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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Others - Erica

The Others


Explaining the belief system of the Order of Denderah on a message board is a little difficult but I will give it a try. We do hold a belief in the same G_D found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We believe that there is only one G_D and that G_D is Yahweh. We also believe that Jesus was born of a virgin by the will of G_D but we do not view him as G_D but as a product of G_D. We do believe that Jesus is immortal and overall we agree with many of the Christian views of Jesus. We believe that G_D created man through an evolutionary process and that the first man gifted by G_D with a basic intelligence based on the concept of Good and Evil was Adam. We do not believe that G_D gave him Free Will. We believe that his first wife was Lilith, an angel that was transformed into a human by G_D. Adam and Lilith mated, she was mother too many children before the relationship ended. Lilith was then freed by G_D from the Earth and once again became immortal. G_D then granted Eve basic intelligence on a level with Adam. We believe that the Archangel Lucifer then gave both Adam and Eve the gift of Free Will. Lilith, when she was human, had Free Will as did her children but Adam did not. We believe that our religion was founded by the first children of Lilith and Adam. We believe that they preserved a bloodline free of the blood of Eve. This direct line from Lilith exists today and we worship its existence. We do not worship G_D in a manner that most religions would consider traditional. Our religion is not centered on the worship of a deity but in the worship of his creations and that of his Angels.




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