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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans were treated to a new scoobie road trip! It appears the trio hashed things out over the weekend and Jonas is no longer a suspected orange slurpee drinker. He's not speaking to Bree however, can you blame the guy??

Jonas: Beast, did you hear something? I swear, I swear I just heard like this high - pitched whiny... screechy thing. You didn't hear...no, you didnt hear that? Okay.

Anyway despite all the drama it appears that the scoobies are finally on to something. They discovered some important paperwork in Jonas's cabin.

Daniel: Hey, check this out. (Daniel focuses on a paper titled "The Order in the Modern Empire by R.J.W." There are a list of initials in the right bottom corner of the page) It's pretty detailed. Your dad was really on to something. It makes sense that they adopted that symbol, being critical of the Order and all. It's associated with textual criticism and identifying and removing errors from text. Jonas, where are we going?

Jonas: We are going to my Aunt's house. I think that a lot of my parents financial information and, and all the stuff about the foundation they set up is up there, somewhere, and it's safe... for now.

Arriving at said aunt's house Jonas once again showed his prowess for breaking and entering by successfuly scaling the garden fence and letting Daniel and Bree in.

What will they discover? If Jonas's folks were part of the anti-order did the order sink their boat? Will Jonas ever forgive Bree for her resevoir dogs re-enactment? Only the next vlog will tell...


  1. Just wanted to say this thing is great.
    Here at school The order(erm teachers) block the LG website.
    And even though I can't watch the vids this thing still keeps me updated aso thanks!

  2. minor correction: Daniel says "It makes sense that they adopted that symbol, being critical OF the Order and all" (rather than TO the Order and all)...

    I think the symbol with the eye on two legs is a symbol for a group being critical of the Order - a group that Jonas' father belongs to.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out QtheC! changed from "to" to "of"


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