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Friday, July 6, 2007

KateModern Confusion

Strange things are happening in the world of KateModern

Earlier today the following profile was found that led some to believe it was related to KateModern

However the owner of the profile stated in a comment below:

ElizKM86 said...

"I'm Liz! Thats me! And my boyfriend!!!
I live in Rhode Island, I'm not part of the story...."

So, how did all this come about. Well the following profile was found on Bebo:

Liz says:

"Right now I'm trying to find Kate Modern. Do you know her? Can you help?" (1 week ago) me too!


However since we first published Liz requested that we remove the picture that was part of the story. It was our initial assumption that this profile was part of a viral marketing scheme for KateModern but this may not be the case. Can someone please tell us what is going on!!!!!!!

and found was a profile for Katy Woo:


If you know what is going on here leave us a comment below!!!!!!!! The R.I. connection have led some to speculate that this might be related to the acrowleyorder film series. However, Liz states in a comment below that she is just a fan and now part of the acrowleyorder series.


It also looks like there is a feature on Bebo that allows users to ask questions or make statements about what they are doing right now. This is what allows some profiles to make reference to KateModern in "active links".

According to Katy Woo:

"yeah, about the thing on my profile...I saw the link to Liz's page on the lg15 today blog earlier on and saw the "looking for kate modern" thing and I clciked on it. It then said "can you help?" or something along those lines and I selected yes, thinking that it was part of the storyline or promotional campaign...it then appeared on my profile too!

That'll teach me to click buttons which I don't have any idea about what they do!

It's all fine though. Everyone is just really really excited about Kate Modern so I can understand how people will pick up on little details and I can also understand your need to keep the lg15today blog up to speed!

Take care :-)"

Thanks Katy! Here is an example of the "standard Bebo feature" that led to all this confusion:

Research: B-man

NOTE TO BEBO: It would be desirable if Bebo added a "logo" or some other indication if a profile page is an official part of the Breeniverse. These are real profiles we are dealing with here and the risk of making an error is tangible and could have undesirable consequences~mm

NOTE TO ANY BEBO USER: If you create the impression that you are part of the KateModern story you are likely to get exposure on this blog because we will talk about things that appear to be related to the story.


  1. I know Katy Woo pretty well, hehe. As much as I wish I were part of the Breeniverse, alas, I am not. :o(

  2. I'm Liz! Thats me! And my boyfriend!!!
    I live in Rhode Island, I'm not part of the story....

    This is kind of creepy.....

  3. And....not my best picture :(

  4. Thank you for taking the picture down. I appreciate it. It was really freaky to come home from work, click on LG15 Today and see a picture of me! I put that "right now i am...." thing about a week ago. I had found a profile when I searched Kate Modern in bebo and I friended it. I just wanted something for the person to see if they checked my proflie first. I'm just a lurker. I have no connection to the acrowleyorder series. I'm just a fan, and I joined Bebo for Kate Modern. I figured it was a good way to get my feet wet and join in. No viral marketing here. Sorry for the confusion. And the ".." around my name are unnecessary. My name really is Liz. If you have any questions, or want to know more about me you can reach me on myspace @ myspace.com/elizabeth_katherine , on facebook @ http://wit.facebook.com/profile.php?id=41902114 , or on Bebo @ http://www.bebo.com/ElizKM86. Also, my name on the LG15 forum's is the same as above. I mostly lurk, but I was active durring Maddison Atkins.

    If you have any other questions you (now) know how to reach me.


  5. Thanks Liz....we all really really reallly miss Maddy!

  6. I was a little surprised by this whole thing also. Thanks to my friend modelmotion for pointing it out to me. And welcome to Liz. I wish you were part of the acrowleyorder series:)


    the creator of acrowleyorder


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