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Saturday, October 25, 2008

TJ's Vlog - Stop Picking On My Bro - hookingup

I'm defending my little bro, Nick from the recent hack attack

FIRESIDE LOVIN! - campbreezybeach

[email protected]

We got really sick of Appleton's B.S. so we decided to get away for a while. (Hey, we were careful so don't bitch.) More people seem to have gone missing lately and we are both getting pretty damn scared right now. Send us an email if you have any ideas on how to help.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have more nature to get back to...


MIA - Jonas blog (LG15:TR)


10.25.2008 13:28

Has anyone seen or heard from Maggie? Or anyone else in the Hymn of None for that matter?

Usually we hear from them today, but after yesterday's events, it's CLEAR that something is wrong.

HoN -- if you are out there -- any of you -- PLEASE contact us. Let us know what is happening. We are still en route to the destination YOU GUYS sent us.

We need to know if it is still safe. And we need to know if Maggie is okay.

I need to know.


In the Dark

Where are you???? -- Jonas

The Tables Are Turned - 3rdTriad

Well Nemmy, at least you didn't lie. -Pops

Friday, October 24, 2008

Signal Lost - Jonas (LG15: TR)

We were able to record the chat. But we're still trying to figure out what happened too. -- Jonas

Maggie Live Chat - ResistanceReport

[109] Looking into the Abyss (tC: Worldfiles)

What would happen if...


Rose here, filling in for Riki! Absolutely NOTHING has happened on LG15 this week! Way to go, Breeniverse!

Riki's email address is [email protected], please sent suggestions for future episodes of FIRST!!!!!!

Other Offers - 626973686f70 (The Coalition)

You really wanna play games with this?

Music by Clint Mansell

Dear Maggie (10-23-2008) - september2star

You are the reason we fight.

rise against-reEducation

The Refreshers. - MetztliStar

We are the refreshers.
We will not be stopped.

Thank you to all who submitted their clips :)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time - mandylougoodfried

This is what we do during lunch at the EQAL offices.

LG15: The Resistance Video Chat

AUDIO FILE: DOWNLOAD (the very beginning is missing: credit: Renegade)

What did you think about the chat? Leave a comment below and let us know.

::::: Lines Open Soon - "This Friday, October 24th at 3 PM PST (6 PM EST), said agent will participate in a live video chat" ~ LG15 The Resistance
:::::NowLive profile for LG15: The Resistance
::::::NowLive chat room for LG15: The Resistance
::::::NowLive chat on LG15.com: LG15: The Resistance

06:26 snl06 Maggie said some stuff, looked hot, and turned the camera.
06:26 snl06 The end.
06:27 Jo_16_2 she also got surprise buttsecks from someone from lifesblood labs

Sorority Forever: Episode 35 "Slippery When Wet"

Sorority Forever: Episode 35 "Slippery When Wet"

A death at Phi Chi shocks the house, and sends Julie down the stairs, determined to open the red door.

RD Michael's Vlog - Hack Announcement - hookingup

Bask University Res Life has an announcement about the hacking of students' social network profiles.

Please contact [email protected] with any information regarding the hacking of Bask University student social network profiles.

Sam King - Week 12 - Friday

Are you Prepared?- HoN (LG15:TR)

Are you Prepared?

10.24.2008 10:16

Today is the day. This is a reminder that one of our agents will be in a live video chat here at LG15.com to answer some of your questions.

Our agent will make him/herself known to you promptly at 3 PM PST, so be prepared.


Cameras Will Roll

You have asked. You will receive. -- HoN

Best News Ever - InsideLG15 Contest

We’ve decided to extend this week’s Scissors For Lefty/Autographed Cast Member CD for another week!

All you need to do is leave a comment here AND head over to the SFL myspace page and leave a comment about the show.

Multiple entries are always welcome, spread the word!

Inside LG15 entry

Episode 8: To Be Or Not To Be - The Hayley Project

I snooped around to figure out who this girl that Herman said got in a fight with Keira was. Turns out, it's this actress in some play. The director "Mr. Big" (whatever) has a myspace and apparently has rehearsals today. Guess where I'm headed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ha Ha - Fallen Angel (eidolonseesall)

James, I can get to anyone . . . even you.

Our very first Fanvid!

Hey campers!

This is a CBB first; A FANVID! A fan posted this on Youtube last night. Check it out!


