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Saturday, October 1, 2011

nayders07: CORN BEER?!?


Haywire - Ep. 12 Convergence

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 1 -- Favorite Movie

About 700 Occupy Wall Street Protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

NYPD Arresting a Child At OccupyWallStreet?

@natashalennard Natasha Lennard
#OccupyWallStreet I got let go. After hours on police bus. Most ppl still handcuffed on buses. Trying to find space for us in precincts


700 arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest as demonstrators and NYPD shut down Brooklyn Bridge

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2011/10/01/2011-10-01_dozens_arrested_at_occupy_wall_street_protest_brooklyn_bridge_shut_down_.html#ixzz1Zaicy5yb

Police Arrest About 500 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Read the full post:

Privacy for the people: Wall Street protesters use social media app Vibe to communicate anonymously

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/tech_guide/2011/09/28/2011-09-28_occupy_wall_street_protesters_in_new_york_use_iphone_android_app_vibe_to_communi.html#ixzz1ZasXankr

Source: http://twitpic.com/6mb78k

There have been accusations that the NYPD deliberately led protestors into a "trap". Did they? You decide:

Police Leading #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Onto The Brooklyn Bridge Traffic Lane

Full video:

Key words: age of empowerment, Invader Zim, GIR, Jhonen Vasquez, Brooklyn Bridge, NYPD, Canon, Natasha Lennard, Occupy Wall Street, Web News.

Monty Python's Flying Circus in spandex!

But now for something completely different...

We were in a bit of a Python mood so call it Monty Python's Flying Spandex!!

Cinemassacres Monster Madness! Frankenstein Part 1:

It's that time again kids! James is back with another 31 days of Halloween for 2011's MONSTER MADNESS! This year James is covering all the big horror franchises starting with the grandaddy of them all, Frankenstein!!

The People That Touch Your Food - Episode 4

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lonelygirl15 walks into reality.

In a few hours an intrepid young group of people will take to the streets of LA to fight the "big bad". While many might hope that it is the first day of shooting of "Lonelygirl15 the movie", it is not. There will be no ceremony and no trait positive will have their blood sucked out of them. Yet the parallels are unmistakable, only this time it is for real.

The struggle this time will not be against the Order, but rather a group identified as the "1%" with those taking to the streets representing the 99%. Like the Order, the 1% are accused of many things, but mainly an abuse of money, privaledge and power which should seem all to familiar to anyone who followed Lonelygirl15. Like TAAG, the group taking to the streets will be armed only with video cameras. Like those in "Occupy Wall Street" their mission will be peaceful but they will video record every move and upload it to Youtube. Information is their shield just as it was with Bree, Daniel, Jonas and the gang. One can only hope that Tachyon will be their to watch over them and ensure their safety. Yet, no matter what happens, the "age of empowerment" has begun. Bree would be proud.

But the parallels do not end there. Online, the community of people supporting the movement has grown. Like with Lonelygirl15 many are smart, well read, and creative so the conversations and dynamic are just as insightful as their counterparts were back in the day, as we tried to figure out what the Order was really about. The robustness of the community reminds me of what I miss about a "Web series" that embraced "social" in its DNA. The conversations intermingled with the actual content were often as enjoyable and envigorating as the content itself. This current movement online shares much of that same experience, as the online community tries to work with the "people on the ground". Anyone who participated in any of the old ARGs knows the power of coordinating online and offline efforts and this is no different. I miss Lonelygirl15 passionately, but finding a substitute in something real is not something I expected. Yet, it is real in every sense of the word.

Tune into tomorrow for OccupyLA: http://occupyla.org/
Oct 1st Occupation / Protest Location
LA City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA

Watch live streaming video from owslosangeles at livestream.com

Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control)

HUSBANDS 6: Haley the Life Coach

The Vampire Secrets - S1 Ep6: Cedar Hills: Part 1

"Hot Model Stew" - Ep #10, Model Ball Special Edition HD

Jake McBride shows up for the softball game only to see his team of beautiful models wearing new pink uniforms. Jake is embarrassed since he is playing his rival Gary and his team of robots.

Annoying Orange: Fake 'N Bacon

Hollishillis: [9/30] Last SSS for 2011

The Key of Awesome!: Moves Like Jagger! Behind the Awesome!

