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Saturday, October 13, 2007

TheLadyLazarus Series Finale, Part 4 - The Park - TheLadyLazarus

Part 4 of 6
Cassie ran from the forest when she was found. She ran into a park

BreeFM Saturday Schedule - Tune In!

DJ Jenna - 4pm - 6pm PDT
DJ SkunkWaffle - 8pm PDT


TheLadyLazarus Series Finale, Part 3 - The Forest - TheLadyLazarus

Part 3 of 6
OpAphid chased Cassie. Cassie ran into the forest.

Explanations and regrets - addmusic3039

I really, really like this video, and I just felt that I needed to move it to this account. I've been thinking a lot lately...about regrets and things mispoken and argued over.

Double L, I'll never know the whole story- I mistakenly walked into the end. This time I've blamed you for something long coming and for that I am so sorry.

Lara Mary Walker- Codenames: Guilotine Calamity, Sister, and my personal favorite- red.

March 20th 1989-May 23rd 2007.

To the world you were sister, but you will always be my cousin.

Also, everyone that watches this- know that we hold the missing pieces and the the whole truth will never be shown. There are three points of view here, four if you're lucky.

For too long I've felt sorry for something that never happened, maybe that will change soon...isn't that right, Spoon?

About Zarbod's gift to Redearth (Rachel) - Blargaldalien

Blargal is concerned about Zarbod's little love offering to Rachel.

TheLadyLazarus Series Finale, Part 2 - Coma Red - TheLadyLazarus

Part 2 of 6

The Red Territory

by Broken Kid
on Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:28 am

We have added a new area of the forum called " The Red Territory", and we encourage folks to check it out. I want to clarify a few issues for those who are curious:

What is The Red Territory?
Think of the Red Territory as a world parallel to ours. Several filmmakers are developing their stories in this world. Perhaps they'll cross, and maybe those who watch closely will see some defining characteristics.

What is included?
The stories of Maddison Atkins, OpAphid, and redearth have combined and are now a part of Redearth88 . Other stories happening in this world include Worldfiles, Facility J, Will-O-Wisp, and ZorinXL. Others may emerge as well.

Is this a part of Lonelygirl15/required viewing/canon to the official storyline?
This is UGC (User-generated Content). So no, this is not required viewing if you are following only the LG15 storyline. However, as we've all seen, many fans of LG15 are talented filmmakers and have developed their own creative and unique storylines and ARGs (alternate reality games). So folks are encouraged to watch and participate as they would like, and there is likely something for everyone.

Please note that moderators will be moving posts from other areas of the forum into this new area, but it may take some time.


Note: links added by mm, Icon added by gg ( Courtesy of Virginian)

10/12 - 10/13 Maddison Atkins/OpAphid/Redearth update - GregGallows

Here's a visual summary of all the madness from 10/12 - 10/13

Virginian9000's summary - http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/maddison-atkins-1-day-recap.html

Linc's new video "Farewells" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eGnzCaNqd4

Marlas Tiny Game - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkLncrZ_gek
Forum section for Tiny Game (please note YOU HAVE TO BE A REGISTERED USER OF THE FORUM TO VIEW THIS SECTION) - http://www.shanikosystems.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=24

Redearth Rachels new Video "Where Does The Time Go" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Im_kieoGI

Redearth88's Youtube and Website - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=redearth88

New UGC Section of the LG15 Forums (The Red Territory)- http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewforum.php?f=152

New LG15 Video "They'll Do Anything!" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4zqvpXIqHI

New Zarbod Video "Rachels Return" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG8c7oPCQbE

redearth88 Logo

Rachel's Return - Zarbod

Zarbod rejoices in Rachel's return.

Music my Emmy Rossum

Maddison Atkins 1 day recap

Because a lot has happened in 24 hours:

1. Redearth's new vid can be found here

While this vid is still new and other things might come, so far what has been found is:

New youtube account. youtube.com/redearth88
Possible new website for the series: www.redearth88.com

2. Marla has released a video with the second tinygame. The Last tinygame led to a Maddison Atkins journal page. Follow the second one to see where it leads! That can be found here and discussed here and here

3. Lastly, the Maddison Atkins LG15 forums has been moved into "The Red Territory"
The main forums for Maddison Atkins are also available here

Feel free to post in the comments any thing you find out.

They'll Do Anything - Daniel (LG15)

Sonia thought she was alone, but we combined each other's footage to show you what happened. - Daniel

Where Does The Time Go? - Redearth (RE88)

So, it's been awhile. Back in So. Cal, after an extended visit home. I could hide there forever if it wasn't so boring... And that guy Linc? Nuts. No really. Nuts!


