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Saturday, December 10, 2011

FELT UP! joe

Talent: Ep 5 - Harper's Debut Party

Description: Imagine hearing your single played by the hottest DJ in LA. Harper Walker's new song, "I Don't Want Your Boyfriend" is about to hit the air waves, and not even the threat of a rival for Zach's attention can bring her down. RSVP for Harper's debut party by watching Chapter 5 of Talent: Season 2.*

Discover more about the Talent series on #TheList Facebook page (http://facebook.com/CreateYourList) and stay tuned for new episodes of Talent: Season 2 through January 2012!

Don't miss a single episode of Talent! Subscribe to alloytv! http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEalloytv


"I Don't Want Your Boyfriend"
Performed by BC Jean
Written by BC JEAN and SIMON MOREL
Produced by SIMON MOREL

Alloy TV

BC Jean Talks Music, Beyoncé, and Acting

Talent's BC Jean Reveals Her Best Friend Playlist

Pretty Little Liars Author Sara Shepard Talks PLL Romances

Set Visit and Interview with Disney's Austin & Ally

The Click Clique: Maika Monroe & Season Finale Party!

The Click Clique: The PrezCotts Bring in the Holiday Cheer &

The Click Clique: Ariana Grande & Chris Galya! (12/1/11)

The Click Clique: Ariana Grande & Jenna Bryson!

Alloy TV

Ariana Grande Talks About New Album and Single!

Interview with The Lying Game Cast

Meet The Lying Game Cast!

Jake T Austin on Kissing Abigail Breslin in New Year's Eve

How To Not Lose [Tube Trials Ep. 211]

Occupy Boston evicted #OccupyBoston

Police arrest 46 #OccupyBoston, shut down camp in Dewey Square. No injuries reported.

Mayor, police commissioner and Conservancy head holding news conference at 11 to discuss arrests and park cleaning

LIVE Coverage;

Updates on the Occupy Boston encampment

Breaking news, photos, and opinion on the protest


eScape Season 3 Episode 1-4

Tubefiler: Spanish Language YouTube Channels and YouTubers Mas Buenos!

Online Out Of Line: Facebook Gets Even Creepier - Ep. 6

L.A. Paranormal: The End? - Ep. 16

Wise Hit - Ep. 7 The Restroom

12-Steps To Recovery - Ep. 11 Lost & Found

THE DIVISION: Taken - Ep. 1

Throwing Stones Teen Horror Web Series Season 2 Trailer

When a group of high schoolers have to attend Saturday School they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing. As if high school wasn't scary enough...

The Vetala - Behind The Scenes SFX Make-Up

White Collar Poet - Ep. 7 Hot Tub Party

HeyitsMilly: MILLY'S MOVIE?!! (Rafi Can't Drive #2)

Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange Presents - Grapefruit's Totally True Tales: Bigfoot

Ask Orange #3: A-TOY-ING ORANGE!

The Philip DeFranco Show


Another Virginia Tech Shooting - 2 Confirmed Dead - Man Hunt Continues

Crystal Cox Screwed by Oregon Judge

Friday, December 9, 2011

"If The Internet's Not Broke, Don't Fix It"

We Agree With Sec Of State: "If The Internet's Not Broke, Don't Fix It"

Others want to ram through the Internet censorship bills backed by Hollywood, Big Pharma, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Read the full post:
Hillary Clinton and Internet Freedom


King of the Web: Battle Royale

Meagan Karimi-Naser and special Canadian guest host, Elio Smith (aka manchildtrollhair), take a look at Comrade Creeper's campaign, give you the rundown on the current leaderboard standings, introduce you to sex-minded campaigner, Aly Bongo, and tell you about Beauty & Style campaigner, LetzMakeup's crazy voter incentive.

Battle Royale is the ultimate online competition where the web votes for the most talented and inspiring individuals on the web. It's an annual event where past Kings and top vote getters on King of the Web compete for the uber crown and prize.

Read the contest details:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Venus Spa S3.5: The Fur's Gonna Fly!

Give the gift of coolness this Christmas with a Venus Spa t-shirt!

Music: No Sweat by Digital Native Dance! http://www.youtube.com/digitalnativedance

So like Justine's training has been so grody and sweaty but now she has to deal with that way lame Posse from the European Health Spa???

Mistress Marlena's Sexology #7

"Which literary character do you most identify with?"

THE POWER OBJECT'S Mistress Marlena intrigued so many viewers she now has her own spin-off show where she answers YOUR QUESTIONS.

Got a question for the Mistress? Leave in COMMENTS, TWITTER or FACEBOOK The Power Object PAGE

Watch more Mistress!

Created by Claire-Dee Lim
For more info, cast & pix: www.thepowerobject.com

The Philip DeFranco Show



DAISY LOWE in GQ Magazine is mmm! Pale Power

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


THE MOVIES THAT SHOULD BE MADE.com  put together a group of 7 20-somethings with similar goals to network and build a support group. Who better to explore the modern city of New York than 7 dream chasers. This circle of young people have been having the time of their lives and on December 25, 2011 you will see the great time they have had in the original reality web series IN THE CIRCLE: THE DREAMS OF NEW YORK.

