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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clara from Maddison Atkins Pt. 2 was in IRC Chat (all day)


i see the video finally went up
oh hi clara
didnt see it till this morning damn uk time difference
* BrookNYSE goes into the phone booth and transforms into
less people in the morning

i dont know
it was a vial or something [that she dropped on the floor]
the bigger picture is starting to come together for me
i mean imagine somebody coming into your community who knew nothing about you all, what happened, and all the puzzles and crap
its been a terrible intimidating learning curve for me
some of the specifics are starting to make some sense
i still look at the codes and puzzles and just glaze over
i dont see puzzles where you do
why do you think im good with puzzles. they are interesting, but im not good at them
i just recognized that 3rd eye blind song - thats all - i listen to the radio
no. im afraid that you are totally on your own when it comes to puzzles
even the ones you say have been solved dont make sense to me

im nervous about stuff
i have to pick up the camera before work
i have to --- then work
and then i want to try and catch the da in his office before 5

no i can get help if i want to
during the fall and spring thats easier to puul off because there are so many freshman who have to clock production hours
like i said ill try

yup - i need to leave in ten chiles is right across from sfa
you guys should come by and eat lunch

i dunno really - i would feel better if i could get the new thesis approved, i dont want another extension
before this i was doing my documentary on strawberry quick
that new flavored meth
but it just isnt in this area, and i was having to drive down to Houston - and i dont have time or money for that
anyway - i kept asking for extensions

i didnt know what i was doing in maddison's apartment
i felt kind of stupid
you guys wanted me to go there and shoot some - so i did - maybe it will be helpful b roll later

yeah. i remember some of that stuff [in the briefcase] from maddisons videos
not really [nothing seemed familiar]. a lot of it is like looking at a foreign language

the briefcase was full of stuff that ive kind of heard about from you all and maddison's videos
the suess thingees
the vials
well. i get the feeling that everyone is looking to me for some kind of answer or insight beyond what a normal person would have
true but i feel (sorry marla here it comes) stipid
but the physical "evidence" doesnt mean anything to me
like i said the briefcase had her research
the vials of stuff
the four notes from zipp
the suess things
all of that stuff just looks like japanese

the oatmeal was reachable by chair i guess

um - i have a lot of questioons that i found in the forum
i hope he [the DA] sees me

asked about the journals
BTW - please dont PM me in here - its all i can do to keep up with the main window
im sorry to be a bitch - but i AM HORRIBLE AT TYPING
I didn't look at the journals because im not comfortable doing that
i have journals
and i wouldn't want anyone looking at them if i had dies
maybe andrew and marla but i really need to turn a big corner in my mind to do it
at this point, i dont see any reason - beyond your desire for me to - to look at them

hey guess i left this on
sorry bout that
got cut earlier than usual
gonna change and try to catch the da
nosy [response to "where do you work?"]
ate at chiles
i thought the pan [of the exterior shot] is usable

oklets not talk about after graduation i dont want to think about it
when i finish this project
holy crap youve been talking a lot since this morning
i didnt know it saves everything
yeah? (not planning on snooping into her journals)
ok ... is it [a list of things to look for in the journals] in the forums too
mr adtkins doesnt want me to record or share her journals

ok - bout to leave i guess. anybody need anything else from me before I go

What can you tell me about Joel Alan Frady? Why didn't it go to trial?

i cant ever follow whats going on here
i should go guts
i hate typing
bye all

The fourth chat log (the third of this post) will be summarized shortly. The log may be found here.

For the full chat logs, click here for the pre-work chat and click here for the post-work chat.


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