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Friday, June 5, 2009

Harper's Globe - Ep. 11 - The Hunt Is On Harper's Island

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - Dangerous Wreck gets ever closer to revealing the truth about Robins tortured past, while Robin works to gets her Internet turned back on. When she finally gets it working again she goes to get help from Sparky, hoping to find safety from the mounting horrors happening on the Island

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Rocketboom Launches Talent Search

You must be at least this attractive to apply

Are you an attractive but non-threatening girl who resides in or is willing to relocate to New York or LA? Do your friends describe you as quirky, zany, or zonkers? Do you tell people you are a geek, despite being way too hot for such a label? Do you know how to read? If you answered yes to most of these questions, especially the one about being an attractive girl, then you might have what it takes to be the next host of Rocketboom! (exclamation point required by law whenever ending a sentence with boom!)

Rocketboom is looking for two new hosts for its daily 'news' show. Several weeks ago LG15Today reported on Joanne Colan's decision to leave Rocketboom and her subsequent replacement by Caitlin Hill; however, it appears that negotiations with Miss Hill have not gone smoothly. Therefore, in a bid to find a new permanent host or as a ploy to place pressure on the oh so adorable Hill, Rocketboom has launched an international search for two new hosts, one based in New York, the other broadcasting from Rocketboom's new studio in LA. Potential applicants can find further details here or at the above Craigslist ads.

According to the ad, the position pays $80,000 a year with a $10,000 dollar signing bonus and 3% ad revenue sharing. If you think you have what it takes to keep the attention of the average YouTube viewer for 3 minutes a day, then this could be a great opportunity.

Episode 20 - The Bitch is Back - OzGirlTV

Sadie and Lisa take Megan in as they would a lost puppy. But why is she here?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poczekamy razem - N1ckola

W grocie

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Sibylla Weave on comments...

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion
Antonia and Leigh say hi.
Why would I care about what to call her? They're both nothing
How clever you are, my dear! You never mean a single word you say.
Why would I give away information? It is much more fun to watch you all squirm
HA! You think I'm going to tell you anything?
Who says I can't?
And a faithful one returns
Am I Female Prodigy? why would I be her?
Embarrass me Toad? Hardly
I'll humour you FemaleProdigy since you do think so highly of me
The states? Apo what is there for me in the United States.
Just because I don't reveal my motivations Toad, doesn't mean I don't have them.
My plans are my own.
On your day of execution? Why, so you can come out of your grave and frighten me? I don't scare Anne.
AH femaleprodigy, if only the others were as trusting as you.
taunting. I haven't heard anything from you
It is a necessary side
must go oh delirious ones. Things to do. Good luck communicating with them.

For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

Short On Presenters For The Lonelycracker Awards

posted by BronzeGolem on LG15.com

The Lonelycracker Awards will be in 11 days. Has you know, like with any proper award show I invited some of our local celebrities to present some of the awards.
Unfortunately I didn't invite enough, there are 21 awards and I only have enough presenters for 8 awards. I don't want to have to present the rest of the awards myself, it could get boring, so I need to invite more people, the trouble is I don't know would you guys like to see presenting the awards.
So I'm asking you, Who would you like to see presenting the awards?

Leave you answers in the comments and I'll invite those people to do it: http://www.lg15.com/blog_entry/view/10625/804

Niech ludzie szukają

I co należałoby zrobić?

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Sparky... No! - Robin (Harpers Globe)

Oh God, please not Sparky. Please not him. He was a nice man. He did nothing wrong!

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Katherine Pawlak to perform at Room 5 on June 16

::::: UPDATE: Date corrected to June 16.

Katherine Pawlak will perform at Room 5 on June 10 at 9pm.


Hi everyone! - LG15: The Last

Hi everyone!

First off, we all want to apologise profusely for the hiatus. Trust us when we say that it wasn’t planned!