Fuck. Oh well. - MarlaSinger (tinygame #2)

Description : Clara, if you're reading this, and you know what I mean about chat...I'm really sorry. But I have this feeling you never read this stuff anyway. Guys - I hope this helps tonight. I love you

Tags: 338 maddison atkins clara stokes lex marla singer journals rachel redearth waiting

Click here to visit the forum thread

Click here to visit the chatroom and help with the Tiny Game

hi! It's me, jiana - jianaterrine

my trip to savannah hope this cheers you up phipunk! www.lg15.com

She met a hippy lady named Belle? Innnteresting.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Acid Visits Seattle - xmarlasingerx

Watch while we get drunk, then we get dick's, then I make a fool of myself while acid and andrewbeast make fun of me!

creatio ex nihilo - Vertumnalia

"This day, this day, this, this
The Royal Wedding is.
Art thou thereto by birth inclin'd,
And unto joy of God design'd,
Then may'st thou to the mountain trend,
Whereon three stately temples stand,
And there see all from end to end.
Keep watch, and ward,
Thy self regard;
Unless with diligence thou bathe,
The Wedding can't thee harmless save;
He'l damage have that here delays;
Let him beware, too light that weighs."

Zarbod on RedEarth channel

October 12, 2007
Come on babe. It's Friday night and I'm just waiting for you Show up. Show up. Show up. Now!. Now, now, now! Can't you tell my healthy interest in you is flattering? Ok then. I'll just sit here and wait longer. But not much longer. Oh, just show up. Call me!.........Zarbod

October 10, 2007
Still nothing, dear? Ok. I'll wait to hear from you until Friday night. After that, I'll have to find someone else who will return my love. Zarbod.

October 08, 2007
Oh Rachel. How I miss you. Please come back to me soon. Zarbod longs to see your sweet smile once again. I don't know how much longer I can handle your absence. I even put together a pretty song for you. Can you please post something on Wednesday night to show me that you still care about me? Thanks. Your love, Zarbod.


Research: Milowent

The Cowboy Radio Drama Audition Pieces!

Jenni Powell

This is my audition piece for BreeFM's The Cowboy Radio Drama. It is a piece written for me by Deron Sedy (AKA ScreenwrtierGuy...www.screenwriterguy.co m)

Deron, please forgive me if I have said your name wrong!! But hopefully I have done your wonderful piece justice!


okay guyz, sorry i was trying really hard not to laugh, and this is what happened ............hope you enjoy ;).....my real audition is coming soon......promise ;)


This is my audition for BreeFM's radio drama The Cowboy.
My monologue is "There Ain't No Words by Blaire T." found at: http://www.actorpoint.com/free_monolo...

Happy Birthday my Dear Chance! - sneakygurl15

Will she thank you for being a friend?

Kallisti - ImpulseLG

As Alice so articulately stated, "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"


credits: music by Beverly Colgen and Joe Venuto, and Daniel J. and impulse

Between a bullet and a target - hopefulsemblance

I took that lead, found an envelope, and the rest... well... what do you think I should do? Trust the devil that I know to take out the devil that I don't know... or continue on my own...


Song: "Bullet and a Target" Citizen Cope

QtheC Tonight Friday 8 - 9:30pm PDT on BreeFM

Join me, DJ QtheC, tonight 8 Pacific / 11 Eastern on BreeFM for an eclectic mix of music including:

Tracks from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack (Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, The Lively Ones, Kool & The Gang, Al Green, Dusty Springfield)

Jaco Pastorius, Jack Johnson, Tish Hinojosa, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Omar & The Howlers, Timbuk3, Jerry Jeff Walker, Doris Day, the London Symphony Orchestra, & several more.

Glenn's Ceremony Rant

If you tuned into BreeFM to check out Glenn's show (GlennFM) you were treated to his rant on the fake ceremony vs. the real ceremony. If you missed it you can find it here:

Follow the instructions for download.

-Mike Franxon

TheLadyLazarus Series Finale Part 1 - The Static Community

The Static Community is a community not unlike the one Bree grew up in. It too had a ceremony, and in the community a girl named B was chosen.
She revolted, and formed her own resistance; Project Static.

MicFranXon on BreeFM with special guest from 5pm-6pm PDT

My guest will be Kyle, the PM of TheLadyLazurus and Mission: Return to AnchorCove

If you have Skype you can call in to the show, simply pop into the #BreeFM chat on Freenode and send me (MicFranXon) a pm with your skype name. Don't have skype? it's free, go get it at skype.com

Listen in at: www.bree.fm


Sedona - TJmarsh

So im here...now what?

No Turning Back - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/ChazOnToast

She's Telling The Truth-LaRezisto (LG15)

Emma wouldn't lie and neither would we. - Claire.

This week...

I am on a mad hunt for new mp3's for Tuesday's show!!! Haha!

Guys, I'm looking for some questions to answer, callers, subjects, videos, web sites...anything you want me to check out send me a message for my Bree FM Radio show on Tuesday!!!

Leave me a message here, or on Bree.FM or email me at [email protected]
Also if you want to skype into the show on Tuesday, you are more then welcome to skype me then (or any time really...) at [email protected]!

I can't wait to hear from you guys!!!

Eavesdropping - DanielBeast (LG15)

overheard Sonia on the phone with Carl... listen for yourself. - Daniel

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Farewells - dehteraew

You can count me out.

My Deep Dark Secret - GoodGollyItsMeHolly

I'm going to let you in on something very deep and very dark and very secrety...

Girl Talk-LaRezisto (LG15)

Emma's still adjusting...but believe me, she'll be fine. I'll take care of her. - Claire

Starry, starry night (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Tariq talking about Stardust got me thinking about my own life… I miss the stars!

