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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Serial Scoop Now: 7th Annual Indie Series Awards Nomination Announcement

Jillian Clare hosts a special episode of Serial Scoop Now (2.1) to announce the nominees for the 7th Annual Indie Series Awards. Nominations in 30 categories are revealed, and ISA7 host Eric Martsolf makes a special appearance.

Two New Shows from Shades Of Bad this week despite prep for Berlinale

Two New Shows from Shades Of Bad this week despite prep for Berlinale, advance filming and an office revamp!

You may ask what is Shades Of Bad, or what is Berlinale and an office revamp?

Berlinale / EFM is the first film market of the year and the workings of the film market were brought home as we did our office revamp and burnt piles of old scripts like energy brickets. I remember being at Cannes one year towards the end of the market and watching all the offices turn out the hundreds of scripts they had collected from hopefuls. They are in bulk tossed into large rubbish bins in the corridors. The truth is, most of the sales and distribution people will tell any hopeful; 'sure I'll read it and get back to you', then the hopeful writer is gone in less than a minute. If you refuse to read the argument and explanation takes longer and is harder. Basic festival training, smile, take the script, dump it. Logic dictates they will not pay excess baggage on piles of paperwork as they fly home via a
quick stop over. That was pre digital, but we had piles of paper scripts in our storage, many ours like the TV series the BBC had on option from us for years back in the 1980's called Smith and Patel..... all now burnt. Three days of burning, two filing cabinets removed and a larger desk top. The edit suit moves downstairs, under the desk top re 7 G-Raids totalling 52Tb, more than the filing cabinets could hold.

For those who watch the series the office is on the left as you come in the front door. The door seen more in season 3 which starts uploading soon.

 Shades Of Bad is a free to view TV Channel. We don't have to ask distributors to take our products, we have our own TV Channel on YouTube. (please subscribe) So, we can choose what we make and build product between our movies. This week we release two shows not the normal one drama episode and we slip to release between Sunday and midweek to fit in more with the Indie Series Network Chart.

All demands have had us running in circles this week as the European Film Market in Berlin is the first big film market of the year and sets the tone for Cannes and one actor from Shades Of Bad went down with flu which meant a change to the shooting episodes last Sunday. It happens and the team reacted. That does not affect the released episodes as shooting are still over 10 episodes in front of post production.

The two shows released this week are episode 37 from the main dark drama  series and another tricky 'how to' film in the Ask Doris series. Doris tackles removing and repairing a multipack from a front door at chez Doris where the series is filmed. Given the maintenance there it could keep her and that series of films very busy. That maintenance and moving offices round also hit this week. It was a thunderous endless week.

Whilst we are not attending Berlinale this year our sales representatives are. Let me explain what that means to the film maker. Due to changes at the last sales agency for FREIGHT, one of our movies we took an offer to move it to METRODOMEFreight (Facebook link) is a very edgy film about sex trafficking here in the UK which stars Billy Murray, Craig Fairbrass and Laura Aikman. Released in 2010 the Facebook site and rentals are still very active. It is a good film and we are proud of it. Freight now moves to Metrodome with a possible sequel but time is our worst enemy daily, weekly and as each year escapes.

A rethink has been going on here at INDYUK and we redesigned office space and moved two of our movies to Metrodome.
First goes BULA QUO starring Jon Lovitz and Status Quo the rock legends Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt as well as old colleagues Craig Fairbrass and Laura Aikman. Metronome have also agreed to take the sequel Nameste Quo and with Francis Rossi this week announcing Quo have finished electric rock touring the sequel stays a discussion point for 2018.

Metrodome will be selling our movies now which allows us to get on with the job of production because there is not enough time to do both. They have approaching 50 staff; sales and distribution is more important than production.
Time is our worst enemy daily, weekly and as each year escapes but I would like to visit Cannes; I have been going there to the film market for over twenty years. Note I refer to both as markets not festivals, and whilst they both have both, it is the market that keeps them as industry calendar keys. This is a picture from years ago, myself, Doris as she is now, and our real life daughter the much younger Laura Aikman. her first Cannes was a whirlwind from her coming with us to Hugh Hefner's birthday party to meeting the late Robin Williams in a unisex toilet.

