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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chat log IRC with Jeromy

Maddision Atkins Chat log IRC with Jeromy


Corrected link:



The Power of 436!

After posting "MEEP!" in comment 438 Joe promised to return and there was great happiness thoughout the Breeniverse.

Joe (send note) Says :

May 12th, 2007 at 1:05 pm

"Hello All!

OK, here is the deal. I’ve been using my new found free time to help a friend do some work on his house. He’s been doing most of the work, I’ve been playing with a nail gun. We need to get everything done before memorial day weekend, and we wasted today thinking it was going to rain. So for the next two weeks I’ll be busy shooting nails through sheet rock, mixing cement, and actually using a nail gun for more then just fun.

But after memorial day I shall return. Assuming I don’t have too much fun with the nail gun. I really love that thing."

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans watched as Bree went off with the Order...

Daniel: We were driving around with Julia today and, uh... The Order found us. I don't know how the hell it happened. My guess'd be that she called them when she escaped.

Maybe Jules knew about pay phones after all!

Daniel: We tried to get away from them... We drove all around. And ended up in this deserted area, because we couldn't lose them so we pulled over. Next thing you know, Julia pops out of the car, runs right over to them. There was nothing I could do.

To be fair Jules was probably completely confused as to which car contained the good guys.. I would have selected the people who hadn't kidnapped me and tied me up too.

Daniel: Bree all of a sudden finally decides she wants to talk to them, starts walking over there. Jonas and I are kinda like 'wh-what are we gonna do?'. They're sitting there and they're talking for a little bit... Couldn't even hear them. I wish I could've, cause I feel lost right now. Bree's just... So different now-a-days. It's hard to see that as a friend. They way she's acting as if like Julia's life is more important than hers... Than all of ours, really. So anyway, I don't know what happened. One minute she's talking to them, the next minute they get in the car and they take off.

(Bree is seen getting into the back of car with Lucy and Jules. Camera shakes, Jonas starts running)

Daniel: Bree!
Jonas: Bree, wait! Bree! Hey! Hey!
Daniel: Open the door! Open the door!
Jonas: Hey, get out of the car! Hey! (Small, frustrated noise, car zooms off) Bree!
Daniel: Dude, get to the car, you have the key? Get in the car!
Jonas: How did we let that happen?
(cuts back to daniel)
Daniel: Jonas and I are lost right now. Is Bree doing the ceremony? Are they both? Not really sure what's going on. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Has Bree made the ultimate sacrifice of her own free will?

Stay tuned...

Does this car look familiar?

~ Research by Rosieiswatching

May 12th 2006

Bree registers the YouTube account lonelygirl15 and begins commenting on the videos of many popular YouTubers.


Friday, May 11, 2007

What the F*@k???

They found us...again. It's all messed up. What are we supposed to do now? - Daniel. Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Character NON- Interactivity?

Why have the characters gone dark?

Last know interaction:

Bree: Tue May 08, 2007 3:45 am
Jonas: Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:43 pm
Daniel: Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:25 am

Paola246: Belgium's own little LonelyGirl15

"The puppet master behind all this was Stefan Kolgen of Chips vzw fame"


Paola246 blog/


Peoples Front of Eurocrack

A few of the Eurocrackers have joined forces to form the Peoples Front of Eurocrack. A force standing against the oppression of trolls and long drawn out storylines. We urged fellow Eurocrackers to join our campaign! Here is afilm of our last meeting...

Opps! My bad - Greg

Hey everyone,

I deeply apologize for the typos in the title and video description. We fixed the misspelling and changed the “status” to public. We will do our best not to make similar mistakes in the future.


Video Status

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Jonas had had enough.

Jonas: Okay, so I've got to be honest with everyone right now. I am so, SO sick of this. We found Julia last night, and she was cowering behind a building. Not exactly the most savvy escape artist in the world, but I mean, who can blame her. She's a scared little girl, you know?

Poor Jules, she obviously was never told about reverse charges from payphones to contact her parents.