Clutch Episode 5: Know Your Target

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Bloopers

The Healthy Voyager - Ep. 4 Cancun, Mexico

Border Guardians Of Ackernon: Maybe it was a tornado - Ep. 8

The Guild: Season 5 - Episode 9 - “Strategy Timez”

<a href='http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&vid=y05t9u0n&from=us-Video' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 10 - Strategy Timez' >Video: Season 5 - Episode 10 - Strategy Timez</a>


Breakfast Burrito At the JAYO invitationals!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Webisode success leads to a big-screen Mortal Kombat reboot

Mortal Kombat: Legacy raked in 15 million viewers after it debuted in April.....

Read the full post:

Source: @Mathieas on Twitter

Booboo and Fivel respond to your "nervous jitter" comments.


Stuff Phil Likes: Thursday Sep 29th, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist: http://bit.ly/nNIGhU

The Fine Bros: You're Entering Puberty, Charlie Brown! (Parody)

White Collar Poet - Ep. 1 Epiphany

Wendy: Ep 5 -- Crushed

Chapter 5: "Crushed"

Description: Amid the music and lights of Jackson's epic party, all Wendy can think about is Pete. She knows he'll come for her, and being around him will make everything feel right again. As the party overtakes the mansion, Wendy finds exactly what she's been longing for, but she fears that her dream may be coming to an end in Chapter 5 of WENDY.*
Discover more about the series and download your free copy of "Save Me" on the Wendy Facebook page (http://facebook.com/WendyTheSeries.) Stay tuned for new episodes of Wendy every Tuesday and Thursday through October, 4th.

The Click Clique: Grimmie & Mariah McManus! (9/29/11)

The Click Clique, web show

Hollishillis: [9/29] The Trash Guy

The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests at Liberty Square in NYC.

My second ever news segment - The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests at Liberty Square in NYC. Are the protests riots? You decide.
P.S. Please excuse the darkness in the video. I didn't have light in my camera! :(

Five Things That #OccupyWallStreet Has Done Right


Matt Stoller: #OccupyWallStreet Is a Church of Dissent, Not a Protest


Veteran agitators flock to Occupy Wall Street


What’s behind the scorn for the Wall Street protests?


Here We Go – 200,000 Member Transport Workers Union Votes To Support Occupy Wall Street


‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest



Only 2 more episodes left! #WatchLaps

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walking in circles - Episode 11: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Walking in Circles - Episode 11: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Walking in Circles - Episode 10: Random Encounters

Walking in Circles - Episode 10: Random Encounters

IndieNet And Beyond Goes On A ‘JourneyQuest’ With ZOE

Welcome to another quest-filled episode of… The IndieNet and Beyond! It’s news and web series episodes. Plus, this time we chat with the executive producer of JourneyQuest and President of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Ben Dobyns. 

There is news on JourneyQuest season two, plus information on Zombie Orpheus Entertainment that many web series creators will find interesting. 

You can read more about it by clicking: http://scifipulse.net/2011/09/indienet-and-beyond-goes-on-a-journyquest-with-zoe/

Breaking News! Web Series Creators Obsess Over Minutiae

As web series creators, we all get a little too obsessed with checking our viewcounts/facebooks etc. Here's a 'news' article about this very fact!

Anxious Creators Obsesses Over Minutiae - - CLICK HERE to read!

Hollishillis: [9/28] My First World Book Problem

BANDWAGON Season Finale Teaser

Even iJustine Gets Nervous Dancing in Public (Tubefilter Interview)


Stuff Phil Likes: Wednesday Sep 28th, 2011 (Start Here)

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Those Video Guys Talking YouTube Live - a new format to the show!

The Wankers -- Season 1 Episode 1: Reluctantly Related

Stupid family show. 

Vampirism Bites 2.7: Wider Grade of Fail

After 21 episodes of Vampirism Bites, fangirl-turned-vampire Belle comes face to face with the vampire hunter who dismissed her as an undead joke at his cemetery: Simon Polidori.

There's going 2 be a Fight...

New Gods "The Devil's Garden" Episode 1

The 1st episode of "The Devil's Garden", the pilot for New Gods! Kaela Ares must say goodbye to the life she knows when she and her father Michael move from the outer solar system to the star city of Avalon.

