirt, orangish tan, and high heel pumps receives a bright pink memo from someone offscreen}

Tina: This just in... An Englishman known only as "Steve" was seen walking ... Walking? OMG, who walks? ... on the Pacific Coast Highway earlier today by two campers, and is now missing. Police have found a few pieces of clothing, including a scrap of t-shirt reading 'Manchester United,' one soft leather loafer, and a man-purse. The black bear seen sleeping nearby had no comment.

Tina: (listening to earpiece) We take you live now to our reporter on the scene, Buff Harryton.

{Tina turns and talks to Buff on a big high-definition screen}

Tina: Buff, you are looking very handsome today, but before we find out where you found those sunglasses, what can you tell us about the missing Englishman?

Buff: Thanks Tina, we don't have all the facts yet, but a very strange and possibly tragic tale appears to be developing. Let's start with the first eye-witness, Jason Greenleaf, who first spotted the Englishman. Jason, what did you see?

Jason: (waves to camera) Hey Tina! I just want to say that I was so impressed when I read in LA Hottest Newscasters Weekly that you only use animal-friendly makeup products and locally grown produce because the cost of fuel to ship tangerines from New Zealand is ...

Buff: Um Jason, what about the Englishman?

Jason: Oh yeah, him. Well, I knew something was wrong when I saw another person out walking instead of driving. And not only that, he was walking on the wrong side of the road!

Buff: So you thought he might be insane?

Jason: I did, but he looked kind of hungry and harmless so I took a chance and said hello. Turned out he was English. Well, I invited him to join my picnic, and then everything went wrong.

Buff: You mean the bear showed up?

Jason: No, he turned out to be a real jerk... first he drank all my beer and tossed the bottles into the woods, and then kept telling me how to pronounce the food I was giving him, so I told him to take a hike - literally.

Buff: Well, thanks Jason, that was very, um, interesting.

{camera switches to Tina who is yawning and buffing her fingernails}

Tina: (noticing camera and flashing her bright white veneers) Well Buff, that sounds bloodcurdling. Thank you for that excellent report ... what? (looking at some offscreen producer) stretch? oh, okay ... So Buff, we know the Englishman was an insane man-purse carrying litterbug with poor manners. Is there anything you can tell us about a possible encounter with the bear?

Buff: (smiling, showing what appears to be 58 teeth) Yes Tina, we have one more eye-witness, and in an amazing coincidence, he's also from Great Britain!

Tina: (in an aside, not supposed to be audible on the broadcast) Well who else would be out walking and camping, for God's sake, other than a treehugger or some crazy poms?

Buff: ...This is Reginald Jenkinshanks, visiting the states from Liverpool, England. Reggie, what can you tell us?

Reginald: It's Reginald, please, thank you.

Buff: Okay, Reginald. Did you see what happened?

Reginald: Well, this bloody Man U. fanatic with a sling on one arm comes stumbling along, drunk as a skunk, and I saw right away he was trouble.

Buff: Man U. fanatic?

Reginald: Manchester United, most over-rated footie club in England. I root for the lads of the Liverpool F.C. side of course. But I thought here we are, fellow Englishmen adrift in the colonies, so I tried to extend an olive branch, gave him a meat-pie and rum toddy, I did. Well he just would not shut up about the beauty of Old Trafford, Rooney's unmatched speed, and the brilliant leadership of Giggs at midfield. I did what any self-respecting Scouser would do.

Buff: (silently, confused) footie? Scouser?

Reginald: (concluding) I told the scrote to perambulate.

Buff: Huh?

Reginald: I politely asked him to leave. So he started down the road again. That's when the bear took an interest in the bloody barmpot's bloody wounded arm. Tragic. Truely.

Buff: I see. Did he put up much of a fight?

Reginald: Well, he tried, I'll give him that. He bravely pulled that tire-iron out of his sling and was about to give the bear what for.

Jason: (appearing from the side suddenly) He didn't hurt the bear did he? Black bears have been systematically excluded from their natural hunting grounds, much like the native peoples of California...

{Buff grabs Jason by the collar with one hand and easily moves him aside}

Buff: Then what happened, Reggie?

Reginald: Well the bear growled, and the tosser dropped his weapon. It was all yorping, growling, and crunching after that. Bent him like Beckham, the bear did, if you take my meaning.

Buff: Wow, sounds gruesome.

