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Friday, February 28, 2014


The journey to find love continues for Savannah. TUNE IN to find out how her date goes this time....#SUBSCRIBE, #COMMENT, #SHARE & #ENJOY

Sweethearts of the Galaxy episode 3 on Webisodes Network

Episode 3 of your new favorite Web series about cosplayer who thinks she's a superhero now out on Webisodes Network.  Morgan, jealous of the attention Katelyn is getting from her ex-boyfriend Paul, dons a costume and gets into the game.  Watch episode 3 now!

Pokemon RARE CANDY with Anthony Feast of Fiction S3 Ep10

The Helm & Taylor Show - sketch show

Sketch show starring British comedy TV stars Nick Helm & Paul F Taylor

If anyone can remember 2009 they'll also remember that Nick Helm and Paul F Taylor were tearing up the comedy scene as a double act. Performing silly jokes and sketches with an enthusiasm and shambolic style that set them apart from the traditionally more formal sketch groups. Well since those heady days both Nick and Paul have gone on to great individual successes: Paul winning the Hackney New Act of the Year competition and appearing at film festivals in various short films and Nick getting nominated for the Fosters' Comedy Award twice and appearing on every TV channel going.

The good news for us is that they've reunited for an amazing new online sketch show. The Helm & Taylor Show sees the duo revisit some of their favourite routines and reinvent them for film. The four episode series retains their traditional stylings and live feel while taking the jokes in even sillier, funnier directions. The show, directed by the award-winning Stuart Laws, was produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy and is released in association with the exciting new YouTube comedy channel Mr box. All four episodes are available to watch here:

Find more great comedy videos at Turtle Canyon Comedy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Human Resource - web sitcom about a failing video production company

THE HUMAN RESOURCE - three-part British web sitcom

Turtle Canyon Comedy, independent comedy producers based in both Pinewood Studios, UK and Seattle, USA have released a three-part sitcom starring top comedy stars James Acaster and Ben Target, along with a range of other up and coming comedians, and is based in the inauspicious setting of a failing video production company.

The show was developed from Stuart Laws & Al Clayton’s (the writer/directors) own history in running a corporate video company and some of the more extreme experiences they’ve had. So The Human Resource is based around Direct Digital Videos, a company circling the drain thanks to poor management and even worse client retention. Entering this situation is Max, the company’s first official employee and the only sane person in an office of immature entrepreneurs, hyperactive clients and rogue security guards.

The Human Resource is a fast-paced, semi-improvised sitcom in the style of Arrested Development or Operation Good Guys, combined with the lunacy of Shooting Stars. Each of the three 10-12 minute episodes link together to form one storyline and Turtle Canyon Comedy see it as the launching point for future episodes.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Englishman In LA Web Series - I THINK YOU SHOULD SEE MY THERAPIST! (Epis...

Eddie Jemison (Ocean's 11,12,13 and HBO's HUNG) stars in Episode 8 of Englishman In LA!  I THINK YOU SHOULD SEE MY THERAPIST! [HD]
Tom gets a Web Cam call from William who has some news for Tom!

Englishman In LA is an Original Web Series starring Ashley Fink, Cameron Moir and Eddie Jemison.

Knife Guyz

Carnival of Fun - comedy challenge series

Stuart Laws, stand-up comedian, and his friend Matt are better known as the sketch duo "Apocalypso!", but have combined to create their own YouTube series that test the limits of their friendship.

Matt & Stu's Carnival of Fun

In "Carnival of Fun" long time friends Matt and Stu compete to establish, once and for all, who is the best. Best = arbitrarily voted as superior in a series of completely pointless challenges in which it is often difficult to establish any objective winner. In the first three episodes, already online, you can see them speed-eating iced buns and trying to maintain high morale, drawing portraits of each other in less than a minute and attempting to not laugh as the other reads extracts from the naughty book "50 Shades of Grey".

Future episodes including the crowded 100m dash, terrible busking and an updated Supermarket Sweep are on their way whilst current episodes are going viral and have endorsement from Ben Goldacre. It could be time you climb aboard the carnival and join in the fun.

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