Jonas: The thing is... the thing that's really bothering me is I think that Bree's judgement is a little clouded in this case. Look, we came down here to help this girl, and the truth is, she legitimately doesn't want our help. You know, and all the coaxing in the world isn't going to help that. It's not going to change anything. I think at this point, the best thing for us to do is to just to cut our losses and just go home. I really just want to go home. I guess what's changed for me is now I know there's a chance my parents might be alive. It might be selfish, but I really just want to focus all my energy on that. Bree and Daniel, they've been really supportive and really cool about it, but you know what, in my humble opinion, this might sound bad, but we spent all of our time down here helping some girl who doesn't even want our help. And to me, that's just a colossal waste of time. And especially when I could have been spending this time searching for my parents. It's such a waste of time! And I feel torn, because I feel selfish for saying that. And I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this.

We the fans are with you there Jonas! Fans were then treated to a display of Jonas's skateboarding skills,

Jonas: When my parents died, I uh had all these little games and things I would do to try to distract myself. Take my mind off it. And one of them was skating (Holds up his skateboard.) The reason I contacted Bree and started this whole thing was, I really felt like we have similar journeys. And, I still do. But look, when something isn't working, I'm a firm believer in trying something new. That makes sense, right? I'm just not sure that bringin' down the Order is really my thing anymore. I'm burned out, I'm tired. I just want to go home. And I don't think that's unreasonable. I'm frustrated. You know what, I'm just going to skate. I'm just going to skate and clear my head and figure this out.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Aiding and Abiding

These people are crazy. I can't even remember how I got dragged into this mess, but I want out. - Jonas. Faction: THE RESISTANCE. Status: PRIVATE VIDEO

Just what is the LG15 Slide?

Rumors have begun to spread of a new dance infecting the LG15 community. The moves were originally inspired by the steps Bree learned for the Ceremony and interpreted by Voyboy to go something like this:

“Turn turn…and step bump, step bump bump, step, bump, step bump bump!”

Some people have speculated that the LG15 Slide is only the Macerena set to the Tachyon theme song "What Time Is It" but we have not been able to confirm that allegation.

Others have speculated that the dance bears a striking resemmblance to this memorable moment:

What is the truth? Well we will leave Voyboy to answer that one.

The lonelycrack addiction...

Best moments of 2006

Best moments of 2006

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 to the relief of fans, Jules escaped! (Hang on...aren't the Scoobies meant to be the good guys?)

Bree: Julia's gone. I let her out of her ropes for like a half hour to talk yesterday, and she took off. Daniel and Jonas are out looking for her right now.
(Cuts to shots of Jonas and Daniel searching around a neighborhood for Jules.)
Daniel: We don't know where the hell she is right now.
Jonas: (Whistles) Here Julia, come here. Come on. (Claps hands.)
Daniel: Don't know what to do. Can't find her and we're going to go to jail.

This from the man who refused to see it as "kidnapping"....

Bree: I just, I feel so stupid, you know? I went into her room yesterday and she seemed calmer and I thought that I could, you know, talk to her and make her understand, but... She said that she was ready to talk seriously, and I noticed that she was getting some pretty serious welts on her wrists from the ropes, so I loosened them. Everything was going fine and she was being really reasonable and open and we were talking, and then at one point I went to get some water. Then I came back and she was gone.
(Cuts back to Jonas and Daniel searching for Jules.)
Jonas: Okay, Daniel, I'm uh, kinda over this, so I think I'm going back to the hotel. I'm gonna go check on Bree. I'm kinda worried.
Daniel: You're gonna check on Bree? Now?
Jonas: Yeah.
Daniel: Dude, you've been yelling at her for like three days now and you're going to check on Bree? You're concerned?
Jonas: Dude, I only yelled at her because I just think she's wrong, that's all. Later.
Daniel: Alright, man. I'm gonna keep lookin'. Hey, I'm gonna keep looking, all right? I don't know where the hell she is, though.

Maybe thats the difference between Jonas and Daniel, Jonas can forgive mistakes a lot quicker...

Jonas: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's...
Bree: I can't just give up on her, you know? It's like... if Daniel had given up on me.
Jonas: It's not though. You know, you listened to reason. I know Daniel and well... he's not that convincing. Loyal, yeah. But convincing? Not so much. You're with us now because you saw through their bullshit, you know? Not everybody's that strong.
Bree: I'm just scared of what they're going to do to her, y'know?