Reginald: Not so bad really. I've see worse by the hooligans in the stands during the FA Cup. And the bear had the good taste to spit out that Manchester United jersey, you have to give the lad credit.

Buff: Yes, I see. So Tina, that's all we have for now. Buff Harryton reporting live from the Pacific Coast Highway.... um Tina?

Tina: (unconscious, wakes up suddenly with a lurch) So it was a case of Bear today, gone tomorrow, huh Buff?

Buff: Beautifully summed up as always Tina!

Tina: And that concludes our broadcast for this evening. Remember what we have learned here folks. Don't talk to hitchhikers. They could be conservationists, or worse, soccer fans. This is Tina Talkfast saying, Have a Nice Day, and a Make-Over Tomorrow!!

{fade to commercial}

~ QtheC

Airlift - masonishappy

Subject discovered. Attempting interception. Mission go.

Audio file to masonishappy airlift. <------

Audio file with noise reduction.

Audio file cleaned up.

Discussion on LG15.com.

Join the HOO chat and help solve Masonishappy the puzzle.

CSI Meets LG15

In last night’s CSI episode entitled The Theory of Everything, the CSI cast explored the wonderful world of Quantum Physics to help explain how each of their bizarre cases was inadvertently connected.

Grissom: “String Theory is the theory of everything. Quantum Mechanics tells us about the very small. The Theory of Relativity explains the immense. String Theory ties it all together. It proposes that atomic particles are made up of infinitesimal vibrating loops of energy, or “strings”. Each string vibrates at its own frequency, like on a violin, producing notes. And these notes make up everything in the universe.”

Catherine: “Cosmic symphony.”

Grissom: “These strings have been combining and recombining ever since the Big Bang, so the connections between our victims or any of us are not that extraordinary.”

Sound familiar?

This String Theory is a developing mathematical approach to explain physics and links together all physical phenomena, including the Four Fundamental Forces of the universe: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. It attempts to provide a complete, unified, and consistent description of the fundamental structure of our universe, which is why it has been dubbed the “Theory of Everything”.

According to this theory, these strings make up the particles that make up the atoms that make up every one of us, and they vibrate at their own unique frequencies, just like the strings on a guitar when plucked produce unique notes.

We are all connected to everyone and everything else, and we really do have a song. Maybe the Hymn of One was right!

As Carl said at the Hymn of One seminar, “I had this incredible moment of clarity. I just felt like everything around me, like the people, the cars, almost like the whole universe was calling out to me, and just telling me that this was my Eternal Song. And at that moment I felt at peace. I felt like everything was gonna be okay. So, guys, I found my Eternal Song, and I really, really hope that you guys will find it, too.

Every time I sing my eternal song with the Hymn of One, I feel that joy and happiness. You can feel it too. You can find your song today. The Hymn of One sings to you. Can you hear it?”- Bree, in Look Back


We have had two weeks of "crossover videos" between Lonelygirl15 and KateModern bringing together the LG15 Universe. So, what do you think? How well did it work? Could it have been done better? What would YOU have done different? What did you really really really enjoy, and what, well, not so much?

We want to know what you thought about the "crossover" so leave a comment below with your feedback for KateModern and Lonelygirl15.

The Dave Fanning Show

Presented by Dave Fanning
Monday, 21 April 2008

Kate Modern is an online supernatural drama, watched by millions when it airs on the social networking site Bebo. Set in London, the drama combines the interactivity of social networking, allowing viewers to get involved with the plot and scripted webisodes.

Kate Modern writer Neil Mossey discusses the programme. <- LISTEN!!!

Neil Mossey is a writer on Season 2 of the webseries KateModern.

Neil grew up in Central London, and worked solely in television and radio before joining the KateModern team. As a comedy producer at the BBC he was responsible for developing drama and new formats (such as "Stockport So Good They Named It Once" starring Dominic Monaghan and Jason Done, "Head Over Heels", and co-writing the nightly "Recommended Daily Allowance with John Gordillo").

His freelance writer, script editor, and producer credits include "My Parents Are Aliens" (itv1), "Freefonix" (BBC One), "Blackout" (Channel 4), "SuperNormal" (itv1), "The Worst Witch" (itv1), "Hedz" (BBC One), and "The Morning After Show" (Channel 4).

Neil Mossey on LGPedia.

Universe on LGPedia.

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Sofias Diary Ep 35

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Alone in the Woods - Gina (KM/LG15)

This was bad. I never thought it would end like this. -- Gina

Sophie S said...

