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Sunday, March 4, 2007

☺ The Fugitive Breaks In!

*ringgg, ringggggggg, ringgg, ringggggg*

Shirley (working dispatch): Secret Hidden Mountain Lake Police and Convenience Store, how may I direct your call?

Daniel (on phone): This is Daniel. We've had a break in! Can you send someone over?

Shirley: Didn't we just release you? Louie got you home okay?

Daniel: Yes, I'm back at my, I mean, the cabin. Listen, there's been a break-in and he's still here!

Shirley: Well, that sounds serious. Is anyone injured?

Daniel: No, but I'm afraid Jonas will punch me out if I let him out of the storage closet. I need help!

Shirley: Jonas? Wait a minute. You better talk to Bob. *hands phone over to Bob*

Shirley (whispers to Bob): You are not going to believe this... Jonas returned home, and Daniel has him trapped in a closet.

Bob (taking telephone): Officer Bob speaking... Daniel, what's going on over there?

Daniel: It's Jonas! He broke in. Come and arrest him!

Bob: Uhmmmm, well, I know the Govenor's niece is a big fan of yours and all, but I can't really arrest Jonas for breaking into his own cabin.

Daniel: What the hell? But he's dangerous! And Bree is gonna be so mad at me if I let him get away again.

Bob: I'm sorry Daniel. You're just going to have to work this one out on your own. But don't do anything really bad, because we will be watching the videos... by the way, try not to keep us waiting so long for the next one, okay?

Daniel (pouting voice): Okay, I'll try.

Bob: Maybe offer to watch some movies with him. Jonas likes movies. I hear "The Fugitive" is pretty good...

Daniel: Whatever. Bye. *click*

Louie (entering station): Hey, I'm back. Did I miss anything?

Bob: Um, hard to explain... you better just watch the video:

*bad boys, bad boys, watch ya gonna do? ...*

~ QtheC

1 comment:

  1. LOL Qthe C I was going to do a "Today on LG15" but I think that your article said it all! kudos! GF xxx


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