I’m sure, like us, you like explanations and we feel that you guys deserve one. We didn’t want to announce what was happening until we could give you all a definite answer. As you can all see we are now able to complete the finale but this was under jeopardy for the past few weeks. University exams, conflicting schedules and some major health issues had arisen unexpectedly causing a halt to production. Believe us when we say we did NOT want this to happen. The whole time that we had a temporary hiatus, all of us were worried about the community and your reaction to it. We did not want to let you guys down in any way! We know that by remaining silent, it caused some major heartache for you as it did for us.

If you guys have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them on our board and we will get back to you asap.

We hope that we can give you a finale that is LG15 worthy

Thanks for all your support everyone

The Creataroos.



For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

SPN [Follow] - michiev

Clips: Supernatural [Everybody Loves a Clown, In My Time of Dying] Staring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
Supernatural is owned by Kripke Interprises & The CW Network.

Music: Brandi Carlie - Follow

Made for fun, not profit!

Drugi załącznik - N1ckola

Est modus in rebus

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soon, you'll have to pay for Hulu

Jonathan Miller, News Corp.'s newly-installed chief digital officer, said he envisions a future where at least some of the TV shows and movies on Hulu, the premium video site co-owned by News Corp. (NWS), NBC Universal and Disney (DIS), are available only to subscribers.


Firestarters - MaxterBexter

We make fire... Sorta

lady wants - worldfiles (tC)

i guess this marks the end of my vacation

Your Ignorance Will Be Your Undoing, Robin - DangerousWreck (Harpers Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - You cannot begin to know how little you understand about the world. How unprepared you are for whats out there. But I will teach you. And you will learn. School is in session, Robin.

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.



The fourth post contains a series of seemingly random numbers and a link to BoingBoing.net. The numbers correspond to comments found on the linked page, and a specific word from that post. The solution is "I couldn't help him. I'm trying to help you."



As you all know, Sparky is nowhere to be found, and Robin is a little… preoccupied at the moment. And because of her "personal problems" her duties as an archivist have slacked. While she attempts to find Sparky and "move on from her mistakes", we’d like you to step in and fill their void.

Here is your Call To Action: write a local news story for the Harper’s Globe Newspaper. You have 500 words to make the top fold, on the topic of your choosing (just as long as it’s about the goings on the island). Remember, this is not an editorial, this is a news story; we’re looking for facts not opinions. So don’t write anything you can’t prove, make sure to quote all your sources, double check your grammar and spelling and don’t forget the 5 W’s (and one H) of Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Your deadline for the story is 5pm PST on Friday, June 5th. The best story will go to print first thing Monday morning, viewable in the Archives section.

To submit, simply post your news story as a blog to your profile, and then flag it as “Cool”. Also, make sure to announce your story in the CAP: Be A Reporter For Harper’s Globe Forum, so that everyone can enjoy your work.

Good Writing, Harpies!


For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

EQAL at Digital Content NewFront 2009 (UPDATE)


3:30 Content Creator Soapbox and Break #2

Soapbox lounges featuring leading content creators: EQAL, Next New Networks, CBSi, Revision3, Freemantle Media

NewFront Live stream: http://digitalcontentnewfront.com/live/

Also: 2:45 Tom Green Live! : Content Creators' Perspectives

A conversation with emerging digital content creators led by actor and comedian Tom Green.

Guests: Craig Brewer, Director, $5 Cover; Paula Deen, Paula Deen Enterprises and star of "Get Cookin' with Paula Deen"; Milo Ventimiglia, Actor, Producer; and Kevin Nalty, Vlogger and YouTube Star

Get Adobe Flash player


Falling Into Place - coltondproductions

Well..This is Painfully Embarassing...Hi.

I'm sorry this video is so weird. When I'm nervous I tend to laugh. I guess it just seems funny to be talking to a camera.
I know it may sound far-fetched, but I am serious. I don't know who will stumble across this channel...but it should circumvent my boredom, anyway. Thanks for watching...



