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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Break-Up Song for the Disgruntled Lonelyfan

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/sweet-elixirb

Kudos Elixir! (From Anchor Cove!)


  1. This was really well done. Someone put a lot of work into this. Great work.

  2. great video!

    Maybe the creators will take notice. . .

  3. Remember when fan videos of LG15 were about how great it was? Ah, memories.

  4. The good news is that the fan videos are now pretty entertaining:)

  5. this was made by elixir (she's a mod at anchor cove). pretty good, huh?

  6. That was great! really elixer! very very good! more entertaining than the last 3-4 months of lg. seriously.

    super kudos!!

  7. Wow, I didn't expect this! Thanks! And thanks for all the great comments. I've been trying to get it up on YouTube, but it wont work for me... hopefully soon.

  8. Genius!!! I loved it! the maker of this video deserves big kuddos!

    Excellente choice of song and it was really entertaining... and trueee!!

  9. who sings that rendition of lovesong? I NEED TO KNOW! :)

  10. HAHAHA Corporate Spencers....

    Right. On. The. Ball. I felt like this too. I mean, product placement is okay to pay the bills, I guess, but this is too far.


  11. Well, as far as the Spencer thing goes... The Creators approached Neutrogena, so I suppose the ads came with the character (not the other way around).

    Anyways, awesome vid! :) (Though sad... I'm going to go rewatch the bedroom vlogging days now.)

  12. So true. So sad. SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!

    What the hell happened to our LG15?

    I miss Bree.
    I miss Daniel.
    I miss Bree and Daniel together.
    I'm tired of Jonas whining and whining and whining.
    I'm bored with Taylor.
    I'm annoyed with Spencer.
    I HATE Sarah.

    And whatever happened to Lucy?

    I'm guessing the finale will give us some answers. But it will be too late. The program has been broken so long, it's hard to believe any answers at this point can fix it. :-(

  13. Wow, love this video! Great choice of music too, it fits perfectly. Hope we get some answers in the grande finale.

  14. great video, but i think it's goign to take more then this to get back out LG15, we need more people to start talking and letting them know that this sucks. I hate the new charaters. Jonus whinyes to much, and adding the other girls is just stupid.


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