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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 GF missed the last vlog hence the lack of transcript (sorry!!) However she caught up with this blog...and is now VERY suspicious of Sarah..

Daniel: It has taken us... forever to find this place. You know what, honestly, I could use a siesta.
(Camera pans to Sarah, who is sitting with her eyes closed.)
Daniel: (In a high-pitched voice) Sarah! (Sarah kicks him.) Hahaha. I don't think we were followed. That's good. But you're probably wondering where we are. Well, someone inside of the Hymn of One or the Order is definitely helping us out. Because, there was yet another secret message in Bree's latest vid. And that's awesome. Because without this helpful person... I really don't know where we would be next. I really hope it's not Carl, though. 'Cause that guy just creeps me out.

*Alot of fans speculate that TCC stands for Toby, Carl and Claudia... could they be right?*

(Cuts to Sarah standing inside a yacht.)

Daniel: Don't go in there! (Sarah slams the door.) Oh my god. These friends of ours picked up on the secret message in Bree's latest vid. You know, the part about the weird voice in the background saying, "Look back, look back?" Well, if you actually did look back at the last word that Bree said before the freaky look back, then you would know that that word is a clue. Makes sense! Yeah, I didn't figure it out. The mad cyber-cracks broke it and sent me a series of words. Friday early, and low tide, yacht club parents slip. So break down these words. Friday -- today. Early -- yeah, we've gone over that. Low tide -- I think it's low tide. 'Cause it kinda smells. Now, yacht club and parents' slip, well obviously that's for Jonas. I mean, I know my parents weren't hangin' out here sipping cocktails.

*From what we understand Beast your parent never "sipped" anything with alcohol in ...more like "chugged"*

(Daniel opens the door to the yacht to find Sarah asleep on a couch.)
Daniel: Sarah, are you... oh my God, wake up! What are you doing?
(Sarah throws a pillow at Daniel. Cuts to them walking down a row of yachts.)
Sarah: Dude, not all of these slips have numbers on them.
Daniel: Just count them out.
Sarah: Don't get snippy with me!
Daniel: I'm not being snippy with you!
Sarah: (Glares at the camera.) You're being snippy.

*oooooh! Emos don't like counting..*

(Musical montage of various yacht club scenes.)
Daniel: The secret message was given to Jonas, but Jonas and Taylor are still like a day away. We couldn't wait. The message said today, and now's the time. So, here we are. At Jonas's parents' old boat slip. Alright, so we found the slip, but there's no boat.
Sarah: I don't see anything. There is nothing here.
Daniel: Look over the side.
Sarah: Because I haven't done that yet? I'm not an idiot, Daniel.
(She bends over the side of the dock.)
Sarah: Hold on, I see something. I think it's a rope. It's a new rope. So... you know... (She begins tugging on the rope.) This is really hard! (A box appears at the end of the rope.) Oh my God, look! Gross...
Daniel: Open it!
Sarah: Well... okay. (She attempts to open it.) It's really stuck.
(Cuts to Daniel attempting to open the box.)
Sarah: I am a genius. What is it? Open it, come on!
(Daniel opens a folder from inside the box.)
Sarah: Yeah, so?
Daniel: Isaac Gilman? How the hell did these papers wind up here?
Sarah: I dunno.
Daniel: It looks like a bunch of science stuff.
Sarah: It's probably his research.
Daniel: That's what I meant.
Sarah: Here, let me see it, I can tell you what it is.
(She grabs the folder from Daniel's hands.)
Daniel: STOP!
Sarah: Just let me... oops.
(The papers drop into the water.)
Daniel: You're an idiot!!!
Sarah: I'm so SO sorry. Oh my God, oh my God. Get them.
(Daniel leans over and retrieves the papers from the water.)

*either Lexi isn't great at acting out accidents, (I seriously doubt it as she is a really good actress) or Sarah did that in purpose. Is she part of the Order? "Cue dramatic music"*


  1. I was hoping Danny B would push emoSarah in. I mean she deserved it.......lol....

  2. "Lean over just a *little* further... that's it..." (splash)

  3. She could have done worse if she'd wanted to sabotage that info. She could have let the rope slip into the water, burying the container completely.

  4. That would have made the video 50x better!!

  5. The only thing lamer then accidentally dropping super important papers in water is accidentally setting them on fire by holding it closer to a candle for better light.

  6. I think her reaction was genuine. She was in shock. People talk like that in in those moments, I do. Besides, she FOUND the box to begin with. What kind of sabotage is that?


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