I've had a few visitors. Prompted me to talk a bit more.
I saw I had a few subscribers...so what do you guys think?

fallingintoplacetheseries.blog spot.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open Your Eyes, Robin - DangerousWreck (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - Do you see it? Do you see where you are going? Where you took a wrong turn? Do you see where you should never have dared to go? Do you see it, Robin? You will soon

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Skarb - N1ckola


Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

LIVE BLOG: LG15: The Show Is Yours Season 2 - Do you have a question for Eqal?

We now have a much better idea of how "The Show Is Yours" works. Do you have any questions or suggestion for Eqal, Inc. regarding how LG15: The Show Is Yours Season 2 will work, or should work? Leave a comment below!

PaulaDeen's YouTube goes 436

In yet another display of the power of the 436, it has made its first attack on Eqal's newest venture - Get Cookin' with Paula Deen. The website has remained untouched, but the YouTube page has been down for the last couple of hours.

They better start safeguarding the Level 26 website. It is bound to be next.

Fake Chas in LG15Chat

There's someone by the name of Chas_Sings in #lg15chat right now, talking about her whereabouts. We don't, however, know if it's actually her, or an imposter trying to get attention. More news to come.

UPDATE: Chas told us that she was pregnant and then quickly left. This led all of us in chat to believe that it is in fact a fake. It is highly doubtful that The Last would announce something that huge in chat without explaining, and then not give a video for a month.

If it was, in fact, really her, The Last should comment on this post and tell us. If not, I think it's safe to say she was a fake.

False alarm people.

"LG15: Exile" Chapter 1 Preview

1. Continuum (Lindsay Shaw)
Begins with static that changes into a clip of a helicopter flying above the ground. Static to a news conference, where the president of the United States announces a newly planned partnership with the Hymn of One while continuosly cutting back and forth to various clips of past LG15 characters fighting with the Order. The president ends the meeting with his hands in the air grasped around a Hymn of One official "We Are in this Together". The screen goes black with a beep. A pause sign is shown at the upper right hand corner of the screen 3 times until finally changing to a play sign, where static changes to Lindsay taking her hand off of the camera. She is laying on a couch against a white wall. The screen is noticeably tinted blue. Lindsay introduces herself to everyone online and explains where she came from. She was a previous member of the Order. An agent, if you will, who was hired to commemerate alliances between their several fronts and companies around the world in order to recruit new members. She also played a part in helping to locate trait positive girls around the world and match them with the correct elder. However, she recently left the Order after realizing their true intentions. When she was a child, her parents were killed in a horrible fire (cut to a clip of a young family desperately trying to flee their burning house while hearing the sound of a female child screaming), and she was found by the Hymn of One where she was raised until the age of 18. That is when the nightmares began. Lindsay continued having recurring nightmares of murdering teenaged trait positive girls around the world, and was soon asked to become apart of the Order. "The Chosen One", as she was referred to. However now everything has changed. The new Resistance has failed in their overall mission to find the cure because that is never what this fight was about. "I'm taking matters into my own hands. We will no longer fight the order. We will destroy the Order. And it begins... now!"

Digital Power 2009

This year, Digital Power includes a mix of names returning from last year's list as well as a new generation of tech-minded stars.


The Things I've Been Doing - hollishillis

The song is by Marianas Trench. It's called Say Anything.

Um...Help - HiTechMafia


Felicia Day's Web Series - Four Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting

Felicia Day's Web Series - Four Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting


{S}upernatural {From A Shell} - S2 Spoilers! - michiev

Clips: Supernatural Season Two (In My Time of Dying)
episode cast: Jensen Ackles, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Fredric Lehne as The Demon, Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer and Lindsey McKeon as Tessa/The Reaper

Video featuring Lindsey Mckeon, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke & Kripke Interprises, & The CW/WB network.

