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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Flyers - Hold For Release - Season 1, Episode 1

INGRESS REPORT - Fate of Missing Researchers

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean - Taryn Southern & Dana Williams Acoustic Cover Music Video

Newsroom One - Pepsi Ad #2

"Elephants in the Room with Alicia" - episode 4x06: Out With Dad


Breaking Trail: The Most Venomous Rattlesnake in the World!


Anna Akana: Supers & Associates - Pilot

LIVE | FLhaunt Ep. 2 w/ Meghan Rienks & Christian Del Grosso


There's a ghost here! - Haunted Log Cabin ep 3 - Season 13

Friday, October 16, 2015

Next Week on BROODING

Flash Pulp – Late

Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Tonight from Skinner Co.: A tale of reminder from the Skinner Co. Mellowness Dept. - because you never know just what your day may hold.

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Emma Blackery: How To Shut Up (On Social Media)

Claudia Sulewski: Q&A: Dealing with Breakups

Ouch! Jumping Cactus Attack!

My Dream Quinceañera - Jacquie Ep. 4 - Best 15 Ever!

Becky G "Break a Sweat" Choreography

Ariana Grande Is Good At Everything - BETCH!

Zombie Ridge Season 2 Trailer

We Hear a Ghost! - Haunted Log Cabin ep 2 - Season 13

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Attack: Trisha Hershberger // Escapist & SourceFed

Out With Dad: Where are Claire and Vanessa??

I Love You (But Goodbye) - Taryn Southern | Single Take Music Video

Suspension of Disbelief: Season 1, Episode 0

Emma Blackery: Your Own Shoes (Original song)

LARPs Returns! Season 2 Prologue

Breaking Trail: The Deadliest Scorpion in America! (Part 1)

Anna Akana: Focus on the big picture

SHAVING VS. WAXING w/ Lauren Elizabeth & Maddy Whitby

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Brooding Episode 3 is here!

The WC brings you Brooding a new series that invites you into a world of darkness, betrayal, revenge, loss...and some other stuff. Prepare yourself for the most sensational, breathtaking, shocking, show you've ever seen.

Series Directors: Phil Bucci & Brad Fletcher
Producers: Brad Fletcher & Sara Fletcher http://www.collegeandmainproductions.com 
Writers: Brad Fletcher & Sara Fletcher
Editor: Phil Bucci http://www.philbucci.com/
DP: David Mickler http://www.beardedjew.com/

Breaking Trail: The Deadliest Scorpion in America! (Part 2)

Anna Akana: How to Handle A Frenemy


"Somebody to You" Guitar Lesson with The Vamps & Sierra Furtado- Beauty and the Band Ep 2

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Television is the New Television

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by this person are highly uninformed and courageously out of date. I am neither a knowledgeable person, nor a person of knowledge, and I would never claim to know the difference between the two. Nor am I knowledgeable about the world of web series, not today, tomorrow, or probably into next week. Honestly, I could probably spend the next eight hundred weekends studying the world of the web series and would come out in no better position of understanding then than now. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I'm not a complete idiot, but I'm mostly idiot. I have more idiot in me than not idiot, so my days of being an authority on anything other than what's in my many storage boxes never began. As a creator of a web series (Hold For Release) myself, I guess you could say I'm just another majority idiot working in the world of web series. Is that anything to brag about? Of course not. Idiots have had a place in Television for as long as I've been watching my box- for many years, they were the ones programming it. And as is the case in most arenas of life, the smart people eventually will force out the idiots and I think that's what's happening in Television over the last couple decades, because let's face it- it was really bad for many years. And now, it's not so bad if you know where to look.

Which leads us back to web series. As a web series outsider, I'd say that it's mostly pretty bad, but like any Art, there's brilliance if you know where to look. And in ten years, more smart people will be in web series, and just as they did in Television, they will push us idiots to the fringe of whatever Television will be in the future. What will it be? Well, I think any decent idiot will tell you it will be what it is now, only different. If you wiki Television, you'll see way down at the bottom the section "Internet Television"- that, that right there, that'll be a much bigger section. More words, you could say. Because one thing I'm pretty sure of is that Television, Big Television- the networks and the Netflix and the Net money- will always go where the audience is. So if you think the web series landscape is crowded now, just you wait.

