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Friday, July 6, 2007

Where did Bree go?

It has been a little more than a year since Bree first appeared on Lonelygirl15 and as time passes Bree appears to dissolve into the white screen of death called the Hymn of One. Why?

Rumors began to swirl around May 21, 2007 when Milowent wrote "The Bree Drought: Will It Reach Biblical Proportions? " following a long gap in appearances by Bree.

Now May 12th 2006 was when Bree registered the YouTube account lonelygirl15 and began to comment on the videos of many popular YouTubers. This means that Brees slow "exit" from LG15 appearances comes one year after the show began. The Creators have never specified publicly how long Jessica Rose committed to stay with the show leaving some to speculate that she may have reached the end of her initial commitment.

For now Bree continues to appear sporadically, but the future appears much less clear. So, what's up Creators?


  1. i think bree's days are numbered, its the only logical explanation for the last two months of the show.

  2. yeah, and they wasted to much time stretching the periferals ainstead of wrapping up the story... pitty

  3. I doubt she's making a lot of money on LG15 compared to what she can make on a regular tv show (even one on cable).


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