Music: Lisa Germano - From a Shell

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Day Player "the ladies of The Day Player" - pitch video

Executive producers Helenna Santos and Miranda Allgood talk to you about helping Leena's world come to life! http://www.thedayplayer.com/


Maxwell Glick is on the movie mob this week and needs your votes to stay on the show and review more movies each week!

It's on the Reelz Channel and you can vote for Max as many times as you want at: http://www.reelzchannel.com/moviemob

Get Cookin’ with Paula Deen - an EQAL Production


Get Cookin' with Paula Deen - PaulaDeen

http://getcookin.pauladeen.com - Hey Yall! Im so excited to announce a new interactive cooking community on my website GetCookin.PaulaDeen.com. Come check it out, sign up for an account, and spend time with me, Michael, Bobby, Jamie, Bubba, the Glam Squad, and the rest of our family and friends.

How to E3: Twitter and Photos

We've built out a module that sits right on our E3 page and mixes discussions between our editors' Twitter accounts and any users who reply to them. You can also pop this out to use as a stand-alone desktop application!


"Why are you ruining Twitter?"

Spymaster rewards you for building an army of followers on Twitter, and makes it too easy to spam Twitter with your actions.


LG15: EXILE (TSIY Season 2)

LG15 Community... I need your help! I have an amazing idea for LG15: The Show Is Yours Season 2 but it can't be done without you! First off, I am very proud of all of you for coming up with such a great idea as LG15: The Musical, however I do not believe in my heart that this is the way the LG15 Universe is meant to go! In the early days of LG15 (lonelygirl15 season 1), we, as the fans, were intrigued by the mystery behind Bree's religion and the overall darker storylines of the series. Since then, LG15 has blackened out from the horror genre, shying away from what made it truly great in the first place. It has almost become a comedy, if you will. Instead, I wish to reinvent the LG15 Universe by tying up several major plot holes from the beginning while also introducing you to what may very well be the next generation of this pioneering serial. LG15: Exile.

Welcome to Adak Island. The premise of the show revolves around the world's knowledge of the Order beginning to spread due to the deaths of two FBI agents (Agent Whitcomb and Agent Alianaziano). A woman who had previously been a member of the Order under Lucy's wing travels back to a forshadowed location in the world, Adak Island, in order to document their true intentions and expose their identities to us all. While on the island, she desperately tries to uncover the mystery behind a highly classified project the elders have recently announced. Project: Exile. However, sometimes the truth can tear those who fortell it apart. And that's exactly what the Order plans to do.

Expect to see the return of several forgotten plot holes filled and unanswered questions about the origins of the order finally answered in this intensely dramatic installment of the LG15: Universe when the pilot premieres.

We will begin shooting the pilot for the series at the end of June and expect the premiere early next month. You won't want to miss out. Character interactions including multiple live chats, weekly puzzles, and daily blog posts are to be included. Please vote and keep an open mind. The future of the LG15 Universe is in your hands. And it begins now.

Why Can't I Connect With Anything? - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - For some reason, my phone Internet and phone where down. Now my Internet is working, but I can only get on HarpersGlobe.com. What is going on??

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com

Betsy Does BreeFM

Monday night marks Betsy’s debut as a DJ on BreeFM. She plans to play an eclectic mix of music, certain to entertain and entrance. Also, since this is her first time DJing, there is a strong possibility something will go wrong, which is almost always amusing. The show starts at 10pm Eastern, 7 Pacific. To tune in visit BreeFm and either listen to the embedded player or follow the link on the left-hand side. Also, be sure to log in (java client) to the IRC chatroom where one can chat with fellow listeners, and Betz herself. Who knows, if we ask nicely enough she might even consent to performing live.

BreeFm is the community run internet station founded by Mike Frankson and dedicated to the idea that all P-Monkeys wanna get funky. If you think you might be interested in DJing for BreeFM, he is always willing to give people an audition, provided they promise not to play the Jonas Brothers.

