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Monday, July 16, 2007

Thoroughly Post-Modern Bree?: How to Watch Lonelygirl15 Now

by Terryfic

"But I think the big difference was my realization that LG isn’t a mystery or drama as it is usually billed: it's a comedy."



  1. I started to look at it as comedy too. Snap:) Its the only thing that makes sense!

  2. That was a good article.

    It could also be a Tragedy. If Bree and Jonas are brother and sister a greek tragedy.

  3. i really liked his article; i want to write a response article. can i do that? because it's like we're in the same book, but on different pages. i see the show in a similar way but kind of flipped.

  4. mary: glad you liked it. am interested to hear your thoughts -- [email protected]

  5. ...and Mary anyone can sign up to write by sending me a note on comments or a request to [email protected] Since the article first appeared on Milowents blog I suggest that you talk it over with him, but any contribution is always welcome here.

    And thanks to Milowent and Terrific for a great article!

  6. ok i'll write what i think and sent it to milo and then we'll see what's what :P

  7. i got a great response from mary - haven't had a chance to work it up in a blogpost yet, but its forthcoming.


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