Behind the Bushes - Daniel (Lg15)

We agreed to help Sonia track down that baby. Hopefully it will lead us closer to Emma. - Daniel

DJ Jeromy will be on BreeFM Tonight!

DJ Jeromy Barber will be hosting a show Tonight at 8pm PDT (11pm EST) on BreeFM!
Below is the full lineup for Thursday Oct 11th, including Pebble, DJ Statue, SurrealisticPill, and MarlaSinger:

DJ Pebble starts it off at 4pm, followed by DJ statue at 6. Then DJ pill takes the mic at 7, followed by Jeromy Barber, the PM of the Maddison Atkins ARG, at 8pm. Finishing the night off will be the lovely DJ Marla at 9. (all times are PDT)

Listen closely for a special mix from HTMLvis!

Join us tonight in the chat #BreeFM on freenode to talk to Jeromy and crew. Hope to see you there!

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Zarbod is looking for RedEarth Rachel

Policy of Truth - Zarbod

Think we should tell him about:

Major Internet Hubs See Lesser Influence

"As people increasingly turn to blogs, social-networking sites and other sources of user-generated media, Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL have spent more than $10 billion collectively this year to acquire companies and technologies that help extend their online advertising networks."


Google to Show Videos on Other Web Sites

"But Google won't be pulling clips from YouTube's entire library, which includes a multitude of wacky segments contributed by amateur videographers. The material sent to other Web sites will be confined to video from providers who sign consent forms."


Escapism-Tariq (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

I went to see a cool movie last night to take my mind off of things but it didn’t quite work out like that.

Pi - Danielbeast (LG15)

I took this footage of Jonas and wanted to share it with you. I don't think he'll be mad, but I'm worried about his sanity. Do you guys think there's something there? - Daniel
Sign language much!

Pi on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LG15 Recap: Sept 30 - Oct 6 - LonelyGirl15Recaps

Sarah and Mallory spend some time getting to know each other, while Jonas and Daniel search Jonas' old home for clues.

Music (from Jamendo.com):
Intellectuel by Matthew Tyas
Pizzicato by Ehma

Wild Wednesday continues with GlennFM

  • GlennFM on the BreeFM radio station: Website or Direct Stream

  • Joint host DJ Glenn Rubenstein with some kizz ass music and enjoy his insight into some of your favorite Vlogs.

    Tune into BreeFM or chat on IRC

    Notes from the show:

    Glenn ponders the last year and his experience with the community

    REDEARTH: The earth moves forward. Are we entering a new realm? Redearth will focus on a narrative. The overlappiing series will be broader with ARG elements. A familiar face (to some) will be a co-star when the show returns on Friday 10/12.

    Glenn On Setting Expectations - Click to Listen

    emoGlenn? Glenn talked about the emotion in the Dashboard confessional song.

    10/12/06 sucked. Nothing happened that night. Lonelygirl15 did not end that night. Bree did not die. The ceremony did not happen. Cassieiswatching helped hype the darkness surrounding the series. Fake ceremony.....your kidding me. All the creepyness lead us to expect something dramatic. Daniels video hinted at something dark.....could this be the tip of the iceberg? If Daniel had seen something spooky would he really have stopped following Bree? Flawed plan much?

    Lets meet int the woods? If you are doing that you are doing something bad. And lets not forget the photos. On the other hand there is no security in the hospital. This group is disorganised and flawed. No need for Tachyon to look into this further because it will collapse on its own.
    Glenn's original story that he talked about last week had a dark element within a religion.
    Expectation management: pple run with the ball so much that anything you do would be a let down. Friday 10/12/07 keep in mind its picking back up and you dont open with the show stopper. There will not be so much down time. So enjoy!
    Glenn does not rap any more....but he could be talked into it:)
    If you are angry Glenn dont yell at him! He likes to make pple happy:)

    Bree's Gone: Jonas was the vessel thru which Glenn "spoke". Jonas notices Bree is gone and is freaked out (the day after Xmas). You would think that you would be pissed when a girl you invited to stay with you ripped you off.

    The original working title was "Bitch Stole My Money".

    Outline notes: Jonas upset at having his money stolen. The tone shifts to concern as Daniel is concerned Bree has been taken.

    Glenn Reads his Author's Notes on "Bree's Gone" - Click to Listen

    Glenn felt there was a chance to explore some things. You set up expectations in a friendship without the other person asking and then they disappoint you. Glenn is a huge Loveline fan. When it comes to writing characters or dialogue listen to Loveline because every call is "reality". You get a slice of pples lives.

    Jonas made it all about him. He is very attractive but horribly insecure. He is looking to connect to pple and projects his expectations on pple, and of course is let down. He wants to innitate and "extreme connection" like the one he missed out on with his parents.

    Milowent asked if anyone thought about the fact that Bree could not drive at the time when she drove off with Jonas car. Glenn said it did not even cross his mind.
    ARG: Tachyon et al talk to each other in codes based in pop culture. Pop culture is its own "secret language". The modern spy could talk in codes that noone else would get. It allows Glenn to share his "taste". This type of puzzle is not for everyone and Glenn referenced how they different from Deagol's desire for puzzles that are extremenly "mind boggling". When you are PM of a game the gloves come off and you receive a lot of criticism. Sometimes it seems like the fans will revolt at any minute because they are investing a lot of their lives in the story.
    RADIO DRAMA: The untold saga of the Cowboy: how to audition. Its all going to make sense.

