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Thursday, July 19, 2007

THE THIRD VIAL! and Drop Pick Up Tonight

The following breaking news is developing in IRC Chat in the #maddison room (see link at top of this page). Clara found some new items in the suitcase with the other drop materials left for her by Maddison's father in her apartment. There was a 3rd vial and another one of the rolled up coded notes we had not seen before.

Here is the chat log, courtesy of acidfingers & Perky: http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/amby0719d.txt

Clara has found a third vial. Where did it come from?

The vial she dropped on the floor contained 15 grains of RICE! Which means its not the salt of water vial. And she says there were 3 vials in total. The one she dropped is cracked but intact.

The rolled up note:... is ROT-15 encoded, and decodes to

Songville, America - Chocolate restaurant never sleeps - Blood tar bureau - 212626 - Hurry!

which those in chat believe is a restaurant in Nashville, TN. http://www.cafecoco.com/

Note there is a live webcam on the Cafe Coco site!

The number 212626 matches the telephone number for the drop location found on the Cafe Coco website: 321-COCO or 321-2626 (found by Aja.)

Efforts to organize a drop retrieval are underway in chat. Greg Gallows is going to the restaurant this evening, and Marlasinger will act as the drop operator (someone he will call with updates for the chat).

So where did the note and 3rd vial come from? We simply do not know but here are some suggestions from Heyaja:
1) maddison got this right before she left but tossed it aside because she was too worried and trying to get out of town
2) maddison never saw this but it was there
3) someone placed this after the fact


  1. I have been all over the forum's and I havent seen this anywhere. Where is this information from? How do you know? More info please!

  2. I added some additional details from the live chat.

  3. I thought it was a rot11

  4. 26 letters in the alphabet
    message letter + 15 = coded letter
    coded letter + 11 = message letter

  5. omg, this is getting exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bring it:)

  6. Oh my goodness!


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