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Saturday, July 7, 2007

LIVE FROM 777!!!!

:::::::NEWSFLASH: B-man saw a cowboy at the meetup!:::::::::::
Since B-man recently proposed to LG's own Yousef Abu-Taleb, we are unable to confirm or deny that he has taken his proposals to Youtube with a proposal to theHill88.

B-man has now retuned and is currently downloading the video to his computer.

Can't find your way to today's 777 Youtube Meetup in NYC? Live vicariously through our very own Brooklynxman in IRC at Out of Game.

He will be calling in with updates throughout the course of the day... will he get your shoutout?

Update from b-man... hasn't seen any LGers yet, hasn't met anyone yet, but there are about 200 people there, plus cameras and seating for something to do with thehill88.

Information on the 777 Meetup
http://www.youtubemeetup.com (might be crashed)

  • OTS reporter B-man will be reporting into the OutOf Game IRC CHAT periodically during the live NYC 7-7-07 Meetup

  • 777 is the DEVIL!!!!! - TheHill88
    glajhr'gjargljaer'lgjaelrgjglj a


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