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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat

amblyopianne says
ok - fighting with Revver to post my video
strange - i didnt know what i was doing there

i have spoken to her 90 gabillion times
im never going to get to him
i should just go down to his office tomorrow huh
i have a very busy day tomorrow

RE: Stenogrpahers Records
you all are funny - i feel famous
i dont have records
i can check, but ive never looked for that stuff before
ill try tomorrow - but ill have to squeeze it in before work

ok - goodnight marla - thanks for the video

emily would be easier than joels baby mama
i just need to find out if shes in town for the summer

im sorry to say this, but when you all throw ideas at me so fast, i get overwhelmed
just make me a list, and after i get a new thesis approved, I'll check off interviews one at a time


For the entire chat log, click here.


  1. "emily would be easier than joels baby mama"

    Was Adam's girlfriend named Emily? (the one who is keeping Whiskey)

    Does this mean Adam was dating Joel Frady's ex-wife?

  2. oh, this needs clarification - "emily would be easier than joels baby mama" -

    Clara could have been saying that it would be easier to get an interview with Emily than with Joel's baby's mother, not that saying "Emily" was easier and equivalent to saying "joels baby mama."


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