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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Jonas mused over mad older women and reluctant scientists.

Jonas: Hey everybody, I'm still here in lovely, lovely Zavalla, Texas. Everything's pretty much the same, except worse. Taylor's trying to be there for her mom right now. I don't get her mom. She's going through this weird phase of trying to relive her youth. But all she's really doing is pushing Taylor away. I feel bad for her, you know. She is... she's such a nice kid. If nothing else (A baby's cry is heard.), I can be here for her right now.

*Big brother Jonas awwww*

Jonas: I caught the last Hymn of One video. Here's the thing. I'm not gonna be mopey anymore. I'm not gonna wallow in my own self-pity. I'm making myself sick, you know. I'm annoying myself. I had a long drive to think, I got a haircut. I just want to be the old Jonas again. So, I'm gonna do that.

(Jonas starts walking.)

Jonas: Hey Spencer, I want to talk to you directly. Look man, I watched your last video, I listened to what you had to say, and believe me, I know where you're comin' from. You've got this regular normal life going, and I think that's cool. I... I wish I had that. But the thing is, we wouldn't come to you unless we really needed your help. You know, you and me, we're a lot alike. And I know we have one thing in common. See, I lost my dad too. And I think your dad died for the same exact reason as mine. The Order. I know it's weird to you for some stranger to just go babbling on about all this crazy shit, but I'm tellin' you the truth. We need your help. Look, if you don't believe me, just check out the latest Hymn of One video. I think she's in a lot of trouble man, and we could really really use your help. Thanks.

*Will Spencer respond?*

Stay tuned...


  1. Why does Jonas now assume hid dad is dead again?

    ...or does he use the word "lost" to be ambiguous?

  2. That haircut must have cost $4.36

  3. Joe, you crack me up :)


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