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Friday, June 1, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans found out the Hymn of One is fun. (I haven't checked LGpedia, again apologies for any errors!)

Jonas: OK, so here's the deal. Last week, you know, Bree made these videos looking for new recruits. Then all of a sudden, this survey shows up on the Hymn of One website, people fill it out, and then the chosen few get these invitations to show up to "audition" to be a part of this freak group. And now we're in this park, with this guy in a black suit, handing out invitations. Weird.

(Cut invitation that says "Welcome Brothers and Sisters to The Hymn of One New Recruit Seminar -- Are You Ready to Sing Your Eternal Song?")

Jonas: Alright, so this is what the invitation looks like. It was given to us by someone here at the park and, uh, it gives the address of where the seminar is gonna be. So, guess what, we're on our way there right now.

(Cut to Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah hiding behind a tree. In front of them is the car park of a hotel.)

Daniel: It's a very exciting day. We're waiting for the Hymn of One's new recruits to enter the hotel for their big seminar. Hey, and we kinda hope Bree might show, since she's in all of the new recruits videos.
Jonas: Yeah, I'm sure she'll be here to tell all the newbies how great her life is now she's with the H of O.
Sarah: Can we get something to eat after this? 'Cause I'm starving.
Jonas: Maybe, maybe. That's Carl and Sonia, right?
Jonas: Look!
Daniel: Yeah.
Sarah: They're weird looking.
Daniel: Hey, and their merry friends. Do you know who that is?
Sarah: No.
Jonas: No idea.

(Cut to Sarah and Daniel frantically running back from the hotel to the tree.)

Jonas: C'mere, c'mere! What'd you guys find, what'd you find? What'd you find??
Daniel: We were so close, we didn't get spotted by the Hymn of One crew. They might have seen Sarah.
Sarah: They didn't see me.
Jonas: Are you sure?
Sarah: They didn't see me.
Jonas: Are you sure?
Sarah: I'm positive, they didn't see me!
Jonas: So they're definitely here?
Daniel and Sarah: Yeah.
Jonas: This is great.

(Cut to some time later)

Sarah: This is getting ridiculous, I mean, how long does it take to sing a song?
Jonas: Dude, do you think, do you think that maybe, like, they exit out of a different place that has another door?
Daniel: I hope not.
Jonas: Are you sure you didn't get seen, Sarah?
Sarah: Are you sure?
Jonas: Are you sure you didn't get seen?
Sarah: No!

(New recruits exit the building)

Sarah: Go, go get them!
Daniel: Alright..but..
Sarah: GET them! Go get them!
Daniel: Are you sure? I mean..
Sarah: YES go! Go!

(Daniel walks over to talk to the three auditions. They follow him back to Jonas and Sarah)

Jonas: Just kind of act normal...for this..
Sarah: Normal?
Jonas: They're coming right here..
Sarah: Do you think we should be singing songs?
(Jonas gives Sarah a "Please dont mess this up"look)

Daniel: So we missed the meeting and we just kind of wanted to know ... anything about it really..
Audition A: They taught us how to hear our own song
Daniel: Really?
Jonas: Man I would have like been there to know what happened inside..get to see everything
Audition VB: I snuck a camera in there, if you guys want the footage..?
Daniel: Seriously?
Audition VB: Yeah
Jonas: Thanks man that would be awesome
Daniel: Anything else?
Audition A: Well they did give us these flyers. They were all under a blue stone.
Daniel: (to camera) Hey Sarah turn it off..

(Cut to footage from audition VB)

Daniel: So we got home and looked at the footage that that guy gave us. Here it is - check it out for yourself.

(Scene is in hotel conference suite, HoO music can be heard)

Carl and Sonia: Welcome to our Hymn of One Seminar

(Cut to girl sitting in audience)

Audition C: My name's Jennifer, and I like a lot of different types of music, I like instrumental like Beethoven, I like Amy Winehouse and um.. I like Coldplay.

Amy Winehouse is DEFINITELY not part of the Hymn of One!

(Cut to Barb)

Barb: I remember when I first came to my Hymn of One seminar, I sat at the back and I tried to concentrate on what the brothers and sisters where saying..

(Cut to girl reading from a book)

Girl: ....felt an indescribable, unbelievable sense that all is well, and I had an amazingly beautiful song in my head....

(Cut to Chris)

Chris: My name is Chris and I too like Barbra I found my eternal song here through the Hymn of One. I came to the seminar, I was sitting here and..the whole time I was so ethical, I was so cynical. I kept laughing under my breathe, kind of like thinking that I knew it all. Its kind of weird to even describe but as I was going home I felt like... I had this incredible moment of clarity. I just felt like um.. I feel weird even saying it but I felt like everything around me, like the people and cars and even like the whole universe was like calling out to me and just telling me like this was my song. And that in that moment I felt a peace I felt like everything was going to be ok....so guys I found, I found my eternal song and I really hope that you guys will find it too.So thank you
Sonia: Thank YOU! (applaud es)

Carl: Something else I would like to stress to you all about our organization. There is something very important, very fundamental to us and er.. I think you will all appreciate it (writes on whiteboard) Very simple concept. The Hymn of One is fun! You all just say it with me, just say it a couple of times. Just to get it out, let it sink it your beings. With me now..

All: The Hymn of One is fun.

Not an orange slurpee in sight... hmmmm... maybe its in the cookies...

Will D, J & S be able to find Bree? Will audition VB want his video footage back? Stay tuned...


  1. Thanks for your hard work on this article. Hopefully soon we can get back to normal operations.


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