For more info visit www.themoviesthatshouldbemade.com/inthecircle


LIKE ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/In-the-Circle-The-Dreams-of-New-York/231808073527978

LIVE: #OccupySF

9:02pm PT Occupiers begin GA at south end of the park.

8:38pm PT Police offer to release those arrested provided they leave the park

7:50pm PT 4 protestors under arrest.

Earlier today police raided the Occupy SF encampment. Later in the day, after a march Occupiers tried to re-occupy the Plaza leading to a confrontation with police.

Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

The Godfather: Five Families combines elements of MMO-style play with the connectivity and interaction of social networks.

Read the full post:

Tights and Fights: Ashes "What the Deck?"

Episode 127 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring Fantabulous Gal and Captain Euchre!

Fantabulous Gal is having a hard time keeping up now that the ninjas are gone. But at least she's gaining mastery over Captain Euchre's digestive system!

Thanks for watching! This was our last episode in 2011!

Please join us on Thursday Dec 8th for the live "twitter performance" of It's a Fab, Fab, Fab, Fab Christmas! Live on Capester.com and Twitter!

In the new year we'll have three new episodes every week until Chapter 3 - and the whole series - ends in May 2012!

Visit us at Capester.com!

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 183 video diary episodes, it tells an epic, and hilarious, story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

For scripts, behind the scenes, live twitter performances and more, check out our website:

Internet kings celebrated on … old-fashioned billboards

King of the Web sprung from the minds of Rich Barton and Nick Hanauer, good buddies and two of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Seattle.

Read the full post:

NEW PRIZE! King of the Web will go to the IAWTV awards in Las Vegas!


LIVE: Occupy D.C. Coverage

8:55pm EST 11 more arrests on the steps of the Supreme Court in D.C.

11 protestors on the steps of the Supreme Court shortly before they turned and marched up the steps.

3:30pm EST Next action planned for 5pm EST

3:02pm EST This is part of a day of protest in D.C. A march on the White House is expected for later in the day.

2:59pm EST: 38 Laying down on the street in protest are being arrested one by one. Location 14th and K Street

In other Occupy news:

Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

With v2.0, Flud Wants To Do For Social News Reading What Spotify Did For Music

Today, the startup is adding some important functionality into its app in an effort to do just that, as Flud 2.0 now allows users to create their own news personalities.

Read the full post:

What's Trendinig: December 6, 2011 #WTlive

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

Academy of Web TV
MEMBERS: Make sure you watch Shira Lazar's "What's Trending" at 10 am PST on 12/14/2011 to hear the nominations for the IAWTV Awards.

What’s Next for ‘What’s Trending’?

Adam Carolla, Brittany Snow, Cenk Uygur, Chris Hardwick, Drew Carey, Felicia Day, Kevin Smith, Lisa Kudrow, Mark Cuban, Morgan Spurlock, Rick Fox, Snoop Dogg, Terrell Owens, Will.I.Am and more have all appeared on the show.


ARGFest 2012 – Toronto!

"But in addition to all that, ARGFest has become a hotspot for speakers and experience designers to share their studies, advice and woes, educate and entertain through their presentations and case studies in the Alternate Reality Gaming and Transmedia Storytelling space – from grassroots creators to mainstream media marketing campaigns."

Read the full post:

Source: @thebruce0 on Twitter

ARGFest-o-Con 2012: Toronto

VidCon 2012!!!

Anaheim was the Right Choice

Here’s a quick list of why Anaheim is better than Century City.

Read the full post:

Bullies: Not Cool! A gnarly new web series.

Set in 1986, the six-part series focuses on a group of teenagers who bully and are bullied – all the while trying to figure out the right thing to do.

Episode 1 to 3 are now online at www.bulliesnotcool.com

Check out Episode One:


My Ruined Life: II. Elastic

My Ruined Life is a new, original, comedy Web series, starring Brian Cowden and Nathan Holt. Friends Brian and Nate relax on various city benches after work, discussing theories about their "ruined" lives. Maybe one day they will decide on one of them and move along.

My Ruined Life: Life is full of theories and benches. When your life is ruined, you sit on a lot of them.

Episodes 1 & 2 and Trailers 1 & 2 are available now. Follow us on FB for more laughs as new episodes are released throughout this Winter/Spring: MyRuinedLife.com

Hollishillis: Hulk Hands

YouTube redesign backlash as users hit out at changes

..received nearly 13,000 'dislikes' - eclipsing the number of 'likes' by more than a factor of three.

