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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Heart Vampires: The Sigil Maker - take180com

Watch episodes one week early at http://take180.com/vampires The group brings Nick to the sigil maker.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Chance: May 1st hitvidi Pilot Contest Deadline Approaches

"If you're a hitvidi winner, you'll get a production deal worth $10,000 to produce the first season of your series.

Ten hit shows will premiere to a global audience during the Fall 2010 launch of hitvidi.com"

Tubefilter and the Streamys

While this debate will go on for some time to come, Tubefilter needs to realize that they're in an industry where innovation matters, content matters and presentation matter.


Fear Clinic: Hydrophobia/Scotophobia - Episode 1 & 2

Fear Clinic - Episode 1: Hydrophobia

Dr. Andover is the best. If you have a phobia, he'll cure it. Just ask Brett. He had hydrophobia. Wouldn't even go near water. But the doc got Brett to face his fears. After all, water is harmless.

Fear Clinic - Episode 2: Hydrophobia

A FEARnet original series. Dr. Andover can cure anything. Even Susan. Whenever she was in the dark, her mind would go nuts thinking of all the terrible things that could happen. The doc put an end to that . . . and proved her right!

Urban Wolf: Trailer

From Crackle: Urban Wolf: Trailer

Is it paranoia or has the privacy of a businessman walking through Paris been shattered? Cameras, TVs, computers stalk the man until the cat & mouse game turns deadly. This 15 part action packed series thrills its way through the scenic Parisian streets. No one can escape the all seeing eye.

MOUSETRAP NEVER WORKS (OK Go "This Too Shall Pass" Parody) - TheStation

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video:

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Created by The Station

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Brittani Louise Taylor

Chase Araya as Young Kassem
Taylor Smith as Young Andrea
Rachel Fenton as Young Brittani

Music/Lyrics/Vocals by Nice Peter
Directed & Edited by Chris Darnell

PA & Opening Graphic by Blake ONeal

Executive Produced by Benny & Rafi Fine

Groundbreaking Frontier Web Series Animus Cross Launches Second Series on Wednesday, April 28

Steen House Entertainment has announced that it will launch Series II of Animus Cross, the pioneering web series hailed by critics as “the web series world’s first historical thriller” (Tubefilter News) and by audiences as “action-packed” and “gripping,” on Wednesday April 28. Episode 1 of the new series, “Hell For The Company,” will be posted on www.animuscross.com by 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time on the 28th. New episodes will be posted on the last Wednesday of each month until October 2010.

“This second series has been a long time coming – sort of like birthing a child,” jokes series creator A.L. Steen who recently gave birth to she and series star Jerry Buxbaum’s first child. “We’re really excited to finally release this second chapter in the Animus Cross saga to our audience, though. Ever since the first series, ‘Hell Runs This Way,’ closed in 2009 fans have been clamoring for more – now that post-production is finished, we can finally bring them back to 1860’s Idaho and show them what’s been menacing this small frontier settlement.”

Buxbaum, a professional stunt coordinator as well as an actor, looks forward to introducing the creatures surrounding Animus Cross in this new series. “I've been excited about the Animus Cross story from the beginning because of its potential for great action. We’ve really ‘upped the ante’ in Series II, though – we brought in Guro John Bruce Daniels (a 7th dan Black Belt in Arnis Demano and a certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do) to help stage the action sequences, as well as several local stunt players who recently worked on TNT’s hit show Leverage. I think the audience will be completely blown away by what happens when they meet the creatures for the first time!”

The show’s creatures have been a frequent topic of speculation among fans. “In Series I, we never saw the creatures,” says series star Harold Phillips. “All we ever saw were shadowy figures attacking the main characters as they made their way towards Animus Cross. This time around, we brought Christina Kortum and her company Ravenous Studios in to help design the make up. I’ve heard plenty of theories from people as to what the creatures are… but I don’t think anyone is expecting what Christina and company have put together for us!”

Animus Cross’ first series, entitled “Hell Runs This Way,” is online and available for viewing at
http://www.animuscross.com. The second series, “Hell For The Company,” launches at that address on April 28, 2010. Steen plans to go into production on the third series, “Myself Am Hell” in mid 2010

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode 10

Being so close to finding the crystal, what could possibly go wrong?

Apple May Be Gunning for Open Source Codecs

"The latest indication that Apple is trying to strong-arm publishers to adopt HTML5 and H.264 came today, as Steve Jobs reportedly claimed by email that a patent pool was being assembled to “go after” Ogg Theora and other open source codecs."

