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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mission Alpha

First Step... Taylor Faction: RESISTANCE

Mission Alpha on LGpedia.


  1. x]
    I love both Jonas and Spence in this one.

  2. Is it wrong that I kept hoping one of them would fall?

  3. I know which one I wanted to fall. Actually I was thinking more of a push but that would be evil

  4. Wanted to mentionsomething.But the latic acid thing that Spencer mentions has to do with the theories that I posted in the forum having to do with Thyroids. It has to do with TCC's carrying energy from the Mitoondria to the Nucleous. It was a theory I had about what could be Bree's condition. Curious now if spencer is the male version of Bree.

  5. I was curious, is there a reason you can make some videos like “We Have a Plan” full screen, but other videos like “Mission Alpha” don’t seem to give you that option?


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