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Thursday, July 5, 2007

londonfiles_010 - impulselg

crossing the bridge

1 comment:

  1. I sent Kris this email after other people figured out the clues here:

    stingray wrote:
    Hi Kris,

    This is stingray again.

    A group of very sharp people were able to find the message in janitor's note. I am not sure you know French, so here is the message they found:

    "Contact will be established when you are at the destination. Take good care of her. I hope that your eyes do not cause you pain."

    It seems that janitor is providing a lot of assistance (plane tickets and the comments above). I hope that you approach the situation with caution. I know you are very talented, and can get yourself out of about any situation. I just wonder what janitor's intentions are.

    Good luck!

    PS – chocolates and/or ice cream might cheer up Mary and spur on some conversation

    Here is Kris' reply:

    a group of very sharp people are after me.
    i expect my life span to be extremely short.

    french? that's the part i didn't get in the message.

    i don't know who the janitor is, but he's providing us with a way out.
    i know who ROOT is, and he's providing death.

    mary is not doing good. i guess she never saw someone getting killed before.
    i let her go. she came back when she realized her house, her office, and basically her whole life have been ransacked.

    i'm not sure why yet but obviously she's the one the j. wants to protect.

    ps: thanks for the ice cream tip. i'll give it a try.

    If you don't know of Mary or Kris, you can read a summary here:


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