And then Jonas let us know what all this drama was in aid of...

Jonas: Yeah, well we won't give up. But we can't keep looking for her because she's not out there. And even if she is out there, she doesn't want to be found. And I personally don't know how you find somebody who doesn't want to be found. Alright, I think the next logical step is to find out where this Ceremony's gonna be, and we try to intervene there. As far as tracking her down, I think that's a lost cause. Look, come here. (Jonas lifts up Bree's chin and gives her a kiss on the forehead. He then gives her an endearing hug.) Wanna get pizza?

We're off to finally see the ceremony!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

FADE TO RED? Jeromy talks out....

Last night Jeromy continuted his OOG discussion with Maddison Atkins fans in his final chat before he returns behind he curtain.

Heere are a few highlights from the chat (the conversation has been edited to try and reflect was was being said):

Jeromy: Somebody ask why we faded to red in the last video

junkforfashion: weeeeeeell... the fake blood we mixed up didn't look so hot

Jeromy: it looked purple - so I had to work with it

junkforfashion: we had a limited (as in none) budget, and very little time so it was corn syrup and food coloring etc...

junkforfashion: i did make the blood. it looked great when i made a small amount, but when i tried to do it in bulk... meh

Did one need to understand music structure to solve the puzzles in the arg?

Jeromy: no

Jeromy: this actually leads to a good point

Jeromy: There were no clues in the Maddy videos

Jeromy: did anyone else notice that?

Jeromy: except for the clues Mr.Zipp gave

JenniPowell: yeah, the vids were mostly summaries

Jeromy: But I had 5 drops planned

marlasinger: Jer - did you enjoy watching our reactions in chat after major things occurred?

Jeromy: The story just happened slower

Jeromy: YES!!! Marla - I loved watching the audience as much as the audience probably liked the show

TheeBerean: Jeromy - what do you think slowed the pace of the story to only allow 3 drops?

Jeromy: The first delay was TWO BAGS

Jeromy: The second and third delays were finding people for the KC and the boston drop

TheeBerean: Jeromy -- do we need to be familiar with the LG15 storyline to understand the puzlles like Mr. Zipp or is it stand-alone?

Jeromy: Can't say TheeBerean

Jeromy: either way I give stuff away

JenniPowell: will there be opportunties for players to work their way into the storyline?

Jeromy: sure - I'm open to that

Why did you come out of the curtain

Jeromy: I came out because I felt I needed to

Jeromy: I felt that the attachment to maddison was too much

Jeromy: and I wanted to "break the 4th wall" so to speak

Jeromy: So I did

Jeromy: I also felt like it was a harsh ending to the chapter, and I wanted to be there for questions

Jeromy: and the puzzle you should focus on?

Jeromy: hmmmmm

Jeromy: The letter from Mr.Zipp - the 2nd one - will probably get you the most headway

Jeromy: The note on the doorknob

Jeromy: But I've said too much

Jeromy: I apologize

Jeromy: We are done

Jeromy: I'm really going away from signing in and such after tonight or tomorrow - because I'm going to announce the DVD and CD tomorrow

NOTE: On behalf of everyone who played the game I think we would all like to thank Jeromy for giving us so much both IG and OOG, and being such a professional as well as a wonderful story teller. This has been such an amazing experience for everyone involved and we hope its only Chapter 1.

She's Missing

I let my guard down for a minute . . . bad idea. - Bree. Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO.

Today on LG15

Today (and yesterday) on LG15 fans watched unsettled as B,J&D kidnapped a very frightened Jules.

Jonas: Bree, this is crazy, all right? We can't just go and grab this girl. That is nuts.
Bree: That's exactly what we're going to do. Daniel--
Jonas: (addressing the camera) I really think they're going to go through with this. This is f--ing ridiculous! What are we gonna do, are we gonna walk in there and be like "Hi! We're here to take you to Six Flags, little girl. But first we wanna tie you up".
Bree: What's the worst that could happen?
Jonas: (to Bree) I dunno, uh maybe we get shot and we go to jail? (to Daniel) Look man, you're supposed to be the voice of reason here. Tell her that this is ridiculous. (to the camera) It's Texas, so maybe we could tell her we were taking her to the rodeo, and "Guess what, you're part of it! That's right, we're gonna hog-tie ya." Look at them, look at how excited they are. They love this stuff.

