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Sunday, March 4, 2007

☺ Newsflash! Jonas' Cabin's Closet - Quite Dis-Orderly

In a stunning revelation today, Bree had a look in the previously unnoticed storage closet craftily hidden at the top of the stairs, and what she saw blew her mind ... "Why, it's a complete mess! Total Dis-Order! This closet would never have been acceptable to my parents or the Deacons, so how could Jonas' parents have allowed this? ... Could I have been wrong about him?"

Will Bree believe Jonas is innocent now? Is Tachyon to blame for the messy closet, perhaps, for ALL the messy closets? Will Danielbeast get to sleep on the spare mattress instead of the sofa? And who will bring Order to this chaos?

Stay tuned LG15 fans... and maybe it's time for a little spring cleaning while you wait for the next video. Someone may be Watching!

~ QtheC


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