How could they do that to Steve???

Alone in the Woods (KM/LG15) on LGPedia.

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KateModern Live Event!

View Larger Map

Source: insideLG15


posted by Lee


Guess what…

I’ve just found out I’ve got tickets for the Saturday of Radio 1’s Big Weekend next weekend!!!!!!!!!


Guess who’s playing…

Loads of people!!!! Madonna! We Are Scientists! The Feeling!

They’re good but guess who else is playing…


Do you think they’ll remember me? I bet they will, I’m quite a memorable person.

Lauren's going to come with me and Charlie's going to be working there. It’s going to be GREAT! I can’t wait!! Don’t feel too sad if you’re not coming – you can listen to it on the radio and I’ll make sure I take my video camera!! MAYBE I'll be able to persuade Charlie to get us some backstage passes and then I'll get myself into the VIP area and sip champagne with the stars!!!


Lots of love,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Come and Get Her. - MessyNessy89

We have Nessy. You have Phoebe.

Make your choice.

Dreamscape - dRNAworld (tC:A/A)

Its hard enough getting sleep when you're an insomniac... but now I have these dreams to deal with.

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Sofias Diary Ep 34

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Eye on Maxwell Glick

Maxwell Glick is the actor who played the role of Spencer. He grew up on Long Island and attended St. Anthony's High School. After high school, he graduated with a BA in Theater from Boston College. He then moved to Manhattan to begin his work as an actor and then later moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career.

He has appeared in a commercials for Verizon , Hooters, and Universal Studios and has done various regional theater productions, including two national tours of musicals. Before becoming involved in Lonelygirl15, Maxwell followed the show. He first auditioned in August '06 for the character of Jonas. Although he did not get that part (it went to Jackson Davis), the Creators liked him so much that they called him back in October '06, and again in February '07, at which point he got the role of Spencer.

Maxwell gets inspiration from the excitement and challenge each new role he creates brings. Other interests of his include sports as well as pop music. He is a die-hard New York Jets and New York Yankees fan. If he weren't an actor, he would love to be a baseball player, but admits that it's probably an impossible dream. More realistically, he could see himself as a sportscaster. He enjoys playing piano and has his own top 20 songs chart on his website which he updates weekly.

Max appeared as a guest star on F.O.B. Life on August 15th, 2007, where he mentioned that his favorite LG15 episode is "The Cheese and Crackers episode." He is a member of the LG15 Fantasy Football League which includes 11 other Lonelygirl15 community members.

Maxwell has expressed an interest in returning to the show. In the mean time, though, he filmed the pilot of a musical children's show called "Wiz Kids" and appeared in the DVD series Ingles Ya!, which teaches non-English speakers English.

Maxwell Glick on LGPedia.

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Politics Gone Wild! - Daniel (LG15/KM)

We almost had him until Steve screwed it up! What a mess! -- Daniel

"Sieg Heil!"

The balloons seen in this video were supplied by Party Divine. ( visit website)

Jenni Powell can be seen talking with Kira in the background at about 4:02, and also at about 5:13.

The video is similar to the Ocean's 11 franchise. Bree watches Ocean's 11 in Mystery Movies.

This is the first appearance of Nikki B in Season 3.

Politics Gone Wild! - Daniel (LG15/KM) on LGPedia.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The New Rickroll?

The RickRoll is a timeless internet prank that has fooled millions of internet users.

Wikipedia describes the RickRoll as ..

Rickrolling is a prank and Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up" ... The meme is a classic bait and switch: a person provides a link they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to the Astley video

But could the king of internet trickery be dethroned?

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the wave of the future for all online pranksters. I give you ..

You Got Teabagged!

To Mary - HubertMcEntyre (TC: worldfiles)

"There is something about jumping a horse over a rail fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble. In any event it's a thing I need."
William Faulkner

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The London Affair - Episode One


WHAT TIME IS IT?...LIVE Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn was a little late because he had to send out something related to Redearth88.

Glenn said we all wear masks to make people see what we want then to see and hide the pain we feel inside. What are we afraid to let people see? This is how people start self help movements and cults. You just talk like you are a "human Qualude" and put out an astounding amount of "bs". There is a large section of the society that carries around a lot of emotional baggage. We have a yearning to connect. How much of that is us projecting what we want onto someone. Everyone you are dating is always the most exciting person you have ever dated. It would be a sad reality if every person we dated was a step down. So yes, new things should be exciting. Part of it is based on what you feel but part of it is based on an ambitous optimism. It is easy to take that and turn it into an opinion of someone.