At conferences I've never attended and in matter-of-fact conversations I've never participated in, the consensus seems to be if you can't bring a hundred thousand views and ten thousand followers to the table, you can forget it. The chances of monetizing that web series you can kiss goodbye. Well, that sounds like Television, only worse. A complete disaster scenario for a social media Philistine like myself. Some people have compared the rise of the web series over the last decade to the early years of New York based Live Television. This is an inspirational comparison for myself because my grandfather, Fred Coe, rose quickly through the ranks of NBC to produce some of the finest moments in that era like the original broadcast of Marty on Philco Television Playhouse. But the party didn't last in New York, with live television, anyway. The money, the big money started calling the shots. Television left New York and the Golden Age ended.

So, whether the early television comparison goes any deeper than the idea that generally people want to be a part of something new and fresh, part of a Golden Age, I'll leave it to the smart people to decide. But I think it's clear the honeymoon is almost over and there's nothing quite innovative about making a web series at this point- it's simply a perfectly plausible reflection of the evolving media landscape. A remarkably accurate and understandable answer to where people spend their time. Television is the new Television- wiki is just a little slow on this one. But let's argue we are still in the last days of the Golden Age of web series- then I say, as one idiot to the next, let's enjoy it. There really is some great shows out there in the world of web series. Maybe the next Marty is streaming on You Tube right now. And when someone asks you "what do you feel like doing tonight?", put down your smart phone for a second and tell them, I'm already doing it, you idiot- I'm watching TV.



Hooping - Accidentally Exercising with Aspyn Ovard Ep. 1

Cheerleaders Season 4 Ep. 10 - The Curse

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trailer - Sofia's tips for Success

The New Trailer for IDCILI - introducing Sofia Stavrides. Meet Sofia Stavrides, her brother is an actor, but that is least of her problems.....
Coming soon - Sofia's tips for Success.
Sofia tells you how to work and achieve greatness. And, sort her brothers life out.
Music by @snowyraphael
Tweet us at:
@_IDCILI #Sofiastipsforsuccess

Newsroom One - STD Man PSA

tbonepearson: How to make an OLAF PUPPET (Part 13)

A Trinity Affinity (Full Q&A) - VidCon 2015

NUDITY - Naked Truth

Shane Dawson TV: GIANT Kit Kat Bar!

Every Breath You Take - Music Video - Flashback Friday // Taryn Southern Cover of The Police

Arden Rose: Long Distance SUCKS.

Breaking Trail: The Ever-Adorable Pine Marten


Alexis G. Zall: MESSY PAINT BATTLE (w/ Andrea Russett, Ricky Dillon, & Ayydubs!)




BELOW | FLhaunt Ep. 1

Three best friends go camping on the site of a burial ground for the Salem Witches.  
Shop the exclusive looks from the series at http://flhaunt.com It's so chic, it's scary

Three best friends go camping on the site of a burial ground for the Salem Witches. When they decide to play an old sleepover game to conjure the witches, they quickly realize this may not be just a game afterall, and the spirits BELOW them may be trying to get above ground.

→ Credits ←
Jess: Teala Dunn http://youtube.com/tealaxx2
Ava: Carrie Wampler
Katie: Annalisa Cochrane
Demon: Anna Lillie

Director: Bill Whirity
Writer: Jeff Dixon
Cinematographer: Edd Lukas
Editor: Rowan Maher
Sound Designer: Michael Emter
Gaffer: Charlie Schneider
Additional Gaffer: Tom Funk
Location Sound: Martin Kittapa
Production Designer: Anna Lillie
Costume Designer: Angela Solouki
Camera PA: Armir Camangian
FX Makeup: Sheila Seifi
Colorist: Shane O'Connor

FIRST CRUSH w/ Lauren Elizabeth

My Dream Quinceañera - Jacquie Ep. 3 - Missing in Action

Jake Miller Spreading Rumors & MAGIC | Bus Hoppers with Collins Key

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