Sorority Forever: Episode 34 "Give It To Me"

Sorority Forever: Episode 34 "Give It To Me"

As Bridget punishes everyone, Taryn's sickness strikes. Julie rushes to help, but loses her into the night.

A Familiar Hat Returns to Solve MisterText Puzzle (tC)

ladron121 showed up to solve the latest Coalition puzzle which lead to a photobucket account with some interesting pictures.

The puzzle is solved but riddles remain and new questions were raised.

"Bloodlines, on the other hand, could be quite interesting. Can intangible traits really be passed on from one generation to the next? Questions and more questions... "

Read the full entry & discussion: here.
(Only registered users can write comments.)

Visit theCoalition

Smokin' Weed | Private High Musical Ep. 4

While eating lunch outside by herself, Sandra stumbles upon the school pothead, Shoe, and ends up getting stoned from his giant water bong. The two become fast friends, and sing about how much fun it is.SMOKIN WEED.

Created by and starring Taryn Southern.

Private High Musical is a Red Band Industries original. Come check us out at http://www.redbandindustries.com.

LBL Confidential - HoN (LG15: TR)

We pulled this "legal" document from one of their back channel servers. We now understand LBL's origins. And also what we are up against. -- HoN


Tomorrow, October 24 at 3 PM, one of our agents will be available to discuss new revelations and answer questions in a LIVE VIDEO CHAT here on LG15.com.


View the Document here

Sam King - Week 12 - Thursday

The Greggers Cam Vol. 2: Down Memory Lane (BTS) - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

Greg Gallows takes a closer look at the locations used in the LonelyJew15 episode "Was That a...Date?"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lines Open Soon - HoN Blog (LG15:TR)

Lines Open Soon

10.22.2008 17:37

As we move forward in our battle against the enemy, it has become increasingly clear that some of you remain suspect of our intentions. This does not benefit our cause. It is counterproductive and a waste of time. In order to rectify this problem immediately, the Hymn of None has decided to allow one of its most valued agents to appear before you.

This Friday, October 24th at 3 PM PST (6 PM EST), said agent will participate in a live video chat here on LG15.com.

You will be able to ask questions. But know that you may be asked questions in return.

Prepare as you see fit.


You WILL trust us. -- HoN


WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn had to deal with some personal issues so he did a special music show based on a collection of covers: see PLAYLIST for details.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

PINK 16: Rebel Without Ecru

Nate learns something new about her protege Bunny, while Rhonda gives Nate her first taste of college life.

Expose the Lie - HymnofNone (LG15: TR)

If we can find their legal documents, we may unearth the truth.


Artist: Scissors for Lefty
Track: "Ornamental"

The Truth - LifeBloodsLabs (LG15: TR)

You have nothing to fear.

hookingup (catchup)

Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge 4

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

Me on Baskbook

Me on Facebook

Me on Myspace

Emily's Vlog - Wednesday Night Dance Moves

I deliver the definitive groove guide: how to dance.




Hooking Up - "In a Relationship" (EP.5)

Despite their roommates freaking out about it, Meg and Nick make it official.


Ryan's Profile

Professor Klein's Profile

Professor Jerry's Profile

Meg's Profile

Nick's Profile

Emily's Profile

Sorority Forever: Episode 31/32/33

Sorority Forever: Episode 31 "Hard Pill To Swallow"
Madison visits Matthew in the lab while Julie shows Joaquin the sacrifice video.
Sorority Forever: Episode 31 "Hard Pill To Swallow"

Sorority Forever: Episode 32 "Snuff Film"
Madison brings the dangerous pills to Bridget while Julie and Joaquin go to the cops, devise a plan, and drop the "L" word.
Sorority Forever: Episode 32 "Snuff Film"

Sorority Forever: Episode 33 "Bondage"
It's the initiation ceremony. Girls in robes sharing smiles and shady looks as Madison poisons a drink - but for who?
Sorority Forever: Episode 33 "Bondage"

Sam King - Week 12 Mon/Tue/Wed

Sam King - Week 12 - Monday

Sam King - Week 12 - Tuesday

Sam King - Week 12 - Wednesday

The Gap Year - Week 21 Highlights

Lesson 3: Economic Alchemy - CarmineTerrine - (TC)

And you didn't believe in global conspiracies...

Visit theCoalition

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Send up a signal, I'll throw you a line. - MisterText (The Coalition)

So who else wants to be in my Fave 5?