Glenn talked about the potential for "depression theatre" if you reflect on how things might not work out in life if you make the wrong decisions. Who would want to tune into that?

Glenn is stoked that the friend he talked about last week is OK. Things like that help you focus on what is really important in life.

No matter where you are in the country every area has the " heser radio station". They play classic rock. This is especially true in Sonoma County, CA where Glenn lives. Live 105 was "the" station to listen to but the radio in Glenn's first car was not so good so he could only get "The Fox 101.7". It would always be the same songs from 89-97. Then they spiced it up with Creed and a few other bands. In 2002 Glenn was at a poker game and it was the same old play list. When "The Fox" had their first concert what do you think they called it: FOXFEST (Three Doors Down and Tantrick played.) It was painful.

Live 105 put on good shows. However the locals in Sonoma country got stoked about Foxfest at Crusher stadium. Sonoma County is 45 - 1hr away from San Francisco Giants/Oakland A's so why would you watch Crusher? The hesher radio station is where radio personalities go to die. The pain of growing up with a poor antennae.

Glenn did his imitation of a radio show on The Fox and played "3 Doors Down - Kryptonite".

Glenn said the girls of Foxfest look like they got their "look" out of a kit. What is the better gig: hesher radio dj or strip club dj?

Glenn spent a bit of time talking about "Butt Rock". From urban dictionary:

"Butt rock is the any Heavy Metal music from the eighties that is so horrible that it is both hysterical and hella rad at the same time. These bands usually have amazingly ugly members who wear exceedinly tight pants big hair and make up. One good way to tell if a band is "Butt Rock" is if during their music video, the drummer blows a kiss to the screen while drumming.

Quiet Riot and Twiztid Sister are the best examples of butt rock. If you really want to know about the radness of butt rock download the song "Cum on feel the noise!" by Quiet Riot"

Surfthetsu asked Glenn about working with animals. Glenn talked about working with Sarah and her dog bucket in RedEarth88. Rachel bumped into Linc. The original idea was there was a soccer field nearby and it would have been funny Linc he had filmed a random kid in a soccer game and just said it was his nephew. It turned out no one was playing soccer. Since Sarah has two dogs someone else played with that dog while they shot the video.

Crazy Bitch - redearth

Sarah sends her best.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:24:25 The Cars - Just What I Needed
01:20:40 Nickelback - How You Remind Me
01:06:59 Aerosmith - Walk This Way
01:01:42 Creed - Higher
00:58:13 Alice In Chains - Would
00:54:25 Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love
00:50:26 7 Mary 3 - Cumbersome
00:46:31 Poison - Fallen Angel
00:42:00 Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
00:27:58 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
00:05:57 Bowling For Soup - Girl All The Bad Guys Want
00:02:27 Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soul Child Remix)
23:58:07 Barenaked Ladies - A
23:54:00 Leona Naess - Charm Attack
23:50:45 New Found Glory - All Downhill from Here
23:47:00 Ridel High - Look at Me Now Current Song
23:43:20 Suburban All-Stars - Soccer Riot
23:38:27 Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars
23:20:44 Sting - Can't Stand Losing You
23:17:35 Boys Like Girls - Heels Over Head
23:14:28 Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
23:11:11 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
23:06:06 FAITH NO MORE - Falling to Pieces
23:03:49 The New Trust - This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me
23:00:21 MC Lars - Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)

Messages... - ThEmptyCheshire (Creature Inc.)

The internet is a strange place.

Poor Jenners.


I received a private message telling me that there was one letter missing in the password. I figured it out and got into the e-mail. This message was in the Drafts Folder.

You cracked the code. How valiant.

I apologize for the passing of poor Jenifer. She seemed quite nice, once you got over the whole deranged knife obsession. I can't help but wonder what type of mother she honestly could turn out to be?

This message will remain unsent. Consider this my olive branch: I'm letting you into a little part of my world. As much as we like to deny it, the Internet has become part of our very souls. How much of it is part of your soul, Greg? Or is it Infrastruck? I can never honestly tell.

No wonder Mr. Creature is so far ahead. He's far ahead of every thing. He's proof that money can get you any thing you wanted. Love, respect, fear. Even a Diet-Coke version of yourself.