But we are not the only ones in Shades Of Bad with famous offspring, Lynn Beaumont who plays Wilma is, with Reg (Richard Beaumont) parents to Charlotte Beaumont. Both daughters have huge careers ahead of them. Richard is a nominee for the world web awards in Hollywood for playing Reg ... well done Richard.

Shades Of Bad TV has thus far succeeded to release a new episode each week, it is a very dark amusing drama that has political undertones knocking many things wrong with society from bankers to those who induce others to believe things about themselves. Some say it is the web cross between Breaking Bad and Desperate Housewives but there is more than a touch of Dexter creeping in now as we head towards the end of Season 2.
This week's episode is episode 37 and we are heading to a disturbing end to season two. I would suggest you go back down the playlist and maybe join at episode 31 if you have missed a few. Then hit the click next buttons to eventually get to 37. Or maybe jump in at 36, a catch up on last week's release which saw Wilma pull knives on Doris, who told her she had a gun.

Follow through to this week where the kitchen is a mess as is their relationship rollercoasters on with more than just an elephant in the room of the shared husband we never see. If you have been with us since 31 you will know there is a dead body somewhere. If you are up to date here is 37.

So this week we had to confirm new delivery disks of the two afore mentioned films and get them to Metrodome and negotiate small points in clauses to close the film deals. Delivery items are what you contractually deliver when you make a film, it can go on for more than some pages and include access contracts to artists, behind the scenes footage, indexed stills, audio and video interviews, and the movie in various formats with and without titles, the copy with no dialogue and the times script for foreign dubbing as well as layered artwork and clearances... I won't bore you but thousands of pounds in a variety of materials make up a 'film'. Bula Quo sits on 12Tb of achieve hard drive and the standard delivery is just under 2TB. If you hold two copies that is double. It was all there but it has to all be legally checked again and it spurned a re-organisation.

As well as delivery, we shot two new episodes for the future (numbers 50 and 54, with yet another new character, Oliver Degnan who last worked with us in The Usual Children in 1996). Plus get out this weeks episode and another episode of ASK DORIS. That is something we are filling up but not shouting about too much just yet as it is so diverse. Episodes 47,48,49, 51, 52 and 53 all require Derek Redmond who we cannot get until March - he is a busy man. So we will shoot the Barcelona interiors next here in the UK.

We currently have two spin off shows we are building; ASK DORIS has an ambition of about 12 episodes a year, DORIS VISITS is about 25 episodes a year with is own BLOG and the continuing very dark drama SHADES OF BAD may well continue as an episode a week for some time. That alone is 80 plus episodes a year and a movie every now and again.

The travel show, Doris Visits, is being picked up by papers, bloggers and advertisers and we have confirmed and booked and paid for Dubai, with the Caribbean also looming to pull time out of the calendar before the summer starts.

But here is the thing, for the Status Quo fans, to go along with the new world sales by Metrodome and the USA release on Amazon, we aim to run a new series on the web of much unseen Bula Quo material and stories and behind the scenes and interviews, when we have the time. This keeps everything alive for the future sequel and will explain much of what we might try and achieve as we aim to fuse Bangra rock Aquostic albums and tours. This will be different to the Status Quo / Bula Quo playlist we already features on the Shades Of Bad TV channel with Quo. It has the films release of behind the scenes including the Fijian / Hawaiian unplugged sound track to Bula Quo my favourite is Down Down.

There are also changes there to as we start a complete re-edit into broadcast and box set lengths, so Shades Of Bad may find other life.

In the mean time, here is the left of field ASK DORIS episode out this week, as she mends a VECTIS MULTIPOINT LOCK.

Go figure...

Yukata Cowboy Season 2 Ep 3

Hey, Cowboy! This is New York City! Master the art of being a true New Yorker & parade with every ethnic group in the Big Apple!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

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