"Faceoff" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Visit theCoalition

Bring It! Dance Off - Evergreen214

Jenlight is going down! Who can resist the adorable Jack?

Music features:
Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" cover by David Sides
Chris Brown's "Forever"

New Contest - InsideLG15

New Contest Alert! – Autographed Band/Cast Member CD Giveaway, Deadline Saturday October 25th.

One of the many reasons we psyched to be working with Scissors is the chance to preview/debut two brand spanking new songs from their upcoming untitled LP due later this year. This is a real honor for us and we hope you let the guys know how grateful we are to hear them all week in Chapter 6. The guys in SFL will autograph a copy of their brand new record, along with the two cast members of your choice. This will be a one of a kind deal to commemorate the show. Entering is simple. Invade the SFL myspace, LG15 style. Comment, embed, friend, message – you name it. TAKE IT OVER, bring them here. We will be lurking and give the CD to our most active community member with the announcement coming Saturday morning as decided by the band. Commence invasion…now.

Read about the contest

Scissors for Lefty myspace

Road to Nowhere - Jonas Blog (LG15: TR)

Sarah and Reed. They need to stop. It’s getting obvious. The more they fight, the more trouble they’re going to cause. Not because of the fighting. More because of what that kind of fighting leads to -- a relationship. They’re becoming close, whether they realize it or not. And Reed, he’s got all those qualities Sarah wants in a nice guy. I’ve seen it before with Daniel. And I’m seeing it again here. Sure, it’s none of my business. Except this kind of life doesn’t afford that kind of thing. A relationship.

Sarah should have learned that by now. Reed, he’s a good guy. So I feel bad that he’s going to have to learn that. On his own. Eventually.

Like I said, the whole situation’s trouble. Maybe it’s being trapped in this car for almost 24 hours a day. Fortunately Reed’s offered a temporary solution. To combat the claustrophobia. We have a lot of time before we need to be in Boston. And Reed’s got a friend in Pittsburgh. Someone we can stay with for a few days. Who can give us four walls and roof that aren’t in a hotel.

Will post again later. For now I need to concentrate on the road.

Edited to Add (9pm PDT by milo):


Still driving. Getting darker now. Had to pull over before my eyes closed their way into a three car pile up. Been on the road for almost 24 hours straight. Sarah and Reed are still asleep. They snore in sync.

A sign of further trouble.

Pittsburgh’s still a few days away. Can’t get there too quickly. Got to maintain the speed limit. Stay under the radar. Always use a turn signal. Do nothing to attract attention. Funny. From the looks of it, if you were driving beside us, we might just be three kids on a break from school. How would you ever know who we really are, right?

When I drive I sometimes like to watch the people in the cars next to me. When I’m stopped a red light or in bumper to bumper or whatever. It’s interesting. Sometimes I see families. Sometimes I see couples. Sometimes I see lonely people. Sometimes I see someone who might be just like me.

There are times where I want to pull over and see who they really are. I don’t know if that’s because I’m curious. Of if it’s because I’m becoming suspicious of everyone.

Hymn of None seems slightly more trustworthy now. I’ll admit that. But I’m skeptical of this cure device idea. Who knows if its real or not. Who knows if, when all’s said and done, this thing is even going to work? It’s not like it’s going to come with an instruction manual.

But here we are anyway. Heading to Boston. Looking for some salvation. Whatever’s waiting for us there is going to be interesting. That’s the only thing I’m sure of right now.

Read and Respond to Blog

BreeFM: Sunday Oct. 26 7 - 9 PM PST DJ Jenni Powell with Mary Feuer, Carly Jones, and Sean Vincent Biggins

So I have good news and bad news...let's get the bad news out of the way...

Due to my new job, I'm going to have to say goodbye to my normal Sunday slot. In honor of my final Sunday show (okay, we're in good news now...), I decided to pull out all the stops and have some very special guests.

To talk about their new series "With the Angels" premiering Tuesday, October 28th on StrikeTV, creator Mary Feuer and actors Carly Jones and Sean Vincent Biggins will be joining me right after ApotheosisDJ's show this Sunday from 7 - 9 PM PST. Please join us in the IRC chat room as they'll be taking your questions!

In the meantime, check out the trailer:

Hope to see you all Sunday!

Click here to listen
Listen with your preferred player!
Join the IRC Chat!