PS: Even I will admit Kim has quite a nice collection. I wonder if she'd be up for a trade? Only figurines this time, I assure you.

Miley Cyrus Takes on LG15

With 102,624 subscribers to LG15's 110,161 it look like only a matter of time before Miley and Mandy will depose Lonelygirl15 from the number 13 slot on the Youtube Top 100.


The Kill Greggerz Contest WINNER! (LJ15)

After hours of pouring over our hundreds and hundreds (or a few less, who's counting?) of entries, on behalf of the entire cast and crew of LonelyJew15 I am excited and honored to announce the winner of the Kill Greggerz Contest...


Hopeful's entry blended seemlessly the excitment of some of our favorite TV series with the glory of Greggerz being shot at point-blank range. Congratulations Hopeful! You'll be receiving not 1, but 2 autographed Abraham Lincoln headshots: one signed by The Historians and the other by Anne Frank herself.

Thanks to everyone that participated. LonelyJew15 will be taking a few weeks off to recover from this amazing contest but we'll be back real soon and to our regular schedule. In the meantime, get all caught up at our Website or our YouTube Playlist.

And remember, we really think all people are good at heart...

Vote TODAY for lg15 or KM in the Webbys!

You have until May 1 to vote for lonelygirl15 or KateModern in the People’s Voice category of the Webbys. So we’re re-posting this. If you haven’t registered and voted yet, please do! Help spread the word using the videos and code below.

See insideLG15


Sofia's Diary Ep 33

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Computer Penetration - Daniel (LG15/KM)

We know who wants to kills us.

Computer Penetration - Daniel (LG15/KM) on LGPedia.

Edward Salinas's official website is at edwardsalinas.com.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where's Simone? - Ashland Chronicles/Zarbod

Hey has anyone seen Simone?

Kevin MacLeod - Enter The Party

Zarbod posted the following video as a response to Gidgit's video.

Re: Where's Simone?

Zarbod wonders where Simone is..too.

Zarbod FaceBook

Smile Simone FaceBook

Fort Minor & Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga - Where'd You Go
Supergrass - Late In The Day

View The Forum Thread


Thanks Shiori, and all the other authors whose dedication makes LGPedia awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.... - Kendra (3rdTriad)

I kinda felt awkward doing this but it is what it is I guess

Sofias Diary Ep 32

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Hot Tacos - Jonas (LG15)

Steve was shot. We couldn't leave him. - Jonas

Nemarous, Here's Your Assignment - 3rdtriad

Nemarous, I thought I'd give you a head start. Hopefully those who have gotten to know you can help you figure it out. Take care of your assignment, I'll be watching.


Monday, April 28, 2008

LonelyCast15 #9: So Off-Topic!

The LonelyCast15 hosts are back this week (can someone say "finally?") ! In this episode:

-Poknish has a revelation about less than three.

-Harry Potter?!

-Carl = Sweeney Todd! Eek!

-There's gonna be a bromance tonight...

Check out & download the podcast here:

Who’s been hit?

In today’s video, Crazy Border Crossing!!, the camera cuts out after Jennie yells “He’s been hit! He’s been hit!”

Vote @ insideLG15

lonelygirl15 Artwork

LG15 Username: Aravis

Source: insideLG15

Sofia's Diary Ep 31

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Crazy Border Crossing!! - Daniel (LG15)

All hell broke loose.

Crazy Border Crossing!! - Daniel (LG15) on LGPEedia

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

About traffic... and introducing our dog, Oreo - LonelyFrenchman15 (LJ15)


So, do you guys think we should tell our parents or not?

Oh, and Ms. Tassy contacted us from the future. She told us the reason why the video is in color is because of the fact that the quantum leap in editing in the skateboarder and such and such from the future caused a time-rift in the space-time continuum turning our old film into color.


What Planet Are We On
By Five Star Fall
Automatic Ordinary is the Album

Get to know your Watcher - LJWatcher

The New Order will Prevail

Fiver to air Bebo drama Sofia's Diary

From April 28 Fiver will run one-three minute episode each weekday at 4.55pm, with an omnibus 30-minute episode screened every second weekend.

Full article: here.

Tuberculosis? - DaisyChainReaction (TheC : AshlandChronicles)

Oh Simone, now you have me all worked up in a fuss.

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Entry # 4 - NixMix9 (C.INC)

Why am I doing this???

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Fighting the Order

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