    What was missing from the LG story? What was the Cowboys plan and what it does it feel like to be the Cowboy? Does a white van really fit in?

    To participate:
    1. Post an audition video. In our community we post videos....you can just have a black screen, a head shot, a drawing etc. - the voice is the most important thing

    2. Need:
    1 female lead,
    1 male for the Cowboy and
    one person who is working with the Cowboy

    3 Any additional roles will be filled from the same auditions.

    4 Pick a monologue to read from for the audition. Find something the means something to you. eg:

    For one of the roles they need someone who is like an authority figure. - read something like that.

    For the Cowboy - something more earnest.

    For female - something working class.

    TRIVIA: Glenn said his voice was in the video and you can also see Brothers car.
    Glenn talked about "Quantum Leap" He was sad when it ended. For LG15 would you rather have seen the Ceremony or text saying that Bree died?

  • Be in the Maddison Atkins Trailer Just DOOO IT before FRIDAY!!!

  • ---
    glenn said...
    MicFranXon is working to get the audio of the rant up.

    It wasn't nearly as angry as it sounds condensed. But I hadn't thought about the fake ceremony in a LONG time and that all just kind of...flowed. LOL.

    Acid juggles for world peace

    No Fob Life Tonight!

    Tonight there will be no Fob Life! Yousef says in a Myspace bulletin:

    "Sorry guy's Reza came down with a case of the pansies and said that he's too sick to do the show today. Boo hooo :P Join us next week to watch Reza attempt to beat me up for making fun of him!!" Yousef "peepee pants" A

    UGC vs UGS?

    In a recent discussion between Greg Goodfried, Immo and Impulse in response to an article on this blog, Greg asserts that the term UGC is very broad and hence includes everything from random videos to film series produced as webisodes. Perhaps we should introduce a term such as User Generated Series (UGS) to distinguish between the two.

    While we are at it we might want to consider the term ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for the genre of ARG that are really driven by the video narrative with game layer(s) laid on top. Perhaps the term Alternate Reality Interactive Series (ARIS) would be more appropriate.

    There are special constraints on an ARIS that do not exist for an ARG. For example, for the plot to continue a puzzle has to be solved in a given time frame in an ARIS whereas it is much more open ended in an ARG. ARIS also tends to emphasize the goal of interactivity between the viewer and the plot line of the series itself and plays down the "game" nature of the genre.

    What do you think?

    Return of the Beast - lonelyjewfifteen

    I figured it was about time to let this wise guy back into my room. But maybe I jumped the gun...

    DJ MicFranXon LIVE right now on BreeFM til 4pm PDT!

    Yep, every once in awhile the station manager has the itch to DJ, so jump on in the BreeFM chat and tune in, or head on over to Bree.fm to tune in! Just another reason why Wild Wednesdays kick ass on BreeFM! After that it's JenniPowell's replay (taped monday, Jenni will return LIVE next wednesday at 4pm) Also, THE FobLife, The AfterParty and GlennFM (Glenn Rubenstein). Tonight Glenn discusses casting details for the up and coming BreeFM and Glenn Rubenstein production : "The Cowboy Revealed". Tune in and find out how YOU can participate!

    Make Me Your Bitch! - GregGallows

    Thank you to all of my subscribers, friends, and viewers! This is my offer to you, make me your bitch! Leave a comment telling me what you want me to do and I will do it (within reason).



    Emma's Safe - Claire (LG15)

    Emma is safe for now, but not if you come looking for her. - Claire

    Emma's Safe on LGPedia

    This video confirms that Emma is 15 years old.

    The smile at the end of the video seems very fake, indicating that Emma isn't okay.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Deadline For Maddison Atkins Trialer Extended Until Friday!

    The deadline for submissions to be in the Maddison Atkins trailer has been extended to Friday! Please submit something if you can, audio or video can be submitted.

    To participate in the Maddison Atkins Trailer please follow the instruction given HERE.

    Help if you can.

    Tonight BreeFM Rocks Your Socks!

    It's another Wild Wednesday over at BreeFm, with DJ Jenni Powell, FOBLife, The After Party, And Glenn Rubenstein on GlennFM

    Full Schedule below:

    DJ JenniPowell - 4pm - 6pm PDT (7pm - 9pm EST)
    FobLife Simulcast - CANCELLED THIS WEEK
    After Party Simulcast - 7pm PDT (10pm EST)
    DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm - 10pm PDT (11pm - 1am EST)

    Click Here To Find Out More And Listen In

    Click Here To Join The Chat

    Hear My Song (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

    Just another day on Oxford Street spreading the word of the Hymn. Come and see me sometime if you feel like something is missing from your life.

    I'm late I know....

    I know I promised to post a ReCap after my show, but I forgot until I went to bed...