Nayders07: Hiking in FLIPFLOPS


Zero Punctuation: Resistance 3

Partners in Pretension - Ep. 5 How to Have a Bad Day

Gregory Way: Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli - Ep. 7

Ghouls - Episode I -II

Those Video Guys Talking Comedy review Full Nelson, the wrestling web series

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Selling Yourself [Tube Trials Ep. 201]

unLEASHED: Episode 8 "The Dog Days Are Over..."

KoldCast Presents - Ep. 1

How To Get More Views With Social Media - Tubefilter Meetup

Tubefilter Presents: Social Media on Steroids with Klout, EQAL, and Attention Span Media

Hosted by theStream.tv
Part of Social Media Week Los Angeles


Amber Buhl Director, Sales, Klout
Former sales and Marketing Solutions roles at Hulu, Yahoo!, and Comcast Networks

Garrett Law Co-Founder and COO, Attention Span Media
Social media agency and Fanatical audience development platform

Greg Goodfried Founder and President, EQAL
Building influencer networks around celebrities and brands

Moderator: Drew Baldwin, Tubefilter


Stuff Phil Likes: Tuesday Sep 27th, 2011 (Start Here)

The Click Clique: Janet on tour, Cady Groves, and Grimmie!?

Hollishillis: [9/27] Average Harry Episode Four: Cooking

Wendy: Ep 4 -- To Believe

Chapter 4: "To Believe"

Description: As the anniversary of her brothers' disappearance approaches, Wendy slips away to see more of Pete. Walking the deserted passageways and gardens, Wendy is comforted by the mystery and magic that surround Pete. The mansion is their special place, but as Pete draws closer, Jackson and Fawn sense that something has changed in Chapter Four of WENDY. *

Discover more about the series and download your free copy of "Save Me" on the Wendy Facebook page (http://facebook.com/WendyTheSeries.) Stay tuned for new episodes of Wendy every Tuesday and Thursday through October, 4th.


Jane has written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, The O.C., Gilmore Girls, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Game of Thrones, and Torchwood: Miracle Day among other series.

Read the full post:


DoctorHolocaust: Plan D

Tubefilter: Freddie Wong Raises Over $112k on Kickstarter!

"Beautiful Models Show their Stuff" - Ep #9, Model Ball Special Edition HD

he Downstairs Guys, Doug, Kevin and Alex, join Jake McBride to help him train his team of beautiful models. Jake realizes that Kat has skipped practice to do a sexy photo shoot and goes to get her back. Kat tells Jake she will rejoin the team if he agrees to her indecent proposal.

HeyItsMilly: LADY GAGA IS A MAN?! (Ask Milly #13)

Booboo and Fivel - Jitters before rocking out

Filmed at "the Vault" in Orange California, on Saturday Sept 24th, Booboo, Fivel and Maegan hit the stage to perform for the for the benefit of childhelp.org. In this video you will see that even after performing many times together, the Stewart Siblings still get nervous before every show. In this video you will also get a taste of what the show was like, and in the coming weeks get to hear and see some of the songs that they performed in concert.

Stay tuned for more great video right here @ www.youtube.com/boobooandfivel

What’s Trending fails to cover many of the key #OccupyWallStreet issues with @SnoopDogg

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

Key issues you ask? well you might start here:

Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street Protests

I’ve never agreed with the sentiment, “Fuck the Po-lice,” and I still don’t. But these guys are fucked up. There was an anger in those white-shirt’s eyes that said, “You don’t matter.” And whether they were just scared or irrational or looking for a target for their rage, there was no excuse for their abuse of authority.


Now compare the What's Trending coverage to MSNBC:

MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall St. Lawrence O'donnell with "The Last Word"

How Anonymous emerged to Occupy Wall Street

Mocked at first by some, Occupy Wall Street is showing the potential of online 'hacktivism' allied with street protest





For more coverage of Occupy Wall Street on Web Series Today

Talking Comedy - Review of unLEASHED the dog themed webseries

Street Fighter: I Love Blanka - Game Room

Facebook us: http://facebook.com/watchgameroom

Jimmy challenges Lucy to a game of Street Fighter, but it turns out she has an almost unhealthy love for Blanka.