Jonas, the voice of reason remained ignored as they carried out their plan..

(Inside Jules's house, Daniel has picked Jules up and is now attempting to force her to come with him.)
Jules: (shrieking) Get off! I don't know who you are! Get off me! (Daniel covers her mouth with his hand, and she continues to shriek in terror behind it.)
Daniel: I'm gonna-- Calm down! Help me out!
Jonas: Daniel, this is ridicu-- put her down!!
(Cut to Daniel and Jules. Jules sits on the floor by the couch, crying, while Daniel bends down to talk to her.)
Jules: Get off! Stop! Stop!
Daniel: Calm down, calm down.
Jonas: This is crazy, Daniel.
Daniel: Look, listen to me. I know you're scared, I know you're scared and I'm not here to hurt you, I promise. I don't want to gag you, I just need you to be quiet and listen.
(Cut to Daniel tying Jules's arms together with rope.)
Daniel: What do you want to do?
Jonas: I don't know, but I don't want to kidnap a little girl. And not in Texas, of all places!
Daniel: Would you quit saying "kidnapping"?

What would you call it then Daniel?

Daniel: This did not go as planned. I feel horrible. (He glances back at Jules.)
Jules: (bangs on the window and screams) Help! HELP!
Daniel: She hates us, I don't blame her, 'cause she's scared. Jonas is pissed, he's not on board, and I know Bree seems like she's cold and calculating, but... she's right. I don't think you can understand it unless you've lived it.
(Cut to Jonas standing outside his car door. It is obvious that Jules is inside the car.)
Jonas: (to Jules) I'm sorry. (He slams the door shut and then turns to Bree.) How is this going to end well, Bree? How's this going to end? With us in jail.

In the next vlog fans saw how well Jules's capture was going.

Bree: It's been a rough 24 hours. I just... I assumed that once we got Julia back here and explained everything that maybe... maybe she'd come to her senses, but not yet. In fact, she's even madder than ever.
(Cuts to Jules with her hands tied. Daniel is filming.)
Daniel: Why do you think you're here?
Jules: I don't care. I want to go home.
Daniel: Are you thirsty?
Jules: No.
Daniel: I brought you some water. Here.
(Daniel brings the water to Jules, who knocks it out of his hands. Cuts back to Bree.)
Bree: I just, I know how I felt when Daniel intervened when I was supposed to do the Ceremony. And I just, I thought that she would feel the same. Maybe it's too late.

Bree, you weren't kidnapped, your best friend reasoned with you...

Bree: Julia, I need you to listen to me.
Jules: No. I hate you and I'll never do what you say. Leave me alone.
Bree: This isn't going to help you.
(Cuts back to Bree in front of the curtains.)
Bree: I just don't know how much longer I can keep this up. Maybe Jonas was right. Maybe this is wrong.

You think?????

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Abort Mission - GuillotineCalamity

I received these messages more than a month ago. I'll share them before I show you our confessions.

Bigger than Waco
Just you wait
I sent you to Texas
You were my bait

I have killed...

Bree gets some advice from Voyboy!

voyboy wrote:
...I'm not going to bark at you guys about taking Julie cause enough of the forum is doing that already. You know you're in deep if you don't make this right. You guys must make this right.

You need to make her watch all of the videos. ALL OF THEM. From start to finish. Lucy is seen, youre parents being taken away, and as hard as it may be for you to watch, youre father is seen being shot to death by The Order. It's all on video Bree. After all what purpose was it to record all of these unbelievable events other than proof?

You can tell her your story all you want. But I think she has to see it to believe it.



Thanks Voyboy. There's already been enough yelling and second guessing from us. She needs to realize that we're SAVING her. The Order has killed to get me to do the ceremony ... why would they stop now?

I think showing Julia the vids is a great idea! That way, if she doesn't listen to me, maybe she'll believe what she sees.

