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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Creators say...

Hey everyone,

We read your comments and know that you feel the story is moving a little slowly at the moment. I want to assure you that we are working tirelessly to tell a really compelling action-packed story with plot movement. We have some really great stuff over the next couple months. We are putting all of our resources into increasing production value, great writing, and improving the website. Also, we are working on something that a lot of you have been asking about for a while and it is going to be very very cool. We hear what you are saying and value all of your opinions. We are doing our best and thank you soooo much for your continued support, even when you doubt us.


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::TELL US WHAT YOU THINK::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
How do you think LG15 is going??? What about the characters??? How about the plot? What should be done different??? Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think!!!!


  1. It there are going to be puzzles they should be greatly improved in quality. Take a look at TinaG or Maddy and see how good puzzles should be laid out. You have a highly intelligent audience on LG15 and they need something to get their teeth into.

  2. This should be required reading for each of the writers:


    Print it out. Copy it. Distribute it. And have them read it over the 4th July.

    Yea, we know that part of the plot is like "Lost" but do you really want fans to live with all these loose ends? If so, make it clear why.

  3. Creators we love and worship you (I know you guys need reassurance)


    because of the nature of the show plot development needs to be every 3 videos, not every 7. Too many fillers.

  4. I don't want to be an ass, but. Didn't they post a similar comment a few months back about how we're going to see a lot of exciting stuff in the next few months. Still waiting.

    PS. I like Sarah and Taylor characters, LG15 would be a million times worse if we had to put up with just Daniel and Jonas while Bree/Jessica are MIA.

  5. Creators, I know you think you're doing a great writing job, and as single videos you are, but overall, the plot is far, far, far too slow moving. Maybe, like GF said, plot movement every three videos. I love the series, and I think it's great to watch, but seriously, very tedious. :)

  6. I agree with everyone else's comments on here. Even though you keep promising us something interesting is going to happen, I'm sadly starting to lose interest.

    Bree isn't in enough videos lately. There are too many filler videos and while they have character development, there need to be less of them.

    I'm actually getting bored watching your videos. Each one used to satisfy me and now it's very tedious to get through some of them. I wish that you would at least give some little clue or cliff hanger info in every couple of videos.

    Also, to have a video on a Friday and then not post again until Monday is kind of annoying. Along with this, for us east coasters, it would be nice if the videos were posted a little earlier each day.

    Anyway, I'll stop venting now. I hope your comment about it getting more interesting soon is accurate this time.

  7. "we are working on something that a lot of you have been asking about for a while and it is going to be very very cool"

    Could it be:
    ::::: 24 Videos in 24 Hours™ :::::

    ::::: Gemma vs. Bree Kung-Fu Fighting™ :::::


  8. Dear Creators,

    Within the larger tale, tell us complete and varied small stories.

    Each week or so, did you tell a story with a beginning, middle, end. What did we learn?

    I'm reading Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist" right now, and each chapter has a little summary statement (usually ironic given the actual chapter contents). Each chapter is an episode, and a story, and also a piece that adds to the larger story. A few examples from the book...

    "Chapter II
    Treats of Oliver Twist's growth, education, and board."

    "Chapter XI
    Treats of Mr. Fang the police magistrate, and furnishes a slight speciman of his of his mode of administering justice."

    "Chapter XXIII
    Which contains the substance of a pleasant converstion between Mr. Bumble and a lady, and shows that even a beadle may be susceptible on some points."

    "Chapter XLIII
    An old friend of Oliver's, exhibiting decided marks of genius, becomes a public character in the metropolis."

    "Chapter LII
    Fagin's last night alive."

  9. Additional note: "Oliver Twist" was originally written as a serial and published in a magazine in the late 1830's.

  10. QTHEC, I have heard the Creators compare the plot to LOST and I know you are a bit of an expert on that show. How do the plot "mysteries" on LG15 compare and contrast with how plot "mysteries" were handled on LOST? I am not suggesting that there is only one way to do this type of "LOST" show.....but it would perhaps help some of us understand why there are so many "plot holes".....and it might also provide the writers with some useful direction.

  11. Creators, you are doing a fine job so far. Sometimes, the story could get slow. I used to assist filmmakers and I know how hard it is to fuse plots, schedules and what viewers want. Don't give up like I did *haha* I think what you're doing is fantastic.