    I told everyone about me and the show, then I played some music.
    LoveShadow- Shadow Games (Radio Mix)
    Beyond Ash - Trail of Excuses
    Alex - I Was there September (found on CCMixter)
    Hedley - 321
    and I talked some more about the ninja videos
    and then i played more music
    Code- Black As Night (found on CC Mixter)
    then I talked some more
    Acid Called in and said ... a word
    Then we talked a bit about Becki kregoski and her character Taylor. I dug up some stuff and emailed a few people and found out that she's taking a break to focus more on school and another project. However I'm still waiting for confirmation from Becki herself. So this is just rumor right now.
    And then Zoey asked me a million questions that I can't remember... One of them was Do I think Gemma is dead ( I actually can't remember if Zoey asked this or not....)
    And I said No. And that I think that Gemma is back in London watching over kate, and Kate was actually Gemma's former Flat mate.
    And then Quince Called in....but I can't remember what he asked.
    And mic called in...and I can't remember what he asked (this is why I should TOTALLY write this WHILE I'm on air)
    I also told you guys to check out MadV, Whatthebuckshow, Peron75 and perezHilton on Youtube! So do that!
    Jared Sharff and the Royals - Shoot to Kill
    Wintersleep - Jaws of Life
    Sleeperspaceborn - Eyes Emerge (CCMixter)
    Mauf - The Truth
    Lemon Demon - Don't Be Like The Sun
    Trifonic - Stranger from Below

    Next week, I'm super excited! I've got some emails out to some bands from Halifax to get some mp3's that aren't even released yet. On top of that I have my eyes on a few youtubers.
    I'm always looking for new quests to go on, so don't forget to send in your questions to me!!!
    Thanks everyone for listening last night! It made me feel loved!!!

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007

    Oasis, Jamiroquai to follow Radiohead

    "Some of the music industry’s biggest names are considering offering their music free online following the success of the experiment by the band Radiohead to let fans download their new album without charge."


    Research: acidfingers

    Greg Goodfried talks about User Generated Content Social Networking

    This video is dated Mar 14, 2007, but it contains a lot of insight into how the Creators think:

    Greg talks about how LG15 got started: it's like Buffy or Dawsons Creek meets X Files

    Greg talks about how to monetize UGC and said they made money off UGC videos on Revver.

    The production budget is $40,000/month

    Will there be premium accounts on LG15.com where you would get an e-mail address and the ability to go to events? Does that mean we would have to pay for events?

    He does not see UGC content as a sustaining model because it's boring.

    How do you get people to sit on the site 8 hours a day: give them UGC to watch, a wiki to write and chat.

    LG15 is a social network built around an entertainment property. The motto is every fan is a character.

    One word that sums up their production is interaction. If they didn't have fans talking back to their characters the show would stop.

    They don't intertwine the derivatives into the main story.

    He talks about developing non lg15 shows that have TV components. For example, you watch the Internet show during the week and the TV show on Friday night.

    immo1 said...
    There were a lot of things in this presentation that really surprised me and others that confirmed what I had suspected. In terms of User Generated Content, I was glad to see Greg acknowledge that it was something that made the site "sticky" and brings new people to the show but then he goes on to say it's not integrated and it's more like a creative outlet for the hardcore fan. He says that if one word sums up the production it's interaction but there is no interaction in regard to user generated videos if they are never acknowledged somehow by the canon story. I wish I would have seen this back in March.

    Anonymous (this posted ends imho, which probably means "in my humble opinion") and should not be confused with immo) said...
    If UGC is so boring, how come it keeps people glued to their site 8 hours a day?

    It's the LG15 stuff that's boring imho.

    impulse said...
    Cool! I'm happy to learn UGC content is boring. Still they made money out of it. I wonder if the UGC creators made anything. Well, why am I talking, what do I know, uh?

    Greg said...
    hey impulse and immortal. you have to take my comments in context. i was in a room with a bunch of advertisers and tv people. we are always trying to defend ourselves and our show as professionally produced content that has value just like content produced by big media. I do not think that any of the fan content generated on this site is boring - to the contrary, I watch it everyday.

    I think random UGC showing parents feeding their babies or cats chasing dogs is boring. I think the term UGC is too broad and I don't think that what either of you are doing is really UGC. You are both writers and filmmakers creating videos that have narratives, storylines, and arcs. What I meant was that all the random stuff on YouTube gets boring after a while and it is not a business model.

    Hope that clarifies things. Sorry if my words offended anyone.

    immo1 said...
    Greg: I wasn't referencing the boring comment. You have to defend yourselves as professional content and we have to defend ourselves against being depicted as exactly how you categorized us which is essentially fanfic.

    impulse said...

    just a bad choice of words I guess. You know first hand the amount of work (and money) it takes to write, film and produce a show on the long run. We also have to defend ourselves to make it possible. We are here because we are huge fans of LG15. We do this because you've changed the way to approach entertainment on internet and we want the monster you've created to live and become even bigger than what it already is. In my mind, the LG15 experience is not just about the Breeniverse and the Lonelygirl series. It's also about KateMordern, it's also about the Flock, it's about all the original series that can spring up out of it. I pretentiously think we provide really good original content to the fans alongside your series. In fact, I don't know anything that could be compared to what is currently happening on the LG15 website, really. The UGC here is truly unique. I hope you know that. You took the lead in this and put yourself in a position where you can defend and promote UGC. Do it!
    Note that in part it looks like Greg was responding to "imho" and not immo.


