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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw things get bloody, well rather Jonas got bloody.
While trying to crack into "hot aunt's" office using a screwdriver he appears to have missed the door and hit his hand.

Daniel: What the hell is goin'-- oh my g--what did you do?
Jonas: I fucking cut my hand man.
Bree: Oh god. I don't know what to--
Jonas: Just, just... wash it off or somethin' I don't-- Look, I gotta go to the hospital.
Bree: No! We are not going to the hospital, that is out of the question--
Jonas: Please?
Bree: --they're going to find us in like ten minutes if we go to the hospital.

This was followed by a frantic car ride for the scoobies and worryingly Bree was all for do-it-yourself surgery.

Bree: But I can, I can fix this! I- I mean, there's a first-aid kit--
(Jonas moans in agony)
Jonas: How are you going to fix it and stitch it up? You're not a doctor Bree and this could get infected.

Clearly a decision had to be made before Bree got out her toy nurses playset.

Bree: OK, so... we reached a compromise and... took Jonas to a vet. We put Jonas down as "Fido." He's not too happy. I don't know... I just thought that it would be safer than a hospital because they couldn't track our names. You know? So anyway, "Fido" and Daniel are inside getting Jonas's hand fixed.

Personally I think Scoobie-Doo would have been a better choice of name....


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