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Monday, July 16, 2007

Joel Frady - amblyopianne

The interview with Maddison's murderer

.. .._ ._ ... _._ .._.
Maddison Atkins ~ Possible puzzle Discussion

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:24 pm

It wasn't ideal, but it happened.

They don't let too many interviews like this happen at Skyview. Everyone was rude and cold. It was kind of funny being so powerless.


Revver is slow. FoRevver.

Maddison Atkins ~ Joel Frady Interview Discussion
She also posted:

I appreciate these ideas. really. It would be really cool to have a bunch of people seeing my work. I guess from your perspective too, the more people you have looking at all the crazy stuff here, the more likely somebody will come along with the answers.

I wish I could help bring useful people around, but I don't know anything about marketing. I could start interviewing very sexy people that have nothing to do with Madison's story or I could title my videos pervy things like "I swallow" or "Up the skirt shot" It wouldn't have anything to do with my project, but it would up the number of eyeballs that see it.

I can say this. It is very difficult to grasp what is going on here. Life is confusing. Sure. But I don't think it's just my anti-reading lifestyle choice that makes this story confusing.

The questions thing is great. It is great. I am meeting with my adviser sometime this week to discuss my thesis being focused, and I'm sure he'll want to discuss my interview techniques too.

he hates me.

Anyway. Thanks Q the C.

Meanwhile Maddy's friend have been really really really busy doing the research work that Clara asked for:

(we highly recommend that you use Everything You Need To Know About Maddison Atkins in conjunction with these vidoes to figure out what is going on).

Timeline for Clara Part 1 - GregGallows

Timeline for Clara Part 2 - kellylen

Timeline for Clara Part 3 - krmurr01

Timeline for Clara Part 4 - heyaja

Maddison Atkins ~ Time Line for Clara Discussion


  1. so, are they trying to imply that the order brainwashed him? that is all i could think of...

  2. I thought the same thing megs229

  3. Impresssive body of research!!!!!!! Way to go "Team".

  4. wow my first time on LG15 today :) it was a long LONG night! Hope this all helps

  5. that morse that decodes to IUASKIN, maybe it's "I WAS KIN" as in "i was related" to maddison. IWASKIN would be just a slight change: .. .__ ._ ... _._ .. _.


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