    My BreeFM debut is in 20 minutes!

    If you guys want to Skype in, you are more then welcome to!!!! Kelly.Eagles is my skype name. talking is my game!

    And if you want to get my attention while I'm on Ping me on IRC!

    I'm so excited!

    YouTube Content Partners + Video Units

    "Google AdSense just announced a new offering called video units. Video units feature compelling video content within a customizable video player and are supported with user-friendly, targeted advertising from AdWords advertisers. Starting today, third party website publishers in the AdSense program can start displaying these video units on their sites. '


    "There are thousands of websites that use Google AdSense, which means more people to watch these videos. Some of the content partners participating include TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Next New Networks, Extreme Elements, Mondo Media, Ford Models, Lisanova, Lonelygirl15, and many more. "

    To learn more about video units and check out a live demo, visit theAdSense Blog.

    LonelyGirl15 Case Study

    FITC Hollywood 2007
    The Rich Media Entertainment Festival
    Hollywood, CA USA
    Oct 22-23, 2007

    "Not long ago, no one had heard of LonelyGirl15. A young girl posting video messages on YouTube captivated pop culture with conspiracy theories. Meanwhile behind the scenes, a new form of interactive narrative was being born. Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried joined Mesh Flinders to create the viral phenomenon of 2006-2007 – featured on the cover of Wired magazine and spoofed by Carmen Electra, LonelyGirl15 consistently reaches millions of viewers who speculate and influence the dynamic filmmaking process."

    Who This Presentation Is For:
    All emerging producers who want to explore interactive narrative on a massive scale.

    What Attendees Will Walk Away With:
    An understanding of just how viral your content can become, and what to expect once it reaches the top.

    Miles Beckett Greg Goodfried


    From Miles Beckett Bio:
    "Along with producing partner Greg Goodfried, Beckett has formed the digital studio, LG15 Studios with the purpose of creating original content and marketing campaigns for digital platforms (internet/mobile/IPTV)."
    Hummmmm....I guess Mesh is not part of LG15 Studios.

    First an ARG.....NOW......

    Nine Inch Nails Help Seal Record Industry’s Coffin

    Highly popular Industrial Rock Band Nine Inch Nails have announced that as of today they are free agents, and will not be using the services of a record company in the future.


    Research: ThaBeave

    Bless You-Charlie (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    Gavin was meant to bring me some soup, but someone else beat him to it...

    Batting Practice - Jonas (LG15)

    After everything that happened I thought I owed my parents a call... - Jonas
    Batting Practice on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    DJ KillTheSmiley 5pm PDT on BreeFM!

    Hey folks,

    DJ KillTheSmiley will be DJ'ing tonight on BreeFM at 5pm! This is her first official show with us so let's tune on in and welcome her aboard :) Check her out tonight at www.bree.fm and jump in our IRC chat!

    Monday, October 8, 2007

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hi Y'all!

    Just wanted to wish all my fellow Canadian's happy thanksgiving and I wanted to remind all my fellow east coasters that it's Fall Fair week!!! (haha)

    Just wanted to remind everyone as well that my request and question and Answer show's debute it tomorrow night! And I'm still looking for Questions about the LG15 Series and Kate Modern Series just email me at [email protected], leave a comment here or on the BreeFM blog or leave a message on my snapvine record (you can find it in a couple posts from earlier dates!!!)

    Participate in a Maddison Atkins Trailer

    Audio of record from the the DJ JenniPowell's show in BreeFM.

    To participate in the Maddison Atkins Trailer please follow the instruction given HERE.

    See also Jeromy's notes on his blog: 12th Street House.

    DOOO IT!!!!!

    Fever Pitch - Charlie (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    Think the ORDER might want to talk to these dudes?

    Mario Capecchi, Martin Evans, and Oliver Smithies win the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the development of gene targeting

    We All Make Mistakes - LonelyGirl15

    Daniel gave me the password to this account so I could look around at the videos, check out your messages, and see that the people I trusted are really dangerous. I have a lot to say about the Hymn of One, but I'll start with this video. - Sonia

    We All Make Mistakes on LGPedia

    Sonia on LGPedia

    Raegan Payne on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Sing Your Eternal Song That Never Ends! - BrightSilence

    Posted by BrightSilence

    We all feel the distance every once in a while, we are all friends but yet so far away. Join this effort to pump up the community feeling and sing along with the most annoying song ever! Follow the link for details... http://www.shanikosystems.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1738#1738

    The Trailer (deadline Tuesday, 10/9/2007)

    (Read this blog with the song "Don't you forget about me" in the background http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAn8lu3C9IE)

    So far I've heard back from 8 folks, and I've watched four of the videos. They are all GREAT!

    Just in case you didn't read my last blog (right below this one), I'm asking fans and friends of Maddison to do this for what will be the GREATEST MARKETING PIECE OF ALL TIME. almost.

    Anyway. I need more submissions.

    The deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday), and I know most of you are waiting til the very last minute to do this. You're killing me.

    Record one of the scripts below, and upload it to www.sendspace.com, put my email [email protected] in the appropriate box, and viola! You are in.

