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Thursday, July 19, 2007

MA2 Drop Retreived and Decoded!

GregGallows volunteered to drive to the drop site on short notice, with Marlasinger operating the phone (to relay information to chat) and help from others (Aja and Gidd with chat moderation, ApotheosisAZ with navigation) to get our man Greg to the drop site without delay.

Clara pointed out that this drop might be new or might have been there for two months (since Maddison Atkins' murder) for all we know. See earlier article for more info on how the drop site message was found and decoded.

Here is Greg captured on a live webcam at the drop site.

Here is a dude with a mohawk on stage at the drop site who we were going to pretend was Greg if we didn't get an actual webcam screenshot of Greg.

This is what Greg retrieved from the drop site.


For more detailed pictures of the retreived drop go here.

Thanks to Marlasinger for acting as operator for the drop and uploading all the drop images!!!!!

The image contained guitar tabulature (the large white digits) which was decoded as "STAFF G" the treble clef.

The code at the bottom of the page,

Zvvtsabe'w mza vcsvozbcpf - Dygzwtsmgzrh 113-119 - Mitew, DOw yisn Yip Fvmpegj - Rp wmykw - Cprxrxi l vxrv ulfev xpa - Lnivz!
was decoded by the team in chat, lead by Deagol, as a simple Vigenere code using keyword "treble" to read
Gershwin's low cloudville - Sun is shining 113-119 - Beans, CDs from New Orleans - No lifts - Beneath a rear table top - Hurry!

QtheC treated the alpha-numeric code to the same Vigenere decoding with the keyword "treble" and (after removing some typos with the help of Emsmu and acidfingers), we decoded
X4X4F4E5Q5 I4Y5 X4F4E5
F4R4F4W5W5 I4G5 P4J5
X4X4F4E5Q5 F4 Z4U5 I4G5
F4R4F4W5W5 J5 F4R4F4W5W5
I4C4O5J5 X4S4J5 F4R4F4Y5
V4K4C4O5J5 X4W5 I4H4M4H5Y5
V4K4C4O5J5 Y5 V4K4C4O5J5
V4K4C4O5J5 U4W5 I4H4O5
I4Z4S4H5G5 P4 I4Z4S4H5G5
P4F4W5W5 I4C4Q5 I4Z4S4J5
F4R4F4W5W5 F4 H4O5 I4Y5
K4C4O5J5 X4S4 K4
G5 Q5 I4Z4S4H5G5
Q5 J5 X4X4F4E5Q5

was decoded to give us
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 G4B4D5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 E4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4 G4D5 E4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4B4D5F5 E4B4F5 E4G4B4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4G4B4D5F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4F5 E4G4D5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4 E4G4B4D5F5
E4B4D5F5 E4B4F5 E4G4B4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4 G4D5 E4F5
G4B4D5F5 E4B4 G4
F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5

which Perky and others recognized to be musical notation. "Every Good Boy Does Fine"

C4 is middle C on a piano and lies on a line two notes below the treble clef or G Staff in musical notation, and the white keys go up from there D4, E4 (Every), F4, G4 (Good), A4, B5 (Boy), C5, D5 (Does), E5, F5 (Fine). So this code appears to be a set of musical notes. Acid fingers built a midi version to see what it sounds like.

deagol Posted:
Fri Jul 20, 2007 2:18 am

I'm stumped. That repeating line EGBDF sounds similar to the main line in Gershwin's "I loves you porgy" but it's a little off. The rest of the code is too repetitive to be any song, IMO. The only thing I can think of is to turn it into numbers base on the position of the notes in the treble staff since they all fall on a line (C=0 E=1 G=2 B=3 D=4 F=5).

Keith Jarrett - I Loves You Porgy

The team is still working on the rest of the puzzle.

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:13 am

In chat we're working on a strong theory that this drop is in London.

Maddison Atkins ~ [Drop Puzzle] July 20th in Nashville Discussion

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  1. Great job keeping the blog updated in real time modelmotion. I cleaned up the info in the post a little based on my notes from last night.


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