Naïve Girl

We took Julia to protect her. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be listening. -Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Maddison Atkins ~ LG15 Chat Wednesday, May 9th at 8PM CST

From Jeromy:

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 1:17 pm

Hey everyone.

I'm not as familiar with the LG15 chat as I am with IRC, and I'm not certain how this chat will be structured.

BUT. It's happening if you want to come.

Broken Kid has generously offered to host this chat, and I think it will be a nice farewell to this short stint of OOG talk.

More infor will be provided when I have it.

LG15 Chat Q&A with me (Jeromy)
hosted by Broken Kid

I hope you come, because this chat will mark my final moments in front of the curtain until who-knows-when.


Motorola to Sponsor "The Burg"

"Following in the steps of Lonelygirl15, another Web video serial is turning to product placement as an ad mode"



WEBISODE WATCH: Lonelygirl15

"...it has gone from plane to completely insane, literally."

WEBISODE WATCH: Lonelygirl15

Eurocrackers question the timing of the last LG15 episode

I think it goes without saying that everyone in the LG15 community hopes to see Madeleine returned home soon and the following is posted to try and help in that effort.


The parents of Madeleine McCann have released pictures of the three-year-old on holiday in Portugal before her abduction.

Q&A: Madeleine McCann

Freaky Girl - itscassie

Ok, so maybe talking to that freaky girl from the closet wasn't the best idea...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Early reactions to "It's Not Kidnapping"

This video seems calculated to get a response, and many seem to think someone has lost their minds, either Bree, Daniel, and Jonas, or those writing this story.

One early comment on You Tube has a reply from Lonelygirl15:

culwin (35 minutes ago)
I'm reporting this video to YouTube! It's against their TOS to put videos of illegal activity here!

     lilacangel1999 (33 minutes ago)
     How is a TV Show illegal activity? Then the death of
     Maddison Atkins should be reported too.

     lonelygirl15 (32 minutes ago)
     This isn't illegal. We are helping her so she doesn't
     have to do the ceremony!!! Sometimes drastic times
     call for drastic measures.

     donttellmex17 (30 minutes ago)
     ur helping her but it is illegal to kidnap a child!!

     sheckigreen33 (24 minutes ago)

     culwin (28 minutes ago)
     Too late! I've already reported you guys to the FBI and the KGB!

So.... take that Smosh! (?)

~ QtheC

It’s Not Kidnapping

Julia's folder had her address inside. We went over to her house and she was there. Good thing her parents weren't. - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

YouTube Shares Revenue, YouTube LG15 Videos catch up with Lonelygirl15.com

Several commenters on Lonelygirl15.com (including EchelonGirl30, Moondoogle, Gidget, iluuvme, Kemo, and orbthesela), today noted that during the lull in new videos since last Friday, the video postings on YouTube have caught up to those on the main LG15 website.

As modelmotion pointed out, this may be related to the breaking news that YouTube is finally ready to share revenue, at least with some video providers. Here are two early articles, picked up by the RSS feed found on the right hand side of this blog:

YouTube Shares The Wealth, Viacom Watches, Revver Trembles
Epicenter - Wired Blogs : Monday May 7, 2007

Lonelygirl15, your cheque is in the mail
globeandmail.com : Mathew Ingram, May 4, 2007

This seems a likely coupling of events.

However, it is possible the Lonelygirl creators also have other reasons for synching YouTube back up with their main website. As Milowent pointed out in his April 26 blog entry Smosh Takes YouTube Throne: Google Demands Refund, the lag in posting videos might have driven the most loyal fans to the main site, leaving a disproportionate number of haters posting on the vids left behind on YouTube, without the loyal "defense force" to counteract them.

~ QtheC

Hot Scoop! - meepersanon

Hot off the press, here is my exclusive interview with the D-train

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Jeromy talks about LG15 plot

Jeromy left the following comment:

"Hey thanks for posting these highlights.

Just so everyone knows, we spent most of the time dealing with Maddison Atkins in last night's chat. From the highlights posted here, it may seem like it was a LG15 bash. It wasn't, and I think that the few quotes posted here are the only ones that dealt with The Creators, Lonelygirl15, and/or how to fix the plot.