    (ED: find the scripts here Be In Maddison Atkins Trailer )

    I love you all forever.

    Labels: Trailer Submission Reminder Breakfast Club Forever

    posted by 12th Street House at 8:35 AM
    For any readers who not familiar with the Maddison Atkins story here is how it all began (or you can check out the 15over15 playlist in the header at the top of the blog.

    Indie Spotlight: Giles Alderson interview

    "It's funny how this industry works - sometimes it is about who you know. The producer is a good friend of mine and requested to Miles Beckett (the creator) and director Gavin Rowe that they see me. I met them and did my best psycho-religious- but-with-a-nice-streak-guy... and here I am."

    Den of Geek website

    Den of Geek interview with Giles Anderson (Creepy Steve). Many thanks to Sarah Dobbs (aka Sarah of the Dark) for doing the interview and letting LG15Today post the link to it.

    Apocalypse Now - OperationOssifrage (WF)

    October 8, 2007

    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    TheLadyLazarus Series Review - The Lady Lazarus

    On December 12th, 2006 a video account was created, with a message and a poem of the same name. It's a simple story, really. But certain people complicated that story, and soon it became so much more.
    Double L created a series of 10 videos using the poem "Lady Lazarus" to send a message to the Order; that they couldn't have their ceremony girl. But they were persistent, and found themselves a new girl named Beatrice.
    LL knew B well, they had grown up in the same community, and she needed his help to escape the Order. But Double L had problems of his own.
    Another girl, named L, sought out Lazarus, and he reluctantly agreed to meet her.
    From this "GuillotineCalamity" he learned about a strange mask her grandfather owned, and how he would be using it an upcoming ceremony.
    It would be years before they would meet again, and it would be years before LL found out that Cassie was also once wanted for a ceremony, and had even tried to steal this mask.
    LL knew from the beginning that OpAphid was responsible for Cassie's death.
    After meeting L a second time he realized where her loyalties lied, and they never met again. And as Double L's visions of Cassie worsened, B gave into her worst fears, and commited suicide.
    Lady Lazarus gave his two girls code names; Cassie was Coma White, and Beatrice was Coma Black.
    Cassie believed heavily in the tarot. Beatrice believed heavily in revolution.
    I hope we all learn from her mistake.

    "Prelude 12/21 (Lady Lazarus Remix)" AFI
    "Creep" Scarling
    "Evidence" Marilyn Manson

    Comment Board Summit #2

    Well after the great reception the other comment Board meeting... well we decided to hack our little droid again for some other stored video... We've got it! This video is of when some commenter decided to retire and hang the mouse :-S Anyhow... again, can you name the commenters??

    Enjoy... meep!

    Coming up on BreeFM ♫♪♪♫♪♪

    BreeFM DJ's this weekend included JenniPowell, QtheC, Skunkwaffle, and ApotheosisAZ.

    Coming Up:

    Monday Oct 8
    DJ JenniPowell Noon - 2pm PDT : 80's Afternoon! (with guest Brenda)

    Tuesday Oct 9
    DJ Killthesmiley 5pm PDT : underground, indie Canadian music and music from the breeniverse

    Wednesday Oct 10
    DJ JenniPowell 4pm - 6pm PDT : rebroadcast 80's Afternoon!
    FobLife Simulcast 6pm PDT
    After Party Simulcast 7pm PDT
    DJ Glenn Rubenstein 8pm - 10pm PDT

    Thursday Oct 11
    DJ Killthesmiley (5pm or 7pm) PDT
    DJ Marla 9pm PDT

    Saturday Oct 13
    DJ Jenna - 4pm - 6pm PDT : Breenicap! (weekly recap of LG15 and KateModern)
    DJ SkunkWaffle - 8pm - ??

    Wednesday Oct 17
    DJ JenniPowell 4pm - 6pm PDT Comedy Night II: Return of the Jew

    Check for updates here http://breefm.blogspot.com/

    And check the #breefm chat room for changes and additions ... who knows when DJ's MicFranXon, Jenna, Skunkwaffle, Kelseygirl, and QtheC may be on again!

    Have you seen Bethany? - OpAdolf

    1/4.5 What?

    Transmission: Selective Private

    Not Dead Yet - StormFaction

    A brief interlude, friends. The show will go on. Get ready for the big finale.

    SanFranciscoFiles_013 - impulseLG (WF)

    October 7, 2007

    Dream 17: "Work Related Stress " (Lucy) - voyboy

    Lucy walks into a dark empty night club. She sits at the bar.

    Bartender: Hey there beautiful.

    Lucy: Get me a Shirley Temple with a double shot of Absolute.

    Bartender: (laughing) Sure thing babe.

    Lucy watches as the bartender eyeballs how much vodka he pours. Its not even close to what Lucy ordered. Lucy pulls out her pistol shoots him between the eyes and grabs the bottle of vodka before it hits the floor and fills her glass full. She reaches over the bar grabs something and tosses it in her very grown up Shirley Temple.

    Lucy: (to the dead bartender) You forgot the cherry, "babe".

    She comes home. She sleeps...
    ...and dreams.