Resistance Report Ep. 3

Third Episode 10-20-08 Music: Mystro_Soul, Turn The lights on, and A Rhyming dictionary

One is the loneliest number - ziola - (TC)


Where are you?!?

I can't do this alone.

NOTE: The puzzle has already been solved.
See the solution here

Road Head Butting

Can't we all just get along? -- Sarah

Artist: Scissors for Lefty
Track: "Next to Argyle"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mandy Gets FREAKY at the Campfire!

[email protected]

Well I told you Steve was going down and nobody believed me. Who's laughing now Stevie?



youtube version


Welcome to Hollywood. People come here to find - in Taffy Simpson's words - their "time to shine." Fresh off the plane, from small-town Alleene, Arkansas, Taffy moved to Los Angeles two months ago to become a Professional Production Assistant. But the best-laid plans can go awry, and now she's sharing an apartment with Ashley, an ambitious but slightly unhinged aspiring actress, in a run-down building on the beach in Venice.

Too shy to talk to anyone, Taffy uses her video camera to get to know her neighbors. Theres Andy, Ashleys secretly smitten best friend; Trey, a screenwriter whose fear that hes become a has-been has him perched on the edge between jaded and bitter; Secret-touting Life Coach Miranda; and the Mystery Man from Apartment 6, who is well, a mystery. All of them share with the camera things they can't share with each other, creating a funny and moving commentary on God, fame, love, sex, cars, music, TV - and all the other things we put our faith in.

Episode 7: Stalker Boy - The Hayley Project

Really? A good ol' girl to girl talk with Lexi? And a visit from my favorite Stalker? What else could a girl ask for?

My Partner - Fallen Angel

I received this video today from John. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. -James

Worldfiles Puzzle Solved?

At the very least, significant progress has been made on the Worldfiles Puzzle.

QtheC said:

Example of Checkerboard decode
Here is a solution to the tinyurl problem... it leads to an image of a letter that might be another layer to this puzzle, or might be the solution (not sure what all this means)...

Straddling Checkerboard - key SQUEAMISH

N= 5 O= 1 _= 7 E= 3 _= 2 T= 6 _= 4 A= 0
S=25 M=21 B=27 F=23 K=22 R=26 X=24 =20
Q=45 I=41 C=47 G=43 L=42 V=46 Y=44 ,=40
U=75 H=71 D=77 J=73 P=72 W=76 Z=74 .=70

decipher "ODEWONAK,N" with SQUEAMISH board, but keyword MARYHOPKIN


17737615022405 translate to digits
21026447117222415 MARYHOPKIN keyword
76711256713263 subtract modulo 8

"Who's There" is the traditional response to "Knock Knock"
the name of the song sung by Mary Hopkin in the "On Our Own" video.

redirects to:

The tiny url leads to the following pic

Anti-Order PSA - lg15dreambank

Please help them. Before its too late.

Visit LG15.com

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eldritch Errors - just in time for Halloween

Copied from TheNerdCorner

Just in time for Halloween, I have just been informed that Eldritch Errors is about to begin a new chapter in its player encompassing story. I have also just been informed that a certain ARG/chaotic fiction MASTER may have a hand or two in this chapter's tale that you will not want to miss! ;)


Eldritch Errors is an immersive horror series playing out in real time --
on the Internet, in the real world, and in your nightmares.

It will speak to you and ask you to speak in return.

It will feed off of you just as much as you feed
off it.

It is as old as the fears of H.P. Lovecraft and as fresh as the horrors
he died never having imagined.

Those horrors already lurk, grinning, waiting for
you to be the first to discover them, but at least you won't face them

[108] On our own - CharlesValere (tC: WorldFiles)

Follow the link for instructions.



From thecoalitiontv.com:

On our Own


Can tiny Astrid sing?

MaxterBexter: Crepes with Max and Becki

Vee eat zee breakfast zee french way!

Music - "Via Con Me" by Paolo Conte


[email protected]

Steve, you'd better pray that your axe murderer gets their hands on you before I do.


Bun B "That's Gansta" screwed&chopped by DJ Graytape - AdamLamar

Well ... at least we know Adam is still alive.


letting my hands do the talkin.

Confession (about a girl) - RMECpirate07

One Year ago today (the 17th), BluePeep made her first video, and to commemorate, I thought it was appropriate to explain what will happen...

Road to somewhere - aparkwefunk

Where am i..

Sandisk Point & Shoot Film Festival

SanDisk Point & Shoot Film Festival

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