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Friday, August 10, 2007


It is speculated that the resistance (To "The Resistance" :yeah! where were you guys last week??(when Bree and TAAG needed you ) are using a form of language called Esperanto.

Esperanto on wikipedia


  1. And where have YOU been recently?! La Rezisto aren't the only ones using Esperanto: Radio Polonia and Radio China International have been broadcasting daily in Esperanto for years now:
    and Radio Vaticana and RAI/Italy several times weekly. Also there are now at least 150 Esperanto-bloggers:
    and the 92nd annual World Esperanto Congress is presently meeting in Yokohama/Japan with about 1800 Esperanto-speaking participants.
    Maybe you should get out of your monolingual English-language ghetto a bit more?! ;-)
    For more info start here:

  2. Sorry to busrt your buble, but they used plain, horribly spoken spanish.

  3. No. They're just using bad Spanish.

  4. the name comes from Esperanto, not necassarily what they are speaking in the background.

  5. 1) When the author said "yeah! where were you guys last week?" I believe he/she was making a reference to the resistance, and where were they when Bree was being sacrificed.

    2) Isn't Esperanto like a mixture of languages, like Spanlish or Engrish? If that's the case, then yes, I guess you are both right. It is Esperanto, and it is "bad" Spanish. I haven't visited any of the links, but I remember Esperanto being used in a movie called GATTACA years ago, and looked it up. It's a "universal" language that a lot of businesses use in order to facilitate communication between different speaking peoples while limiting language confusion. I never got the hang of it, myself.


  6. Esperanto is not a "mixture" of languages. It is a constructed language. I wouldn't necessarily say that "a lot of businesses use it." There aren't more than a few million speakers, and English is basically the lingua franca (oh, the irony) these days anyway.

  7. I was commenting that "The resistance" werent there last week to save Bree...and I only said "speculated" I spek neith Esperanto or Spanish - on LG15Today we like to post all the theories we can, and I thought it was an intersting point that some folk thought it was Esperanto and some folk think it is Spanish....thank you! :)

  8. and when I am slightly preturbed I appear not to be able to type properly either! LOL


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