    *Cheers and here's to more sponsors supporting your show! I wouldn't mind at all, if Bree or any of the characters had to say something about a product at one point--that's a welcome option for advertisers. :*

  12. I don't see how anyone could read the loose ends article and say things are just fine. I am a huge fan, but we need to start plugging some holes before it turns into a train wreck.

  13. I wrote a long comment somewhere comparing LOST and Lonelygirl15 ... not sure where it is at the moment ... I think the main point was the effect that LOST's decision to set a specific termination point for the story has had and will have on tightening the story-telling, including resolving loose ends.

  14. I think the perception of LOST as leaving things unanswered in Season 1 has lessened by Season 3 somewhat. There were early suspicians by fans that the story was too "organic" (i.e. unplanned and being made up as they went along without much planning or a longer view of what was going to happen). I think this has proven to be quite false in the case of LOST, but may be a more accurate description of Lonelygirl15. I don't get the sense that the writers of Lonelygirl15 know what the overall story is going to be or when it will end, and that open-endedness tends to loosen everything, resulting in a story that wanders and leaves holes.

  15. Thanks Q, that is really helpful. I think the fact that LG is segmented into even smaller parts than a TV episode makes it vital to have a big view laid out.

    I think the Creators have stated that they do have the big picture sketched out but perhaps they need to reduce that big picture down to the "season" idea used by TV. It would not need to be in the literal sense but just enough to sketch out the next 6-9 months within the bigger picture.

  16. As for the current episode I dont understand why Jonas did not spell out to Spencer how to find the HoO video. They always seem to leave something out. I wonder why?

    Anyway, I sent Spencer an email, so at least now he knows.

  17. LOST has a simple philosophy of answering a question with another question so you each piece of the puzzle leads you to the next piece.

    It reminds me of top-down logic vs spaghetti programming. Check this out: http://www.cyberroach.com/analog/an11/BPT.htm

    As for what should be done different, let me check my notes...wait does this thing have a charcter limitation? Nevermind.

  18. Creators,

    Look, you keep promising "great stuff" if we're just patient and wait. And we keep waiting and waiting and waiting...

    And nothing changes.

    I think the real issue here is Kate Modern. This is where all of your resources have gone. Instead of focusing on LG15 and making it awesome, you've gone out to something else, causing you to neglect what got you started in the first place.

    You have overextended yourselves. You need to be honest about that. Now instead of having one really fantastic product, we're going to have two pretty sucky ones.

    And eventually, everyone will stop watching.

  19. Another viable reference for compelling storytelling are Michael Crichton books - they are real page turners, and every chapter moves quickly and fits into the story as it unfolds. They also are usually focused on some technical idea as seems to be happening with all the medical science stuff in LG15.

    Kate Modern may have stretched resources thin short term by pulling Miles over the pond to London, but the Bebo money and sponsors and site are growing resources that help the enterprise grow and continue (adding writers, viewers, etc.), so my guess is that it will overall be a benefit to the story in the long run.

  20. One thing that LOST did was run the side ARGish "The Experience" last summer, in order to share a bunch of background information about the Hanso Foundation, etc. that Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Javi) had created as part of the show's mythology, but which they knew they would not be able to get to during the regular episodes.

    In fact, LG15 should hire Javi if he is willing. Javi is a mad genius. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javier_Grillo-Marxuach

    Lonelygirl15 might use ARG elements to provide similar background/mythological depth to the world they are creating, stuff that does not fit easily within the production value or format of the videos.

    Examples are the new websites they have begun for Hymn of One and Wyman Foundation, or the note Bree's Dad left for her inside P-Monkey ... documents such as passports or correspondence could be uncovered, photographs, medical files, journals, etc. etc.

    The inclusion of a recording in the recent "Mistress" video was a way to do a kind of flashback, but other records of past events could be found in parallel to the videos themselves, so that fans would be providing them to the characters, and helping them.

  21. Just for fun:

  22. QtheC, I agree that would be an interesting way of filling in some of the blanks without stretching the video resources. If the writers read this they already have a list of most of the blanks so its not hard to imagine them using that to create some interesting web resources that would keep fans busy while they wait for the next video.


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