    Ninja Video - by ElizKM86 (LG15)

    Hey everyone,

    Thank you soooooo much for making all those great new Ninja Videos. There were 43 videos submitted!!!!!! We loved them all but could only choose one, so here it is. - Mallory

    P.S. Re-submit your videos as responses on to this video on YouTube so people can watch them below :)

    Ninja vid winner coming

    Broken Kid says:

    I just got word from Mallory that she and Sarah chose their favorite video. Right now, they're waiting to get the video from the creator!


    Do It For Maddy!

    Many of us were touched by the experience of knowing Maddison Atkins personally. Many more have been drawn into the hunt for her killer as news of her tragic death spread and new people came to know her through her vlogs, posts and well, by just talking with her friends in IRC. Now is a great time to express those emotions by participating in a "scripted video trailer". For details on how to participate go HERE.

    KateModern Vlog #1

    My first attempt at vlogging; talking about the latest happening on KateModern - plus shoutouts to my friends!!

    (For those of you not on Bebo this is Kenn, uber KM fan!)

    These girls are all so skinny!

    From Lexi on myspace:

    I recently read an article about the “thin” trend in Hollywood. It made me fall on the floor laughing. I have never come across something so hypocritical in my life. It has come to my attention that we as actresses are not judged by our talent, but by our dress size. I find it sad that so many wonderful actresses who study and put every ounce of themselves into a part are first looked at for body type instead of their ability. Now on some level I do agree that in this industry you must stay healthy for you are a public figure. But that means not going to either extreme. I was at an audition a while ago, and I ran into a girl who was about five three and one hundred and twenty pounds; she looked amazing. But I noticed that she was extremely nervous, so, I asked what was wrong. She looked up at me almost on the brink of tears, her eyes filled with a sad sense of amusement and she said, “its just everyone in this room is so skinny, I’ll never even be considered” I was appalled at this statement; but partly because I knew she had a point. Both her and I were going to walk in and be looked at and discarded for the one sheer fact that we look like normal healthy girls, still thin, but not “Hollywood” thin. I hope that one-day Hollywood opens its eyes and realizes the harm it is causing and the talent it is losing to the monster it has created, I recently saw the same girl a few days ago at an audition, she was still five three but she could not have been more than ninety pounds. She looked tired, sickly and all the amusement that was once in her eyes had been replaced by sheer desperation and sadness. But the worst part was when I began to speak to her, asking her if she was prepared for the audition she said “yes, but it doesn’t matter, I mean look at these girls they’re all so skinny… and I’m well not” I smiled not knowing what to say and also not wanting to embarrass her. This industry has the power to change lives; I just wish they would take that into consideration and use their influence to teach young hopefuls to be the best actress they can be and not the thinnest actress they can be. Help girls to understand that not everyone is built the same and you’re most beautiful when you are the healthiest for your own body type, not everyone is built like Kate Moss nor should we try to be. I just find it sad that every year so many girls come to Hollywood with a dream and leave with an eating disorder.
    Noe said...
    As a theatre major at CSUF.... and previously studying in NY at Fordham University and LIU... I can't begin to tell you the atrocities and adversary I have met in regards to the differences between physical attitudes involved with women in the media and stage.

    Recently I dropped out of CSUF acting program- mostly because I felt that they put far too much emphasis on "type casting" and physical attributes. Sure, it's good to know what kind of roles you might be strong at playing, but to be told you would never play this or that part because physically you don't look that part so don't bother trying was annoying to say the least.

    I felt that the attitude surrounding this was extremely different in my pursuit of education on the east coast (non-Hollywood) where the emphasis was on acting training and knowing the tools to play any part regardless of looks.

    I look around my department now (I've switched emphasis to sound design) and am bewildered at the amount of young women striving to dreams which in the end are leaving the school with no preparation other than instructions on how they much look rather than perform.

    I agree whole heartedly on the Hollywood scene that there is driving need to be thin, to be what they want you to be and I've been there, done that.. and it's not pretty- and it's dangerous as hell. It's disgusting... and the fact that CSUF and the business out here perpetuates such a bullshit philosophy angers me.

    They have a chance to change this.. at any moment. Writers and casting directors have a chance to do this.

    And we at home or struggling to make our marks in the business have a chance to do it too... So educate yourselves, voice your opinions... write letters.

    There is a whole ton of research and organizations out there that feel the same way and are trying to change this. If you need help finding them or want to know me, send me an e-mail... I've got tons of links.


    October 7, 2007 7:03 AM

    Michelle said...
    As a young girl i know what its like to be pressured into being skinny (people calling me names and all) but its not just that.

    I run a website, well its not really a website its a my space but im hoping to branch out to the World wide web with my own actual website on the matter.

    anyway, the site deals with just this.. eating disorders. because not a lot of people know of the harm and damage it can and has done to people before.

    I can relate to when lexi was talking to that girl and the 90 something pound girl said "Im not skinny enough"

    because no matter how skinny, how on the verge of death they are.. they cant see it and thats why they cant stop.

    And most of the time they're reluctant to get help cause they dont think theres anything wrong with them.

    Its a horrible disorder and its even worse that its actually turning into a trend, I've heard of people that WANT to be anorexic/bullimic, and that go to these pro-eating disorder sites to get tips on how to stay anorexic.

    Its sick. and it's everywhere

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