Twitter - http://twitter.com/WatchGameRoom
Homepage - http://watchgameroom.com

Christiann Castellanos - http://youtube.com/christichi66
Jimmy Wong - http://youtube.com/Jimmy

Directed by: Derek Housman
Written by: Christiann Castellanos
Sound Design by: Jharon Pritchett

Created by:
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman

The Key of Awesome!: Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger PARODY! Key of Awesome #46

L.A. Paranormal: Soul Searching - Ep. 7

A Perfect Union - Ep. 8 Stranger

Forty Weight - Ep. 3 The Staff Meeting

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mind My Brains: Episode 6: When The Wind Blows

Dr Feyrer has developed an improved vaccine which could revolutionise treatment of The Affected. The Worthingtons are happy to be included in the trial, but not so happy about the vaccineapos;s unfortunate side-effect: infectious flatus.

Season 1 ends on a high note!

Hollishillis: [9/26] Average Harry Episode Three: Job Application


Stuff Phil Likes: Monday Sep. 26th, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist: http://bit.ly/nUmWSD

Annoying Orange: Ask Orange #1

GIRL PARTS REVEALED: Director Mike Drobinski

20 Days with Victoria Justice -- Day 20 -- Working in Canada

Rocketboom Archives - Chaos

Leap Year: Season 1 Slate Outtakes


First Day: First Dance -- Ep 6 Never Saw it Coming

Chapter 6: "Never Saw it Coming"

Description: Boy drama? Sabotage? Shocking twists? Rosie has repeated today so many times, she's seen it all. Now she's ready for a total crush-i-cation and a biffles-only night at the back-to-school dance. She's had 1000 chances at the night of her life—but on day 1,001, she finally gets it right! Watch what happens on the season finale of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.*

Lia Marie Johnson: Lia at the Eyegore Awards 2011

Thank you to everyone who voted for Monster in My Swimming Pool!! This night was all made possible because of you!!!!!!

Eyegore Awards Kick Off Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

Corey Feldman hosted the awards show, which paid homage to Rainn Wilson, David Arquette and several on-site mazes.

Read the full post:

2011 Eyegore Award Recipients Revealed

The Eyegore Awards are given by Universal Studios Hollywood during the grand opening of their Hollywood Horror Nights to honor winners who have been standouts in the horror field.


Wise Hit - Ep. 2 The White Glove Treatment

The Fine Bros: Kids React to Star Wars Kid

Maker Studios, Moving, & Tube Trials [IAVS061]

Geof Darrow & Sexy Nerd Girl @ 2011 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

COXMAN - Episode 2

After being poisoned by Diesel Stone, Coxman has but hours to find his old mentor, Rick Avalon, who holds the antidote that just may save his life.

The San Fernando Valley. The near future. Adult superstar and philanthropist, CJ Coxman, is betrayed by the government and left for dead. Rebuilt by the A.S.F. with an indestructible penis and bionic left eye, he is a lone force of justice in the Los Angeles underground. Stronger. Faster. Undetectable by radar. He is COXMAN.


Coxman is an independent, self funded web series parodying the classic renegade serial dramas of the 70s and 80s. Episodes average 7 minutes in length, and each episode consists of a linear narrative that picks up where the previous one left off.

Coxman's creative team consists of writers and directors JOE & STEVE GREENBERG, producer KAYVAN GHAVIM, director of photography LEE SUMNERS, and executive producer DANE BREHM.

20 Days with Victoria Justice -- Day 18-19

20 Days with Victoria Justice -- Day 18-- Favorite Color

20 Days with Victoria Justice -- Day 19 -- Victoria's Hair

Hollishillis: [9/25] WTF are you doing with life?

Chutes & Ladders - Ep. 3: Olivia

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dave And Tom: The Economy Bookstore Sketch

Customer (tom konkle) returns to the Economy Bookstore whose owner (david beeler) is complained to about the books. Written and produced by Dave and Tom. Special thanks to Thor Melsted, and Gino C. Vianelli.

The "Dead Parrot Sketch", alternatively and originally known as the "Pet Shop Sketch" or "Parrot Sketch", is a popular sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus, and one of the most famous in the history of British television comedy.

Monty Python: The Parrot Sketch

Occupy Wall Street Speech at Liberty Square for the Unheard Masses #OccupyWallStreet

Immortal Technique @ Occupywallst

Immortal Technique tells us what he feels about our government

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