Except for the one that talks about how Maddison Atkins could not have existed at all if it wasn't for Lonelygirl15 and it's incredible fan base.


So with that said, here are some of the topics related to LG15 that were discussed during the IRC chat session on Sunday:
You're Miles. Or Mesh, or even Amanda. What do you do about LG15? where do you take the story?


I start answering old questions
What is the ceremony
Why is it so dangerous and terrible
Who was Cassie
I finally start finishing up all the old plots
But - I can't imagine being them
they are busy
and they have to coordinate amongst a group

I hate it that Daniel isn't pissed all the time about being rejected by Bree
have you ever been shut down by a girl and hung out still[/quote]He also commented that they should:[quote]Fix it by filling in the plot holes like I mentioned before
But - why let so much time pass between videos
for instance
We know they talked to Jules
We know she dropped a folder
WTF is in that folder
And how many days have to pass before we find out
I'd pick up the pace
But it's not fair to criticize
I do not know what difficulties they face on a day to day
jeromy also stated that the gun was a:
High Standard Sentinel
22 revolver
When asked about the lg15 audience jeromy added:
it's interesting
They are constantly asking what?
What does this mean?
What is the answer to this puzzle?
What is going to happen next?
It would have been better if they started asking why, how and who
Why is this here?
Who put it there
and How did we end up with it
My puzzles required more of that kind of questioning
especially the ones that were never solved
In response to:

"Seeing as you are "in the biz" and didn't get much recognition from the Creators.. Do you think that it does not bode well for any others wishing to incorporate into their plot, with less experience in filmmaking.. aka regular fans?"

jeromy has this to say:
Let me by absolutely honest
and this will probably cost me working with the creators
When I ventrued out in the beginning
I really wanted to get a call from them
saying something like - I love it - you are a genius
and you're hired
But after being entrenched in all this
I strongly feel the opposite
and my choice to get in contact with Glenn is indicitive of that perspective

ED: This is the additional Q & A related to LG15 that was missing from the original version of this article...

In respose to this question, "In all fairness to LG15 and it's Creators, would any of this have been possible without the medium they have created, with the Forums (necro) and Comments, and response vids? In other words, do you think this would have been possible by using only YT and myspace?"
jeromy no - for the pace of my story I needed the built in audience
jeromy luckily my timing was good
jeromy and it was luck

IRC Q&A w/Jeromy Sunday May 6th (Updated)

CHAT TODAY in IRC at #outofgame!!!
surrealisticpill and skunkwaffle are moderating. Thanks you two.

1. Off topic chatter will result in sudden death - or being de-voiced (you pick)
2. No use of font color, bold, or italics and no emote speak unless you are asking the question.
3. Please register your nick
4. All questions should be posed in emote speak (/me asks about the sexual tension in the Maddison Atkins chapter)
5. If you have questions during the chat - please PM surrealisticpill or skunkwaffle.
6. We are going to field the questions in the order they are listed below. Second we'll discuss the disembodied questions. And if there is time, we'll open it up for a massive free-for-all oil wrestling match.

Sound Good?

in #outofgame

CGI client
type your nick in the first box
type irc.freenode.net in the second box
type #outofgame in the third box

info about IRC - don't ask me because I'll explain it poorly to you.

I'm still holding strong to the plot secrets, so please keep that in mind as you prepare your questions.

If you are unable to enter the IRC chat, then please don't worry because not only will the transcripts from the chat be posted, but we are also having one last chat this coming Wednesday in the LG15 chatroom. Details on that chat will appear in another post.

I am happy to be available to you before I have to venture back behind the curtain FOREVER! Well. Not forever, but for awhile at least. Let me be clear, after this Wednesday's chat, I will be TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE for any Out of Game dialogue. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to go back into hiding.

I'm looking forward to it.


1. brooklynxman
of the 4 characters in the series, maddy, adam, mr zipp, and warpylol, can we expect to see a lot more of them, or will the next chapter be moving in a direction away from them?
2. jester
Question: Longest run on sentence of all time.
3. lola
Question: ?
4. lg15panda
Question: Regarding the drops -- obviously from day one there was a deadline (4/25) set in the ARG. We had a few scares during the game regarding the availability of drop retrievers and the hours that the drop venues were open/accessible, in particular the Kansas City drop and the Boston drop. I'm curious whether there was a fallback plan in case one of the drops could not be retrieved by the deadline? If so, are you at liberty to discuss what the fallback plan was?