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/883884-youtube-redesign-backlash-as-users-hit-out-at-changes#ixzz1fr8rRPrm

The Fine Bros: Kids React to le Internet Medley

Kids React to Viral Videos! (Stalking Cat, Badgers, Lightning Bolt)


Then we got HELP! Ep 7 " You Are What You Eat"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated


Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated

I may have made a mistake, since I don't know what happened to my video but since I'm half asleep after being up until 4:00 A.M. editing our forthcoming episode "Pink Slip - Part 6 - Juggling"on line with editor Mollie Caselli, if I don't make any sense I hope you'll all forgive me. Now where was I? Oh, yes, I was talking to you or trying to....We are so happy that our latest episode Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated is finally up and running and we hope that you will enjoy it. Suzie (Kaitlin Snyder), a beautiful, somewhat shallow, but very lovable and beautiful fashionista and Max,( Michael Adam Hamilton) a handsome unemployed actor, pink slipped from his night job, due to the bad economy, evicted from his apartment, orphaned and all alone in the world, except for best pal Joey, are finally dating after previously having hooked up in an elevator. Now they have to get to know one another. Who is he? He could be Jack the Ripper? Or not...I guess that's what happens when you act first, and ask questions later.....but things are complicated for many reasons....for starters Max's ex, Rita, (Lauryn Nicole Hamilton) won't give him up and then there's that little matter of Max affording his apartment by pretending to be a female senior citizen , Aunt Florrie while best pal Joey (Jason Ellefson), pretends to be Aunt Florrie's female home care attendant, Lullabelle/Gertrude.

Check out the photos for Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated at our Facebook Page - Pink Slip - a comedy webisode by Muriel Campbell

Follow us at our channel page: www.youtube.com/user/InfoatPinkSliptvsm

Follow us at our twitter page Suzie@pinksliptv

My Secrets...

Cute and funny!

Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

Researchers would be able to look at the Twitter archive as a complete set of data, which they could then data-mine for interesting information.

Read the full post:

Then We Got HELP! Ep 6 "Someone Else's Shoes"

Should You Buy Fans, Likes & Views?

By Rebecca Coleman

"Their primary purpose is to inflate your numbers so that anyone who visits your Twitter profile or Facebook Fan page for the first time will think you are popular ...."

Read the full post

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tubefiler: Is There Cheating in Online Video?

"If a site doesn't show their views, RED FLAG. Why would you not show your views if you're not doing anything wrong?" --Rafi Fine

"I want to have every access to every type of view there is to make. That the web is about FULL transparency." --Rafi Fine

The original panel was supposed to include Tony Chen of Yellow Thunder Media

Tony's team consistently "makes" videos go viral on YouTube—leveraging paid media to generate massive amounts organic views. YTM's recent work for a major studio has garnered over 17 MM views to date, 20 times more than any other video in the campaign. The best part? He says his technique works for "any video."

For some unknown reason Tony Chen was replaced with William Hyde, TheWillofDC
A dedicated YouTube Partner since 2009, Will is an expert in creative video marketing and has earned the title "Sheriff of YouTube" among fans. His weekly news shows YouTube News and YouTube Winners and Losers feature the latest on the YouTube Community with a focus on the top 100 YouTube Channels of All Time.

Live chat on The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone

I’ll be chatting with you and answering your questions during a 30-minute live chat on Tuesday, December 6 starting at 4PM PST / 7PM EST.

Read the full post;

Yellow Thunder Media: The Secret Behind Our Successful Online Video Strategy

.... by positioning them in front of your target audience, leveraging paid media to generate your videos significant earned media.

Read the full post;

COXMAN Season Finale

The COXMAN season one finale is now online!

Episode Five: "Cox Men"

In the season one finale, Coxman comes face to face with his evil twin brother, Angel, who is hell bent on destroying all that is sexually sacred.


Sundays Web Series

Sundays Web Series Episode 5 "Love"

Microsoft rolls out Xbox TV platform

....one that allows you to navigate through music, movies, TV shows and games with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.

Read the full post:

Why we’re going to keep calling them “web series”

By Liz Shannon Miller

Instead, I came to the conclusion that it’s here to stay, at least for the time being.

Read the full post:

Then we got HELP! Ep 5: 'Cause Reading is Fun! (Part 1)

Did YouTube break YouTube?

YouTube recently released some new design features.

What YouTubers are Saying About the New YouTube Design


There are three key areas where this affects the user experience

1. The home page - this has changed for all users
2. The Channel page - this is currently still opt-in.
3. Overall design - this has changed for all users.

So, how is YouTube broken?
The new channel moves comments on a channel to a "feed" tab. This makes them less visible and hence makes the channels less "social". In addition the new channel design hides the subscriber list for that channel. This again tends to make the new design less "social" especially for series getting off the ground where others might want to interact directly with subscribers.

A few observations about the new home page.

The new home page allows you to pin your top 10 channels at the top of your subscriber list on the left. This is a useful feature, but default it only shows the top 5 until you click on "more". Since the pinned channels are in alphabetical order this means that channels that are at the end of the alphabet are at a disadvantage. You can of course get around this by only pinning 5 channels, but it would be more elegant if YouTube allowed us to show all 10 by default or order our top 10 so that it did not depend on alphabetical order.

If you have found other ways the new YouTube has affected you, post a comment below and let us know.

Cheer Up Zarbod (New Theme Song!)

Anacostia - Season 3 Ep. 1 - 2

Anacostia - Season 3 Ep. 1 "Where Do We Go From Here"

Anacostia - Season 3 Ep. 2 "Only In My Dreams"

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