Read the full post:


"We officially wrapped production of our webshow 'LG15: Outbreak' earlier this year, and the response we received was unbelievable. As of today, the show has received over 300,000 hits in total (that's over a quarter of a million!) and the number keeps growing."


5 Reasons Why Google And Search Will Dominate The Next Decade

"A recent post on the popular weblog Mashable outlines one person’s opinion on why Google and search, as a whole, are going to lose ground over the next ten years to suggestion technology. I respectfully disagree."

Read the full post:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

German Web Series, Emma Stahl, Breaks New Ground

By Marti Resteghini

The series’ producer, Sandra Uredat, promises viewers the modern storytelling of shows like “24” and “Dexter” combined with a fresh take on a lesbian protagonist not seen in the genre since “Bound.” “With Emma Stahl,

Read the full post:

"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #10: End of the World

"It's the end of the world... and I feel itchy."

UK webseries THE SPECIALS - nominated for 2 webby awards

From StoryGas:

This is a big achievement for a little show...



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miles Beckett: The Show is All of Yours

Posted by Miles Beckett

And that got us thinking. Why limit TSIY to the LG15 Universe?

The more we thought about it, the more it made sense. TSIY should be for everyone. Now, this isn't a well-formed idea right now, it's more the beginning of an idea, but we'll be working on the details over the next couple months. I guess you can think of this as a pre-announcement. Anyways, in the near future we'll be announcing the launch of a new website focused on finding the absolute best social shows the web has to offer... scripted, reality, non-fiction, whatever it might be.

And, yes, I said "social show." I have a pet peeve about the monikers used to describe our art. Web series. Webisodes. Viral videos. They're so limiting.

A social show isn't just video. And, it most certainly isn't static. A social show, just like the internet, is interactive. We MUST embrace this interactivity if we want to push the medium forward.

A social show is like a blog on steroids with multimedia content and interactive "calls-to-action" that bring the audience inside the creator's world. If you've experienced lonelygirl15, Harpers Globe, or the Real Women of Philadelphia, you've experienced a social show. If you've experienced Philly D, iJustine, Epic Fu, or HotForWords, you've also experienced a social show. And if you have, you know that it's addictive. Ever since we uploaded the first lonelygirl15 video to YouTube, we've become addicted to the magical energy that forms between a team of interactive producers and a passionate audience, and we want to encourage everyone to become addicts just like us :)

Okay, that was the sugar. Now for a little medicine. Because we're spinning out "The Show Is Yours" as an independent brand, we're going to stop running an LG15-specific TSIY and will not be producing any new LG15 series in the forseeable future. Obviously this was a very difficult decision for us, but we think it's best to close this chapter in the LG15 Universe and focus on the future. So, in the next few months we'll be rolling out a re-design of the LG15 homepage to focus on improving the discoverability of all the current LG15 shows, episodes, and characters. We're also continuing to transfer shows from our legacy system into Umbrella, including KateModern and OpAPHID.

So, stay tuned. A new website for "The Show is Yours," and a fantastic opportunity for independent producers to partner with EQAL and create the next lonelygirl15.

Read the full post:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't It Make Tubefilter Blue: Rebutting The Distrust - milowent

Milowent's long awaited opinion on the Streamys and yesterday's "Rebuilding Our [Investor's] Trust" manifesto.


The streamys came and they really blew
Tubefilter's crying - they don't know what to do
People want something new
"Rebuilding The Trust" just won't do

Webseries will be fine if the streamys go away
People only watch Shane Dawson and Smosh anyway
I wish it wasn't true
But the annoying orange gets more views than you.

Stop all the secrets, stop all the lies.
Give me resignations and not alibis
Bud Bundy's tighty whities made Felicia cry
Don't say anything unless its Goodbye

I know you didn't mean for it to be so bad
And now every creator just feels had
while the internet watches absolute poo
And don't it make Tubefilter, don't it make Tubefilter blue
And don't it make the community see red -- they're calling for your heads
And don't it make the viewers...

The Webventures of Justin & Alden - Episode 1

What is the quickest way to fame and riches? Simple, make a web series. Come along as Justin & Alden, script and a years supply of Trident Layers® in hand, begin their epic, 4 mile road trip in search of fame and glory.

So far the first episode hold promise, it was actually rather funny. Also, there was something very familiar about the opening line of the video description.

Level 26: Cool: Take your HDSLR to the Skies

Aerial video with a Canon 5D , 7D helivideo.com from Eric AUSTIN on Vimeo.

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

For next to nothing I could get amazing aerial shots for the cyber-bridges.