4b. From Skunk How did you decide on which cities to have the drops in?

Like did you just go with where you knew people and hope there would be nearby fans, or did you seek out contacts in cities where you knew there were already fans available?

5. xovonchezio

6. saraphobia
My question is...if say Maddison and Adam are actually dead, what is the name of the ARG Series going to be? Does that make sense? Hope it does.
7. dejajeva
To Faye and (the) Jasons: Since this was your first experience with LG and with ARG's, will you continue to follow this ARG and/or LG15?
8. surrealisticpill
Over the course of the game, you used several different mediums to communicate with players (myspace, lg15 forums, YT mail, IRC chat, etc.) which of these did you prefer for text communication? Also, some people believe that IRC should not be involved in ARGs, and that the work should be hashed out in forums only. As a PM, do you think there were any aspects of the game that benefitted from players being in IRC? Do you see any downsides to players using IRC?

9. Thee Berean
I have a question... it was actually proposed by a totally random, outside source (Youtuber Floraviolax33)... but the inspiration for Mr. Zipp... Did you get the idea from "Mr. Zip (AKA 'Zippy')"... the thin (sometimes stick figure), always in a hurry, cartoon mailman created by the Postal Service back in the day... he was developed to remind people to use those new-fangled gosh-darn Zip codes.

From an OOG stand point... did you get the idea from the original Mr. Zip... if not, can you tell us what gave you the idea of Mr. Zip without giving away the plot? Maybe your girlfriend wrote it for you? Wink

There was a lot of discussion about the PM during the game. This mainly stemmed from the suspicion that Glenn might be involved. Given that this is against traditional ARG rules, how did this make you feel and do you think the speculation was either justified or fair?
11. voodoo
Is the Maddison Atkins story going to be revealed in its "completeness" (for lack of a better word) at a later point in time? For example.. in a year or so, will you put up a website with how you came up with everything, the creative process, what would have happened, what could have happened, etc, etc?

12. Danielle

13. elixer
What made you decide to use a carrier pigeon in this ARG, and where did you get him from?

Supplementary to this question, did you have to train him? Can he really fly? And does he prefer boxers or briefs? Wink

14. deagol
You're Miles. Or Mesh, or even Amanda. What do you do about LG15? where do you take the story?

15. esteed
Jeromy, what are your major inspirations as a storyteller? (Not just this story, rather your overall style and the type and tone of stories you tell. If any of these inspirations would give away too much of the plot, or would make it easy to figure out plot secrets, feel free to not mention those.)

Other Questions - Time Allowing

I think the team of Jeromy Barber, Jason Zednick (Adam), and Faye Austin (Maddison) has something special. I wonder if you would consider the possibility of working together to produce an independent film of some kind, either a 'short' or something feature length? How likely is that to happen?

Is there a question that has not yet been asked that you have been wanting to answer, and if so, what is the question and answer?

A train leaves the station in Dallas, TX, going 35 miles per hour... Another train leaves Tokyo Japan going 135 miles per hour. If the creators of LG15 came by and told you that they wanted to incorperate MaddisonAtkins into their show, What would you say? What would you do? How much money would it take for them to win you over? and What are hot dogs REALLY made of? (<---- that's the important one there..)

Can the actors talk about their feelings about being complimented and criticized throughout the process?

Jason and Faye will both be present. AND Jason McRoberts who played the assassin will be in chat too.

For more details go here.

List of Internet Relay Chat commands


Virtual Sing-Along: Old Man From Calcutta (Round)

A round in 4/4 time, 120 beats per minute. Not great singing, but it's fun.

See description for this video on YouTube for more information on how I made this, and how you can join me in a virtual sing-along.

Also, if anyone knows the origin of this round, I would be interested. It's something I learned as a kid. Not exactly politically correct, but it's fun the way the three parts blend together.

~ QtheC

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