Eye on Betz

Betsy aka Betz28 is a long time community member and active Covite, who has appeared in several LG15 related videos. In addition, to her LG15 videos, Betz is well-known for her YouTube music videos, which have received six digit view counts. She even has her own fan page on Bebo. Last year, in response to a few YouTube haters claiming that she was merely lip-syncing songs, Betz laid the smackdown posting an a cappella version of "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera silencing critics and inspiring fans.

In addition, to her music videos, Betz has participated in several LG15 related video projects. She appeared as a character in the Flock series playing the unimaginatively named character Betsy. Furthermore, she has appeared in several parody videos. For instance, in response to the video Hookup at the Park, Betz posted an epic parody written by milo_went lampooning the video and various other LG15isms.

Betz lives in an undisclosed location somewhere in the deep South, although she’d invite you to dinner if you asked, loves Olivia Newton John, and is easily one of the kindest, sweetest people one could ever know.

Air France statement on crashed airliner in the Atlantic

::::: AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 -- BAF says fuel, debris, were found 800 km from Fernando de Noronha, near Sao Pedro and Sao Paulo Islands.. The Saint Peter and Saint Paul Islets, officially the Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo, is an archipelago of the State of Pernambuco, in Brazil.

Air France regrets to confirm the disappearance of flight AF 447 flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, scheduled to arrive at 11:10am local time today, as announced to the press by Air France CEO, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon.


Missing Air France jet 'hit by electric fault'


::::: URGENT -- Air France says there is "no doubt" the missing Airbus carrying more than 200 passengers has crashed in the Atlantic: Track news on Twitter. Air France official says the whole airline is deeply touched and "shares the mourning of the families of the passengers."


AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 -- The Brazilian Air Force says that a TAM airliner flying from Europe spotted "orange points" in the ocean.

LG15, The Musical

posted by BronzeGolem on LG15.com

Time to get started on writing songs for LG15, The Musical

Our challenge for the day is to adapt these four songs:

You're The One That I Want - Grease (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyUWkQj0Q_U )

Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCAjmuA1HDk )

YMCA by the village people (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS9OO0S5w2k )

I want to break free by Queen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hMrY8jysdg )

We have adapted these before into songs about new videos or LG15 and they looked pretty cool, I think they would look sweet if we adapted them to fit the musical. Not sure if they are too old for some of you, EricaRocks didn't know I Want To Break Free, which is something unimaginable to me, but there you go, but at least all the meepers in their 20's and beyond will know them

To give you an idea on what I have in mind,

For YMCA I see a group of Hymn Of One members singing,

It's fun to stay at Hyyymn Of One
It's fun to stay at Hyyymn Of One
You can sing everything
Find your Eternal Song
You can sing it with all the deacons

and further in the song

Young man I was felling real down
I said young man felled with fear and doubt
(something, something, something)
That's when Carl came up to me
(something something something)

See: http://www.lg15.com/bbsposts/list/27/92/802/70

Sunday, May 31, 2009

LG15: The Last - The Finale!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your patience as “LG15: The Last” has gone on a short hiatus. The cast and crew are busy filming videos for a spectacular finale that will air at the end of June. In the meantime, start working on your pilots for “LG15: The Show Is Yours” Season 2. We will begin taking submissions very soon. Stay tuned to Inside LG15 for more details.

Source: insideLG15

For more links to LG15: The Last visit our LG15: The Last blogspot portal page.

December Notes - supersam73 (The Samantha Chronicles)

We found out what the note said! Thanks to DangerousToyChest and ApotheosisAZ (cool names by the way) for solving it! You guys are amazing!

Live from the MTV Movie Awards

See more from the red carpet: http://justjared.buzznet.com/

An Explanation (OOG) - snl06 (The Samantha Chronicles)

OOG: This is the reason that The Samantha Chronicles has been on hiatus --snl06

Harper's Island - Thrack, Splat, Sizzle- Episode 7

As the wedding guests prepare to leave the island, evidence leads the Sheriff to believe one of them is responsible for the deaths on the island.

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity