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Friday, June 28, 2013

Zombie Socks Comes Full Circle!

Now Hear This! Zombie Socks is coming full circle! Since introducing folks to the concept of the show at Dragon*Con 2012 we have made 4 full episodes with a handful of extra tid bits and posted 2 versions of our first Music Video Parody! All of this was done with a 100% volunteer cast and crew! We are not only screening the whole series in Indianapolis at Gen Con this year, but I’m pleased to announce that both Episodes 1: Undead Rental & 2: The Undead Hunter will be screening at   Dragon*Con 2013 this Labor Day Weekend! If you are in the Atlanta it is the biggest Sci-Fi convention in the southeast with attendance with upwards of 50,000 people in attendance! This is a huge deal for us and for any filmmaker! It’s relatively difficult to get 1 piece into this international film festival and we managed to grab 2 very coveted slots! I am bouncing off the walls!
We have some great things in the works planning for our future! We have a new song parody lovingly coined our Zombie Katy Parody – I Bit You Girl! Please enjoy the sing-a-long video and consider donating to help bring our next music back to the Undead!! Along with this we have brought on board a new comic book artist who will be developing our new companion comic which will be available only on our brand new web site to be unveiled a little later this summer!

Leaving Eden's David Sapiro Interviews Leaving Eden's Jennifer Batiansila

Jen Batiansila, who plays Jill Nicholson on Leaving Eden, sat down at the computer screen to discuss the show and other topics with David Sapiro, who plays her on-camera husband, Pastor Ben Nicholson.

DS: Okay, let's start by having you tell our readers how AMAZING it is to work with me. 

JB: Haha....YES. I am truly blessed to act against one of the greats of our time!

DS: Thankyouverymuch! How did you get started in acting?

JB: At the grade school I went to, the 4th through 8th graders would put on a big musical once a year. There were auditions and CUTS (yes, kids got cut from things back in my day). When I got to 4th grade I was so excited and so SCARED out of my mind to audition. It looked like so much fun to me! So I gave it a shot, and was 1 of only 2 4th graders to make it...and the only 4th or 5th grader to get a main character. It was love at first sight!

DS: Very cool. It's a rather clinging, demanding love, isn't it?

JB: It is. It can drain you like nothing else, but the reward is equal.

DS: Amen. So, let's get to Leaving Eden. How did this show come about?

JB: It came out of the ever-so-complex brain of our beloved director. It was just a thought for quite some time. It was mentioned here and there throughout, oh I would say, the last 3-4 years. Finally there was a serious conversation between the two of us (Greg Batiansila and I) and we concluded with- enough talk. Do. 'Just Do It'. You guys should think about trademarking that.

DS: We should...I have to write that down so I don't forget. Before we get to your role as Jill Nicholson, what other aspects of the show are you involved with?

JB: I am the head producer, and I guess one of the casting directors as well. I have the joy of getting all of the actors/crew to show up to the set(on time for the most part) and make sure they know their lines...and yell at them if they don't. I breakdown each script and find out what we need to make each scene work- location/cast/crew/props, and then I play the juggling game with all of the different schedules to try and make it work. It can be very challenging, but such is life.

DS: I would imagine it gives you a lot of good material to put into your characterization of Jill.

JB: It does. I mean come one...dealing with you, Josh Pope and Scott Prox alone should send me right over the edge! Minus the fact I am married to the director. It's a wonder how I can even function at all.

DS: Oh, so you call what you do 'functioning'? I have another word for it...

JB: Nice

DS: SPEAKING of your husband, do you find it a challenge to work with family?

JB: Hmmm. Yes, no, yes...As a producer and knowing what needs to get done so Greg can try and focus his energy where it needs to go, or trying to pull him back in if he starts to stray, that's the easier part believe it or not. I would say that's how we work as a couple so it's not hard to carry that over. Now, as an actor I would say it can be a challenge. If there is something he wants to see come out of a scene and I am just not hitting that mark, it can get pretty frustrating. He will say, "good, that was fine" but I can read his face and know he is disappointed.

DS: It's certainly a difficult road to navigate, but you have done exceptionally well. How about working with your brother (Josh, who plays Lucas)? Is the show re-creating some long-lost skits you two performed as children?

JB: Ha! I am 8 years older than Josh, so those skits would have been fairly odd I think. 8yr old and an infant. Nothing interesting there. Or when he was 8 and I was 16, please! I was WAY too cool! Well, if you think about it, I hardly have any scenes with him at all throughout LEl. Season 1 had the car scene which was a blast to do because it was effortless to create. I would LOVE to do more scenes with him in the future!

DS: That scene is one of my favorites, for the very reason you mention: it's effortless. I find it very comforting to be working with friends because there's a natural rapport there that comes across on screen.
So, what makes Jill tick?

JB: Oh boy. What makes her tick? Here is what I constantly run through my head when I do a lot of her scenes. "She fell in love with a man, not a "pastor"." I think she feels like she is trying to hold on tight to all of these strings...and basically alone- Kids/housework/finances/appearances. Every time she feels like she could break from the weight of it all and maybe, just maybe even "walk away", she pulls herself back to focus on the love she has for Ben- the man. It becomes a fine line at times and I really think that conflict is brought to light even more in season 2.

DS: Great insights. I feel Ben is summed up by his line from episode 3 in the first season: "There's enough grace, just not enough me." He's trying to be all things to all people, but he often forgets that he serves God best by serving his family.

JB: What a difficult place to be...and this can ring true for many types of jobs, not just a pastor. However, there is this feeling of guilt the pastor or wife can feel when complaining or stressing out about the pastor's "job" because you almost feel it is a sin to do so. That somehow these people in these positions and their families shouldn't feel tired, burned out, bitter, alone, etc. That somehow because it is a "God" job, it makes other parts of life being sacrificed, ok. Really , they are just broken humans trying to live their broken lives just like each of us, all the while trying to help many of us make it through ours.

DS: Well said. That seems as good a place as any to wrap this up. Any final thoughts?

JB: I think the beauty of this show is the gritty realities it shows. It is not really trying to "save souls", it just wants to show you what those "souls" are going through.

DS: Perfect. Thanks for playing; we have some lovely parting gifts for you. 

JB: Thank you so kindly! I will now be exiting stage left.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Independent Production Fund announces funding for 14 web drama series.

Does this type of funding help or hurt the Web space?

Leave a comment below, and let us know what YOU think!


The Independent Production Fund announces funding for 14 web drama series.


YouTube: Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove

YouTube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community.

SHARE THIS VIDEO: http://yt.be/pride

MUSIC: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert - http://youtu.be/hlVBg7_08n0 iTunes: http://goo.gl/KRc5b Google Play http://goo.gl/URcSj

At YouTube, we believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved. We strive to make YouTube a place where all communities can feel proud to express themselves and connect through video. That's why we're proud to stand with the LGBT community and support equal rights and marriage equality for all.

 JOIN IN: Who, what, or why are you #ProudToLove? Upload a video or share a post with #ProudToLove in the title so others can find it.

Reprieve UK: Drones - It Wasn't Me

A parody video in which "President Obama" adopts the so-called Shaggy Defense -- just say it wasn't you - against charges he has killed thousands of civilians in illegal drone attacks around the world.

The video -- from human rights charity Reprieve and Lush Cosmetics and produced by Don't Panic London. Parodying Shaggy's 2001 hit 'It Wasn't Me'. Featuring "President Obama", "Shaggy" and "a drone", the video is intended to raise awareness of Obama's ongoing illegal drones programme in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia -- all countries with which the US is not at war.

Attacks in these countries have so far killed an estimated 4,700 people including children, while drones circle overhead 24/7 terrorising entire communities. UK companies and the UK government are complicit in the drone strikes through supplying material support and sharing intelligence.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Check out the 60 second trailer for my upcoming comedy, THE NIGHTLY PULSE. The bastard child of FOX News and Ron Burgundy comes THE NIGHTLY PULSE.

Rocketboom: I Spy

With all this talk about the NSA, what other spy agencies around the world should we be afraid of? 

More information for this episode can be found at: http://www.rocketboom.com/i-spy

Ruby Skye PI and interactive storytelling

Jill Golick, president of the Writers Guild of Canada and creator/writer/producer of multi-award winning web & TV show Ruby Skye PI discusses the exciting possibilities and creative pleasure of connecting with audiences through interactive storytelling.

 Using in-video clues, active contact details and calls-to-action, Ruby Skye PI encourages audiences to interact on other channels such as email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. The project uses a combination of live interaction and Conducttr automation to build a strong relationship with the audience through deeper story engagement.

Is #Snowden stuck at Sheremetevo airport?


Anonymous source near #Snowden tells Ifax he can't buy tix bc his passport has been voided and he has no valid ID. http://bit.ly/

Background from Wikipedia:

Edward Joseph Snowden is a former technical contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who leaked details of top-secret American and British government mass surveillance programs to the press.

Working primarily with Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian (London), which published a series of exposés based on Snowden's disclosures in June 2013, Snowden revealed information about a variety of classified intelligence programs, including the interception of US and European telephone metadata and the PRISM and Tempora Internet surveillance programs. Snowden said the leaks were an effort "to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them."

On June 14, 2013, US federal prosecutors filed a sealed complaint, made public on June 21, charging Snowden with theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information, and willful communication of classified intelligence to an unauthorized person; the latter two allegations are under the Espionage Act.

Snowden's leaks are said to rank among the most significant breaches in the history of the NSA. Matthew M. Aid, an intelligence historian in Washington, said disclosures linked to Snowden have "confirmed longstanding suspicions that NSA's surveillance in this country is far more intrusive than we knew."

Just for Hits - Richard Dawkins

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins introduces the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase 2013 in Cannes and spreads his memes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LIVE: Texas senate "passes" SB5 and is then "killed".

Survivors, what is it?

This is one of the images of the short film Survivors and is part of project about collaborative web movie: Space-Time Experiment. It's about a time traveler. I hope you like this project and you join it.

For now, you can become a fan of project on Facebook. You're cordially invited and, through Facebook, you can ask questions to us.

The story of short film Survivors is about an alien virus.

American Detours Season 1 Episode 6 (Season Finale)

American Detours, presented by American Collectors Insurance, pairs epic American roads with collector cars. Episode 6 features a head turning '70 Plymouth Road Runner cruising around beautiful West Virginia. Visit www.AmericanDetoursTV.com to see and share the full episode now.

Flash Pulp - Mulligan Smith in Can't Live with Them

Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Mulligan Smith, private investigator, discovers more than just the missing wife he's being paid to locate.

Subscribe: (RSS/iTunes)

Part 1: Direct MP3 Download Link

Part 2: Direct MP3 Download Link

Part 3: Direct MP3 Download Link

Meet the Mayfarers: Ep. 2.16 - "The Cowboy Chronicles, Part 4"

The family tries to hide their misdeeds from both Magnus and the police.
“Meet the Mayfarers” is a comedy about an estranged, dysfunctional family who is forced to live together for one year in order to get their grandfather’s massive inheritance.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Announcing the launch of YouTube Pro Series!

YouTube is launching a new video series for emerging creators like you! Subscribe now to hear the latest advice from top creators on building a sustainable career on YouTube and beyond. A new series will be released every month!

Group: Ep. 1.4 - "When I Believe in Myself, So Do Others"

Anton examines the root of his egg problem and decides to dive head first into his career as America’s next great entertainer.
“Group” is a web series about a bunch of New Yorkers who land themselves in group therapy. They get there because of some horrible habit, some fatal flaw, some twist of fate. Now, they have to deal with themselves, and each other.

On The Heated Floor - Episode 3: Last Sleepover Party!

Did you know that our work started here...with clown noses in parks, in coffee shops doing sketches?

We have evolved to...here!

Please check out Episode 3 of our Web Series: On The Heated Floor. It's a good one!

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