Read the full post:

The Steps Ep. 5 - "The Visit" - TheStepsWebSeries


Feedback on the "Manifesto for change"

By Logan Rapp

"Unfortunately, what Tubefilter doesn't understand is that a takeover was inevitable. In fact, it's necessary."

Read the full post:
The Elephant in the Room

"At first glance this looks like an admirable idea, but when you look at it closer you can see the agenda."

Read the full post:

By Jenni Powell

I am being distracted from what I could be…nay, I SHOULD be doing, what makes me feel alive and as if I could potentially leave my mark on this planet. I am not doing those things because people I care about are angry, confused and hurt.

Can the Streamy Awards and the IAWTV “Rebuild the Trust”?

Written by Liz Shannon Miller

"In a surprise move yesterday, the Streamy Awards producers — who also head up Tubefilter — attempted to take control of the awards show’s future following this year’s bellyflop of a ceremony by reaching out directly to the web series creator community."

An Open Letter to Tubefilter

by Mike Hudack

The very vibrancy of the community that has been created establishes a conflict.

The Web Video Community

by Tim Street

The Tubfilter guys are good people. They have worked long and hard to help our community


Monday, April 26, 2010

Rebuilding the Trust

rebuilding the trust

In the wake of this year’s Streamy award fiasco, there were many questions regarding accountability. While those in charge quickly stepped forward to accept responsibility there were still questions as to the organization and oversight as well as calls for a change in transparency. Today the producers of the Streamy awards, launched a new campaign to fundamentally alter the operation, organization, and relationship between Streamy, LLC, which owns and produces the Streamy awards and the Independent Academy of Web Television (IAWTV), the non-profit organization created to oversee the selection of Streamy nominees. The campaign, which they have dubbed the Manifesto for change lays out four major alterations.

First, the manifesto calls for a new commitment to transparency and openness. This commitment would include disclosing the Academy membership and outlining and documenting the selection process of new members. One of the recent and most vocal criticisms of the Academy has revolved around membership selection and the creation of so-called blacklists.

Second, the manifesto calls for the creation of a ‘creator-driven board.’ The current Academy board contains only one active content creator, Felicia Day. The new board would consist of 10 seats held by current content creators, 3 executive non-creator seats, 2 seats for the Academy founders - currently they hold 5 -, and would require that the Chairman of the Board be a active content creator.

The third objective is the creation of a functioning board of governors tasked with overseeing specific areas of the Academy’s operation. One of the stated goals of the IAWTV is issue advocacy as well as industry oversight. The various governors would facilitate the Academy’s role in these areas as well as handle the administrative duties of the IAWTV. Currently, the Academy does not have full time employees or hold regular meetings.

Lastly, the manifesto proposes the formation of a permanent and equitable relationship between the IAWTV and the Streamy awards. As has been stated many times both here and elsewhere, the Streamys and the Academy are two separate entities, which do not have a formal relationship. The proposal would create a permanent relationship between the two, with the IAWTV providing oversight and at least 20% of the proceeds from the Streamy awards going towards the IAWTV general fund.

The Streamy producers have asked for feedback on the proposed manifesto for change. Feel free to either leave a comment below, or discuss the issue at the number one forum for web series news and discussion, Anchorcove.

‘The Puzzle Maker’s Son’ Bows This Week From Connecticut Filmmaker

The Puzzle Maker's Son trailer A from Michael Field on Vimeo.

by Jenni Powell

Perhaps this history biased me when in the second episode, David solved a complicated Ceasar cipher in about 10 seconds flat.

Read the full post:

66 Letters: A German Psychothriller ARG

Players will collaborate and test their detective skills to investigate a cold case, and clues will offer a preview for a new book that will soon be published by German publisher Bastei Lubbei.


Five Questions With… YuMe’s Jayant Kadambi

"Advertisers shouldn’t have to worry about monitoring thousands of sites to make sure their brand isn’t appearing next to objectionable content in a syndicated player."


YouTube Rentals Beta

"Providing content owners a new way to generate revenue on the site, YouTube Rentals allows partners greater flexibility to monetize a variety of videos, provides full control over their content, and allows content owners to tap into the world's largest online video community."


The Secret Is Out. - michiev

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2009: The Year in Web Series - Music Video - streamys

The 2009 year in web series featuring clips of web shows from the past year. This video debuted at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards on April 11, 2010.

Song: "Open Wide" by Future of Forestry
(licensed with permission from EMI)

Song: "Open Wide" by Future of Forestry.
(licensed with permission from EMI)

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